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What is a communal family?

The way in which family will probably take form in a socialist/communist society. When the socio-economic model isn’t rooted in property- and wealth-acquisition, and is instead based in collaborative economic democracy, you’re going to see huge shifts in how people conceptualize themselves. Atomized suburbia and nuclear family units will likely dissolve and communal living arrangements will take their place. “Family” will probably have a much looser definition, including friends, coworkers, local community, and other partners (there’s a good chance socialism/communism will normalize polyamory). Children will be “raised by the village” again, opening them up to a variety of viewpoints and cultivating the democratic sensibility early. 

One might ask why all these developments would necessarily happen under socialism/communism, but it’s pretty simple: the social institutions in a society, including the family, are intimately bound up in the economic reproduction of said society. Capitalism wants atomized nuclear families that will stick to their own lives, not form communities and bonds of solidarity, internalize a top-down man-above-woman mindset early, etc; all of these cultural trends are directly related to the economic system, in reproducing the status quo. Socialism/communism would have a very different set of economic standards – which would in turn cultivate democratic collaboration, communal living, a very “low maintenance” culture, lots of leisure, etc. 

In dogs and cats with dental disease, it’s very important to know where the roots of the teeth go and what angle they’re on. This is important for when a tooth needs to be removed, as the right angles will make a tough job a little easier.
It can also help you realise just how much damage a rotten tooth can do. See how far that upper canine goes? A rotten canine can cause what called an ‘oronasal fistula’ where a hole is made between the oral and nasal cavity, leading to discharge from the nose.
A few rotten teeth on the lower jaw can literally make the jaw so weak it fractures.
An infected premolar/molar on the upper jaw can lead to 'exophthalmos’ or protrusion of the eye due to the accumulation of pus at the roots.
These models are so handy and really help you appreciate how important it is to keep teeth nice and clean!