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Wine in Witchcraft!

I saw this post by @cosmic-witch and realized… I don’t think I’ve ever seen correspondences written up for types of wine before! So I spent some time and put some together based on their flavors/aromas/etc. Enjoy, wine-loving witches!

Wine in general is associated with happiness, success, love, relationships, and offerings.

Red Wine

In General

Element: Earth
Season: Winter
Associations: Love, warmth, contemplation, happiness, success, money, passion, health, lust

Cabernet Sauvignon

Tastes Like: Full-bodied, bell pepper, olives, herbs, black cherry, tannic/rough
Element: Earth
Associations: Grounding, protection, banishing, strength, energy, lust, fertility, ancestors, written magic such as sigils


Tastes Like: Soft/round, blackberry, cherry, plum, herbal notes
Element: Water, fire
Associations: Unity, love, passion, self-care, protection, healing, prosperity, sexuality, sea witchcraft, water magic

Pinot Noir

Tastes Like: Delicate and fresh, fruity, tea leaf, worn leather, tomato leaf, pale cherry, beet root, strawberry, blackberry, earthy
Element: Earth, air
Associations: Prosperity, protection, wealth, success, beauty, passion, glamours


Tastes Like: Hearty, spicy, black pepper, black currant, clove, blackberry, plum, leather, tar
Element: Fire, earth
Associations: Wealth, banishing, divination, tech witchcraft, comfort, mystery, secrets, endings


Tastes Like: Rich, zesty, raspberry, raisin, black cherry, blackberry, pepper
Element: Earth
Associations: Growth, wealth, plant magic, vigor, stamina, happiness, love, healing, versatility

White Wine

In General

Element: Air
Season: Summer
Associations: Joy, happiness, love, relationships, friendships, endings, success, energy, purification


Tastes Like: Wider-bodied, light, velvety, apricot, mango, green apple, citrus, melon, vanilla
Element: Water
Associations: Peace, emotions, safety, success, happiness, balance, polarity, purification, mental power/abilities


Tastes Like: Sweet, acidic, fruity, grapefruit, musk, citrus, apricot, rose, caramel
Element: Air
Associations: Love, mystery, lust, relationships, fertility, purity, cleansing, healing, love magic

Pinot Grigio

Tastes Like: Crisp, dry, fruity, peach, pear, acidic
Element: Air
Associations: Rebirth, endings, new beginnings, happiness, reality, creativity, longevity, divination (especially open-ended, like tarot)


Tastes Like: Steely, crisp, fresh, slightly sweet, pear, apple, peach, petrol, honey
Element: Fire, water
Associations: Energy, movement, growth, rebirth, love, friendship, attraction, activity such as dance, preparation, cleansing

Sauvignon Blanc

Tastes Like: Herbal, grass, bell pepper, green apple, lime, gooseberry, jalapeno, melon, mango, black currant, passionfruit, peach
Element: Air, earth
Associations: Love, peace, friendship, companionship, arts, healing, happiness, joy, spirit work

Rosé Wine

In General

Element: Air
Season: Spring
Associations: Beginnings, happiness, excitement, friendship, new romance, love, passion, playfulness, relaxation, luck

Sparkling Wine

In General

Element: Fire
Season: Summer
Associations: Success, completion, celebration, wealth, opportunity, setting things in motion, prosperity, space witchcraft, weather magic, adding a “spark”

Feel free to use these however you’d like and add your favorite wines!

NCT127 Reacting To You Sitting On Their Lap And Snuggling Them Up

♡ Anonymous: Nct127 reaction to when you sit on their lap and snuggle up to them


Taeyong worked on a song when you came out of your room, freshly showered and dressed in an oversized sweater. It had been a long day and all you wanted were the warm arms of your gorgeous boyfriend. You mindless sat on his lap, he kissed your cheek and let you rest your head on his chest as he continued his work. You wanted more of his attention and put your arms around him and buried your face in the crook of his neck, kissing it gently. He chuckled at the attention. “What’s gotten into you today?” He asked, smiling and feeling loved.


Jaehyun sat on the couch with his legs crossed, his hands holding a book. His attention was fixated on the fictional world when you came back from work. Every limb in your body ached but when you saw your sweet boyfriend resting in your living room in his pyjamas, you felt relaxed. He smiled at you as you came in, happiness and delight filling his expression. You took off your coat and sat on his lap, despite him being busy with reading. You put your arms around him and inhaled his spicy scent. He felt like home as he stroked your hair and placed a kiss on top of your head. “Did you have a bad day or something? You’re rarely like this.” You shook your head and snuggled up to him. He smiled at the attention and enjoyed your cuddles for the rest of the evening.


Doyoung had just come back from practice when he saw you laying on the couch, scrolling on your phone. You quickly sat up when you acknowledged his presence. He sat next to you as you snuggled him up. He smiled so bright at your embrace and loved your warmth. You both stayed in the same position for most of the evening and Doyoung could feel the fatigue leave his body as your love took over.

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You had your legs propped up on Johnny laps, reading a book and just relaxing. He hummed a sweet melody while playing a game on his phone. Just him sitting there ignited this strong surge of love inside you. You slowly got up and made your way to his lap. His immediate response was a soft “oh” and then he smiled when you rested your head on his chest. He played with the strands of your hair. 

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Taeil smiled when you sat on his lap but his concentration didn’t waver. But he was surprised when you snuggled him up. He loved your scent and chuckled when you hugged him tightly and cuddled him. “You’re so in love with me aren’t you,” he said. Before he could get a reply he heard your soft snores and kissed your temple. “I love you too.”


Its hard to sit on Yuta’s lap without it modulating into a make out session but when you rested your head on his shoulder and played with the hem of his shirt, all he wanted to do was cuddle you and find shelter in your warmth. He loved the way you made him feel so relaxed and held you through the evening.


Winwin blushed when you sat on his lap and tried not to make it a big deal but he was beet root red. But when you snuggled him up and laid yourself against his chest, he smiled so big and let out an audible ‘aw’ and you stroked your back the whole time you lay there.


Mark would instantly start blushing and would try to cuddle you and you’d both start giggling and it’ll be so cute. He’ll be a little comfortable with you after a while.

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Haechan would try to push you off, faking disgust but then when you leave him alone he’ll start pouting and you’ll both snuggle each other and he’d blush a little but try to hide it as well as he can.

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♡ A/N: I edited Haechan and Mark’s reaction into it. I hope y’all like it  :))

They Want to Have Sex but Her Being Insecure cause She Didn’t Shave: EXO


He would give you that dead-serious look that he has and be like, “We’re mature people here; do you really think I care whether you have shaved or not?”


His expression wouldn’t even flinch, as if such a scenario had happened a bunch of times already so he would nod, “That’s fine, we don’t have to if you don’t feel comfortable.” he may or may not then take you out to do something else with more fun in it.


YiXing would’t want to push you if you didn’t feel comfortable, so he’d agree with your rejection and simply say, “Next time then…” and then proceed to choose some movies to watch for the evening and till late into the night.


Would probably try to reassure you that it didn’t matter whether you shaved or not since he loved you regardless and though this conversation made the two of you embarrassed to the deepest parts of hell, at least he got his point across.


Never realized that you cared about such things and instead of just letting it go he would think that you rejected him because you didn’t want to have sex with him because he didn’t satisfy you properly- he’d basically jump to conclusions due to him misunderstanding.


*awkward laugh*more awkward laugh* “Girls actually care about that?” proceeds to think that he should feel like an asshole because he’s never shaved either.


Would get beet root red from the embarrassment of you speaking so openly about your “private parts”, and with wide eyes he would nod with solidarity and turn around like a soldier, saying that he understands and that it was okay.


Would probably become super awkward at your declaration and instead of saying something back to you he would stutter around with his words awkwardly,


Would probably start whining that it didn’t matter and then complain some more until you had to hit him to shut him up.

Pansexual Lee Jordan Headcanons

Day 2 of @potterprideweek: LGBT+ youth

  • 7 year old Lee blushing beet root red whenever his mum brings him to the park and they meet up with her friend and her son Miguel who’s Lee’s age and has pretty blonde hair that Lee likes to play with and run his fingers through.
  • Lee and Miguel being best friends for years and holding hands in the park and giggling and climbing to the top on top of the roof of the clubhouse to trade sweets and stories.
  • Miguel falling off that roof one day and Lee jumping down to help him and crying not being he twisted his own ankle jumping down but because Miguel hurt his arm and was upset.
  • Lee feeling guilty for not being able to tell Miguel his biggest secret because his parents tell him Miguel won’t be able to understand because he was a muggle.
  • 11 year old Lee having his first massive fight with his parents, saying he doesn’t want to go to Hogwarts, he wants to stay with Miguel instead.
  • Lee and Miguel having a sleepover two nights before Lee has to leave and they eat junk food and tell each other they’ll miss the other and they share a chaste kiss before they fall asleep that the next day neither of them talk about because neither are sure if it was just a dream or if it actually happened.
  • Lee getting on the train at Platform nine and three quarters and feeling sick with nerves, he finds a compartment on his own at first but soon is joined by two beautiful black girls and two identical pasty boys with bright ginger hair.
  • By the time the train arrives in Hogwarts, Lee has eaten his body weight in treats from the trolley and has made four new friends, Angelina, Alicia, Fred and George.
  • It’s not until he’s 14 that he realises just how good looking everyone at Hogwarts is.
  • Really, it’s ridiculous how gorgeous all the students are.
  • The girls are all pretty, the boys are all handsome and the students who identify as non-binary or gender-fluid are all beautiful and gorgeous and it’s honestly unfair because how is Lee supposed to concentrate on studying in the library when that cute sixth year girl with the curly hair keeps biting her lip across from him and the Slytherin boy in his year won’t stop stretching his legs at the table across from him.
  • One night he and the twins sneak into the kitchens, they’re digging into this delicious cake the house elves had left over when Lee tells them that he’s been doing some research in the library about liking different people and how he really doesn’t think he’s straight.
  • Fred and George stop eating and look at him calmly and ask him if he knows what sexuality he thinks he might be.
  • Lee shrugs and says he thinks he’s probably pansexual.
  • Fred and George smile brightly and clap him on the back and say that’s great, they’re proud of him and they love him no matter what.
  • It’s only when he takes on the role of commentator for the quidditch matches that he’s 100% sure of his pansexuality.
  • Lee tries to focus on the game and the fouls made but to do so he’s to watch every single player’s movements and that’s a little difficult when he’s attracted to a lot of them.
  • But he learns to cover it up by calling out every foul he sees loud and clear and shouting at the players instead of recounting their movements to the audience until it becomes natural for him to do so.
  • He receives a long telling off from McGonagall for his loud, unnecessary boisterous behaviour but his method works to keep his focus on the game.
  • At 15 he and Alicia go on a few dates and it’s nice and sweet and they kiss a few times which was really good but then they decide they’re better off being friends.
  • Also Lee noticed the way she looked at Katie Bell and knew he wasn’t the one for Alicia.
  • He dated a few more people and fell hard for a non-binary Hufflepuff named Adam when they were in sixth year. They went to the yule ball together and Lee thought Adam was the best person in the world.
  • Adam was kind, clever, they thought all of Lee and the twins’ pranks were complete genius and Lee was incredibly attracted to them in every way.
  • But something wasn’t quite right.
  • For a few weeks at the start of seventh year, Lee sort of shut down, he never cared about his sexuality, it never bothered him that he wasn’t straight, he knew he just liked people regardless of what they identified as but then why did it never feel quite right?
  • He and Miguel meet up every summer and Lee loves him but just as a friend now, he doesn’t want anything more and knows Miguel feels the same.
  • He still thinks Alicia, Angelina and loads of other girls at the school are beautiful and attractive but he doesn’t focus on them as much anymore
  • And Adam is perfect but Lee just knows that he’s not in love with them.  
  • After avoiding Adam for a while, they meet up again in the great hall during a free class and Lee tells them that they have to break up because it’s not fair on Adam to continue this relationship when Lee knows he can’t fall in love with them.
  • Adam smiles and says they understand and they knew Lee never could love them but they just wanted to enjoy their relationship while it lasted.
  • Lee frowned and asked how Adam knew he could never fall in love with them.
  • Adam patted his hand gently and said, “Because it’s obvious you’re in love with Fred Weasley.”
  • Lee’s body stiffened, his face went pale and every nerve in his body was screaming at him to deny it, to scoff and laugh at how preposterous the idea was.
  • But then Lee remembers the spark in his fingertips every time his hand brushes against Fred’s, how it always means so much more to him when Fred laughs at his jokes than anyone else in the world and how the other day when Fred brushed the hair out of Lee’s eyes, Lee couldn’t understand why his heart raced so much faster and harder than whenever he was with Adam or anyone else over the past few years.
  • “I’m sorry” Lee said softly and honestly, feeling Adam deserved an apology, “I didn’t…I swear I never realised…”
  • Adam smiled and kissed Lee’s cheek, “Don’t worry about it” they said genuinely and stood up from the table, “For what it’s worth, I think Fred feels the same.”
  • Lee never got a chance to ask Fred whether he did return his feelings or not because over the next few months they were all just too busy.
  • Umbridge, the tyrant was raining hell onto all of them, Lee, Fred and George joined the D.A. and Lee helped them with their new business and all the products they made and sold to fellow students.
  • One night after winter break, Lee and Fred were lying on Fred’s bed, George and their other dorm-mates fast asleep while  they were planning how best to slip one of their latest inventions into Umbridge’s tea when suddenly Fred stopped, looked at Lee for a long moment with those wide, unsure eyes and whispered,
  • “I like you Lee”
  • Lee’s heart caught in his throat, his stomach twisted with nerves, nausea or butterflies or possibly all three but he forced himself to say the words,
  • “I like you too.”
  • Fred broke out into a massive grin, bigger than any Lee thinks he has ever seen him wear and then in the blink of an eye, his soft lips were on Lee’s.
  • The kiss was like a lit match had been dropped into a flood of gasoline, every hair on Lee’s body stood up and tingled as he reached a hand around to slide into Fred’s hair and pulled him closer.
  • It was the giddy feeling of running his fingers through Miguel’s hair, it was the familiarity of spending time with Alicia, it was the burning attraction that he felt whenever he saw someone attractive on the quidditch pitch and it was the comfort and care he felt with Adam. But this time it was intensified by a million just by the added love that Lee felt for Fred and that he knew Fred for him.
  • So Lee was right, he was pansexual and he always had been but his heart had belonged to Fred for years, maybe ever since they first met, it just took him a long time to realise it.

anonymous asked:

I want to bring bane on one of my neighbors. Both of them are smug son of a bitches, the most vile kind. What is the best way to cause them harm?

Find a white cloth and spit into it.
Dye the cloth red. I personally suggest beet root juice or pomegranates.
Spit into three sections of the cloth.
Tye a knot into each of those sections, pulling it hard and tight. 
Spit upon those three knots. 
Knock the knotted rag against the front stone of their property whilst unseen. If it can’t be done, whip it in their direction.
“Thrice upon them,
 I spit on the hem.
 By color of the slaughtered hen,  
 blast your house and all within.
 As lightning does the black sky send, 
 thy hearth and mantle I do rend.” 

✦the way✦

sideman | harry x reader

request | This is a really weird request but could you do a imagine where y/n and harry are close friends (with secret crushes for each other)and she’s a model and she’s posing nude and he comes with her (and maybe even like they need a male model but he doesn’t show up and the photographer asks harry to do it with her and they both ate like uhh what at first ) sorry if this is so strange!!! Hahaha

warnings | none

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Angel on Wheels (Credence Barebone x Reader Imagine)

Words: 1491

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: I don’t own Credence or any character from the FBAWTFT universe. Queen JKR does. I’m just a Hufflepuff Nerd who writes fanfiction to fulfill her happy Credence cravings. GIF credits to the user.

Request: Hi I was wondering if you could do a Credence x shy wheelchair reader imagine thing where the reader is insecure and doesn’t think any one will love her because of her disability but gets proven wrong by Credence who shows her he loves her with lots of fluff and maybe a kiss and an excited Queenie (maybe the gang are hanging out at the time) it would mean a lot if you could do this as I often feel this way about my disability xxx bye

A pleasant breeze weaved it’s way through the trees, carving a path through the gently rustling foliage and fluttering autumn leaves. Vivid shades of red, yellow and orange glittered across the expanse of Central Park, giving the abundance of trees the illusion of wearing tiaras set with gemstones. Quite unlike a place set in the heart of a bustling city like New York.

Credence took a deep breath. The crisp air that filled his lungs gave him a sudden burst of energy and awareness. His Obscurus thrummed in approval beneath the surface of his skin, alight with the excitement that he was feeling. The entity had become less of a uncontrollable beast and more of a sentient existence, omnipresent as a silent spectator. Always aware, watching.

Had he been the Credence of a year ago, the Obscurus would have burst forth at the slightest fluctuation in his feelings. Though that was a given since fear was the only emotion he felt back then. Constant and intense fear. Accompanied by a pulsing rage that was barely contained. Looking around him, he was thankful that all of that was in the past. He looked on as Newt and Tina bickered about which spot would be ideal for setting up their picnic. It seemed that Pickett was voicing his own reservations from his sanctuary in Newt’s pocket, a chirrup or two at a time. Queenie was talking animatedly with Jacob about the contents of the food basket and how their joint efforts had turned it into a sumptuous feast. The jovial Muggle was smiling widely, probably just content being with his beautiful blonde lover.

Credence’s gaze then shifted to Y/N as she sat in her wheelchair, staring off in the distance. He followed her line of sight and realised that she was looking at a pair of cyclists who were pedalling leisurely. Occasionally hooking hands, the couple was very apparently in love. Feeling someone’s gaze on her, she turned around to look straight at him. She tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear, a shy smile lighting up her face and Credence’s heart skipped a beat. It had been doing that every time he saw Y/N. Even in a room full of people his eyes always searched for her, settled on her and grounded him to the present.

Gravel crunched under his feet as long strides took Credence towards her. He stood beside Y/N as they looked upon the cyclists slowly disappearing in the distance. He had never been a man of many words and the comfortable silence between them was what always drew him to her. Ever since ‘the incident’ (that’s how he referred to nearly blowing up New York in his rage) and being subsequently saved by Newt, he had been in the care of Y/N’s brother, a trusted acquaintance of Tina’s and a respected Healer.

She assisted her brother in making healing draughts, potions & poultices, curing minor injuries and ailments, tending to their extensive herb garden and taking care of people like Credence. Though the last one was less of a duty and more of a preference, he hoped. All this was done whilst occupying a magically reinforced wheelchair that adapted itself to her surroundings, giving her approach a surreal, gliding effect. More than once, he had thought of her as a superhero without a cape, whizzing about her daily duties like a bumbling source of joy. 

She looked at him again and held his gaze for a brief second, before training her attention upon the slender fingers clasped in her lap. Her nervous fidgeting everytime their eyes met endeared him the most to her. Above all, when they had first met, she had greeted him with a smile holding the same warmth as it did now, one year later. It was quite akin to being enveloped in your favourite warm and super soft from overuse jumper on a rainy day. During his slow recuperation, he often got bored out of his mind. Being bed ridden without much to do except stare at the ceiling as the sunlight made its daily trajectory from one corner of the roof to another. That was when she came up with the idea of reading aloud from old school books. The lazy afternoons spent in their home, while she softly read out from a battered copy of History of Magic had helped immensely in his long recovery process. It was also one of his favourite memories of her.

“I sometimes wonder…” her mumbled words snapped his attention to the present. He waited for her to continue but when it became apparent that no more words would be forthcoming, he spoke up. “About what?” “Whether I will ever be able to do things like that…” he opened his mouth once. Twice. The image of the cyclists holding hands popped in his mind, only this time it was him and Y/N that he visualised. Lost for words and appalled at the absurdity of his thoughts, Credence blurted out, “Cycling?” His response earned him a wry shake of her head. “No, falling in love.” The sad smile that she gave him in return made him berate himself a thousand times more. Besides being extremely dense and unable to read the atmosphere, his insensitivity had probably ruined any pleasant feelings she might have harboured about him. 

The air had abruptly become heavy, as if the melancholy that Y/N was feeling had tinted the wind with hues of blue and murky grey, mirroring the mood. Unable to bear the sudden, oppressive silence anymore Credence said, “I.. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you…” But she merely shook her head. She pondered over something before finally sharing what was truly bothering her.  "I wasn’t offended…just, things like that make me wonder whether anyone would ever think of me…in that way. It’s not easy… finding someone who’d love you, especially for a person like me.“ The silent resignation that flitted across her otherwise cheery and bashful features unsettled him the most. 

It was enough to make him crouch so that he was kneeling beside her. Taking Y/N’s hand in his, Credence gave it a firm squeeze before saying, "You are kind, hard-working, dedicated and fiercely loyal to your loved ones. Your warmth translates into your actions and any person who receives your affections should be immensely grateful for it. I don’t know what made you think so lowly of yourself but please, stop.” “It’s just the truth Credence. Who would like someone like me when there’s so many better…” The affronted noise that he made stopped Y/N mid sentence. Taken aback by the earnestness blazing in his brown eyes, she could only stare as his face inched closer to her own. A calloused hand grasped her face with surprising tenderness before his lips crashed into her’s in a flurry of barely restrained passion. Warm, soft and tasting faintly like a sweet caramel toffee. His lips entranced her into a seductive dance that made her giddy and slightly out of breath. It wasn’t long before they broke apart, gasping for oxygen. 

Mesmerized by the flush that adorned his usually pale face and blushing a deep beet root herself, all Y/N’s scrambled grey cells could manage was a barely coherent, “W-what…?” Credence looked at her for a moment, as if making sure that this surreal moment was actually happening before confessing, “You look extremely beautiful when you blush, you know. It’s one of the many things that I love about you.” On hearing his words, her flushed cheeks darkened into a deeper shade. His thumb brushed her lips once before he continued, “And how can anyone not fall for such an adorable angel on wheels?” He gave her a loving smile before capturing her lips once again. They would have continued for longer had they not been interrupted by a delighted squeal.

They broke apart to see Queenie clasping her hands together, excitement alight on her smiling face. “See Teenie, I had told you they would get together sooner or later! It was just a matter of time!” Tina rolled her eyes at her sister’s enthusiasm but gave the couple a warm chuckle, “You two love birds, come on. We finally found a place that Mr Perfectionist here approves of.” She glanced subtly at Newt who gave a sheepish grin of his own. 

Credence nodded. However, he didn’t give much of a warning as he proceeded to scoop up Y/N from her seat and take her to their decided picnic spot. She clasped her arms tightly around his neck, her heart beating a mile a minute. Nervousness mixed with a heady dose of intense happiness coursed through her veins. “Shall we?” he asked, with a carefree smile on his face. His boyish charm captured her thudding heart anew. “We shall”, she murmured, before resting her head on his chest. Love had helped even an angel on wheels to grow wings.

A/N: I hope you like this, lovely anon. I’m of the opinion that Credence is more about non verbal displays of affection and he would constantly show how much he adores you through small gestures like forehead kisses and holding hands etc. Above all, he’d treasure you for who you are, and that means all of you. I bet you are awesome and nobody can tell me otherwise. There’s love for every one of us out there and it often finds us in small, sweet ways we never dreamt of. You can always talk to me if you need an overeager Honey Badger rooting for you! :)

Excuse any typos and hope you guys liked this tiny morsel of Credence fluff. Let me know how you found it!

~mystical reading nerd

VEGAN Slow-Cooker Autumn Pumpkin, Carrot, Ginger Soup

2 cooking pumpkins (microwaved to be softened and cooked or oven baked for around 1 hour) or two cans pumpkin purée (NOT pumpkin pie filling)

2 small green bell peppers

2 small red onions

½ turnip

1-2 cups fresh carrots or 1-2 cans, I used a mixture

1 whole container of Pacific Natural Foods Cashew, Carrot & Ginger Soup

1 whole container Pacific Natural Foods of vegetable broth or two cans of vegetable broth of your choice

2 tablespoons minced ginger or ½ teaspoon powdered ginger

1 can garbanzo beans

Season to taste, I used allspice, cloves, nutmeg, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, a small amount of salt, and pepper.

I left mine in the slow cooker on LOW for about 14 hours and mashed it up with a potato masher in the morning, leaving it on KEEP WARM for about 6 hours after that and then let it cool until it was suitable for the fridge and freezer in the crock pot with the lid on :)

Prep time: about 30 min

Cook time: anywhere from 5-15 hours. As long as you want, preferably overnight!

Servings: 10-14

Sweet potatoes, beet root, acorn squash, and yams would also be good in this soup :)

cedarfox  asked:

Can we get a little more info on you! The wonderful person supplying these perfect birb pics!? What name do you go by? Whats a favourite food of yours? Why birbs? Can we see the camera set up!? What color is your hair, if any?(yeah, idk, im curious). :D Do you have any tattoos?, any birb tattoos??

Hi! One thing first - I do love my privacy :) So call me Ostdrossel (which is the German word for Eastern Bluebird, and fits because I love them and am also descending from Eastern Germany, having grown up in GDR times). My hair is blond, and my eyes are blue, if that matters lol Birds because when I moved to the US, I suddenly realised that there are so many birds that differed from where I came from (I was a city girl, now I live in the countryside). My in-laws are all birdwatching, so somehow it became more and more interesting. At one point, I started taking photos of them, and then upgraded to a DSLR. My Dad is a photographer, so I was always kind of interested in that as well. The set up I am using for the majority of my blog and Instagram pics is the Bird Photo Booth that I came across last year. I will post a picture of it when I have a chance. It was a kickstarter and I loved the idea and supported it. Once my camera arrived, I got really lucky with the first pics. I posted them on my facebook account and made the album public after a bit, and it eventually became viral. This is how I decided to start this blog, also because my privacy is important to me :) My favourite food is bread. I am German through and through, and I have started to make my own rye sourdough bread because there is no good one to be had over here. I also love anything pickled. I do have one tiny tattoo, but it is not a bird. I am thinking about a cover up, maybe with a bird, maybe with a beet root (another food I love). I would love one in the style of the early nature explorer drawings. I am a massive Pearl Jam and Queens of the Stone Age fan, and moved to the States after I had gotten to know my hubba through our mutual love for Pearl Jam. He supports my bird obsession to a degree lol My age: soon to be 39. I hope that is enough :)

Crabby food of the week! :)

The round dish is their wild foods foraging dish, it got a new mix of dried flowers & leaves, along with some crushed oyster shell, beach grass, elm bark, birch bark, a few oak twigs, and some snake skin.

The small dish is one of their supplement dishes, it was refilled with calcium powder, dried seaweed mix, and green sand.

Their main food dish:

Proteins: Krill, mealworms, shrimp, crickets, anchovies

Veggies: a dried veggie mix I got from a crab forum member

Fruit: freeze dried banana, apple, and pineapple

Extras: crab cookies from same forum member, a powdered food mix from Etsy store, beet root powder, and mixed seeds scattered over all (hulled hemp seed, celery seed, chia seed)


A negative calorie food is a food that burns more calories digesting than the food itself actually contains.


-Beet root






-Hot chili pepper






















Beet berry nanaicecream

2.5 frozen bananas
½ of a red beet root
½ cup of chopped frozen strawberry
½ cup of frozen blueberries
1 tbsp of raw almond butter
1 tsp of maca powder
1 tsp of chia seeds

A splash of organic vanilla hemp milk Add ice

Blend until smooth
Top off with berries and mango bites.