exerciseindisguise  asked:

Shoot prompt: "What do you mean I can't wink?"

“You, uh, sorta wink,” Harper added, her hand around her drink at the bar they decided to have a team meeting at. “Like one eye squints more, but they both close. It’s like… mostly blinking.”

“I never noticed that,” Fusco looked at Root. “Wink.”

“What? no,” Root shook her head.

Shaw smiled at her drink and took a sip. “Of all the things you can do and all the people you’ve been…All the talents you have.”

“Shaw can wink,” Harper pointed out.

Fusco nodded. “I have seen that.”

Zoe walked up to the table with a bag in hand. “Sorry I’m late. What did I miss?”

“Root can’t wink,” Harper explained.

“Oh so nothing new,” Zoe put the bag on the table.