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If you missed my ’Jillian Holtzmann Transformation’ from Ghostbusters, go check it out on my channel now!
In the video, not only do I show you how to replicate her effortless natural makeup, but I also show you how to achieve her distinctive hairdo!
Here is a quick breakdown:

Start off with your hair on a side parting, section off the top and pull the rest of your hair back into a ponytail.

1. Divide your hair into 3 separate sections, then use a conical wand to curl each section over the barrel. This will create height at the root.

2. Pin each curl in place and leave to completely cool. If you remove the pins too early the curls will drop due to the heat.

3. Remove pins and backcomb each section at the root to get some lift to the curls. Don’t forget to spritz in some hair spray for durability. Then smooth the front and top layer of the hair with a comb.

4. Use grips to pin the curls in place. A tip is to lift the curl up so it’s in line with the top of the ear and then pin it to the head. This will help keep some height to the quiff.

5. Wrap your ponytail into a bun and use pins to secure it.
Voila! Jillian Holtzmann inspired hair.

Don’t forget that Ghostbusters is out now on Blu-Ray & DVD!


Imagine you are the Cheshire Cat (female pronouns) and find Henry lost in Wonderland. You help him, as you find him cute…

Henry stumbled over yet another log. He didn’t know how he gotten there but he had and now he was stuck. He had thought Neverland was bad, but now he prayed for the place. For this was Wonderland. And anything could happen there.

He rubbed at his forehead, ignoring the fact he just smeared more dirt all over him. He had gone to sleep in his bed but woke on the woodland floors of Wonderland’s Dark Forest. Everything was strange and twisted there. The trees were a dark inky black and if one didn’t like the look of you it might lift its roots just to trip you. The animals never came out of hiding, always stayed a few paces behind the boy, stalking him, hunting him. They all had wide, bright eyes that followed him no matter which way he turned. Even the flowers were against him, they hissed when he got too close and a few had tried biting at his shins.

He flopped down on the ground, having tripped once again. That was it. He had had enough. No more wandering aimlessly. If help was going to come, he might as well just sit and wait for it. And it not-

Just as the mere thought crossed his mind he heard a forced cough just above him. He looked up slowly, frowning. When he noticed he had company he jumped to his feet, raising his fists so he was ready for a fight if it came to it. He didn’t trust anything that lived in those woods, not even the young girl resting on the tree branch right in front of him.

She was stretched out lazily in a very feline position, on her back with knees up, hands resting on her chest.

“Are you lost, Henry? Or just tired?” she asked, her large (Y/ec) eyes making him shiver.

“Neither I’m just-“he stopped, his heart leaping in his chest “Wait, how do you know my name?”

“You didn’t mention it?” she sat up, tilting her head to the side.

Henry shook his head quickly, shuffling back a few paces when a wide grin spread across her face. It was a mad grin, as mad as the forest he was trapped in.

“Oh yes, so you didn’t” she giggled, leaping down from her tree branch. He was almost shocked by how expertly she landed, knees bent slightly, hands raised to the sky. But this was Wonderland, and as said before, anything goes.

“Well if you aren’t tired or lost, why are you here?” she asked, brushing any leaves off her short skirt.

“What do you mean?”

“Only the lonely come to this part of the forest” she whispered, suddenly right in front of him, reaching out to stroke the boy’s cheek “Are you like me then? Lonely”

“I-um” he didn’t answer, staring in shock as a thin tail wrapped itself round his leg “Who are you?”

“I’m (Y/n), but most here call me Puss for obvious reasons” (Y/n) purred, her head twitching to the side at the sound of a bird.

“You’re the Cheshire Cat” he mumbled, raising an eyebrow.

“I suppose so, is that what your story books call me?”


“Oh how wonderful, I do like that name. Suits me very well, wouldn’t you agree”

He was about to answer her when the bushes behind them rustles. A low growl echoed around the trees and (Y/n) stiffened, her tail bristling.

“We must move swiftly. It isn’t safe here anymore in Wonderland” she explained “I think that’s why you’re here Henry. You’re meant to help us”


“hush now. We must  get going. Stay close to me and we might just survive”


Your arms used to be home but then I decided I needed a sturdier foundation. So my body became branches and roots and I lifted myself up, I was strong. Maybe it was a good thing because once you saw what I did you decided you just couldn’t hold on anymore and home is now just a word and my roots seem to be dying but I’m still standing. Maybe that’s okay, maybe my foundation will keep building itself up and when I walk down the street with my arms around myself to keep from getting too cold, I’ll feel what home feels like again.

                           —Fresno, Spring, 2016

Every few years, miles of upturned fields skirt the city,
& the rows of trees—peach, almond, & sometimes
grapevine trunks—lift their roots toward sky.
No one else comes to pay tribute to this but you
so you walk amongst the dying, the fallow, the sky turning
over another day, stop at some knotted stump & think
about when you’d last come here with your parents
decades ago, posed with siblings for their camera, the voices
of others around you spreading beyond the mist of petals.
The dark now gowns, renders familiar shapes
illegible. The stars reveal this threadbare night, the apogee
of you from your car, but it doesn’t feel quite right
to make your return, so you continue astray, leaving
your ears as guide. The crickets chirp & you
can almost decipher their monosyllabic words, let go
of any pretending to be at one with, to understand nature,
do as you’d done as a child:  let the voices
around you spread beyond what is unknown,
the valley walls so far off nothing bounces back.

Andre Yang, “Off the Blossom Trail”

Honestly, one of the big reasons I haven’t chopped the hair off already for easier maintenance with severely limited spoons and some specific problems taking care of it now? It’s thinned out enough from illness that you could probably see scalp through it now without the length worn up to help cover it. On somebody who started out with enough bushy hair that it kept surprising stylists working with it.

I had to get crap amused a while back, running across some YouTube tutorial on camouflaging thinning hair. That person was needing to use volumizing products and a decent bit of teasing on her straight hair to get it anywhere close to where mine starts out with the root lift.

I may still get frustrated with the frizz halo, but yeah. At least it helps keep scalp from showing through. Taking whatever I can get these days.


Carnation, Carnation

“One petal says I love you,
Two says I do not.
But another makes me unsure,
Afraid that I’ll be caught,
Up in my never ending love for one,
Who does not feel the same,
Because what is there for one to do,
With a rose by any other name?”

The Arrangement

“Arranged in a semicircle with three flowers in the middle,
The bouquet sits on the table,
Where it is housed in a vase of crystal clarity and riddle,
And no one is completely able,
To piece together the reasons why a bouquet dressed as such,
Can bring about the feelings that will hurt you just as much.”


“You might say flowers die in October,
Maybe in September.
But those who know the truth,
Would say that a flower will remember,
That it is to wilt in coming months,
And in preparation for such,
It will begin to droop and its roots will lift,
Near the end of August.”

anonymous asked:

wait soo like we make up an AU and you give us headcanons? OKAY Shaw is the owner of a restaurant and all is well until annoying Root opens up in front! um restaurant!competition AU!

i. It is not a good idea to drag Shaw into a fully-stocked commercial kitchen when she shows up at your door itching for a confrontation, do you know how many dangerous objects are within reach right now? Shaw knows about a dozen ways she could make a weapon out of 90% of the things in this room.

ii. Oh yes, Root thinks, this was definitely a good idea—moving this little confrontation to the kitchen. Look at all the dangerous objects within reach right now. Root can think of about a dozen fun ways they could use 90% of the things in this room.

iii. A fillet knife is a beautiful thing.

iv. Ok well that’s definitely a health code violation. Good thing they’re in Root’s kitchen. Shaw decides to try and break as many food safety rules as she can manage tonight.

v. Sameen’s always the first one to arrive at the restaurant in the mornings, but today when she flicks on the lights in the kitchen, she finds an insulated styrofoam shipping cooler waiting for her on the main prep table. There’s a note taped to the top - “a peace offering.” Shaw opens it to find a dozen gorgeous cuts of imported (and thoroughly illegal) Kobe beef. Another note sits on top of the meat.

I just happened to have these on hand (morally flexible friend at customs wanted to thank me for doing him a favor, you know how it is). I thought you might enjoy them, and I know you know how to treat a quality flank. It would have been such a shame to let them go to waste, since I have no use for them here.

You know I’m opening vegetarian restaurant, right?


I don’t wanna sound big headed but I’ve had a lot of questions on how I get my hair the colour it is so here you are: to lift it (now I only do my roots ofc) I use wella blondor multi blonde lightening powder and mix it with 6% Creme peroxide, however I do water this down slightly making it less harmful. I mix it in a bowl and brush it on you can get these cheep from superdrug the powder and peroxide I get from Sally’s salon supplies. Once I have lifted my roots as best I can I use all the products in picture 3 as follows: I will do my first wash with John frieda go blonder shampoo and conditioner, I use lee Stafford bleach blonde hot shots on my roots once a week after initially bleaching if the brassy yellows are stubborn. then I cycle through using lush daddy-o and sugar daddy-o (shampoo and conditioner respectively), lee Stafford bleach blonde shampoo, and TIGI catwalk fashionista shampoo and conditioner. (The mask is also good I’m out atm though). Finally the last picture I use lee Stafford bleach blondes tone correcting spray just on my roots and if they are growing through too fast I use the John frieda lightening spray! And to conclude I use wella SP luxe oil to save my hair from drying out! Also it’s best to plait your hair for sleeping to avoid breakage… Hope this helps so people