RvB PSA: Trigger Warnings

Here’s my two cents on the video.

In the video you have Doc talking for trigger warnings, and it’s nailed right on the head. Grif & Sarge just banter back & forth for a bit about why it makes no sense to TW their content as the show already has a rating anyway, plus their banter was very playful, it wasn’t malicious at all. And also Sarge makes a point that if they do TW their show then they will lose a majority of the audience/fans which would then result in their longest running show, loved by many to basically flop and I don’t think they want that. And they’re a production company so they don’t want that to happen meaning they’re gonna have to make decisions that upset someone because they can’t please everyone.

As for the rape joke, it wasn’t a joke about rape in the slightest so does it even need to be discussed? They turned the word into an acronym and didn’t joke about the topic of rape in the slightest at all, they barely touched it.

The “triggers” they use for each character are even some I’ve seen that are just beyond ridiculous, there’s nothing there that’s them making fun of PTSD (like some said) or depression or anxiety or anything that people have claimed they basically made fun of. I’m not saying all TW’s are ridiculous but I’ve literally see one for the colour blue & I think for so many people that makes absolutely no sense at all, they didn’t pick out these certain triggers and berate them individually either. 

Grif also makes a good point that if they do TW RvB then everything they say will have to be called a trigger which then decreases any entertainment value they have since that particular show is known for crude humour. Grif also mentions how some triggers aren’t even helping people, if it’s that bad for them then they need to go seek some help so they can live their lives & I don’t see anything wrong with that, he also didn’t say it in a malicious way. 

One of the “triggers” they made for the PSA was Gavin Free. None of this was in any way malicious, it was done with hilarity/satire, to also spread a message. Grif also makes a point that TW’s basically coddle people, which in a roundabout way doesn’t actually help people tackle the problem they have, because it will always be there when you enter the outside world. 

Donut sums it up as RvB is what it is, it’s crude humour, it’s been known for that since 2003, and the majority are fine with it & sadly those are the people they cater to since there’s more of them & people who use TW’s are an extremely small minority. He also says how TW’s are a nice thing to do, but everyone already knows the way RvB is, so the point is if it’s affecting your mental health then do steer clear of the show. 

And as for the comment section comment made, they’re pointing out how the comments are just gonna be a shitstorm as always. I get why people are gonna be upset as it seems like RT hate you, but I promise you they don’t hate you for having a TW, I think they’re getting to a point where they are tired of people telling them to censor/tag stuff as people should know this is what the show has always been about & it’s not easy to start doing that. It really wasn’t a personal attack on the fans.

Okay listen.

Kris McMeans is literally thinking about deleting her tumblr because people are sending her hate. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. If you don’t like the PSA, that’s fine, but people are literally sending hate to all of the RT employees (including Mica Burton), most of which didn’t even have anything to do with creating the PSA. 

I personally believe that it wasn’t making fun of people with triggers, it was trying to explain that Rooster Teeth can’t cater to everyone’s needs constantly. It’s not saying people are oversensitive, it’s saying that if you are sensitive about a certain subject, Rooster Teeth won’t always be able to warn you about those things.

I didn’t think I’d actually have to make a post about this., but now innocent people are getting hate because of it. Read these words carefully: NO ONE SHOULD BE GETTING HATE. NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK OF THE VIDEO, IF YOU WANT TO DISCUSS IT, IT SHOULD BE IN A KIND MANNER. Not everyone is always going to agree on everything. There’s this thing I learned to do in like kindergarten called “Agree to Disagree.” It’s really quite simple. 

I love you all, every single person in this community, but this is nonsense.

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RVB Trigger Warning PSA

Okay, for all y’all who are bitching about the new PSA, you obviously didn’t stay until the end. 

Rooster teeth is saying that they don’t put trigger warnings on Red Vs Blue because, quoted by Donut, “We are what we are. We know it, everyone else knows it, and we’re all okay with it.”

They are not making fun of triggers, in fact, the only thing the make fun of are the comments everyone has made by bitching about them.

“The comments section should be losing it’s mind right… about now.”  Congratulations, Donut made fun of you. The nicest character on the show, made fun of you, probably because you didn’t understand it.

And what are you gonna do? Start a petition? Stop watching Red Vs Blue? Go ahead. I will sit at my computer watching how season 13 ends.