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House Targaryen Meme
↳[½] Anything You Like - The Formation of the Kingsguard

It was Visenya, not Aegon, who decided the nature of the Kingsguard. Seven champions for the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, who would all be knights. She modeled their vows upon those of the Night’s Watch, so that they would forfeit all things save their duty to the king. And when Aegon spoke of a grand tourney to choose the first Kingsguard, Visenya dissuaded him, saying he needed more than skill in arms to protect him; he also needed unwavering loyalty. The king entrusted Visenya with selecting the first members of the order, and history shows he was wise to do so: two died defending him, and all served to the end of their days with honor. The White Book recounts their names, as it has recorded the name and deeds of every knight who swore the vows: Ser Corlys Velaryon, the first Lord Commander; Ser Richard Roote; Ser Addison Hill, Bastard of Cornfield; Ser Gregor Goode and Ser Griffith Goode, brothers; Ser Humfrey the Mummer, a hedge knight; and Ser Robin Darklyn, called Darkrobin, the first of many Darklyns to wear the white cloak.

I was doing a class project and I needed to know what my culture was so I asked my dad. He looked at me and said, “Hip-Hop, because people still recognize it as ours.”

And Then the Earth started breathing !!!

New footage has emerged showing the ground literally heaving up and down within a forest in Canada. Filmed on a mobile phone by Brian Nuttall at Apple River in Nova Scotia, the strange phenomenon creates the impression that the forest is ‘breathing’ in and out in an eerily rhythmic manner.

The footage has been viewed over three million times since appearing on social media and has been described as “creepy and scary” with some users unwilling to even watch to the end.

Mr Nuttall however maintains that there is a simple explanation for the ground’s movement.

“I believe the larger trees are doomed to blow down but are currently spared, the smaller trees around them help hold each other up, as the wind pushes the trees into one another,” he said.

“The punishing prevailing winds have taken their toll on the side hill, the roots have loosened and the mossy ground from the once shaded forest floor are giving way, soon to be toppled over.”

So I’m sure by now most people have seen the Vox graphics about how many characters were killed on the TV this season. But I wanted an even bigger picture so I broke out the data myself so I could compare it with GLAAD’s Where We Are on TV report. So on Broadcast TV we had 36 deaths of Regulars and 99 deaths of Recurring characters. On Cable (including premium cable) we had 43 deaths of Regulars and 51 deaths of recurring characters. On streaming 10 total deaths were noted, which seems low to me considering Jessica Jones was at least half of them. Unfortunately GLAADs only solid number on total characters is Broadcast Regulars so that’s the only one I can do overall percentages on. So out of 881 Broadcast Regulars: 35 were LGBT 36 characters died So approximately 4% in each case. But of the 35 LGBT characters, 5 died which makes the death rate of LGBT Broadcast Regulars 14%. So LGBT characters are dying at a rate of 3x straight characters. In addition 100% of those deaths were women. And 80% were women of color. (Consider that 33% of all LGBT regulars and recurring characters are POC.) Food for thought. Happy pride month

“Nature repairs her ravages, but not all. The uptorn trees are not rooted again; the parted hills are left scarred; if there is a new growth, the trees are not the same as the old, and the hills underneath their green vesture bear the marks of the past rending. To the eyes that have dwelt on the past, there is no thorough repair.”

CALIROOTS 2015 LIVE Stream on Youtube

I am a day late, but just noticed that CALIROOTS 2015 is being shown LIVE threw the Caliroots Live Stream on Youtube. If you couldn’t make the drive to Monterey CA then this is the next best way to view one of the best Festivals in the world.

Day 2 (Click Here To Watch Live)
11:00 - 11:45 - Beebs & Her Money Makers
12:00 - 01:00 - Mike Love
01:00 - 02:00 - John Brown’s Body
02:30 - 03:40 - Collie Buddz
04:10 - 05:20 - Chronixx
06:00 - 07:10 - Dirty Heads
08:00 -0 9:10 - Michael Franti & Spearhead
09:30 - 11:00 - The Roots

Day 3 (Click Here To Watch Live)
11:00 - 11:45 - Pacific Dub
12:00 - 01:00 - Fortunate Youth
01:00 - 02:00 - Common Kings
02:30 -0 3:40 - Tribal Seeds
04:10 - 05:20 - G Love & Special Sauce
06:00 - 07:10 - Cypress Hill
08:00 - 09:10 - Iration
09:30 - 11:00 - Slightly Stoopid

Imagine 001: Old Friends

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Your Outfit

Racing through the woods you could feel your heart about to beat out of your chest. You knew that they were right on your heels and they could reach you with their arrows. You thought that coming back to your roots at Beacon Hills would be the best area to start your pack, but you were very wrong. You’re in a really bad spot right now you need to find a way to get away from them.

All the sudden you feel arrows pierce through your right shoulder and your left thigh from behind. You immediately drop to the ground feeling the yellow wolf’s bane starting to follow through your body. Slowly you start to feel yourself slipping in and out of consciousness as you feel a pair of arms pick you up. You faintly hear a man ask in the distance, “Who is she?”

The man holding you answers, “I don’t know but we need to get her to Deaton she’s not looking too good.” That is the last thing you hear before you pass out.

You start to come to when you first feel the cold metal against your back to realize that your shirtless leaving you in your bra. Only you quickly forget about that when you see a man above you holding a knife leaning it closer to your chest. You look to the sides of you to see two other men holding on to you as you begin to panic and thrash around. It takes you a few seconds to realize that it’s Deaton who is about to cut open your chest.

Deaton struggles to keep his hand steady as he looks to the man on your left, “Scott, I need you and Stiles to hold her still.”

Stiles then adds in, “We’re trying she’s really strong and I’m not the one with werewolf strength.”

“Yeah she’s making it really tough to keep her still.” Scott says struggling to hold your left side down.

All the sudden you let out a loud growl letting your eyes glow a bright red. Deaton tells you in a composed voice, “Y/N you need to calm down so I can make this incision to save your life.”

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A network of roots on the surface of a hill. Captured near Schauenberg / Tösstal, Switzerland.