Don’t do it. She is 12 going through something that is very hard. She should not have to deal with adults prying into something that is already very hard and upsetting for her. I feel like this should go without saying but people have already done it on Twitter and on Instagram (seriously whoever put “have fun with two Christmas’s” fuck you. You’re an asshole). Millie is a child. Just because this is in the public eye does not give you permission to ask her questions, make fun of her, or otherwise be a dickhead to her. Leave her alone. This already is going to hurt enough for her.

As a side note honestly don’t pry at all. To anyone! This is a personal matter and what we were given should be enough. We are fans not close friends or family. Geoff and Griffons personal life is not something that they should feel forced to share. Be respectful and kind and give them their privacy. Its already hard don’t make it any harder.

At this time they all need our support. Be respectful. Don’t be an asshole.

Uh, hey guys?

To all you assholes leaving dumbass comments in every recent LP/AH vids commenting on the divorce, Geoff/Griffon “Not being good enough for the other”, picking on their “habits” and constantly bringing up the drinking thing, Shut the fuck up. Seriously. Shut. Up. 

It’s one thing to be supportive. This isn’t being supportive. So please, shut. up.