Spell Bound

This is my submission to @atc74 BTZ Aesthetic prompt challenge, in which we were given a prompt and an asthetic.  Sorry it’s so late, Ang.  Thanks for being so patient and understanding.  

Prompt: You declare to the heavens that you will never fall in love. Aphrodite herself took it as a challenge.

Sam x Reader, Dean


Teen & Up

Words: 1.5k

Warnings: mild sass, grumpy!Dean

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Spell Bound

“Mmmmm. What is that heavenly smell?” Dean entered the kitchen, rubbing his hands together.

“Soy wheat germ pancakes with greek yogurt and goji berry compote.” I flipped the current flap jack with expert precision.

“Gross.” Dean’s phenomenal pout did nothing to trample my mood.

I resumed whistling my happy tune whilst cooking breakfast.  From my peripheral I glanced at Dean sullenly pouring a bowl of corn flakes as his brother entered.

“Are those wheat germ pancakes?” Sam’s dimples popped as a stacked high plate appeared in front of his nose.

“What’s a goji berry?”

“Just a little something I whipped up to keep our Sammy-wammy-kins strong and healthy. “

Dean choked on his cereal. “Our Sammy-what-now?”

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Fumble Rooskies! I made the Ted :D

So, i’m finished with my Ted sculpture. Took me long, with many distractions (as always).

It was a fun ride and i’m happy with the result! I had some complications (Tail onset snapped twice, it’s superglued but you can see the cracks v.v)

Next one i should experiment with facial expressions… i always feel like they look abit dull o.o).

Bla bla bla, (some more jammering)…. Pictures!


I need to work on my color transitions, they are too messy for my taste. >.<

Sooo…. hmmm, lets see who’s next… Maybe going to be a surprise. ;)

I need more bigger shelves!