rooster and hen

Should I have a hen or rooster as a house pet?

Both sexes:
• snuggle and cuddle a bunch!
• are very devoted to their flock mates
• highly trainable
• will smell bad if they’re not on a good diet, but will smell amazing if they are on a quality diet, like spices and powder
• can wear a diaper
• beg for food
• have soft feet and beautiful feathers
• amazing eyes
• will love you
• will try to protect you

• like to talk, some more than others, the classic “booock boooooooock bock bock bock” and lots of noise after they lay an egg
• might go broody depending on the breed, they can become TOTAL grumps
• may become roosters if they’re old or have a damaged ovary (which means crowing, big comb and wattles, long tail, the whole deal)
• can be spayed and basically become the latter
• Eggs which grant the following:
- yummy food that’s healthy for both you and your hen! Cook up a nice meal that you can both enjoy after her hard work
- a need for lots of calcium in the form of layers mash, oyster shells, crushed egg shells, or vitamins
- a need for at least 4 hours of sunshine each day to process the calcium, vitamin D3 supplements, or artificial sunshine via an avian lightbulb
- health issues related to egg production such as egg binding, egg yolk peritonitis
- life span could be cut short because the more eggs a hen lays the harder it is on her body, if you want a long lived, healthy pet get a breed with minimal production

• crowing!! Crowing can be stopped with a no-crow collar (don’t worry, it’s humane, they can still talk it just softens the noise) every rooster has a unique crow
• make little baby noises even though they’re Big™ and Bad™
• terrible teenager weeks in which they wanna fight and fuck everything, depending on the breed it lasts a few weeks…none of my boys are bad with me
• once adults won’t want to attack you as long as you teach them right
• enjoy and benefit from sunlight but don’t need it as much as hens
• they wanna dance for you! Some people say it’s bad but they’re just trying to show you how awesome they are
• if you give a treat to them they’ll try to give it back to you
• if they find something they like lying around like a shoe or any random object that catches their eye they want to share it with you
• even mature boys might wanna bang your shoes, it’s instinct okay? Like pigeons, we’ve bred them to breed a lot
• can be neutered and basically become big lazy boys who will act like hens

All in all chickens:
• are amazing house pets
• deserve love
• feather puppies
• an actual dinosaur that you can hug today


Afternoon preening session - most of the times, when I sit down on one of the chairs, they come and sit on the other one and relax a little bit with me.. :)

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##coloradotherooster of #prairie_tales singing the #happylunaryear for everybody today!

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After two long years of prioritising my teacher training and my general wellbeing, now is the time. Chickens. Oh how I’ve missed you! ❤️❤️❤️

Also, watercolour as a base?! Not sure. Comments welcome: better than promarkers or nay?