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So I was watching the AH Hockey League Let’s Play and I thought it would be super cool if they all had their own Hockey teams/Jerseys with their names/Homestate and the order they got to pick their teams…yeahh… 
I had a lot of fun with puns… also I kinda want RT to make jerseys now [Edit]


A fan made logo for Let’s Play LIVE. 

I started off with the idea of an emblem/shield design. The first batch of shields were good but didn’t work with the typography and felt disconnected once the text was added.

So instead, I decided to have the LIVE text be a part of the shield instead of shoving the word inside the design. The result shows the text that was been manipulated to form a part of the shield.


Achievement Hunter: Tartan Logos

I was rewatching some Let’s Plays and Ryan’s Scottish Steve inspired me to make these little logos. I looked up some of the AH guys surnames and found a few that match and a few that were close. They are transparent so if you want to use them your welcome to, but be sure to credit me if you can.

Here is some more information on the Tartan if you want:
1st - Ramsay (Red)
2nd - Free (Wishaw)
3rd - Jones
4th - Hay
The last two were just some random ones I thought were nice.