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4. Teacher/Single Parent (with a surprising lack of school)

Alphas and Oranges

During his three decades of life, Arthur had found himself in a plethora of unbecoming situations. From inopportune heats to eyebrow plucking mishaps, he’d had his fair share of indignities. Crouching behind a crate of oranges in a supermarket to avoid an encounter with an Alpha, however, had to be the cherry on top of the cake.

If Amelia’s father would just bloody move, Arthur would be able to flee from the supermarket unnoticed. The man had been hovering around the vegetable section, rooting for the biggest potatoes, for the past five minutes, effectively blockading Arthur’s only escape route.

The Alpha turned to his six year old daughter and smiled, earnest and incandescent. At the sight of it, Arthur’s blood ignited and insides went warm and gooey.

He was the lowest of human beings for fancying his student’s father. Single father, he should add, or unmated at the very least. A hot single dad. What a cliché Arthur was for near salivating whenever he was in close proximity of the man.

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the high school orchestra au: holiday party

by @asleepinawell

  • one day the orchestra conductor announces there’s going to be an advanced string quintet audition
  • the local town officials requested unpaid live music at their holiday party and the conductor is very keen on making this happen
  • wants to finally get some of that public acknowledgment that usually goes to the band
  • the quintet will play at the party and will be two violins, a viola, a cello, and a bass
  • anyway shaw is automatically in because the only other bass player is awful
  • fusco could win the audition without even trying but he can’t stay after school for the extra practices
  • he has private lessons after school
  • also he hates the conductor for making them play pachelbel’s canon in d every year at the holiday concert
  • the cello part for the canon in d is literally just the same 8 notes repeating endlessly
  • every high school orchestra has to play it
  • every high school orchestra hates it with a fiery passion
  • especially the cello section
  • root tried to burn all the sheet music for it one year
  • also hacked into the conductor’s computer and deleted the digital copies
  • he had back up copies at home in a safe
  • the canon in d remains a cruel annual inevitability
  • carter talks reese into auditioning for the quintet
  • they’re best buddies and she thinks it could be a good experience for him
  • help him come out of his shell a bit
  • and maybe finally get him and harold to talk
  • reese is doubtful but oh my god harold finch is totally going to get the first violin part no question
  • reese is now Invested
  • root finds out that shaw is going to be in this quintet and goes overboard getting ready for the auditions
  • stays up til 3am the night before practicing
  • she can barely function the next day
  • puts the shoulder rest on her viola on backwards 3 times before carter comes over and does it for her
  • “calm down, root. you’re the best violist here.”
  • root is not listening, staring across the room at shaw tuning her bass
  • carter is SO DONE with all of them
  • (but also lowkey thinks it’s adorable)
  • despite everything root nails her audition
  • reese gets the cello part
  • finch and carter get the two violin parts
  • someone removed all the strings from martine’s violin so she couldn’t even try out
  • not that she would have had a chance in hell
  • lambert is still living in fear after the glitter incident, doesn’t even try
  • the new quintet starts meeting after school to practice
  • the music selection is harder than what they play in orchestra and they’re all pretty stoked for it
  • except the canon in d somehow made it into the program
  • fuckin pachelbel
  • reese almost cries
  • since there’s only 5 of them now shaw is standing almost directly behind root’s chair during rehersal
  • root is holding her own but she’s so tense that carter thinks she may pass out
  • every time shaw makes any sort of noise or says something root jumps and bangs the scroll of her viola on her stand
  • carter moves her stand back a bit for her to avoid permanent damage
  • reese is still really sad about the whole playing the canon in d thing
  • they’re going to have to play it at the holiday concert as well
  • why won’t it let him be?
  • finch comes over to him after rehearsal and asks if he’s up for practicing a little more
  • (carter talked him into asking)
  • (honestly what would any of them do without carter?)
  • reese hesitates
  • he wants to but he’s worried about playing without the rest of the team
  • what if he’s actually terrible and no one has ever noticed?
  • finch keeps trying
  • “we won’t be practicing the canon of course”
  • reese thinks that’s probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said to him
  • the whole quintet is required to wear dress clothes to the holiday party
  • they’re all wearing nice black button-down dress shirts and black slacks
  • the two non-couples are attempting to discreetly check each other out
  • totally failing to be discreet
  • root is just kinda staring at shaw in a dreamy way
  • finch actually works up the courage to help reese adjust his collar
  • carter has a bet going with her band girlfriend zoe about how soon the boys will start dating
  • she is totally going to win this
  • the party is ridiculous
  • all the rich old people in town and the city officials drinking bad champagne and eating finger food
  • the kids have to sit in a corner and be quiet when they’re not playing
  • they’re not supposed to touch the food
  • shaw is staring at the refreshment table 
  • they’re allowed to take a break after their third song
  • root leads the whole group to an empty room that’s off-limits
  • she’s really good at picking locks
  • it’s how she got all that glitter out of the art room
  • anyway she makes them all promise to stay there a few minutes
  • “it’ll be worth it guys”
  • five minutes after she leaves all the lights go out in the building
  • there’s some anxious old rich people screaming going on
  • root comes flying back into the room
  • she’s got like…an entire freaking cheese plate
  • a bowl of cut fruit
  • some brownies
  • she’d tried to grab a punch bowl but it had proved too difficult
  • she presents them all to shaw
  • like sure the other guys can have some but she got them for SHAW
  • she wants to make sure this is very clear
  • shaw is impressed
  • “that was pretty cool, root”
  • root almost drops everything
  • they all pig out
  • even after the lights come back on they never end up playing the canon
  • every time the conductor comes around and tells them to play it next they all start playing a different piece
  • finch talked everyone into this earlier for reese’s sake
  • the boys are holding hands when they leave the party
  • zoe owes carter ten dollars
  • root is watching them sadly
  • she wants to hold hands with shaw
  • she almost jumps out of her skin when shaw comes up behind her and pats her awkwardly on the back
  • “i’ve decided i’m walking you home.”
  • root can’t argue with that even if she wanted to since she has temporarily lost the ability to speak
  • they don’t hold hands on the walk but they do bump shoulders a few too many times for it to be an accident
  • they walk home from school together every day after that

I didn’t really wanna do this, but I’ve literally been up all night looking at jobs and trying to finish “Chivelita” and I’m beyond stressed and desperate.  So I’m gonna sell the first third of my novel “Ocotillo”, the section called “Roots” on here.  If you donate five dollars and message me something like “I want to read Roots” and your email address I’ll email you what I have done.

It’s twenty-one pages long, and a series of vignettes in the life of a fourteen year old TransLatina growing up in my hometown of El Paso, TX.  It’s very inspired by “The House on Mango Street”, and there’s a lot of cursing, Catholicism, and some scenes of transmisogyny.  IDK what else to tell you about it other than that I love the main character a lot, it’s been a lot of fun writing from her point of view.

Oh, I’m working on the second part, “Thorns“ right now.  It should also be about twenty or thirty pages also, and I’m hoping to be done by the end of the month.

I guess message me if you have any questions.