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Imagine you are the Cheshire Cat (female pronouns) and find Henry lost in Wonderland. You help him, as you find him cute…

Henry stumbled over yet another log. He didn’t know how he gotten there but he had and now he was stuck. He had thought Neverland was bad, but now he prayed for the place. For this was Wonderland. And anything could happen there.

He rubbed at his forehead, ignoring the fact he just smeared more dirt all over him. He had gone to sleep in his bed but woke on the woodland floors of Wonderland’s Dark Forest. Everything was strange and twisted there. The trees were a dark inky black and if one didn’t like the look of you it might lift its roots just to trip you. The animals never came out of hiding, always stayed a few paces behind the boy, stalking him, hunting him. They all had wide, bright eyes that followed him no matter which way he turned. Even the flowers were against him, they hissed when he got too close and a few had tried biting at his shins.

He flopped down on the ground, having tripped once again. That was it. He had had enough. No more wandering aimlessly. If help was going to come, he might as well just sit and wait for it. And it not-

Just as the mere thought crossed his mind he heard a forced cough just above him. He looked up slowly, frowning. When he noticed he had company he jumped to his feet, raising his fists so he was ready for a fight if it came to it. He didn’t trust anything that lived in those woods, not even the young girl resting on the tree branch right in front of him.

She was stretched out lazily in a very feline position, on her back with knees up, hands resting on her chest.

“Are you lost, Henry? Or just tired?” she asked, her large (Y/ec) eyes making him shiver.

“Neither I’m just-“he stopped, his heart leaping in his chest “Wait, how do you know my name?”

“You didn’t mention it?” she sat up, tilting her head to the side.

Henry shook his head quickly, shuffling back a few paces when a wide grin spread across her face. It was a mad grin, as mad as the forest he was trapped in.

“Oh yes, so you didn’t” she giggled, leaping down from her tree branch. He was almost shocked by how expertly she landed, knees bent slightly, hands raised to the sky. But this was Wonderland, and as said before, anything goes.

“Well if you aren’t tired or lost, why are you here?” she asked, brushing any leaves off her short skirt.

“What do you mean?”

“Only the lonely come to this part of the forest” she whispered, suddenly right in front of him, reaching out to stroke the boy’s cheek “Are you like me then? Lonely”

“I-um” he didn’t answer, staring in shock as a thin tail wrapped itself round his leg “Who are you?”

“I’m (Y/n), but most here call me Puss for obvious reasons” (Y/n) purred, her head twitching to the side at the sound of a bird.

“You’re the Cheshire Cat” he mumbled, raising an eyebrow.

“I suppose so, is that what your story books call me?”


“Oh how wonderful, I do like that name. Suits me very well, wouldn’t you agree”

He was about to answer her when the bushes behind them rustles. A low growl echoed around the trees and (Y/n) stiffened, her tail bristling.

“We must move swiftly. It isn’t safe here anymore in Wonderland” she explained “I think that’s why you’re here Henry. You’re meant to help us”


“hush now. We must  get going. Stay close to me and we might just survive”



If you missed my ’Jillian Holtzmann Transformation’ from Ghostbusters, go check it out on my channel now!
In the video, not only do I show you how to replicate her effortless natural makeup, but I also show you how to achieve her distinctive hairdo!
Here is a quick breakdown:

Start off with your hair on a side parting, section off the top and pull the rest of your hair back into a ponytail.

1. Divide your hair into 3 separate sections, then use a conical wand to curl each section over the barrel. This will create height at the root.

2. Pin each curl in place and leave to completely cool. If you remove the pins too early the curls will drop due to the heat.

3. Remove pins and backcomb each section at the root to get some lift to the curls. Don’t forget to spritz in some hair spray for durability. Then smooth the front and top layer of the hair with a comb.

4. Use grips to pin the curls in place. A tip is to lift the curl up so it’s in line with the top of the ear and then pin it to the head. This will help keep some height to the quiff.

5. Wrap your ponytail into a bun and use pins to secure it.
Voila! Jillian Holtzmann inspired hair.

Don’t forget that Ghostbusters is out now on Blu-Ray & DVD!

Is There Somewhere (part 3)

Summary: You were 8 years old when a man with a metal arm killed your parents, and let scientists experiment on you. In 2005 you escaped their control and you’ve been running since, always looking over your shoulder for the man with the metal arm. Then one day he and the Avengers show up at your door, asking you to join the team.

Bucky X Reader

Words: 1241

Prologue Part 1 Part 2

A routine has been created between you and The Avengers, they stayed out of your way and you refused to speak to any of them. You spent most of your days in your room, talking to animals and forming roots and branches around the cocoon you formed in your private space. You haven’t seen The Winter Soldier since you tried to kill him and whenever you see one of the other team members, they looked at you in annoyance and quickly left the room.

You were sitting on your bed, looking out the window, when the beeper on your tracking bracelet displays the words, ‘common room, now’. With a frustrated groan, you reluctantly get out of your bed, still wearing your pajamas, and head for the common room. The rest of the team were buzzing around; some were cooking in the kitchen and others were playing a board game in the corner. They all stop what they were doing to look at you, silence fills the room and Tony Stark clears his throat.

“Y/N, I’m glad you’re here. We’re having a family dinner, Wanda and Sam made chicken parmesan with sweet potatoes. Care to join us?” Tony steps forward and extends his hand to you. You walk past him and pour yourself a glass of water.

 “I’m vegetarian.” You nonchalantly say as you walk past him again and head towards your bedroom. 

“We made sweet potatoes, you can eat those.” Wanda holds up a large bowl of sweet potatoes and shyly smiles at you. You look at her and walk away, locking yourself in your room and not coming out until the team calls for you again. 

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Your arms used to be home but then I decided I needed a sturdier foundation. So my body became branches and roots and I lifted myself up, I was strong. Maybe it was a good thing because once you saw what I did you decided you just couldn’t hold on anymore and home is now just a word and my roots seem to be dying but I’m still standing. Maybe that’s okay, maybe my foundation will keep building itself up and when I walk down the street with my arms around myself to keep from getting too cold, I’ll feel what home feels like again.
The Consequence of Mercy

Back again I am and this time, a very special submission. This is for the amazing mun for @askmercyseries - of which if you haven’t had the opportunity to stumble upon, I highly encourage it. You will not be disappointed not only because the art can be downright breathtaking, but because the mun themselves is a very kind and encouraging person. Some of the most heartwarming posts they have are the ones they direct to the readers.

I’d been wanting to write a tale for this series since I found it and finally, an idea hit me. So for the past two days, I’ve been pouring everything I got into composing this. I hope nothing feels too rushed or there isn’t too many errors, but I figured, with the mun feeling not too well today, that it was the best time to get this out.

I just hope, with the many smiles they have helped to give me after some rough days of my own, with this I might be able to give them one as well. Stay determined, mun!

P.S. Notes at the bottom for anything non-canon to AskMercy that I had to include to tie some plot points together.

Summary: When the grand opening for Sci-Tech, the very first human-monster collaboration project, commences, Frisk finds herself an attendee. However, when the Anti-Monster faction steps in to ruin the ceremony, Frisk finds that she’ll have to think fast if she wants her family, and all of monsterkind, to stay alive.

Rating: T

Warnings: Some strong language and there are parts that get a little gory/body-horroresque

A03 Link:

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             [ he had been concentrating very hard, a dark eye watched
             carefully on the large hare through the scope of his gun. he held
             his breath to try to keep from stirring—-from  s c a r i n g   it off.
             he had just been about to fire when he heard the crunch of the
             leaves behind him. the hare’s ears shot up before it darted under
             some lifted roots of a tree. ]

[ Bellamy’s eye twitched as he lowered the gun
glancing back at the dark haired girl as she stomped
towards him, biting back curse words. ]

                            “————-Dammit Reyes, could you BE any LOUDER? ”

anonymous asked:

RootxShaw prompt- Zoe comes to help the team again, and its the first she has worked with Root. More importantly, its the first time she worked with both Shaw and Root together. Because Root and Shaw are anything but subtle, Zoe notices the innuendos from Root, the playful eye rolls from Shaw, and the heart-eyes directed at each other from the both of them. And Zoe doesn't hesitate to tease them and doesn't back down from Shaw's death glares.

A Lawyer, A Hacker, and A Sociopath

Zoe Morgan’s stiletto heels click against the frigid, unforgiving marble floors of City Hall with an echo that strikes every defendant to the bone. She wears a smile like a gun with the safety off, her white teeth peeking out with both beauty and vicarious danger, and she prowls the halls like a lioness in search of trembling, petrified prey. Her eyes glide easily back and forth across the hall, landing on each orange jumper and superciliously expensive suit, their stone cold edge feeding on every insecurity, leaving each to thank God that she’s not the prosecutor handling their case.

In a world of scrambling capitalists, Morgan is a one woman empire.

Rounding the corner, Zoe’s rolling glare lands upon one defendant that stands out from the rest. He peers back at her, collar crisp and eyes blank, hands toying subconsciously with golden cuff links. His attorney peers over- does a double take. Eyes expanding like a fawn in headlights, the lawyer wraps his arm around the defendant’s shoulders, spinning his face out of Zoe’s eyesight. Her cool smile curves into a smirk. At least one of them realizes the danger. She can only imagine the thousands of dollars that attorney’s being payed to keep his employer squeaky clean, and she remembers the days when that sort of money would be falling at her feet from any murderer, drug lord, or corrupt politician. Yet, after her time spent with John Reese and his rag tag group of fugitives and federal agents, she decided that what’s better than cash is the taste of justice nailing rich bastards like that man to the wall.

Her phone rings.

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RootxShaw prompt- If Root makes breakfast like this for Shaw everyday, Shaw might get used to this 'being in a relationship thing' after all.

Shaw slowly opened her eyes. She wasn’t sure what to expect. She had some reservations about sleeping with Root. It had obviously been something that had been building between them and the explosion didn’t disappoint. Shaw could see a torn shirt hanging onto the window latch. She had ripped through Root’s clothes like paper and Root was swift and stealthy, snatching Shaw’s clothes off before she could tell what was happening.

Shaw looked down and found that she was still completely naked. She also realized she was alone in the bed. She was sure that Root would respect her enough to not push her into cuddling or something like that. Shaw was a little relived to be alone.

She could hear talking down the hallway, but more importantly than the sounds was the smells. She could smell breakfast. She could smell bacon and toast. She laid back into the bed and let a small smile grace her lips.

Shaw slipped out of the bed and went to the drawer closest to the bed. She found a draw full of neatly stacked boxes of computer parts and wires. The next draw was full of handguns that had no serial number with a stack of suppressors. She had more luck with the next drawers. She picked out a grey tank top and pulled it on. Then she grabbed some black athletic pants. They drug the ground a little, but Shaw didn’t mind as she made her way to the bathroom.

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number ten

characters: saeko, small giant
pairings: saeko/small giant
summary: even saeko can’t explain why she’s suddenly mooning over that shorty on the volleyball team
note: i ship this a lot, okay? so here, have a high school fic of love struck saeko who is totally in denial as she attends all of his games (“not really… i mean, i just happened to watch a bunch of his games!” she said. ha!)

The only thing she knows about volleyball at the time is that the vending machines by the volleyball courts are the only ones that carry her favorite peach juice.

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So just roll with me...

AN: I managed to get all my favorite ships in one…one-shot.


Sasuke picked up a rather long strand of hair from his sink. Too long to be Naruto, too blonde to be Hinata. The Uchiha sighed and walked to his room and opened the door. Ino was curled on his bed, her hair made a shiny curtain around her. He so desperately wanted to cut it off.

“Yamanaka.” He crossed his arms and leaned against the doorframe.

She pushed that damn hair out the way. It was in his sheets now. He would be battling blonde hair all week. Her eyes were puffy and red. “I’m - sad.” She confessed, sitting up. Fresh tears build in her eyes.

Sasuke’s brows dipped and he pushed away the brotherly instinct to go shove his entire foot down whosever throat. He went to sit beside her and she rested her head on his shoulders.

Ino was strong, much like himself. She didn’t allow many people to see this side of her…and sometimes Sasuke wished he wasn’t one of them. “This keeps happening,” she said. “I always give and give…”

He stared at his floor as she spoke.

“Why do I always pick the shitty guys? They never treat me right. And I just give everything…”

Sasuke sighed. Ino always had everyone’s attention. Though not everyone was willing to look not touch. She always picked guys with dirty hands.

“And you know, I’m just a trophy to them so they can brag to their friends. Yeah, they got me. I’m so, so, so tired…” She tried wiping her face. “…I want a love like you and Hinata got. I don’t want to be alone forever.”

“You’re not cheap,” he said.

“I know…”

“No, you don’t,” he said clearly. “Until you realize that, you will continue to be alone and sad.”

“S-Sasuke, don’t say that.” She ran a hand through her hair. She flung the strands to the ground.

“It’s true.” Sasuke was now truly concerned about the hair that littered his floor. Why does she shed so much? Is she truly human. “Tell me, do you believe in Prince Charming?” He looked up from the floor to her.

She paused and shrugged. “Maybe.”

“You figure me and Hinata are happy?” He prompted. She nodded. “But am I really a Prince Charming type?”

“No.” She smiled. “You’re horrible.”

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Hopscotch the Shadows (Root/Shaw)

Root steps into the wide, dark main room of the safe house, the high windows letting the city’s light in, white instead of the sometimes red from the street. She sweeps every surface and shadow with her eyes, silently inventorying. Nothing is out of place. The brick walls are touched with white light, and the same light falls in pale squares over the long wooden conference table with its pale high-backed chairs. She wills her eyes to adjust faster, to be able to read the deeper shadows in the corners far from the window and facing the door.

She doesn’t see Shaw, or hear her, but she expects her. After all that time with Shaw missing, she can’t seem to stop searching for her even now that she’s back.

Shaw melts from the darkest shadow and steps into the broken squares of light. “Took you long enough.” Relief (over and over, every time) floods into Root’s limbs at the sound of Shaw’s low voice.

Root takes a few more long strides into the room, lifting her chin and giving her a bright smile. “Using the shadow map is getting to be a little more like playing hopscotch than it used to be.” She lowers her eyelashes for just a moment to change the smile to flirtatious. “I’m sorry if I kept you waiting.”

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"She has missed you Shaw, and I know you've missed her too."

Shaw stood on the subway platform next to Harold with her hands in the pockets of her coat. She looked toward the subway car where Root was trying to adjust to using crutches, having been shot in the leg a few times during the harrowing rescue of Shaw.

She watched Root hobble to the bench and sit down. 

When Root looked up, Shaw was standing there, looking like she wanted to say something, but couldn’t seem to gather or figure out what words to use. Then Shaw grabbed an ammo crate, moving it onto the opposite end of the bench from Root, then gently lifted Root’s leg to rest on top of the crate, “You need to keep it elevated.”

the stoner au: the petting triangle

content warning: drug use

  • so after the night of ihop hell root decides her and shaw are friends now
  • you smoke together you’re automatically friends
  • root doesn’t make the rules she just follows them okay
  • so root will just like. randomly show up in shaw’s dorm
  • how does she get there? who knows
  • sometimes root doesn’t even know
  • so root hears a rumor from zoe that it’s shaw’s birthday
  • so naturally root has to go all out
  • gotta impress the bae
  • she has to get The Good Shit
  • harper wont do this time. she has to go directly to the machine and harold
  • so root takes her motorcycle across campus to the little house that finch and john share because they’re married or something
  • and johns taking a post-work weednap with his head on finch’s lap and finch is running his fingers through john’s hair and its very pure and gay
  • root texts finch to let him know shes there and he tells her to just come in to not disturb johns nap
  • root isn’t a dick /all/ the time so she’s quiet
  • she starts to explain to harold about shaw’s special bday gift and he’s like “don’t fret, root. i’ve been preparing for this for ages. or rather, She has”
  • root has never loved the machine more.
  • TM hooks her up with the Good Shit
  • so root pays tm and of course smokes a bowl with harold before she goes (it’s only polite)
  • they’re having a good time and happily petting finch’s service dog, bear
  • bear licks johns face a little and he wakes up and indulges in a little wake n bake before he gets up and goes to study for his psych test
  • harold gets up to follow him and root’s like “hey harry, if you’re gonna be busy for the rest of the night…”
  • harold sighs. “yes, root. you can take bear”
  • root does a little dance and thanks him profusely and skips off with bear
  • before remembering she took her bike.
  • she’s too stoned to be bothered though. abandons her bike at rinch’s and lights a joint and makes her way back to her place, head bobbing to the sweet jams blasting through her earphones
  • she makes it back to her dorm a little before nightfall, ruffles zoe’s hair on the way in
  • "i know that look, root…what’s in your backpack?”
  • zoe makes grabby hands but root lifts the bag above her head.
  • “nope. not today zoe.
  • "but rooooot. sharing is caring!”
  • “not today, zo. it’s for sameen.”
  • zoe grin deviously. and proceeds to tease root like theyre in middle school.
  • “OOOoooooOOO /sameen/.”
  • root is suffering.
  • “zoe stop killing my buzz and swap rooms for the night. go make gross eyes at joss.”
  • “oh /i’m/ the one making gross eyes????”
  • “…zoe get out or i’m going to change all of your grades to f’s and delete your final paper for your business comp class.”
  • zoe scampers out pretty quick after that.
  • she grabs joss and they go sneak off to have sloppy makeouts somewhere. joss thinks they’re gonna study for french.
  • neither of them are wrong.
  • root picks out her nicest drug rug and second nicest pair of cargo shorts
  • (she’s trying to play it cool)
  • she debates on the weed socks and decides to go for it
  • it IS shaw’s birthday after all
  • got be Fancy
  • she knocks on shaw’s door and rocks on her heels a little bit
  • "give me a second, you’re early”
  • root leans awkwardly against the wall
  • practices a few different poses for the Maximum Cool Effect
  • and shaw opens up the door and she’s dressed for like. clubbing.
  • root feels a tad bit under dressed.
  • shaw’s like “i thought you said you wanted to go out?”
  • root’s a little speechless because punk!shaw in leather pants does things to her
  • “i thought i said…hang out. i can change?”
  • shaw looks at root’s socks. root crosses her legs uncomfortably.
  • root does not look thrilled at the idea of going out to a club.
  • shaw gets it.
  • “nah, it’s fine. clubs are overrated anyways.”
  • “are you sure? it’s your birthday…”
  • shaw shrugs. “if we put on loud music and drink it’s the same thing anyway. and it’s free.”
  • root starts to smile a little.
  • “and” shaw continues “if your socks are any indication, you brought party favors?”
  • root beams and starts to bust open her backpack in the middle of the hallway and nerd out about weed
  • “jesus root get inside first” and drags root in by her shitty ass drug rug
  • once they’re both inside root starts to unpack everything
  • “put on some music while i change, i’ll be right back.”
  • shaw accidentally on purpose doesn’t close the bathroom door all the way
  • “you heard the urban floral ep?” root asks, squinting intently at her ipod
  • “yeah, it’s good shit. go ahead and put it on”
  • root turns automatically at the sound of her voice and wow that’s some real life sameen shaw skin right there
  • shaw could totally bench press her and root’s 110% okay with that
  • shes too gay for this
  • she makes herself blink a few times and loads the bowl she picked out extra special for shaw’s birthday
  • shaw get the first hit and the party is On
  • they’re about two bowls in and shaw’s feelings pretty gosh dang good
  • “sam, you ready for part two of your birthday gift?”
  • “root. root. i don’t put out on the second date. okay that’s not true but i’m /really/ high right now.”
  • “oh. that’s not. um.”
  • shaw just blinks at her innocently.
  • “you don’t have to worry about that, sweetie. it’s a different kind of gift. you like dogs right?”
  • “who told you???”
  • “…you just seem like the type.”
  • “i LOVE dogs. i love dogs more than people. dogs don’t /lie/ root.”
  • “that’s probably true. here, sit tight for just a sec. lemma get bear.”
  • “nOO don’t /leave/.”
  • “you can come with me, sam.”
  • of course, shaw demands another piggyback ride even though they’re just going next door.
  • they come back with bear and shaw is immediately obsessed with petting bear
  • root decides she needs to catch up to shaw’s good vibes so she opens the window and smokes a bit more
  • dramatically puffs little rings out the window to keep it all outside and away from bear because getting animals high is not cool
  • “you good for now, darlin’”
  • (the dank memes make root’s accent pop out more)
  • “mhmm. come pet bear with me.”
  • “don’t mind if i do!”
  • they end up in a petting triangle of love and everyone gets nice head scritches and pats
  • “root. i know we’re both really high right now. but i think i really like you. and your dumb socks.”
  • shaw pauses a second. “maybe as much as i like dogs.”
  • roots gay and high but she can read a cue.
  • she leans in over bear. very very gently kisses shaw on the corner of her mouth.
  • leans back real quick. waits.
  • “not in front of bear, root.”
  • root blinks.
  • “besides, you missed.”
  • shaw shoves bear in the bathroom. “i’ll be back in half an hour buddy.”
  • and then proceed to kiss root’s dumb socks off.
  • literally. root loses them in shaw’s room.
  • after they calm down a bit and decide to not take things any further that night, shaw lets bear back in
  • they all pile together on shaw’s bed and cuddle and fall asleep and it’s pure and gay a good

semyautomatic  asked:

I went to the doctor today, it's twins.

Root presented Shaw with an ultrasound that clearly showed two babies on it. Shaw looked at the back of it, “Did you steal this or did the Machine make it?”

Root lifted up her shirt and pulled off a fake pregnancy stomach. “I put a transmitter in here so that it would send a signal to the computer and would randomly pick a saved local file. I got twins.” Root tossed the belly aside and pushed her hair out of her face. “People were nicer to me on the train though.”

“They look like Lionel,” John looked at it over Shaw’s shoulder.

Shaw squinted at the ultrasound. She handed it back to Root, “Who was your number anyway?”

“A nurse that worked at the clinic,” Root sat down at one of the computers and started typing. “We’re going out for coffee later.”

“And she thinks you’re pregnant?” John poked the fake belly. 

“She also thinks that my boyfriend ran off and left me to raise young John and Harold,” Root swiveled around in her chair to face John and Shaw. 

“You didn’t name one of them Sameen?” Shaw found a velcro flap on the belly and opened it to find the transmitter.

Root turned back toward the computer, “I already used that name. Sam Shaw left me when I told him I was pregnant.”

“I thought you were better than that Shaw,” John teased his co-worker.

Shaw snorted, “I’m also better than letting her go to the ultrasound herself, especially to a place like that. Did you see the quality of that thing? That machine is ten years old at best.”

Root smiled to herself, enjoying the mental picture of Shaw taking over use of the ultrasound machine to get a better picture for herself. Then Root turned back to the task at hand mumbling to herself, “Maybe in another life.”