roosevelt high

Alice Roosevelt, 1902. The President’s daughter could not be controlled to society’s standards of a proper lady. She smoked in public, chewed gum, gambled, rode in cars with men, stayed out partying, and even kept a pet snake. President Roosevelt was famously quoted to say: “I can either run the country or I can attend to Alice, but I cannot possibly do both.”

Home Base

A/N: Rucas one-shot that just popped into my head one day. 
Summary: It’s the semi-finals. One win away from advancing to the State Championships. The bases are not loaded…but Riley Matthews sure is. 
Word count: 1,346

His shoulders were heaving with unsteady breaths. Lucas could feel the heat of the sun bearing down on him as a bead of sweat slowly made its way down the tip of his nose. The crowd was screaming incomprehensively, the cheering squad blowing their horns. His eyes glanced at the scoreboard. It was the bottom of the 9th, the visiting team from Eleanor Roosevelt High leading by one, as the Patriots of Abigail Adams High were out to bat, with 1 out and a player on first base.

Nerves were settling in as he watched his teammate and best friend Zay on home plate, waiting for the next pitch. His gaze then scanned over the crowd, coming to a halt in the front row bleachers when he met Riley’s eyes. He suddenly forgot how to breathe as the rest of the world fades away. She smiled at him and waved; motioning to the jersey she was wearing. It was his old baseball uniform from last year’s season.

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Jerome Valeska x Arkham Doctor/Follower!Reader- Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

A/N: Words: 1,530. This was supposed to come out on Valentine’s Day, but I had so much homework I literally had no time. Enjoy!

Warnings: murder, language, guns, violence, mentions of rape

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“I know what you do at night.” A warm breath appeared on your ear. Of course it was obvious to you who it was. The white lab coat that you wore over your blue scrubs moved as you turned yourself to view the man who had whispered in your ear. “You go, and put on your little face paint hoping to catch my attention. By day, however, Doctor (L/N) you pretend that you want to fix me. You pretend to make me seem like my sanity is going back to what you folks refer to as ‘normal’, but, Sweetie, everyone knows there’s no way you can fix me. I’m not broken.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Mister Valeska. I would never support such riots. Now, how are you doing today?” you replied refusing to look him in the eye.

“Now, Beautiful, I’m doing just fine. I wish I could leave out of this place, but life sucks sometimes. You know what would be great though? If you could help me to get out there! The reward that you’d get would be tremendous,” Jerome told you attempting to reach out to you, but his handcuffs preventing the motion.

“Showing signs of being a megalomaniac and a compulsive liar, is there anything else you’d like to say before I leave out of here? It’s almost time for me to go home for the day,” you reply beginning to feel frustrated at the man for somehow finding out about her nightly outings.

“If what I said was true bring me a Reese’s for our appointment tomorrow,” he mutters as you leave out the door. 

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Girl Meets Civil Rights

“Today’s lesson is going to talk about causes to fight for,” Mr. Mathews said that week, “we are so lucky that in today’s society people have the right to fight and protest for what they believe is best for the country. Can anyone name me some civil rights movements?”

“Black lives matter!” Zay called out and he and Lucas fist pumped.

“Feminism!” Riley called, Maya and her high fived.

“I, to, shall participate in this highest of fives ritual.” Smackle began, standing up. “I admire the work of Eleanore Roosevelt and-” Maya high fived her in the nose.

“All lives matter!” Everyone looked at Farkle. “What? All lives do.”

“Yes but-” Zay started.

“Maya do you have any to contribute? Because I can think of one more.” Mr. Matthews looked over at her knowingly.

“Feminism, I already said feminism, feminism is my movement, remember STEM and stuff and farkle being a sexist to Riley and-”

“Feminism is Riley’s movement. You participated in it but you aren’t as passionate about it,” Mr. Matthews directed at her, “which is why this week I want you all to write a report and present it, about a movement you’re passionate about.”



“Get out of here ya filthy animals!” He yelled as the bell rang and they all shuffled out.

“Mr. Matthews?” He turned around to see his favorite blonde student.

“I don’t have a movement I’m passionate about,” maya muttered.

“Everyone does, you’ll find it, just do a little research, and I’m sure your best friend here,” he gestured at Riley who was waiting by the door, “will be more than happy to help.”


“Rileyyyyyy! I don’t have a movement I’m passionate about,” Maya whined hanging over her best friend as they sat in the bay window.

“What about poverty?” Riley suggested shrugging, Maya gripped the front of her dress.

“You calling me poor sunshine?” The blonde demanded, Riley smiled big, and then hugged her.

“Yeah!” She called out and Maya groaned from beneath the hug.

“I’m not doing my report on poverty!” She said untangling herself from her… friend.

“Well how about arts education in schools?” Riley asked and Maya watched her get visibly excited.

“Okay, I guess,” the blonde shrugged. “I did do that whole presentation about it.”

“Yay!” Riley yelled pulling her into another hug.

“Hey guys, what are you talking about?” Topanga asked walking in.

“Our reports in history class,” Riley happily responded, scooting over to make room for her mom.

“Ooh! What are they about?” She asked rubbing her hands together.

“Movements we’re passionate about,” Maya told her and Topanga nodded.

“So Riley you’re doing yours on feminism,” her daughter nodded, “and Maya yours is on ga-”

“Arts education in schools,” the blonde cut in and Topanga looked utterly confused.

“Are you passionate about that?” She asked, her head tilting.

“Very, I did an entire presentation about it in front of the school board, remember?” Maya reminded her.

“Yeah like a year ago and-”

“Riley had hers like a year ago, why can’t I have mine a year ago? Why can’t I just be like everyone else?!” They both looked at her. “I’m gonna go work on it,” She bolted out the bay window.

“Am I missing something or…” Riley trailed off.

“Forget about it, she’ll figure it out.” Topanga responded.


“Welcome back ya filthy animals!” Mr. Matthews said to his class. Everyone groaned. “Alright alright, Lucas you’re presenting.”

“My movement is the anti bullying movement.” He said standing up and walking up to the front. “When I lived in Texas I bullied people because I thought I was protecting my friend, but as I look back I realize there’s no excuse for punching someone,” He paused, “And as I’ve gone through middle school and high school I’ve come to realize that more and more. I have friends who’ve been bullied,” he gestured to Riley and Farkle, “and my first inclination was always to get violent. Earlier this year I thought we were being bullied by some seniors, I wanted to hit them. My friends wanted to listen to them. In the end my friends were right.” He nodded at Maya and Riley now. “Every year over 3.2 million students are bullied, and that’s not right. No one should go to school and feel unsafe.” He stood up straighter now. “I’m going to do my part to stop bullying at this school, so the next time I see it I’ll intervene, peacefully, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll tell a teacher,” he nodded at Mr. Matthews, “and I hope we all will do the same.” Everyone clapped, especially Riley who wiped a tear from her eye.

“Oh bravo!” She yelled, “bravo!” Farkle and Smackle grimaced.

“Gross,” the muttered together.

“Okay!” Mr. Matthews called, “tomorrow we have Farkle and Zay, than Smackle and Riley, than last we’ll have Maya,” he looked up, “that okay?” They all nodded and the bell rang.

“Wait?” A kid in the back asked, “what about the rest of us?”

“Class is over get out of here!” He yelled. “Man what type of nerd stays and talks to a teacher?”


“So have you guys picked a movement yet?” Lucas asked the group at Topanga’s and nearly everyone nodded, Maya just looked nervous.

“I’m doing feminism!” Riley said sipping her pumpkin spice latte, she handed it to Maya who took a sip too, than smirked at Lucas.

“I’m doing research on an organization called Autism Speaks,” Smackle responded.

“That’s really cool Smackle.” Lucas smiled.

“OH MY GOD STOP HITTING ON ME! Farkle is right here!” She gestured at her boyfriend, whom she was currently sitting on the lap of.

“I’m doing the all lives matter movement,” Farkle said pushing his hair to the back like Justin Bieber. He didn’t notice everyone glaring.

“I’m doing Black Lives Matter,” Zay said through his teeth.

“Boy tomorrow will be so fun!” Maya smiled. “Well lookie here it’s tomorrow already!” She called from her seat in history class.

“Farkle you’re up.” Mr. Matthews called.

“My movement is all lives matter. This is important to me because all lives do matter. African Americans complain that they’re being shot by police officers, but the truth is what’s killing Americans today are not police officers, but heart disease. Which afflicts everyone, not just people of one color, which is why we need to stop looking at it through a black and white lense. THANK YOU I AM FARKLE!” He sat down and no one clapped.

“Sir?” Zay called.

“Please save us, I can see our ratings dropping already.” Mr. Matthews muttered.

“My movement is black lives matter. Because I believe that all lives matter, but all lives are not being targeted by the police, and systematically being shot for existing. All lives are not put in prison for either doing nothing, or just on small drug charges, all lives are not denied jobs, or in one case, that happened her in New York, denied the right to breathe. No, only one type of life is treated that way. We were brought here against our will, forced to do hard labour, and when we were finally freed we still were treated like dirt. All lives matter, but every time I go outside wearing a hoodie, every time I pass by a cop, I fear for my life. And when I’m in a store, or an airport, they all watch me like hawks, and that’s not because I have great style. It’s because I’m black, and racism is alive in America today, and that is what I fight against! And that is what I am passionate about!” He ended in a yell, everyone clapped loudly before people began cheering.

“I was wrong Zay.” Farkle said at last, “it pains me to say this, but you are smarter than me. I was really wrong.” And Zay smiles and nods.

“Bro hug man.” And they went in for the hug.


“Hey Maya!” Riley called the next day after she presented, “what’d ya think of my report? Feministastic? Girliful? Civilrightsy?”

“None of those were words honey,” Maya said and Riley shrugged. “Cmon it’s time for art,” she grabbed her friends hand and took off in a run.

“You’re nervous for your presentation, aren’t you?” Riley yelled knowingly as the blonde pulled her along.



“Okay Maya you’re up.” Mr. Matthews said.

“My movement is Arts education in schools.” She looked at her paper, “arts education is really important because-”

“Maya?” Mr. Matthews asked, “are you passionate about this?”

“Very,” she responded sharply, “arts education is very important because,” she looked up at her classmates who looked at her expectantly. “Because, um, because-”

“Maya,” Mr. Matthews said, “it’s time.”

“I’m not ready,” she muttered, a tear began to fall down her face.

“Yes you are, I know you are.” He said, Maya swallowed than walked over to Riley’s desk and took her hand.

“My movement is not arts education in schools,” she said directly to her, then looked down, “it’s the lgbt rights movement.” There were audible gasps but Riley just kept studying maya. “I’m gay.” She finally whispered.

AN: this is my new AU I’ll be posting stuff within this AU later but for now, well yeah. If I got anything wrong please tell me so I can fix it. If you object to Autism speaks know that they changed their mission two days ago so they aren’t trying to find a cure anymore. Um please hit me up with any constructive criticism and thanks for reading!

we own the night;

member- yoongi

genre- fluff, angst, au

words- 4,397

summary- it’s the last day you and yoongi have before you leave for college and you dont intend to waste it. smalltown!au

a/n- longest piece of writing on this blog, whaddup. this is my story dedicated to my ultimate bias, Min Yoongi, since it’s his birthday. i really hope you like this, because it ripped out my soul to write. but yeah please dont hate me

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It’s supposed to be the best four years of your life- that’s what they say, right? “Oh, you’ll make all you best memories in high school!” or “Make the most of it, because you’ll never get it back!” is pounded into your head from the moment you begin. Those overused mantras alone bring upon enough pressure to not only get good grades, but to make sure you succeed in making enough memories and attend enough events and join enough clubs to have a “good” experience. It’s like these are your last chances to ever have a happy life.

And that is the thing that terrifies you the most. 

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Back of the Class

Requested: anonymous asked - Can you do teen!Sam x teen!Reader where Sammy gets bullied and Reader sasses the fuck out of them? a lot of fluff?

Pairing: Teen!Sam x Teen!Reader

Warning: angst, verbal abuse, sass, fluff

Words: 2,994

A/N: I’m Australian, so I have no fucking clue how American schooling works. I tried my best. If none of it is correct, I blame Google and movies. Also, part of this is from experience. I sassed out my ex boyfriend because he said my best friend couldn’t sit in the back row during Science class. Mind you, every other row was taken up already. There were three extra seats in the back row. The only difference is that there was a teacher in the classroom and my best friend and I did not get together after this. He later admitted that night that he was indeed gay…

Also, I was thinking of a part two to this. I feel that this is left incomplete, if you get what I’m saying? I feel that they deserve at least a sequel. Feedback would be good on this!

Five schools within six months. You’d think someone would be used to feeling like the new kid and wouldn’t get nervous about the first day. Not in Sam’s case. His father dragged him out to Bobby’s for the next two months as Bobby had broken a leg and arm and couldn’t do much, despite the old man’s many protests saying that he didn’t need help. That meant that Sam and Dean were going to attend school for two whole months in one school.

He was nervous because he wasn’t the type to be social. He was an awkward teenager who wanted to hide away from the world and read in peace. Staying at a school for two months meant that he was bound to meet someone and get attached. His father taught him to never do that – growing attached to someone means getting hurt. To Sam, that meant having no friends. He grew attached easily.

Having to wake up before the sun rose made both Sam and Dean groan. Their father had allowed Dean to drive them to school, which was located in the town of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Considering Bobby lived on the premises just outside of town, they had to wake up earlier just to arrive on time.  

Sam’s eyes scanned his surroundings, watching as the seniors push each other around and laugh about some joke that was made. He saw a group of freshmen walk past him earning a sigh of relief from himself. He was glad to be sophomore and no longer a freshman. Only two years left of hell, he thought.

“Alright Sammy,” Dean turned around to look at him, “if anyone gives you any trouble, let me know.”

The younger Winchester only nodded in reply, silently leaving it as an empty promise. He didn’t want to become a victim of bullying, and having his big brother stepping in only proves that he’s weak. He didn’t want that.

Dean looked at his little brother with a concerned look before walking off in search of his first class. Sam wished he had the guts to walk off the school property and go somewhere quiet. Instead, he followed his bothers lead and went off to find the room where his class was being held. He wanted to get to class before the bell went.

Once Sam located the room, he quickly walked in and looked around at the seating arrangement. His gaze was soon on a girl in the third row, too consumed on the book she was reading to even take notice of another presence in the room. Sam didn’t want to catch her attention, so he attempted to sneak quietly past her towards the back row. What was someone doing in class this early anyway? I thought I was the only one who did that, he mumbled inwardly.

“I wouldn’t even think about it,” a female voice broke the silence, causing Sam to jump a little. This earned a giggle from the teenage girl. She placed her book down and turned to look at him. Sam‘s mouth opened to question why, but nothing came out. Instead, his breath was taken away by how pretty she looked.

“The back row is claimed by the popular,” she answered his silent question, “you can sit next to me, if you want.”

Sam’s cheeks tinted pink at her words. Silently, he moved to sit beside her, placing his bag down between them both. He watched as she continued to stare him with her head tilted to one side. The unnamed girl had a smile on her face that brought comfort to Sam. He hadn’t even spoken to the teenager, yet he felt at ease with her.

“Y/N,” she broke his chain of thoughts, “what’s your name?”

“I’m Sam.”

She opened her mouth to say something but the school bell had interrupted her. She leaned over closer to me and whispered in my ear, “I hope we can be friends, Sam.”

If Sam said he wasn’t shocked by her comment, he’d be lying. He had never had someone say that to him before. Even throughout a two week stay at a school, nobody bothered to come up to him and get to know the poor boy. But here; it was his first day of school and somebody instantly took interest in him.

Maybe the next two months won’t be so bad after all. He just has to keep in mind that he can’t get attached to her.

He was right. It had been four weeks since he was enrolled at Roosevelt High School, and things were going smoothly in most ways. Sam went against his dad’s words and grew closer to the girl who took interest in him. They had both become undeniably close over the few weeks, and Sam wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Sam had trusted Y/N more than he trusted his own father. She remembered the information he gave about him and she memorized every detail in his appearance. She studied the teenager more than she had studied for a test. She took notes in the way he acted around certain topics or how he acted around certain people.

Y/N had taken the time to get to know the new kid and didn’t regret it one bit. They had become the best of friends within the month. He had mentioned to her that he wasn’t staying for long and she promised that she was going to make his two months spent here the best memory he would have. Sam believed in her words, as she was already making him smile more than he ever had throughout his childhood.

She had begun to notice that Sam was quiet during classes, only talking when necessary. During the first two weeks, he was very talkative. He spoke about every book he read and even his own stories. It didn’t matter what the topic was, he freely spoke about it. But by the third week, he began to talk less. And by the fourth, he was silent. He focused on his work more than he did to talk.

Outside of classes were different. He spoke freely and loudly. He was so carefree.

Dean took notice in how content his younger had been since the first day of school. He stalked his every move to find the source of it. When he seen Sam eating lunch with a girl in a secluded area, he couldn’t help but be happy for him. He was finally doing something for himself and not listening to dad’s demands about getting attached.

The eldest Winchester pulled the mystery girl to the side when he seen her in the hallway. She was confused when she looked at the man looking down at her, but that was replaced with a smile when noticed some resemblance to the boy she was growing closer with. Sam had talked about his older brother, Dean. He once said that he was more of a father to him than his real one was.

“You must be Dean,” Y/N grinned cheerfully.

Dean’s face softened at the thought of Sammy talking about him to his new friend. By the smile of the girl’s face, they were positive words.

“I am,” Dean replied, “You are the mystery chick who’s making my brother happy.”

She blushed at his words. To say she was content was an understatement.

“I am,” she nodded, “I’m Y/N.”

Before he could respond to Y/N, his eyes shifted to the figure that was walking down the hall. His little brother looked him in the eye before walking faster down the hall for his fourth period class. He frowned when Sammy didn’t smile or stop to speak. He looked back over to Y/N and saw evidence that she might’ve had a clue to what had happened.

“I have class with him,” she mumbled, eyes still looking at the back of Sam’s head, “I’ll try talk to him.”

With that, she rushed down the hall to catch up with Sam. Dean only hoped that she could make him happy again. He hadn’t seen Sammy upset since the day Dad told him that he couldn’t come on a hunt because his ‘small body rendered him useless’.

Y/N finally caught up to Sam, catching hold of his wrist. The feeling of her small hand wrapping itself around his wrist made him stop walking. The hallway had cleared of student bodies, people disappearing into their classrooms. Sam was nervous both two reasons. One, he was going to be late to class. Two, Y/N’s hand was still holding a grip on his wrist. Her touch made him melt and she wasn’t making the situation any better by touching him.

“Sammy,” her free hand cupped Sam’s cheek as he leaned into her touch. She didn’t need to say much more, he knew what she was indicating. He didn’t want to tell her what was troubling him; he didn’t want to be seen as a weak teenage boy who has no clue how to stick up for himself.

He finally built up the courage to look her in the eye. Sam could see the concern imprinted in her facial features and the war that went on behind her Y/E/C eyes. Y/N was searching for any emotion to appear on his features, anything to indicate what was wrong with him. But Sam wouldn’t let her in. He was ashamed for his foolish acts. He was ashamed at that fact that he couldn’t grow a pair and stand up for himself.

Instead of forcing him into telling her, she kissed his cheek and dragged him down the hall towards their class. They knew they were late, heck; Sam was panicking about the consequences of that. Y/N was calm about it as she was usually always late to class. But once they arrived, they found that the teacher himself wasn’t even there, meaning they were in the clear. That had made Sam relax, until he seen the four people he dreaded to see.

Y/N looked around the classroom to see all the seats were taken; the only two remaining unused were in the back row. She let out an annoyed sigh, knowing that this was going to strike up an argument with the three popular assholes in the back row. Tugging at his hand, she walked them both towards the back, earning a few heads to snap in their direction.

“I’m sorry, where do you think you’re going?” Aaron, one of the assholes, asked with a smirk evident on his face.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” Y/N rolled her eyes as she set her bag on the desk, making Sam sit by the window. Sam was nervous. He wanted to skip class so badly and get away from the three that were looking at him.

“Gays can’t sit in the back row,” Aaron snorted, earning a chuckle from his bimbo girlfriend, Brittany. Sam couldn’t help but tear up at the comment; he wanted to run out of that classroom. Instead, he took interest in his worn out shoes and continued to listen to their conversation.

“So, why are you back here?” Y/N’s comment caused the other student’s to snicker.

“Looks like we’re having roasted Aaron for lunch today, guys,” a guy from the front yelled, causing the class to laugh with him. Sam remained silent though. He knew he was going to get the worst of it after school if Y/N continued to insult Aaron, but he didn’t want to give away the fact that he was being bullied by the three in front of him.

“Honey, he isn’t gay,” Brittany laughed, flicking her strawberry blonde hair over her shoulders, “I would know.”

“You seem to forget that I’ve dated this fool before and the only sex he wanted was anal,” Y/N commented, smirking as she watched Brittany narrow her eyes at her, “doesn’t that hint at anything?”

The class was now beginning to pick sides, cheering for the sassy queen herself, Y/N. Nobody ever had the guts to stand up to Aaron or even Brittany, everyone knew that they would destroy you within a second. But Y/N, she had balls. She didn’t give a shit about what they thought or what they’d do. She will knock a bitch down if she had to.

But Sam was growing more anxious by the minute. His emotions were all over the place. He had begun to feel jealousy when Y/N mentioned dating Aaron and even commenting about their sex life. He knew about her past, well part of it. She had mentioned that she was once a part of the popular group but never mentioned what had happened after that.

“She blows me, Y/N,” Aaron spat, “how the fuck does that make me gay?”

“Your dick is ever only in her mouth or up her ass.”

“Men have mouths too!” A female from the front row shouted, earning a few high fives at her comment.

“He isn’t gay!” Brittany cried out, glaring at the beautiful girl beside Sam.

“Sweetheart, he’s sucked more dick than you’ve ever had,” Y/N laughed, “and that’s saying something. Why don’t you ask his best friend Ayden?”

The class was a riot after her comment. Ayden’s cheeks were red either from embarrassment or blushing from Y/N’s statement. Aaron remained speechless as he took his arm away from Brittany’s chair and place it in his lap instead. Sam knew that Aaron had just admitted defeat due to his silence.

“He isn’t gay,” Brittany grumbled, “the geek beside you isn’t allowed to sit here because he is the gay one.”

“Does this prove that he’s not gay?”

Before Sam could even register what was happening, Y/N had his face cradled between her hands as she pressed her lips against his own. His eyes widened as he stared back at her closed ones. But he soon relaxed and kissed her back, having no clue what he was doing. He wanted his first kiss to be in the middle of some field with the right girl. Instead, he got the right girl but the kiss in front of his classmates.

The cheers coming from his classmates were drowned out as the sound of his heartbeat echoed through his ears. Sam had grabbed Y/N’s waist and pulled her closer to his body, he only knew to do that from a movie he had seen with Dean.

Y/N pulled back slightly, her Y/E/C’s eyes fluttering open as she looked at the man before her. She had wanted to do that since day one and boy, was he a good kisser. She never wanted to grow so attached to him, especially after he had told her that he only her for two months. But that was down the drain the minute Sam called her beautiful when she was trying on dresses at the mall.

Sam was looking down at her, a smile making its way across his face. He can’t believe he just kissed her. Y/N was his best friend and his first real crush. At least he thought it was a crush. He liked her more than the word like. He was certain that over the past four weeks, he had been slowly falling in love with the Y/H/C haired woman in front of him. Something he vowed he’d never do as he was involved with the hunting life.

“Y/N Y/L/N and Sam Winchester!” A loud voice echoed throughout the classroom, causing Y/N and Sam to break apart and look at the teacher, “principal’s office, now!”

“Anything to get out of this boring class,” Y/N grinned as she grabbed her bag and Sam’s hand before rushing out of class.

Sam didn’t know what had rushed over him but he grabbed Y/N’s hips and pushed her against the lockers. She let out an audible gasp as she looked up at him again, feeling his breath on her lips. He smiled and brushed his nose against hers, causing her to giggle quietly. She brought her hands up to the back of his neck, playing with the hairs that were there.

“I’m so glad you did that,” Sam mumbled, lighting brushing his lips over her own.

“So am I,” she smiled before Sam pressed up against her as their lips locked again. They stayed that way for quite some time before she led him off school property and to a hidden lake that she claimed as her own. A place that she vowed she’d show to only one person; and that would be the love of her life.

Part 2


so today was an interesting experience for me. I received a message from Roosevelt High School saying that since the weather is becoming warmer we must dress appropriately for the season. I decided last night to wear the pants pictured. Mr.Scanga had stopped me going into the school and said that I could not attend my classes because of the holes in my jeans. I then asked to speak with our principal Mr.DeChent about my clothes. I was then told that he was not in the building and would have to get changed or go home. I proceeded to tell Mr.Scanga that I would wait for my parent or DeChent, whoever came first. I was then told I was being insubordinate and would be sent home. Upon arrival of my parental figure Mr.Scanga told my parent that there was a memo sent out to all teachers about enforcing this dress code. When asked for the paper handed out, it was conveniently nowhere to be found. Neither Secretary nor Assistant Principal had a copy. If the said “problem” is distracting for the male student body, they should be taught not to over sexualize the female body so much so that knees and thighs cause a “disruption for the orderly process of teaching and learning”. My outfit does not violate any aspect of the student dress code within Yonkers Public Schools Code of Conduct Page 5 Section 4 Paragraph 1. Roosevelt High School needs to stop this arbitrary dress code and sexist, or dare I say misogynistic practice.


Two Amazing Pioneering Black Women Who Made Great Contributions In the Scientific Field of Physics

Willie Hobbs Moore (1934-1994)- (pictured above) was the first African-American woman to earn a Ph.D. in physics.

A native of Atlantic City, New Jersey, Moore moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1952 to attend the University of Michigan. She earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan in 1958 and her master’s degree in 1961.[2] While working toward her doctoral degree, she also held positions at technology firms in Ann Arbor including KMS Industries and Datamax Corporation.[3] She also held engineering positions at Bendix Aerospace Systems, Barnes Engineering, and Sensor Dynamics, where she was responsible for the theoretical analysis.[4] Moore completed her thesis, A Vibrational Analysis of Secondary Chlorides, under the supervision of Samuel Krimm at the University of Michigan in 1972.[5] This work was applicable to important questions in the vibrational study of macromolecules.[1]

After receiving her doctorate, Moore worked at the University of Michigan as a research scientist until 1977, continuing spectroscopic work on proteins. In the five years following her dissertation, she published more than thirty papers with Krimm and collaborators.[5] She was hired by Ford Motor Company in 1977 as an assembly engineer.[6] Moore expanded Ford’s use of Japanese engineering and manufacturing methods in the 1980s.[7][8] In 1991, Ebony magazine named Moore as one of their 100 “most promising black women in corporate America.”

Moore was a tutor, a member of Links Inc., a member of the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, and the chairwoman of the Juanita D. Woods Scholarship Fund. She was married to Sidney L. Moore, who taught at the University of Michigan’s Neuropsychiatric Institute, for thirty years. They had two children Dr. Dorian Moore, MD. and Christopher Hobbs Moore, RN. Willie also had three grandchildren Sydney Padgett, William Hobbs Moore, and C. Jackson Moore [3]

Moore died of cancer in 1994.

Source: Wikipedia

Shirley Ann Jackson (August 5, 1946)- (pictured below Mrs. Moore) is an American physicist and the eighteenth president of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She received herPh.D. in nuclear physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1973, becoming the first African-American woman to earn a doctorate at MIT

Jackson was born in Washington D.C. Her parents, Beatrice and George Jackson, strongly valued education and encouraged her in school.[5] Her father spurred on her interest in science by helping her with projects for her science classes. At Roosevelt High School, Jackson attended accelerated programs in both math and science and graduated in 1964 as valedictorian. [5]

Jackson began classes at MIT in 1964, one of fewer than twenty African American students and the only one studying theoretical physics. While a student she did volunteer work at Boston City Hospital and tutored students at the Roxbury YMCA.[5] She earned her bachelor’s degree in 1968, writing her thesis on solid-state physics.

Jackson elected to stay at MIT for her doctoral work, in part to encourage more African-American students to attend the institution.[5] She worked on elementary particle theory for her Ph.D., which she completed in 1973, the first African-American woman to earn a doctorate degree from MIT. Her research was directed by James Young.[5] Jackson was also the second African-American woman in the United States to earn a doctorate in physics

As a postdoctoral researcher of subatomic particles during the 1970s, Jackson studied and conducted research at a number of prestigious physics laboratories in both the United States and Europe. Her first position was as a research associate at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois (known as Fermilab) where she studied hadrons. In 1974, she became visiting scientist at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland. There she explored theories of strongly interacting elementary particles. In 1976 and 1977, she both lectured in physics at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and became a visiting scientist at the Aspen Center for Physics.

At one time her research focused on Landau–Ginsburg theories of charge density waves in layered compounds, and has studied two-dimensional Yang-Mills gauge theories and neutrino reactions.

Jackson has described her interests:

I am interested in the electronic, optical, magnetic, and transport properties of novel semiconductor systems. Of special interest are the behavior of magnetic polarons in semimagnetic and dilute magnetic semiconductors, and the optical response properties of semiconductor quantum wells and superlattices. My interests also include quantum dots, mesoscopic systems, and the role of antiferromagnetic fluctuations in correlated 2D electron systems.[5]

Jackson joined the Theoretical Physics Research Department at AT&T Bell Laboratories in 1976, examining the fundamental properties of various materials. She began her time at Bell Labs by studying materials to be used in the semiconductor industry.[7] In 1978, Jackson became part of the Scattering and Low Energy Physics Research Department, and in 1988 she moved to the Solid State and Quantum Physics Research Department. At Bell Labs, Jackson researched the optical and electronic properties of two-dimensional and quasi-two-dimensional systems. In her research, Jackson has made contributions to the knowledge of charged density waves in layered compounds, polaronic aspects of electrons in the surface of liquid helium films, and optical and electronic properties of semiconductor strained-layer superlattices. On these topics and others, she has prepared or collaborated on over 100 scientific articles.[5]

Jackson served on the faculty at Rutgers University in Piscataway and New Brunswick, New Jersey from 1991 to 1995, in addition to continuing to consult with Bell Labs on semiconductor theory. Her research during this time focused on the electronic and optical properties of two-dimensional systems.

In 1995, President Bill Clinton appointed Jackson to serve as Chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), becoming the first woman and first African-American to hold that position.[4] At the NRC, she had “ultimate authority for all NRC functions pertaining to an emergency involving an NRC licensee.

On July 1st, 1999, Jackson became the 18th president of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She was the first woman and first African-American to hold this position. Since her appointment to president of RPI, Jackson has helped raise over $1 billion in donations for philanthropic causes.[8] Jackson is leading a strategic initiative called The Rensselaer Plan and much progress has been made towards achieving the Plan’s goals. She has overseen a large capital improvement campaign, including the construction of an Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center and the East Campus Athletic Village. She enjoys the ongoing support of the RPI Board of Trustees. On April 26, 2006, the faculty of RPI (including a number of retirees) voted 155 to 149 against a vote of no-confidence in Jackson.[9] In the Fall of 2007, the Rensselaer Board of Trustees suspended the faculty senate, thus prompting a strong reaction from the Rensselaer community that resulted in various protests including a "teach-in”.[10][11]

Since arriving at RPI, Jackson has been one of the highest-paid university presidents in the nation.[12] Her combined salary and benefits have expanded from $423,150 in 1999-2000 to over $1.3 million in 2006-07 and to $2.34 million in 2010.[13][14] In 2011 Jackson’s salary was $1.75 million.[15] In 2006-07, it is estimated she received another $1.3 million from board seats at several major corporations.[13] The announcement of layoffs at RPI in Decembe 2008 led some in the RPI community to question whether the institute should continue to compensate Jackson at this level, maintain a $450,000 Adirondack residence for her, and continue to support a personal staff of housekeepers, bodyguards and other aides.[13] In July 2009, the news reported on the construction of a 10,000-square-foot (930 m2) mountain-top home in Bolton, New York, overlooking Lake George. A water-quality activist raised concerns about possible environmental hazards from the construction of a driveway, but according to Department of Environmental Conservation officials, the work was in compliance.[16]

In its 2009 review of the decade 1999-2009, McClatchy Newspapers reported Jackson as the highest-paid currently sitting college president in the U.S., with a 2008 salary of approximately $1.6 million.[17] On December 4–5, 2009 Jackson celebrated her 10th year at RPI with an extravagant “Celebration Weekend”, which featured tribute concerts by Aretha Franklin and Joshua Bell among other events.[18][19] Following the weekend, the Board of Trustees announced they would support construction of a new guest house on Jackson’s property, for the purpose of “[enabling] the president to receive and entertain, appropriately, Rensselaer constituents, donors, and other high-level visitors”.[20] It was later reported that Jackson’s current house on Tibbits Avenue has 4,884 square feet (453.7 m2) of space, seven bedrooms and five bathrooms, and an estimated value of $1,122,500.[21] The trustees said that “the funds for this new project would not have been available for any other purpose”.[20] William Walker, the school’s vice president of strategic communications and external relations noted, “The board sees this very much as a long-term investment … for President Jackson and her successors.”[21] On February 2, 2010, the Troy Zoning Board of Appeals denied RPI’s request for a zoning variance allowing them to construct the new house at a height of 44 feet (13 m), which would exceed the 25-foot (7.6 m) height restriction on buildings in residential areas. The Zoning Board stated that it is “too big”, and two firefighters believed the property would be difficult to access with emergency vehicles.[22] A new plan was announced on February 25, describing how the president’s house will be replaced with a new two-story house.[23] The new house will have “9,600 square feet of livable space, divided approximately equally between living space for the president’s family and rooms for the president to conduct meetings and events”.[24] In June 2010, it was discovered that the newest plans for the house showed a new size of 19,500 square feet (1,810 m2), causing the city of Troy to issue a stop-work order until additional building fees were paid.[25] Jackson’s development and implementation of the Rensselaer Plan enabled her to secure a $360 million unrestricted gift commitment to the university.[26]

In June 2010, it was announced that the Rensselaer Board of Trustees unanimously voted to extend Jackson a ten-year contract renewal, which she accepted.[27] Shirley Ann Jackson’s compensation ranked 1st among USA private university presidents in 2014.

Jackson has received many fellowships, including the Martin Marietta Aircraft Company Scholarship and Fellowship, the Prince Hall Masons Scholarship, the National Science Foundation Traineeship, and a Ford Foundation Advanced Study Fellowship. She has been elected to numerous special societies, including the American Physical Society and American Philosophical Society.[29]

Her achievements in science and education have been recognized with multiple awards, including the CIBA-GEIGY Exceptional Black Scientist Award. In the early 1990s, Governor James Florio awarded her the Thomas Alva Edison Science Award for her contributions to physics and for the promotion of science. In 2001, she received the Richtmyer Memorial Award given annually by the American Association of Physics Teachers. She has also received many honorary doctorate degrees.[30]

She was inducted into National Women’s Hall of Fame in 1998 for “her significant contributions as a distinguished scientist and advocate for education, science, and public policy”.[citation needed]

Jackson has also been active in professional associations and in serving society through public scientific commissions. In 1985, Governor Thomas Kean appointed her to the New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology. She is an active voice in numerous committees of the National Academy of Sciences, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and the National Science Foundation. Her continuing aim has been to preserve and strengthen the U.S. national capacity for innovation by increasing support for basic research in science and engineering. This is done in part by attracting talent from abroad and by expanding the domestic talent pool by attracting women and members of under-represented groups into careers in science. In 2004, she became president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and chaired the AAAS board in 2005.

In spring 2007, she was awarded the Vannevar Bush Award for “a lifetime of achievements in scientific research, education and senior statesman-like contributions to public policy”.[31]

Jackson continues to be involved in politics and public policy. In 2008, she became the University Vice Chairman of the U.S. Council on Competitiveness, a not-for-profit group based in Washington, D.C. In 2009, President Barack Obama appointed Jackson to serve on the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, a 20-member advisory group dedicated to public policy.[32]

She was appointed an International Fellow[2] of the Royal Academy of Engineering[2] in 2012.

Jackson serves on the boards of directors of many organizations:[3]

Shirley Jackson is married to Morris A. Washington, a physics professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and has one son, Alan, a Dartmouth College alumnus.

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Follow You pt. 2

Summary:  Bucky Barnes thought that ‘going under’ would be best for him. He thought that entering himself into a comatose would diffuse the war that waged within his mind every time he closed his eyes. When it doesn’t work, he’s back at square one, and Tony Stark enlists the help of New York’s brightest and most ambitious psychologist in order to help the newest member of the team.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,714

A/N: I originally posted this on, so if it looks familiar to you, that’s why.
But I absolutely love writing this fic, and recently I’ve hit kind of a wall with it, so I figured I’d post it here and maybe you guys would give me the inspiration I need to finish it. So, I really hope you like it.

Read part one here!

And part thee here!

Originally posted by winterscap

She left with a cardboard box chock full of information.

Tony had given her everything he had; an abundance of files, video tapes, and scheduled interviews with the other members of his organization who could give her more insight into the Winter Soldier. She poured over it for hours after she left the tower, staying up til dawn re-reading every little piece of new information until she memorized every word.

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Kids today...

…Are, amid everything that is awful, giving us quite a bit of hope.

Here’s a photo snapped by our friend Juliana of the 300 or so students of Roosevelt High School who walking out of class today. Another 1,000 left Garfield this morning, as well as 50 from Rainier Beach, 17 from South Lake, and 130 from West Seattle.

The event is not sanctioned and the schools will mark the absences as “unexcused.“

We’re pretty sure that demonstrating solidarity and utilizing their constitutional rights is a good excuse. 



The sharp beeping of interrupted my sleep. I groaned, rolling over and banging my fist into my alarm clock. 

Damn, another crappy day of school. 

Light was starting to stream through my curtain and I could hear those pesky little birds chirping. 

I jumped up from bed, knowing the faster I got ready the faster the school day was going to go. 

I ran a brush through my wild hair and threw it up in a bun rather than try to tame it. I threw on one of my floral dresses and headed downstairs. 
My uncles were already off to work so I ran through the living room and burst through the front door, heading off to the nearby high school. 

I arrived at the gigantic front doors just in time to hear the first bell ring. If I didn’t run I wouldn’t make it to my first period class. Biology. 

The usual feeling of dread spread through my stomach before I threw the door open. I settled into my usual seat in the very back of the class and got ready for the tedious lesson ahead. 

The next period, algebra, was just as slow and boring. 

Finally third period rolled around and it was one of the classes that surprisingly didn’t make me fall asleep. History. 

I walked through the door only to be caught off guard. The teacher that is never absent was. 

Today we had a substitute. 

*CASTIELS POV* ”There’s three substitute teaching positions that need to be filled this week. We need to decide who gets what.” Sam said from the front seat. 

We were in the Impala making our way to a new case in a small suburban town in Arizona. 

Teaching children was not going to be a strong suit for me. 

“What kind of classes are there?" Dean asked, taking his eyes off the road. 

"There’s an English class, an auto shop class and a history class." Sam replied. 

"I call auto shop!" Dean suddenly yelled causing Sam to jump. 

"Fine. But I think Cas should teach history." He replied. 

"Why do you think that I should teach history?" I said, freaking out a little on the inside. 

"Because you’ve been around for all of it. Besides, do you really think you should teach English when your fist language is Enochian?" Sam explained and I shrank back against the seat. 

"Fine." I folded my arms across my chest. 

We pulled into the parking lot of Roosevelt high school.  

This was going to be a long week. 

Sam was right. I knew everything from the history books. 

Just a different version. 

It was the last few minutes of my second class and I had let them ask me any history questions they wanted. 

"Mr. Novak, what are your thoughts on Christopher Columbus?" A blonde girl in a cheerleader uniform named Crystal asked. 

They apparently thought that my ’altered version’ of the human history was more interesting than their books. 

I chuckled. ”Well he was kind of a moron. I mean even the biggest idiot can tell the difference between America and India.”

A rumble of laughter bounced across the room as the dismissal bell sounded and they all jumped up from their seats. Filing out the door. 

I sat back down in the teachers and rubbed my eyes. Teaching was exhausting and I still had five classes left to teach. 

Students started arriving for the next class but I didn’t bother looking up. I was ready to sleep, I have never slept before. 

I was surprised that only two classes in and I was ready to do it for the first time. 

The bell sounded, signaling the start of the third class and I jumped up, uncovering my eyes to look at the students. 

"Good morning class, I’m Mr. Novak. I’ll be your-" I froze and nearly dropped the clipboard that was in my hand when my gaze rested on a girl sitting in the very back of the classroom. Far from everyone else. 

That’s not what had caught my attention though. Something glimmered behind her back and after a few moments of trying to see what it was they finally came into view. 

The girl had wings. She was an angel. 

Her eyes were focused on the window, looking past the glass and to the sky. 

Meanwhile the rest of the class was staring intently to me, waiting for me to finish my sentence. 

I cleared my throat and continued, trying to seem like a normal substitute teacher. But I still was in shock so my sentences seemed to be rushed. 

"I’ll be your teacher for the next week. I’m going to call out names and when I do please raise your hand." I commanded, sounding somewhat professional. 

I looked to the clipboard in my hand, to the list of names that didn’t seem to be in any order and called out the first name. ”James Michaels?” 

"Y/n?" I called out about the tenth name but there was no answer. 

"Y/n?" I called once again to be sure and everyone turned to the silent angel in the back of the class. 

Now was my chance to get a closer look. 

I walked to the back of the room, y/n’s gaze still focused on the blue sky. While mine locked on to her wings. 

It was a stunning sight to see. It looked like the air around them bended to try and block them from being seen. The edges tipped with all the colors of the rainbow. 

The longer I tried to uncover their true identity the more secrets they seemed to hold. 

I tapped her shoulder and she jumped before looking at me sheepishly. ”Are you y/n?” I asked. 

*NORMAL POV* I stared out the windows and did what I usually did. I ditched the world of reality hastily and went straight for my fantasy world. 

What would it be like to be a bird and soar high above the world? I thought as a crow swept by the window.  

Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder, shattering my fantasy world. I looked up apologetically towards the sub. 

"Are you y/n?" Mr. Novak asked looking behind my back every couple of seconds.  

He didn’t look like a teacher type. He had cropped black hair, blue eyes and a wiry but still muscular build. Models would sell their souls to have that combination. 

"Yes. Sorry about that." I apologized and he just shrugged, turning around on his heel, running to the front of the room. 

Okay, that was weird. 

Mr. Novak started in on the lesson for the day while I drifted back into my fantasy world. 

Before I knew it the bell rang, telling us that the class has ended. I gathered my backpack, making my way towards the door quickly. Time for study hall. 

*CASTIELS POV* Y/n exited the class quickly, keeping her head down and I watched her go. 

Is it possible that she doesn’t know what she is? Could she be the lost angel? 

My thoughts drifted as the next class filed in the room. This was the class that I didn’t need to teach, they would just sit in here and do what they wanted. 

One more class before the lunch break and then I would be able to consult Sam and Dean. 

*NORMAL POV*  I met up with my only friend in the school, Ariel, during study hall. We never actually studied at this time but we got to hang out which was cool. 

"Did you see that Mr. Bradshaw wasn’t here today?" Ariel asked me about the history teacher as we walked away from the library. 

"Yeah. Did the sub seem kinda off to you?”

“No, why? Was he being kinda pervy towards you?! Let me know if he was cause I’ll kick him straight in the-" 

"No not that. He seems kinda weird is all. No need to get into that kind of trouble again. Especially for me." I cut her off. We didn’t need another teacher quitting because of Ariel. 

She laughed and put her arm around my shoulders. ”If not for you, then who?” 

"Good point." I laughed with her. No use in arguing. 

The bell rang once again signaling for us to part ways and get to class. 

"See ya later." Ariel called as she raced down the hall to her bio class and I headed for English. 

Once again there was a sub. A sub that was a humongous person and made me look like a five year old. 

God, did his parents inject milk straight into his bones when he was little?

I sat into my accustomed seat in the back, far from others and slipped back into my dreaming world. Hoping for this class to get through quickly. 

The lunch bell chimed off and everyone jumped up from their seats at once. I followed shortly after and went looking for Ariel. 

*CASTIELS POV* As soon as my fifth  class let out I locked the door and disappeared to the impala. 

I waited against the side of the car for about five minutes before two familiar figures walk up to me. 

"Come on, Cas. Let’s go get some nasty cafeteria food." Sam said and followed them in the direction of the big cafeteria. 

I was bursting at the seems, I couldn’t wait to tell them the information I had found out but I waited until we were sitting at a table. 

"Okay, Cas. Tell us whatever you’re so desperate to tell us before you piss yourself." Dean said as soon as all three of us sat down. 


"There’s an angel that goes to school here." I blurted out hoping that they understood me. 

Their eyes went wide and leaned in closer. ”Are you sure Cas?” Sam said in a hushed tone.  

I nodded. ”Yes. But I don’t know if she knows what she is or not.” 

"If she is an angel then how would she not know about it? Wouldn’t she see her wings or yours for that matter." Dean matched Sam’s whispering. 

"If you tell someone something enough times, even if it isn’t true, they’ll start to believe it. If someone told her enough times that her wings or others wings weren’t there her mind would just accept it and tell her they aren’t there." I replied. 

"Who do you think she is?" Sam leaned away and started to dig into his food. 

"I think that she is the lost angel." 

"The lost angel?” Dean raised his eyebrows. ”That sounds like some cheesy movie.” He pointed out. 

“What is the lost angel?" Sam asked,  ignoring his brother. 

"It’s not my favorite thing to remember." I sniffed. 

"Yes. Tell us." Dean said around a mouthful of food. 

I exhaled loudly. Might as well get this over with.  

"Well. After Lucifer got the boot, but before he got locked up in the cage god had decided to create a new favorite. He knew that Lucifer wouldn’t be happy at the new arrival so he decided to have the angel mature on earth until she could defend herself. He picked three angels to protect her until then. The first was Gabriel. The second was a cherub that I can’t quite place the name of. And the third," I took a deep breath from my babbling. 

"The third was me. She was created and sent straight to earth where she was to be delivered to Gabriel. But she never made it to us. Lucifer’s demon prototypes had intercepted and took her. She was never seen after that. God was already saddened by Lucifer’s betrayal but seeing his new creation being stolen from him was the final straw. He left. She was the last thing he created. The lost angel was his last." I finished, Sam and Dean had stopped eating to listen to the tale.

"What’s her name?" Dean recovered and took a huge bite of food. 

"Y/n. She’s sitting right over there." I nodded my head towards the girl sitting quietly, reading a book. 

"I had her in my English class." Sam looked to y/n then back to me. 

"We need to be very careful around her, we don’t know if she is the lost angel or not but if she is then she has been raised with demons over the last few thousand years. We don’t know what she knows or what she’s capable of.”

“What do you suggest we do then?" Dean looked from his food. 

"Follow her. See what happens, who’s with her." I replied. 

"Yes, Cas, let us, the new substitutes follow a student around. Cause that’s not creepy or pervy." Dean rolled his eyes. 

"Was that sarcasm?" I asked confused. 

"Yes that was." Sam responded to my question then looked to his brother. "But unfortunately, Dean’s right. Following a student is weird so we need to be extra carful." 

"Of course." I nodded as the bell rang. 

Only two more classes to go.  

We agreed to meet up after the last class and follow the unsuspecting angel. 

*NORMAL POV* My last two classes went by quickly and I was finally free to escape. As I was walking out the front doors I felt a hand on my shoulder, causing me to jump. 

"Hey are we going to your house today?" Ariel asked and I relaxed. 

"Yeah but my uncles are going to be there." I replied as we started to walk down the road. 

"That’s fine." She smiled. 

We arrived at my house and the door was unlocked. They must be home already. 

I threw the door open and looked around, uncle Scott was sitting on the couch, laptop open. Uncle Adam was on his computer sitting in the kitchen. 

"Hey." They both greeted at the same time not looking up from their laptops then went silent once again. 

Ariel and I headed straight for my room. Once there I pulled out my homework and Ariel pulled out her phone. 

I swear a zombie apocalypse could come crashing down around us and that still wouldn’t make her get off her phone. 

I laughed at my thought then turned some music on, getting started on my mountains of homework. 

Half an hour in Ariel nudged my leg with her foot. ”I’m going to go get something to drink, want something?” She asked. She knew my house more than I did. 

"Grab me a coke." I replied not looking up from my math. Without looking I could tell that she rolled her eyes. 

"Sure thing." She hopped to the door and walked out. 

A few moments later I remembered something. We only had Dr. Pepper. 

I raced out my door trying to catch up to Ariel but I stopped at the top of the stairs when I heard her say something to my uncles. 

They rarely talked. 

I hid at the top of the stairs, behind a wall as I heard them talk. 

"There was a couple of hunters at school today, along with an angel it’s time to move y/n again." Ariel hissed. 

Hunters? Angel? Move me? What the hell?

That couldn’t be what she said. I leaned closer, trying to hear them more clearly.  

"See? I told you to be more careful." I heard uncle Adam scold. 

"I think- I think they’re the Winchesters." Ariel stuttered. 

"Dammit. I told you. I told you.” Uncle Adam repeated and it sounded as if he started to pace. 

"And the angel?" Said uncle Scott. 

"I’m sure he’s Castiel, one of the three assigned to y/n." Ariel sounded resigned. 

They were talking about me I was sure if it but apart from my name the rest of it sounded like gibberish. 

"I think that they picked up on her trail." Ariel continued. 

"We need to get rid of y/n. It’s the only way to get out of here without a trace." Uncle Scott piped up. 

"Didn’t Lucifer want her alive?" 

I looked around the corner to get a glimpse but what I saw almost made me squeak in fear. 

They all had black eyes. 

I hid back behind the wall desperate for some answers. 

"Yes but he isn’t here and he already failed at getting out if the cage. I say we cut our loses and hightail it out of here." Adam said. 

I didn’t think I could call them uncle anymore.  

"Are we agreed?" 

"Agreed." All three of them replied. 

I hightailed it to my room and closed the door silently, locking it behind me. 

I didn’t know what the hell they were talking about but I was sure it wasn’t good. 

I opened my window, thank god that I opened it regularly so it didn’t squeak. 

I threw my leg over the ledge and hooked my foot expertly onto the lattice. 

My attention snapped to my door when I heard the door knob start to jiggle. ”Y/n? Why is the door locked? All I could find was Dr. Pepper.” Ariel called. 

I focused back to my climbing and my head disappeared as I heard Ariel’s fists pounding against the door. 

"Y/n? Open the door!" She started calling over and over again. 

My bare feet hit the dewey grass and I took off running. 

Where was I going to go? The police? I would just get locked up in the looney bin. 

I ran for a couple of seconds, not paying attention, before I hit something very solid but kinda squishy. 

I looked up to apologize the the person but when I saw who it was I jumped back about ten feet. 

Mr. Novak smiled but that’s not what I was gaping at. 

Behind him were a pair of gigantic wings. 

Instead of running back to the place full of people who wanted to kill me or running past the winged man into the realm of sanity, I stood in my place. 

"What are you?!" It came out more hysterical than I intended. 

"Are you okay, y/n?" Mr. Novak’s voice sounded urgent. There was something about him that made me feel a little calmer but not by much. 

*CASTIELS POV* She could see my wings.

Y/n nodded slowly then looked back towards the house she just escaped from. Three demons stood just outside the door looking towards us. 

I grabbed y/n gently by the arm and placed her behind me. She made a sound in protest but remained where she was. 

She apparently trusted me more than the three who have kept her captive for the last few thousand years. Now that I was close to her I could tell. 
Y/n was the lost angel. 

One demon came running up to us but Dean had came up and started to fight with the demon. Sam following just behind and he headed straight for the other two. 

I turned to y/n. ”Come.” I commanded but she took a step back, her eyes wide. 

What are you? Who are you? Are you going to kill me?” Her voice peaked with fear. 

"We’re not going to let any harm come to you. My name is Castiel and I’m an angel of the lord. Same as you." I answered. 

Her eyes widened even further. ”You’re not an angel. I’m not an angel, they don’t exist. They’re a fantasy.”

We didn’t have time for this. 

"Look at your back, look at my back. How do you explain that?" I asked.  

Y/n’s eyes darted to look behind me and then she looked behind her. 

Her wings were no longer trying to hide. 

"We need to get you out of here. We can protect you." I said before she was done taking in the sight of her own wings. 

"Those were never there before." Her voice was shaking. 

I laughed quickly. ”They were always there, you just don’t remember. Please come, I will help you remember your past. Please.” I pleaded then held out my hand. 

She looked at me cautiously before grasping my hand. 

I wasn’t going to lose my sister again.