Ember, the peculiar little rooster and his flock of fancy ladies.

Just got back home yesterday from San Jose CA and Fanime 2015, which was a very nice experience for my first con in the US. Thank you all, who stopped by my table and bought my stuff, it helped a lot with the ticket expenses! <3

I miss my darling ladies bluealaris and lohkay already so much and got to meet such sweet people thanks to them. ;u;


(Ends Saturday, July 18, 10PM EST)

WHEW it’s been a while! Doin’ a new batch of adoptables!

Form and other info: here!
Current bids: here!

This time it’s UNUSUAL GRYPHONS. Want a gryphon but don’t want it to be just an eagle/lion hybrid? I GOTCHU COVERED!

Starting bid is $30, autobuy is $150, stretch rewards are in the link above!