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Name: Kelley, Qelley
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Favorite fruit(s): watermelon & plums 
Favorite season: spring
Favorite book(s): idk I haven’t read anything in a long time
Favorite flower(s): pink carnations

Favorite animal(s): sharks (especially great whites), cheetahs, axolotl

Favorite beverage: fruit punch, orange soda, root beer

Favorite fictional characters: there’s too many but G/anju & O/ku/yasu

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🚀🍻 “Nuka-Cola” Potion 🍻🚀

inspired by fallout 4′s health potion, “nuka-cola”, here is a frosty potion recipe for emotional healing and positive disposition.

🚀 gather: coke (or some root beer related soda), vanilla (happiness), caramel (love/kindness), orange peel and blackberry garnishes (healing), a red stone/gem.

🍻 fill the glass not completely with the soda. 

🚀 add in caramel to taste

🍻 add in ice cream and cover. let it sit 5 minutes, letting the ice cream melt.

🚀 place the red stone over the lid of the drink while you wait for the ice cream to melt, letting its energies mix with the drink

🍻 uncover and stir. add garnishes. enjoy!

🚀 keep the red stone for whenever you need the potion’s magic again.

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Can we have a fix it fic with both Sanvers and SuperCorp in which they go on a double date that Lena had told Kara they would do and it's just extremely fluffy and cute. (Maybe some smut involved at the end for the both of them) :)

It’s not the double date she expected, but god, is it more than she could have dreamed of.

It’s months after Jack and it’s months after Kara gave her ex boyfriend the final rejection she should have given him from the start.

It’s months after, and the double date isn’t with Lena and her partner and Kara with hers.

The double date is Lena and Kara.

With Maggie and Alex.

Lena shakes a little beforehand, and she doesn’t bother trying to hide it. Kara can hear her heartbeat, but even if she couldn’t, she knows her. Really knows her. In a way no one else ever has.

“Lena, it’s going to be fine. You already know them, and they’re going to love you even more after getting to know you better.”

“Your sister’s DEO, and Maggie’s a cop. She’s arrested me, for crying out loud, Kara. I’m… just a Luthor, to them.”

“You’re not,” Kara says, and her voice is firm, less like Kara and more like Supergirl, and Kara’s power, her strength, sends a heady rush through Lena’s body, calming her. Soothing her. Reminding her.

Kara chose her. Kara will protect her. Always.

She doesn’t know that across town, Maggie is having a similar meltdown.

“I’ve arrested her, Alex. For something she didn’t even do!”

“And you’ve apologized, babe, and she said she understood, and she – ”

“I don’t want to disappoint you.”

“Maggie, how… how would you ever disappoint me?”

Maggie shrugs, her eyes averted. “I don’t want to mess the date up.”

“You won’t. You’re going to make the date perfect. Okay?”

Maggie can’t help but smile at the calm confidence, the steady faith, in Alex’s eyes.

“Yeah. Okay.”

A sudden breeze blows through both of their hair, but they don’t bother jumping.

“You just love the fact that you can carry her around like that, don’t you?” Alex asks without even turning around, and Lena laughs lightly as Kara sets her down from her bridal-style position in her arms.

“You’re telling me you don’t carry your woman around like that, Agent Danvers?” Lena teases, and Maggie smirks as Kara shoves her fingers in her ears and starts humming loudly.

“Oh, Kara, your sister’s allowed to have a sex life,” Lena laughs.

“Yeah, but not in front of me, she’s not!”

“Don’t worry, Little Danvers, we’ll keep things PG for you.”

Kara gives her a fake glare, and Alex pulls her into a laughing hug.

“So – we said bowling?” she asks Lena, and Lena nods gamely.

“Lex taught me – it’s one of the ways I learned physics, largely,” she offers almost shyly, and Alex’s eyes light up.

“I learned physics from surfing! I would study it obsessively before I even…”

Maggie and Kara hung back as Alex and Lena strolled out of the apartment.

“We both just lost our dates to science, didn’t we, Sunshine?”

Kara grins. “Maybe we can team up and beat them at bowling!”

They both smile, relishing the idea, but once they have a chance to think about it, they frown at exactly the same moment.

“Maybe we shouldn’t do that,” they course correct at the same time, and they laugh the entire way there.

Lena and Alex keep rolling perfect strikes.

Of course they do.

Maggie isn’t bad – she’s slightly better at this than she is at pool – and Kara is, by painful necessity, excellent at Earth physics, but for the sake of fun, she’s trained her body to not always be the best at every single sport.

So Lena is really holding their team up.

And Alex is holding up hers and Maggie’s.

They grab pizza and fries and root beers and club sodas in between rounds, and Lena’s eyes sparkle at how enthusiastically her girlfriend eats.

“Get you a girl that looks at you the way Lena Luthor looks at Kara Danvers,” Maggie writes on her snapchat to James, and Alex glances over at it and laughs.

“What about a girl who looks at you the way I do?” Alex wants to know.

“What other girls? I only see you, Danvers.”

Kara and Lena have to toss french fries at them to get them to stop making out and carry on with the game. Maggie just wears a shit-eating grin as she thanks them for the fries, collecting them off of her and Alex’s laps and popping them into her mouth.

Lena rolls her eyes, but it’s out of happiness, out of laughter, out of… friendship.

It’s midnight before any of them are ready to leave, before both couples have won enough games to safely call it a draw.

It’s midnight before Alex takes Maggie home and shoves her up against the door of her apartment the moment they get inside.

“This okay?” she asks, and Maggie giggles.

“What brought this on, Danvers?”

“Have you seen those jeans you’ve been wearing all night?”

Maggie looks down at her own body and shrugs. “You certainly have.”

“I want them off. If you do, I mean.”

“So take them off, Danvers.”

And she does.

Across town, Kara and Lena are having a similar… conversation, though Kara’s is about Lena’s bra, about how she’s conflicted because it’s so lacey, so pretty, but so is what’s underneath it, and Kara just can’t figure out what the best course of action is.

“Why don’t we do an experiment?” Lena proposes in her richest voice, and Kara’s insides melt in the best of ways.

“I’m listening,” she husks, an almost feral grin on her face.

“You can fuck me with my bra on, and then you can give it another go with my bra off. And we can… evaluate the results.”

“I like the way you think, Lena.”

“And I like the way you make love to me, Kara.”

“So I will then.”

“That, my darling? Is the best news I’ve heard all night.”

anime fanfiction protip: people don’t really eat cereal in Japan. Just ain’t a thing they really do, you won’t find much of it there in general.

what they DO have a lot of for breakfast however is rice. At every meal more or less really. Lots of eggs, too, and sometimes even sausage or bacon or toast. No cereal tho

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What do the RFA + minor trio think about pineapple on pizza? What kind of food do they like and dislike apart from what's stated in the game? I hope you guys are doing well!

A/N: I AM A FULL ADVOCATE FOR PINEAPPLES ON PIZZA AND Y'ALL CAN FIGHT ME (don’t actually fight me i respect your opinions I promise, you do you) (And I’m doing well, thank you! I hope you are as well ^^) ~Admin 404

Okay y’all I hope I did my research alright?? I hope I got the right names to the right food?? *small screaming*


               -Honestly I can see him enjoying the fruity flavour with his pizza

               -He’s just that kind of dude you know? Like he tries to be mellow and fails

               -And what better way to prove you’re mellow and cool than put some god damn fruit on your pizza??

                               American food

               -If we’re going American food, I think he’d really like hot pockets

               -I mean come on?? They’re fast?? And hot?? And come in so many different ways? Not to mention they can be chEAP

               -His favourites are the ham and cheese ones

               -12/10 burns himself EVERY SINGLE TIME. BUT THEY’RE STILL COLD IN THE MIDDLE. He hates them but still loves them so much

               -But he hates most other flavours though? He can handle the pizza one but everything else is just a bunch of blasphemy

                               Korean Food

               -Out of Korean foods I think he’d like some Bindaetteok, or Mung Bean Pancake

               -Sometimes he eats them without the vinaigrette dipping sauce

               -Just piles them into his mouth

               -Hates any sort of sour candy

               -His precious taste buds can’t handle sour

               -Actually cries?? When there’s sour??

               -His face scrunches up and he looks so childish but still sO CUTE


               -Fruit should be fruit and pizza should be pizza

               -Does not like the two intermingling together

               -Actually appalled when someone puts pineapple on their pizza

               -O V E R D R A M A T I C

               -Throws himself to the floor, curses the world, sheds a few tears

                               American Food

               -Seriously. Anything from Chipotle

               -His favourite thing to get would be a burrito bowl, so it’s got rice, chicken, beans, cheese, and sour cream

               -Which he’s like HELL YEAH IT’S HEALTHY I’M NOT CHEATING ON MY DIET

               -But, SURPRISE, BITCH. THE PORTION SIZES ARE NOT HEALTHY. Try again later

               -Does not like any form of cheeseburger though from any place

               -Always too greasy. He can literally feel his stomach churn just looking at one

               -God forbid any of that grease runs down his arm. His pERFECT SKIN. NO!

                               Korean Food


               -They’re grilled chicken skewers covered in red chili sauce

               -“It’s chicken MC, it’s always healthy” not the amount you’re inhaling them they aren’t

               -As body conscious as he is, he hates veggie crackers

               -They’re just so artificial and really salty

               -Prefers the real vegetable instead


               -Logically fruit has no reason to be on a pizza

               -It’s a conflicting taste for her mouth and she doesn’t quite know where to place it

               -All she knows is wow she does not like it

               -Maybe it’s the crunch that shouldn’t be there??

                               American Food


               -It’s freaking made up of ladyfingers, rum, and coffee. All in one custard dessert.

               -Why in the hell would she not enjoy that???

               -She hates nachos

               -Hear me out, she’s tried them once at your request and immediately despised them

               -They’re so messy and the chips get soggy

               -And the cheese just tastes so artificial, it’s gross to her

                               Korean Food

               -Her guilty pleasures are chapsal yakgwa (Korean sweet cakes)

               -They’re cakes made from honey, sesame oil, and wheat flour and they taste like glAZED DONUTS


               -She doesn’t really like Mul Naengmyeon, which is noodles in ice soup

               -It’s not that the flavour isn’t nice or anything, it’s that it’s so cold

               -Dear god if she’s already a little cold, after eating this it’s like she’s in Antarctica


               -He’s had some expensive, top notch pizza before

               -So it has a different flavour to it, right?

               -10/10 believe Jumin Han likes pineapple on his pizza solely for the reason that he’s high class

               -I bet he’s had fresh pineapple cut up in front of him and placed on his pizza

                               American Food

               -RoOt BeEr FlOaTs

               -Some of the best french vanilla bean ice cream

               -And some of the best root beer soda

               -Fancy Ass Root Beer Floats™ (Not to mention literally anything you can make into a float. Pineapple juice and dole whip, amAZING)

               -HATES HOT DOGS

               -               626: It’s probably because they make him feel submissive, isn’t it?

                               404: you fucking asSHOLE THAT’S NOT IT

               -Hates the fact that it’s a bunch of things just…. mashed together

               -And the textURE IS WEIRD. Uncooked they’re just slimy and floppy and just e w

                               Korean Food

               -He likes Dolsot Bibimbap!

               -It’s a hotpot mixed rice, with sautéed vegetables and toasted seaweed flakes, and sesame seeds!

               -Sometimes his saltiness isn’t enough to cover for his food, so he adds chili paste

               -But he doesn’t like Cold Bibimbap

               -Something about it being cold didn’t make him happy

               -Possibly because it didn’t feel like a warm loving meal which he subconsciously just wANTS

               - why did i do that to myself


               -Isn’t it like lowkey meme-y to have pineapple on your pizza nowadays??

               -He’d definitely have it on there

               -Does he like it? Yeah it doesn’t bother him, the crunch is nice

               -Definitely not the same as putting Honey Buddah chips on there but hey it works

                               American Food


               -I can see him just coming home with a large cardboard box completely stuffed with homemade tacos

               -Always trying to make some for himself at home and setting the damn tortillas on fire


               -As good as the flavours are, all he can think about is how hARD THEY ARE TO CHEW

               -Has flashbacks about the time he got his teeth practically glued shut because he put too many in his mouth at once

                               Korean Food

               -When he actually eats “real food”, he likes to snack on Hotteok!

               -They’re deep fried treats, one savory and one sweet!

               -He prefers the savory one because it’s salty, it’s filled with glass noodles and garlic pork

               -The saltiness stays in tune with his HBC so his “tongue wouldn’t get confused”


               -“Saeyoung, they could be better for you than-” “MC DON’T YOU DARE EVEN SAY IT”

               -Doesn’t care what flavour the package says, they are NOT. THE. SAME. And he HATES THEM


               -I think the random crunch on his pizza would throw him off

               -If you like it he’ll completely respect you and probably force himself to eat it for your sake

               -Otherwise I think he’d respectfully decline it

               -If they’re separate, he can handle it, just not together

                               American Food

               -Oh my god he loves literally any kind of pie

               -Searches the world during his travels to find the best little bakery shops for pies

               -His favourite is probably apple pie because he loves the cinnamon flavour as well!


               -I take it back, there is one pie he doesn’t like

               -SWEET POTATO

               -HATES IT SO MUCH. It’s just the thought that this…vegetable is now in a pie… that should be fruity…and it’s not….

               -It’s just the THOUGHT OF IT MC. He refuses to even try it, that’s how much he hates the thought

                               Korean Food

               -Yaki Mandu! Which is deep friend mandu

               -It’s filled with pork, glass noodles, and a variety of salty seasonings

               -A nice change against his sweet tooth for pies, definitely

               -But dislikes Jjinmadu, which is steamed mandu dumplings

               -They’re filled with things such as pork, onions, and mung bean noodles

               -But something about the texture of the noodle-like wrappers feels weird in his mouth

               -Cut it open and take the things out then hell yeah he’s good to go


               -Probably one of those jERKS WHO FIGHT YOU OVER LIKING PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA

               -“FRUIT. DOESN’T. BELONG. THERE. MC.”


               - IT’S AMAZING OKAY

               -Has literally walked out of the house when you told him you’ve ordered pineapple on the pizza

                               American Food

               -Honestly, he really likes s'mores

               -Something about the melting marshmallow makes him and his taste buds happy

               - that and being so close to the fire, damn pyro

               -He mixes it up and tries different chocolate flavours, like caramel or cookies and cream

               -But dear god, keep him away from those “weirdos” on Thanksgiving with the Turducken


               -It’s just so nasty to him. And it’s waaaaay too much food

               -He can be mean but thinks the people shoving two more birds into one is just w r o n g

                               Korean Food

               -He really likes to snack on Kancho Choco Biscuits

               -Which are these small little biscuits(cookies) with milk chocolate inside

               -Pours the whole box into his mouth some days because he cAN’T GET THEM IN THERE FAST ENOUGH

               -Dislikes Tornado Potatoes

               -Mainly because he thinks it’s a waste of time? People tend to like it because it “looks cool” according to him

               -It’s a fried and seasoned potato cut into a spiral and spread on a stick

               -“MC if I wanted fried potatoes I’d go get some french fries, they’re easier to eat god dammit”


How To Handle Hallucinations 2/8/2016

Hello everyone. Yesterday I got a private message in my inbox from someone who wanted advice on how to handle hallucinations. For the sake of privacy, I’m not going to share their username, but I will share with you guys what I told them.

1) When one of your senses is hallucinating, activate a different one. For example, when you are visually hallucinating, close your eyes, put on headphones, and listen to happy or relaxing music. If you’re hearing voices, take a shower or maybe touch something soft (if you have a pet, they’re -really- great for this). Maybe you have a favorite candy bar that you can have a few bites of, for taste. The point is that you calm down the sense that is hallucinating and focus on the sense that is experiencing what is real.

2) Factual observations. Do your best to avoid giving attention to your hallucinations  and just look around the room you’re in and ask yourself, “Ok, what is in this room that I know is real?” I’ll give you an example. For me, I’m in my computer room in the basement. I see my cat sleeping in his cat bed; I know both he and the bed are real. I have a cabinet full of art supplies; the cabinet and everything in it is real. I see an empty can of diet root beer soda on my desk; I know that is real. You can also do it with hearing and touch. This is called the “Three 3′s”- name three things you see, three things you hear, and three things you can touch. (It’s ok if you can’t come up with three things for each, one or two is a good start!). Don’t pay any attention to something if you don’t know if it’s real: focus only on what you know for sure to be real.

3) Talk to someone you know is grounded in reality. If you’re hearing voices and are unsure what to do, ask a trusted person, “Hey do you hear voices saying [x] right now?” Make sure this is someone who knows about your psychosis and is someone you trust, not just a stranger off the street.

Those are the three main strategies I use to combat hallucinations. If I ever happen to come across more, I’ll be sure to share!

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Head canon: Whenever Eliza's in town, Maggie takes time off from work so she can always be at Alex's side, holding her hand under the table at dinner, filling her glass with water or root beer or soda just nothing alcoholic, changing the subject when things start to go south for Alex. One time her captain wanted to object, but had to gave in after Supergirl showed up and really politely forced him to grant Maggie the time off.

Kara Danvers for the fucking win yo.