So at RTX I got a bunch of staff (from most RT branched companies too) to sign/draw in my Reality Augmentation Journal! And here’s the outcome! If you want to know what they drew/why send me an ask cause for some I can give answers, some not.

Top Row (right to left): Gray, Griffon, Kara, Patrick
Second Row (right to left): Artist Joe, Matt, Shannon, Steffie
Third Row (right to left): Chris, Caleb, Jack, Millie, Mica, Adam Ellis
Fourth Row (right to left): Jeremy, Spencer, Dan (Creatures), Zonbi, Ryan, Moof

You know?

It’s kinda funny. 
I’ve been thinking about the state of the RT tumblr fandom and there are some things that I find strange that just don’t exist anymore.

Some of it I’m glad, but there’s a small part of me that misses some things I shouldn’t.

Like for instance. 

Remember Roosterteeth-feminist or feminist-roosterteeth??? (One or the other because one was nice and the other was– well. Jesus FUCK that other one.)

I kinda remember tumblr blowing the entire fuck up over EVERY THING anyone from AH/RT did that was even the slightest bit problematic. Don’t get me wrong, people were allowed to be concerned but shit went DOWN a lot of times. It’s kind of like… people just kinda realized they can’t do anything and gave up. 

That said, it’s to the point where I don’t even see warnings for things like Rape jokes, because they still do that, guys. 

Old RT fandom tumblr would have fuCKIN reJOYCEd with Ray admitting that he was a piece of shit. I haven’t seen a single post about that. About him realizing that he wasn’t perfect. It’s great that he’s noticed it though. Good for him. Good dude.

If there’s anything you’d like to add to things you remember about like… older tumblr RT fandom, feel free to add it.