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Drew my precious Ruby and Weiss in their new timeskip outfits for days 13 and 14 of Inktober.

The originals will be available for sale so message me if you are interested. More information will be announced in the future.

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Oh boy i cannot believe this… look at how fucking cheesy this is.They bumped hands and Mogar is getting nicer and tHEY’RE FUCKING HOLDING PINKIES ON A ROOFTOP.

(This is the EverythingIsOkayNow!AU, it’s all good and they’re all friends and everyone is just h a p p y)

Edit: I just watched the newest episode and everything is indeed fine and I am happy.

“Never let anyone tell you that something is impossible.”
                                                                               -Monty Oum

About one year ago one of my inspirations passed away.  His drive to work hard was incredible and he inspired many with his personal animations along with his amazing projects with Roosterteeth.  He will forever inspire me to work harder and push myself to do my very best.

We love you Monty<3