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Cunning Stunts 6
  • Ryan: Catch Up Is Working Hard Right Now 'cause I'm Runnin' A Pretty Clean Race
  • Lindsay: Well That's Good 'cause I'm Giving It The Mustard
  • Michael: God Dammit
  • Ryan: Stop, Just Let It Go, No More Condiment Jokes!
  • Michael: It Doesn't Even Really-
  • Ryan: I Don't Relish Them!
  • Michael: It Doesn't Really- [Sighs]
  • Gavin: Ha!
  • Lindsay: Does No One Say That In Georgia? People Don't Say That Shit?
  • Gavin: Say What?
  • Lindsay: Give It The Mustard! It Means Like, Fuckin' Go
  • Ryan: Uh, No Yeah I Have Heard That Yeah
  • Gavin: I Mayo Have Heard That!
  • Everyone: [Groaning]
  • Jeremy: Boo!
  • Lindsay: What Have I Started
The Current State of RWBY team...
  • Fans: So soundtracks, huh. Are they canon, not canon, important unimportant? because you kind of added a song that counts as bait there...
  • Lindsay: Soundtracks are important the have so many clues to stuff and I use the-
  • Arryn and Barbs: Actually soundtracks are kind of meh, artists can write whatever they want I mean, they mean nothing, they have no purpose, its just music, all kinds of music - don't read into it, its all ambiguous and always was ambiguous a-
  • Jeff Williams: FUCK THE FANS FUCK ALL FANS. Oh and yeah I added a song about possible lgbt pairing during pride month but that's totally not queerbait even though it means nothing and if you dare to be hurt GO OUTSIDE OR SOMETHING! STUPID FANS
  • Miles and Kerry: Soundtracks?! What soundtracks? We never heard anything about soundtracks? How did this get there? Who are you? Wait where are we even?! Your bad questions confuse us! Only positive questions from now on pls! Tell us how much you loved Volume 4 and how much better job we are doing than Korra writers did!!!!!
  • Me: WHAT. THE. FUCK.
Let’s clear something up while refuting the common defense arguments of current Rooster Teeth clusterfuck.
  • “But Jeff added song on his own! Otheres did not know what it is! Don’t blame them!”

Look I know it is hard to believe with all the fuck ups, but Rooster Teeth is a company. Things don’t just slip through. The soundtracks are absolutely reviewed before release as we already know considering Jeff was literally asked to remove profanity from I Burn. Rooster Teeth might be incompetent but they are not THAT incompetent. The whole “oh we did not know he added it on his own” is simply a lie to deflect the blame.

  • “But Jeff said his songs do not matter anyway! The recent statement is simply reiterating that!”

First of all that actually is fairly recent change in rhetoric which frankly makes me worried that they might be preparing to fire Jeff Williams off the show.  Before this kind of angle was taken, what we knew was that Monty Jeff and few others would sit down and Monty would talk with them about his longterm plans for the show and stuff, which is what inspires Jeff’s soundtrack. Its why soundtrack is filled with references to volume 3 events before they even  happen and stuff - it has always been an extension of the show. Until this worrisome rhetoric started. And you know hwy it is worrisome? Because if soundtrack “does not matter” and is “just some inconsequential thing with no meaning”, then Jeff is replaceable, expendable. And if so that opens up RT a chance to fire him, essentially getting rid another part of Monty’s original RWBY circle. That Fear is made worse because just now they literally shifted BMBLB mess blame away from themselves and onto him.

Second of all…remember Boop”? Remember “Not Fall in love With You”? Remember “Shine? Remember “Like Morning Follows Night”? You know what is the difference between thsoe songs and BMBLB? No, the OTHER difference, not the fact that those songs are about heteronormative things and BMBLB is teasing an lgbt pairing with gay as all fuck lyrics. The difference is that somehow for some reason(cough), RT did not come out downplaying the significance of those songs or how sundtrack does not matter or how Jeff just happened to slip them in(and hell, Not Fall in love With You is not even meant to be a ship song and has nothing to do with RWBY). There was nothing. Silence. Because its soundtrack song about pairings obviously what is there to explain. But what happened with BMBLB ? “Oh sorry guys its just a song, we dont know how it even ended up in the soundtrack, it means nothing truly, don’t be disappointed pls”. Gee I wonder why they handled these songs and BMBLB so differently and why they did not go around downplaying all those other songs, while with this song they go as far as literally throwing Jeff Williams under the bus? No I don’t wonder about it because I know it is because BMBLB is queerbait and they are trying to backtrack on it as always.

  • “Oh but it does not mean the pairing won’t happen! they are just clarifying things about soundtrack!”

Sure. Ships “could maybe” happen. Summer could come back from the dead  and hook up with Winter for all you know!

Except its not about shipping™.

The problem is that the said soundtrack is queerbaiting and they are backtracking back to ambiguity the same way most of shows that queerbait do.

The problem is that they released a hella gay pairing song with hella gay lyrics in official show soundtrack that came out during GAY PRIDE MONTH and then backtracked from it via statements about song meaning jack shit month latter while claiming it is an accident.

  • “Arryn is Bi. She would not defend queerbait.”

Let me blow your mind with two simple words: Mark Gatiss.

Queerbait is not about whether the ones involved are straight or gay. Straight people can write lgbt pairings and representation just as well.

While while LGBT characters and portrayal are about representation for us, Queerbait is about marketing for them. Its done for a cynnical reason of not wanting to alienate  homophobes and heteronormative people while at the same time gaslighting lgbt community into hoping for more and seeing things heteronormative people will intentionally ignore.

Even if Arryn did mean well,  that does not mean much. Being LGBT does not mean you are immune to being part of queerbait scheme. Again,  just look at Mark Gatiss.

Gummy Bears

Word count: 367

Warning: Swear words

A/n: So my first post, hope you like it. Please send me prompts.


Rooster Teeth was a wonderful company to work at, until it was crunch time. Working in the animation department could be stressful at times. Camp Camp season 2 was being released soon, and I was one, of many, people who had started working overtime.

“Hey Y/N, can I get you anything? Coffee, red bull, coffee and red bull?” A familiar voice pulled you away from your monitor.

“Red bull and gummy bears might help me stay alive.” I responded. It was now 3 in the morning, and I had been editing for around 6 hours straight.

“As you wish” Miles dramatically bowed and exited to the break room. I turned back to my computer and continued editing, a Red Bull and a packet of gummy bears appeared a few minutes later. I mumbled out a thanks, whilst I stuffed a handful of gummy bears into my mouth.

I finally finished editing Camp Camp three hours later. I turned off my computer, packed my stuff and started to head home. I was just about to exit the animation building when a small blue gummy bear lying on the ground caught my eye. I’ve seen some weird shit in animation, but a gummy bear lying on the ground was new. A few feet away from this blue gummy bear was another gummy bear. Even though I really wanted to have a nap, I couldn’t pass up a trail of gummy bears. The trail lead me towards the roof, after climbing way too many stairs I opened the door to the roof and was greeted by a string of fairy lights, a couple of bean bags and animation’s lead writer.

“Miles?” I asked.

“Y/N, so I was thinking that maybe, we could sit and watch the sunrise.” Miles blushed and rubbed his arm.

“That sounds great, you dork.” I sat down next to Miles and he wrapped an arm around me. Slowly the sun started to rise over stage 5, and began to warm the air around us.

“Gummy bear?” Miles asked.

“You know my weakness.” I giggled.

“Um, would you like to, maybe, go on a date, sometime… Or not.” Miles rambled.

“That’d be great.” I answer.

RvB Season Finale Thoughts

I’m a FIRST member so I was just able to watch the final episode of season 15 this morning and I wanted to talk about my thoughts about the season as a whole and the final episode in particular. If you are NOT a FIRST member and don’t want it spoiled for you before it comes out on Youtube next week, please DO NOT READ BELOW!

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  • Ruby: Guys, I have a feeling we're not in Remnant anymore.
  • Weiss: What the hell is this building? Rooster Teeth? Who names a company that?
  • Blake: I think we should be more concerned about all the people staring at us.
  • Yang: Especially those four women dressed in our outfits.
  • Kara: W-w-we were about to do a photo shoot.
  • Lindsay: *pinches self* Nope not dreaming. Of course I'm not because if I was there would be more cats.
  • Barbara: Arryn, are you thinking what I'm thinking.
  • Arryn: Show 'em the Bumbleby fanfics Barb!