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it’s been brought to my attention that i haven’t posted any pictures of my pink hair here!  w. the filter my hair looks more red than pink but i  assure  you it’s pink as fuck.

13. the faces of you

Genre: Spy!AU

Content: Kim Taehyung. For someone who lived alone, your toilet seat was strangely warm.

Word Count: 5, 143

(warning: sexual content)

On a regular day, he was tall, irritatingly calculated, with darkly handsome (borderline sinister) features: a constantly cocked brow, onyx roots fading into a stiff, gingerbread gold pompadour, and lips so plump they could lure you in with one deadly smirk.

But today was not a regular day, and Kim Taehyung did not know what to do.

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Suicide: describe your crush?

oh boy (●´ω`●) my love has fluffy, shoulder length blue hair with dark roots, when it fades to a lighter blue it reminds me of cotton candy. sharp, dark brown eyes that are always so full of emotion and life, v expressive, it’s hard to explain you’d just have to see them. long, dark eyelashes, they’re real lovely, makes it look like he wears eye liner. thick, straight eyebrows. dimples. a wide nose that’s perfect for kissin. and he’s got a cute, longish beard and somehow still has a baby face at the same time. lovely skin! looks so young! pf! soft chest and stomach, legs to die for, a smooth voice that makes me weAK. he’s got a big, pretty, colorful tattoo on his upper left arm, Japanese style waves. and he wears glasses, and has a severe case of resting bitch face, poor thing, won’t stop me from kissin it all the time though ^^ and he loves music, really into stuff like tycho and nujabes and he plays bass and loves to snow board and he likes when it snows and he’s kinda like introverted and bashful and anxious and i know it must be v inconveniencing for him but i think it’s real cute and i wanna talk to cashiers for him and order things over the phone for him and stuff like that, heh. and he’s so incredibly good to me, kind and loving, he’s pretty patient and understanding with me most of the time and puts up with my jealousy and neediness. he gives me so much affection and attention, it feels like he has so much love to give. i just think he’s so funny and interesting and smart and just??? the best ? and he’s just different, in a good way, of course every person is multi faceted but he just has so much??depth. someone ya just wanna dig deeper and deeper in. …anyways i could literally ramble forever so i’m just gonna shut up


placebo, a woman placed in the role of birth-giver, life-carrier,
sham in sheep’s clothing, if a sheep wore halters and minis.

greys began to grow at the age your daughter is now,
genesis, religious visits to the salon, covered in vanity.

life now, shadow of what might have transposed, silvery
roots showing, fading toward dark-brown, former box dye

pounds stacking, youthful figure left in
photographs, bikini smiles and beer can hands.

three kids catching up and catching on,
leaving you grasping for cash.

that lost body could get you into beds never
desired, rather slip into their back pockets.

men’s wallets grew the opposite direction of your
current frame, eventually, they leveled, and crossed.

an intersection that came up too quick, cut
brake line, many claimed self-sabotage.

did it to herself. built a wall, impenetrable.
no love got in, or out. only a superficial form.

shape could coerce, conjure, all you desire(d), “you could
have a dog, if i have you in bed…” emails i came across.

i saw too much but not enough, saw more in present
day, in the shift from wide-eyed to skeptical, i grew

the feeling of having a mother, a birther, a one-time place
between two legs, but never a place in your heart.

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Level 21 cx, female, 4'11 (sadly), i actually have really pale blue eyes, so they look grey cx, I have dyed hair that's grey at the roots and it fades into teal, uhmmm, I really really like all kinds of music, and my favorite thing to do is write :) I would take you to maybe someplace simple at first, like maybe a book store or a cafè, but I'll make sure we'd have fun wherever we were c: (I love your blog btw!! <3)

Thank you! Don’t worry we’ll be short together! You sound so cute and adorable, you’re very beautifuI. I would love to go out to a cafe with you and have a nice dessert with a cup of coffee, it sounds lovely. Yes I would date you :DDDD

Describe yourself on anon and I’ll say if I’d date you.