roosterteeth is ruining my life

almost forgot to mention today...

I go to a private Christian University (not because I’m some Fundie who refuses to go to a secular place, but because I live close by).

Before every class, most of our professors say a prayer to let God help us throughout the day and help us remember what we’ve learned in class that day.

And some of those professors offer prayer requests, where we request prayers ranging from the semi-joking “let me pass this quiz I’ve got coming up in my next class” to the more serious “my family member’s sick/been severely injured, I could use some emotional support and hope they improve” type.

This morning I told my professor that the creator of one of my favorite web shows suddenly died and to ask God to help give his family, friends, fans and coworkers some peace of mind.

And I shit you not, almost immediately I heard two guys sitting in front of me say something along the lines of “dude he’s talking about Monty Oum!”

I was surprised, and I felt a bit heartwarmed to know that there were possibly fellow fans on my campus who had heard the news.

Just goes to show it’s a small world after all.