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FAHC Positions HC

Lindsay: The Boss She’s behind the scenes, stepped up after Geoff wanted to focus on heisting. She knows everything, still goes to Geoff for advice occasionally, but she’s the one who makes sure the money gets split up evenly. She’s the one who controls the movements, approves of heists and plans. While she may not be the face of FAHC, but at the end of the day, what Lindsay says goes.

Geoff: The Planner Every single heist, every single job that comes out of FAHC comes straight from the infamous Geoff Ramsey’s brain. He’s the head, the lead, the face. He calls the shots on jobs, the loudest voice. All plans, and all info are funneled through Geoff. When people think of the frontrunner of FAHC, it’s Geoff Ramsey’s mustachioed mug that comes to their head. 

Jack: The Driver She can drive anything, knows the city like the back of her hand. You need someone to get you out of a sticky situation? Call Jack. She’ll get there and get out before the LSPD can even realize what happened.Of course, this also brings up her second skill– the crew mom. She’s the one that brings Geoff coffee, drags Gavin off to bed, makes sure Kdin and Lindsay don’t have too much pressure on their shoulders. 

Ryan: The Terror Easily the scariest member of the crew. He sets the fear into the heart of the LSPD and other crews, when they see that skull mask pass by, they know no one is going to make it out alive. His ruthlessness is legendary, the crew sends him out when they want someone wiped off the map, no questions, nothing left behind. He’s the laugh that echoes in victim’s ears. He’s the violent scourge of LSPD.

Gavin: The Hacker You want to know something off the WWW? You need someone to get into the Pentagon, the British Embassy, anything and everything. If it’s on a computer, if it’s anywhere near something connected to the internet, Gavin can get into it. Even when you think you’re safe behind thousands of lines of code and firewalls, Gavin can find it. 

Michael: The Enforcer Well, looks like it’s time to send a message with broken bones, shattered noses, and crumbling buildings. This is when you call in Michael. When he’s not on heists, screaming at hostages to get on the ground, or mowing down cops, he’s swinging a baseball bat at a crew leader who thought it was a good idea to encroach on FAHC territory. He’s a message-sender, but no one has ever attempted to “Kill the Messenger” in this situation. 

Jeremy: The Ace The newest member of The “A Team”. The constant underestimating doesn’t seem to drag him down. He’s the swing of the group, he does everything from going on “annihilations” with Ryan, to driving everyone around whenever Jack doesn’t have the chance. But lately, since Ray went solo, he’s been acting as the crew’s resident eye in the sky, sniping from buildings during heists and on the occasional assassination.

Kdin: The Manager When Lindsay left her position as head of the B-Team, someone needed to step up. And Kdin was just the person for the job. She keeps an eye on everything Lindsay cannot, she makes sure all the proper information is funneled to the right people. She’s the one who decides on everything the B-Team does, all the deals, every conversation, once Lindsay tells her that it’s okay, she’s the one who makes sure everything that brings in money that is non-heist related goes well.

Caleb: The Talker He goes on every deal, smiles at every mob boss and gang leader. But, don’t be distracted by the pretty face. Caleb drives a harder bargain than most out on the circuit. Whether it’s drugs, weapons, anything that goes from one organization through FAHC… Caleb knows first. He can smooth-talk the pants off of anyone and everyone, he’s the one who will get you to hand him everything valuable you have, and leave you walking away with a smile.

Matt: The Mechanic Now, everyone knows how the FAHC drive. Even Jack doesn’t get out of everything without some dings and… well, holes in their vehicles. And naturally, they need someone to fix everything that they destroy, and that’s where Matt comes in. He can fix, rebuild, and recreate anything handed to him. He’s also a wizkid at any kind of modifications, with bulletproof tires, tinted windows, and turbo in every vehicle that drives into his garage. 

Trevor & Mica: The Honeypots Now, you may be saying “That’s unfair, putting them together!” Well, they do very similar jobs. Both are the pretty faces, can fit into any environment they’re placed in, masters of disguise who can weasel their way into your heart as fast as they can get out. Their cheshire grins hiding sick intentions, information gatherers who report directly back to Kdin. They have a running bet going- the longest either went undercover. (Trevor’s losing)

Steffie: The Monitor Gavin’s back up, the crew’s second-best hacker, but one of their best cherubic faces behind a computer screen. She’s the one who has internet connections with anyone and everyone, she’s the one who is on the internet servers of every nearby crew, an unknown IP Address-less presence. Very few crews can make an online move without Steffie knowing about it first, and by proxy, Kdin and Lindsay. She’s a pretty face, who would ever think she has extensive knowledge of the criminal underground?

Andy: The Interrogator Now, this used to be Ryan’s job. Cause pain, emotionally destroy, pull information through any means necessary. Then, they  got Andy. The man who was happy to do it, who could torture and tease, the man who had no qualms with carving messages deep into someone’s skin and leaving them hanging from their toes outside of an old crew warehouse. There’s never been one person who’s gone through his “room” that hasn’t eventually spilled the beans. 

Larry:  The Security Now, where Larry doesn’t have the look of someone who protects all of the FAHC warehouses, he has control of hiring the crews, keeping up all of the cameras. He sends out the proper response when it looks like a warehouse is going to get raided, he knows when a hired muscle is screwing with things they shouldn’t. He’s got a hand in all of the safehouses, all of the penthouses. If there’s a security camera there, Larry knows about it. Oh, and he’s the only one who’s created a security system that Gavin can’t crack. He’s tried.


Gender neutral reader 



You both lay close to each other, you lay on his arm, as he lays on his back sound asleep, he snores slightly in his sleep. He’s embarrassed by it and you resure him that you think its cute - and that if it does become overbearing you wont hesitate to smother him with a pillow. If he has a bad dream he might pull you closer at times and you’ll play with his hair to calm him down. When the two of you wake up in the morning the both of you will lay together not wanting to get out, you’ll talk about anything or maybe the dreams you had the night before. Jaune is usually the one to get up and make you both something to eat, 


She’ll rest her head on your chest and hug your middle, she loves to hear your heartbeat as she sleeps and the rise and fall of your chest, it calms her down after an exhausting day, it’s almost like a form of meditation for her. She often smiles as she’s about to drift off and hug you a little tighter almost as though to double check that you were actually there. The two of you tend to stay up late and talk about random stuff that seems to matter so much at the time but most of it you can’t even remember half the things you said or how it seemed so important at the time, “if we could talk to dogs would they think we were their rulers?”


He’ll let you braid his hair for when he goes to bed - which is a HUGE honour as he doesn’t like anyone touching his hair as it makes him uncomfortable at times. He likes to run his fingers through your hair as you and he drift off. He’ll let you borrow his shirts to wear to bed if you want, you didn’t always take the offer but some days when it was hard for you and you just weren’t in the mood for humans in general you would take one of his shirts and just lay in bed with him and he would hold you gently, sometimes letting you vent and sometimes it would just be silence between the two of you would be all you needed to calm you down from everything. In the morning you and Ren would take turns in who does what. Usually it’s whoever wakes up first is in charge (you usually steal Ren’s apron when it was your turn)


You would both fall asleep close to each other after helping each other with homework and study, you would both hold hands with each other and by morning you would find that your head would be resting on her shoulder. Pyrrha loves holding hands with you, she’s shy about showing affection in genral but hand holding is one thing she can’t get enough of. She loves it when you hug her in your sleep and pull her close, snuggling your head in her chest. She loves hugging you back too. In the morning she’s usually the first to wake up but she’ll let you sleep longer because she doesn’t want to wake you up when you were so peaceful and seemed so happy (also she doesn’t want you to stop hugging her). You usually make her something in the mornings because she’s not used to people wanting to do those small things for her because they love her for her and not because she’s famous.


This girl, this girl will hug you all night, she’ll hug you all day too, she loves her hugs. The two of you will definatly talk almost all night which will tend to lead to sleep ins in the morning. Which would then lead to the both of you jumping out of bed and trying to find your clothes that would be mixed with each others and grabbing whatever food you could before running to class, holding each other’s hands.


There is no organised way for you to sleep at night. Sometimes you would be laying sideways on the bed over Yang, maybe her feet would face you one night or she would have her head next to yours. In the mornings you would both be ready to eat breakfast and shake Ruby awake to make sure she wouldn’t be late … again. She will however tend to hold you tight at night if possible and she tends to steal the blankets at night but you both will either fight throughtout the night in your sleep or one of you would give up.


Cuddles, she likes you holding her clsoe to you and when you rub her back in her sleep. You’ll help her brush her hair before you go to bed and she will do the same for you. The both of you have so many covers on your bed, some people have two donas but you two? Nope, you two had at least four, and no one should even get you both started on pillows, you both had the most comfy sleeping place in the school, and when your bed was made up - lets just say it looked good.


The two of you have an organised sructure in order to get to bed at a reasonable time to get enough sleep at night after study and training. By the time you both got in bed after training you would be exhausted and basically collapse on the bed together, pulling the blankets up and resting on each other falling asleep instantly, listening ot each others heartbeats and being drifted away from the rise and falls of each others chest. Weiss will never tell you but going to bed with you was her favourite part of the day.  In the mornings Weiss would try to make you something to eat which was honestly the cutest thing since she had no clue what she was doing half the time.


There was no set time for when the two of you would go to bed. It was usually just whenever work was done, even if this meant five in the morning was the go to time. When the two of you got in bed she would pull you close, she prefered being the big spoon and would rest her head in the crook of your neck. If it wasn’t bed due to times when the two of you would be on the couch or just where ever it could work. Sometimes the two of you would take a nap in the helicopter and even on the floor - everyone around you know when you two were asleep to not disurb the both of you. One person had made the mistake to accidentally disturb you as you were sleeping in between Cinder’s legs as she leaned against the wall and played with your hair, when the person had woken you up … he wasn’t seen for the next few weeks.  


Schooled, Episode 8 - Going Undercover

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