root models

In dogs and cats with dental disease, it’s very important to know where the roots of the teeth go and what angle they’re on. This is important for when a tooth needs to be removed, as the right angles will make a tough job a little easier.
It can also help you realise just how much damage a rotten tooth can do. See how far that upper canine goes? A rotten canine can cause what called an ‘oronasal fistula’ where a hole is made between the oral and nasal cavity, leading to discharge from the nose.
A few rotten teeth on the lower jaw can literally make the jaw so weak it fractures.
An infected premolar/molar on the upper jaw can lead to 'exophthalmos’ or protrusion of the eye due to the accumulation of pus at the roots.
These models are so handy and really help you appreciate how important it is to keep teeth nice and clean!


Tokyo Ghoul √A (東京喰種トーキョーグール√A)

Character designs by Kazuhiro Miwa (三輪和宏) with the new Tokyo Ghoul √A styling were featured in the latest Spoon.2Di Magazine (Amazon US | JP). 


When the machine speaks, you seem so full of life, purpose, but lately, you seem lost.
You’ve been covering it for a long time. When you said your communication with the machine was limited, you didn’t say that it wasn’t talking to you at all.


1. Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life

2. All These Flavours and You Choose to be Salty

3. Skeleton War: The Musical

4. We were all Rooting for you Tiffany

5. John Cenas Ballad

6. Get Good

7. *Shoves Breadsticks into Purse*

8. Miley Whats Good?

9. Sneme (Snail Meme)

10. I Came Here to Have a Good Time and I Honestly Feel so Attacked Right Now

11. Hoe Don’t Do It

12. Oh My God

13. By Fall Out Boy