Gavin tries his best to connect with us younger folk in the Rooster NY office.


In case you missed it—and in preparation for episode 2—here it is again: 

The Artist Series with Gavin McInnes: Kostas Seremetis

In this first episode of the NYAD x Rooster Artist Series with Gavin McInnes, Gavin and Kostas Seremetis meet up for a few beers and talk art, money and love. 

Also check out KOSTAS SEREMETIS SIMULATION STORY, published by New York Art Department.


"Streets & Avenues" Premiere feat. Edwin De La Rosa

Red Bull x Rooster x me


The Artist Series with Gavin McInnes, Episode 2: Luck You Collective. 

In time for the weekend, the second episode of the New York Art Department x Rooster/NY artist series. In this episode, Gavin talks to Luck You Collective’s Carmen Hall and Tristan Reginato about anarchy, fighting, generational gap, what it takes to be an art collective and dating.

Last month New York Art Department and Luck You Collective collaborated on a Zine Workshop and the Luck You Collective #03:YOU Zine Release with special performance by Ratking (See the video flyer here). 

More info on the workshop here and the zine release here. The Zine is available for purchase here: Buy Zine


The Artist Series with Gavin McInnes: Kathy Grayson Part 2 - DATAMOSHING


Welcome to the fourth episode of the New York Art Department x Rooster/NY Artist Series with Gavin McInnes. Today we continue the Kathy Grayson interview: 

In this second installment of the three-part interview, Gavin speaks to Kathy about her own art; he datamoshing and traditional techniques she uses to capture cultural digital evolution; digital fandom versus analog fandom; her love of Zines, their importance and the influence they’ve had on her career.

Kathy is the founder and owner of The Hole, one of New York City’s most influential avant-guarde contemporary galleries. An artist in her own right Kathy is also former Deitch Projects Director and continues to collaborate with Jeffrey Deitch (Part 3 of the interview). You can watch the first part of this interview where Gavin and Kathy talk about artist and mutual friend, the late Dash Snow here.

New York Art Department co-founders met Kathy Grayson years ago as she began her career with Jeffrey Deitch when they worked together on the ALIFE SHOP at Deitch Projects . They’ve collaborated on multiple projects since, including the Art Machine and Private Property installations and now The Hole Shop

Rooster is an advertising agency/production company hybrid with offices in New York. New York Art Department met Rooster thanks to the company’s Creative Director, long-time friend, the legendary Gavin McInnes.