root kit

  • Kit: *Is upset*
  • Ty: Hey you know, if spiders had a complex social structure like us and they viewed humans as God's and each one of us has a Religion that groups of spiders group into, you know what that would mean? That would mean that there is a group of spiders out there who are rooting for you.
  • Kit: Thank you?

Finally got my hair back to a color I’m happy with

You know what I love the most about Cinderella? (Besides everything?) That when Kit falls in love with Ella it’s never for any other reason than that she’s herself. He’s never like “oh I like this girl because she isn’t like all those other ones.” And I hate that kind of rhetoric. It isn’t romantic at all to love a woman only in comparison to other women or only for the things she isn’t. And it’s funny to me because the script comes so close to doing that sometimes, almost intentionally, but right as it’s about to fall into the trap of “oh she’s different” it turns the moment around. Ella doesn’t know he’s the prince and Kit laughs, obviously delighted, and says “you don’t know who I am!” and you sit there and you wait for that to be the moment where he decides he loves her. Because, you know, it’s so refreshing that this girl doesn’t know he’s royalty and oh my gosh all those other girls are so annoying because they know he’s the prince and gosh can’t they just treat him like a normal human being?! But he doesn’t. And when he talks about her later he never pulls any “it’s so nice not to have to be the prince around her” crap. The fact that she doesn’t know who he is is not the reason he loves her. Which is good because newsflash! screenwriters of the world, that’s a dumb reason!!! Even the princess Chelina moment. When you first see her you think you know where it’s going but it ends up differently. When she sees Ella dancing with Kit, she doesn’t pout or make snarky comments; she smiles and says “who is she?” She’s there simply to show that the Grand Duke/Kit’s dad have definite other plans for Kit marriage-wise not to provide an obnoxious foil to Ella’s sweetness so that you hate her and are happy the prince doesn’t have to marry her.

And then the hunting moment! I love the hunting moment! Half of me was expecting him to say something like “no one else would ever do that! you’re so original! you dare to tell me that I shouldn’t hunt! I like that! what spunk!” but he doesn’t? You can tell he’s moved by her sincerity and passion and there’s delight and wonder on his face but it isn’t at the expense of anyone else. He doesn’t like her only in comparison to those other girls.The moment he falls in love with her, I think, is the moment when she says, “It isn’t so bad really. Others have it worse I’m sure. We must simply have courage and be kind.” That’s the moment where he just completely loses his heart to her. Because she’s being both brave and sincere down to the depths of her soul and he’s powerless against both her goodness and her truthfulness. That’s the reason he falls in love with her. Not because she piques his interest by being a little bit saucy or unexpected. Not because she’s so different or so refreshingly unlike other girls. 

 And I get that when you’re in love you don’t think anyone else is as wonderful as that person; I get that you think they’re one in a million, that you could never be happy with anyone else etc. I get that! But it’s such an obvious thing that articulating it feels stupid and turning it into a comparison thing has always felt wrong to me. Like oh, you only like me because of what I’m not? Or you only like me because I’m different? Then it’s really only novelty you love. Or excitement. And that’s going to wear off and then where will be? If Kit only loved Ella because she treated him like no one ever had– how long was it going to stay exciting and fresh? It wouldn’t. It’s a shallow reason to love somebody and it doesn’t endure. Basically I love it because Ella’s never pitted against another girl or even the idea of other girls. She’s never made out to be lovable only by comparison. Kit loves her genuinely and wholeheartedly because of who she really is, because of her spirit and her goodness, hers! not someone else’s, and not only in light of other’s weaknesses. And that’s beautiful. I love it so much.

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Great site, priceless information. Hey I'm working on getting rid of a pretty nasty rootkit that allowed for full shell control of my windows 7 server. How would you go about removing it? Is it true most have a secret partition on the hard drive? Thanks

Rootkits are pretty nasty and could do a infinite number of things, but here you should read these to links I think/hope this helps you.Root kits can be pretty tough to remove all together and im not very familiar with how to remove them manually. altho checkout those two links and that one tool. and you can grab Avast Pro from to help prevent them in the future.

goodluck :/

What I imagine being married to Michael clifford would consist of:

“Michael, where’s my root touch up kit? We’ve been over this, you’re not the only one who has to hide their roots! Buy your own hair dye..”