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Cunning Stunts 6
  • Ryan: Catch Up Is Working Hard Right Now 'cause I'm Runnin' A Pretty Clean Race
  • Lindsay: Well That's Good 'cause I'm Giving It The Mustard
  • Michael: God Dammit
  • Ryan: Stop, Just Let It Go, No More Condiment Jokes!
  • Michael: It Doesn't Even Really-
  • Ryan: I Don't Relish Them!
  • Michael: It Doesn't Really- [Sighs]
  • Gavin: Ha!
  • Lindsay: Does No One Say That In Georgia? People Don't Say That Shit?
  • Gavin: Say What?
  • Lindsay: Give It The Mustard! It Means Like, Fuckin' Go
  • Ryan: Uh, No Yeah I Have Heard That Yeah
  • Gavin: I Mayo Have Heard That!
  • Everyone: [Groaning]
  • Jeremy: Boo!
  • Lindsay: What Have I Started

lucifer-the-fallen-pancake-angle  asked:

Heya. Who is Michel Jones

Hiya! this is going to sound like complete nonsense but i don’t know how else to explain

Michael Jones is a member of Achievement Hunter which is a channel on youtube. Achievement Hunter is a part of the company Rooster Teeth who own several channels on youtube and have their own website. 

They produce videos in gaming, short skits and now movies. They raise money for charities with live-streams as well. Last year the live stream reached just under one million dollars. it’s like a giant community of idiot nerds and I love it.

Michael Jones is a part of it and is a loud swearing angry dude from Jersey. 

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Sorry about all the posts recently but him and his wife, lindsay (Tuggey) Jones have just had their baby! and I’ve been a viewer of the channel when they first became a couple so it’s pretty awesome to see.

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Yeah so if you like watching a bunch of people fuck around in video games and 

  • Ruby: Guys, I have a feeling we're not in Remnant anymore.
  • Weiss: What the hell is this building? Rooster Teeth? Who names a company that?
  • Blake: I think we should be more concerned about all the people staring at us.
  • Yang: Especially those four women dressed in our outfits.
  • Kara: W-w-we were about to do a photo shoot.
  • Lindsay: *pinches self* Nope not dreaming. Of course I'm not because if I was there would be more cats.
  • Barbara: Arryn, are you thinking what I'm thinking.
  • Arryn: Show 'em the Bumbleby fanfics Barb!
Awful AU Challenge
  • mavin au: Michael is studying to be a priest and Gavin is Jesus
  • freewood au: Gavin is an English explorer and Ryan is a grumpy native prince
  • rwby au: everything is the same except everyone has Ryan’s face
  • rwby au: everyone’s lines are improv’ed by Gavin
  • Gavin is Geoff’s dad, but their ages are still the same
  • Michael isn’t angry
  • Burnie is yaoi
  • Gus has tiny hands and wears fake big hands over them
  • everyone is Lindsay
  • Rooster Teeth is a company completely run by intelligent cats and Lindsay is the first human employee - antics ensue
  • Ray tries to blaze it but ends up throwing up
  • finding nemo au where Geoff loses Millie and Gavin is dory
  • RT headquarters is in England and they hire American Intern Gavin and make awful jokes about hamburgers and American accents and slang
  • Gavin is just a lizard
  • Dan and Ray get accidental drunk married in vegas even though Ray is sober the entire time
  • Ryan is blind and Gavin is his seeing eye dog, but is really just a dude in a vest who barks, and uses the opportunity to make “doggy style” jokes and lick Ryan’s face
  • furries

shout out to revapinata for helping me come up with these