Here’s what the Chinese zodiac says about you

Happy Lunar New Year! 2017 is the year of the rooster, and it’s believed that anyone born under this sign will have a good year with plenty of luck and opportunities. To figure out which sign you are, simply look for your birth year!

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You’ll never see me coming…


A video posted by victongai 倪傳婧 (@victongai) on Jan 23, 2017 at 12:24pm PST

Lucky Rooster Part 1

Victo Ngai

A billboard + online Year of the Rooster New Year celebration collaboration with Apple.

Agencies: Amanacliq, Altavia-Group, Mediaartslab, MAL, TBWA

Project Manager: Edie Cheng

Art Director: Mesu Lu

*Special thanks to everyone who has sent me wonderful photos of the rooster billboards!

Lunch time doodle. I know it’s late but Happy New Year 2017!! This year’s resolution is of course to improve in art while balancing it with work, social life (which i’m lacking recently–) and health.

2016 has been a tough year. I took many big decisions, and thankfully not regretting any of it. But I got sick a lot due to pushing myself too hard on almost everything. So I need to pay more attention into my work-life balance :)

I hope this too apply to all of us. No matter what, health is the most important thing (both mind and body), so make sure to give ourselves enough personal time, a good rest and healthy meal. Let us welcome 2017 will positive mind, ready to face all the challenges and make decisions for greater future✨💪🏻💪🏻

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for sharing their time to chat with me since I’m back from hiatus this October. Really, tumblr becomes a greater place since I met you all;; It will never be the same without you bringing up smile and laughter on my face and I hope I’m giving the same positive vibes to you;; Sorry if I ever hurt your feelings I can guarantee none of it was intentional D: *tumblrhug*

Lastly, please have Seven and his chicks! XD I was just gonna test my copic multiliner yet end up with random chicks