Ember, the peculiar little rooster and his flock of fancy ladies.

Just got back home yesterday from San Jose CA and Fanime 2015, which was a very nice experience for my first con in the US. Thank you all, who stopped by my table and bought my stuff, it helped a lot with the ticket expenses! <3

I miss my darling ladies bluealaris and lohkay already so much and got to meet such sweet people thanks to them. ;u;

The Trucker

As promised, here’s post #1 of some behind the scenes stuff.  So here’s the first original character to pop up that wasn’t alluded to before the video.  Many guesses were had to what his name might be, but no one quite hit the mark.  His name?


(Original sketch on the Right, Refined version on the Left.)

The funniest part is that the little egg/chicken fella under the hat that you’ve all seen was a complete and total misunderstanding.

My concept art had that picture of the egg-chicken on the top left with the arrow pointing at the hat.  I meant for that to be the logo on Rooster’s trucker hat which I wasn’t entirely sure about keeping.  I handed the sketch over to Isaiah to start animating the scenes he was in.  When we got the shots back from him, we saw the shot where Rooster gets scared to the point of his hat flying off, upon which you can see the little egg fella under it, bugging out like Rooster is.  I was like, “..wait no, that wasn’t an actual chicken, that was just his hat logo.”

Everyone just sort of looked at each other and I was like “…screw it, I like it better like this, let’s roll with it.”

To be fair, it would have made more sense to just.. you know.. draw the logo on the hat.  But hey, new animal buddy!

I think we’re rolling with the name Lil’ Sunny for the guy.  He keeps Rooster from falling asleep during the long, boring drives.

(Animatic Sketches)

(Test colors before arriving at the final version you see in the video)

(Rooster’s Truck)

The idea was that Rooster drives a truck filled with breakfast goods (like eggs, sandwiches, pancakes, hash browns, the such).  Hence the egg/chicken logo and general color scheme of being like a nice warm morning.

There’s something…. strangely familiar with that color scheme though….

I can’t quite put my finger on it… it seems…. nah its probably nothing.

(Backgrounds involving Rooster)

In this bottom Background, you can make out what should be the town everyone lives in.

I think I’m going with the name,

Tempo, Texas

And that’s all there is about to say about this for now.

Next up, puppies.