roosevelt square


New York. Abraham Lincoln’s Funeral Procession, April 25th, 1865.

These Photos taken looking up Broadway toward Union Square. The squarish house left of center is the home of Cornelius Roosevelt, Theodore’s grandfather, and what is great about these is you can see in the first photo, 6 year old Theodore and his brother Elliot looking out the second floor side window. The second photo shows the shutters closed, presumably after the two were caught in the act. 

The last picture is young Master Roosevelt from roughly the same time. 


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1. Time Square

2.  Yosemite Valley - Twilight falls quickly on the valley as the last of the storm clouds blow out leaving a layer of fog in the valley illuminated by the traffic of cars driving through the valley following the first snowfall, YNP, California by Darvin Atkeson

3. Horseshoe Bend, Colorado River

4. Manhattan as seen from Roosevelt Island

5. Chicago Skyline 

anonymous asked:

Sam, a few days ago you talked about your headcanon for Maria Stark in your Silver Age series (which is wonderful btw), & in the RDJ interview you reblogged he says about his own headcanon about her "I'd always felt that she was a really cool kind of Ivy League rebel, an Eleanor Roosevelt type". Does that square with your own thoughts?

I never actually read/watch interviews so hilariously, I missed that bit, but yeah – she’s an adherent of the philosophy I have Peggy talk about in, I think it’s American Patrol, where she says “A lady is someone who does what she wants and acts as though it’s what a lady ought to do”. I was talking about this with someone else in private ask and I said I couldn’t think of where I’d come up with her but I think she’s very much in the line of George Bernard Shaw’s older heroines, in particular Mrs. Warren – she reacts in ways that are natural to her rather than what we think of as “socially” natural. If Mrs. Warren’s sex work was what allowed her to send her daughter to the best schools, and was legitimately the only occupation open to her as a woman, why should either of them be ashamed of it? Male society should be ashamed of forcing her into it and taking advantage of it. If Maria Stark wants to take in a communist spy and a waif who never went to high school and give them nice clothes and a bit of an education, her society sisters might think she’d lost her mind but she’s doing more concrete good for society than planning a fundraising gala would, so they can either lend a hand or admit they’re terrible hypocrites who don’t actually care about the public good, just about throwing parties. 

If Howard’s sleeping with Peggy to help her get pregnant, well, Maria knows he’s not leaving her, Maria, for Peggy, and she knows that it’s not emotional in the romantic sense, so it’s actually just Howard off doing a favor for a friend and giving her a night alone, which as the wife and mother of two very similar Starks she rather relishes. So for Maria, it’s a net gain.

I think there’s an assumption that Tony inherited his somewhat high-strung nature from Maria and again, there’s a place for that interpretation of Maria in fanfic. But I think in the end Howard is actually quite high-strung and sensitive himself, and he was forced to blunt that, so he forced Tony to try and do the same (that’s not apologia, just a reading of canon). I think the difference is that Tony is more stubborn and independent than Howard wants or ever was, and I think it’s interesting to play with the idea that Tony’s self-reliance, his lack of fucks to give, came from his very pragmatic, see-through-the-bullshit mother, Maria.