• <p> <b><p></b> <b></b> *"Here Comes the Sun" begins to play and everyone looks around*<p/><b>Nico:</b> *pulls out his phone and answers it* Hello, Babe. I'll be there in a minute. See you, Will. Yeah, sure.<p/><b>Demigods:</b> ...<p/><b>Nico:</b> Got to go. I've a Doctor's appointment. *runs out of the room*<p/></p><p/></p>

“Does Gianni know?”
“How do you…feel?”
“I know it’s scary, but…you’re gonna be good. You’re gonna be great. I know you, Roon. You’re cut out for this, you and him both. Any kid you make will be perfect. Honest.”
“I’m gonna look like a whale at our wedding.”
“Yeah, but a beautiful whale.”

I'm pretty sure that's a safety violation

So, my school told us we were going to have a fire drill at 2:00, Thursday.

The day comes and we sit in math class waiting.

(Here’s the thing about this math class. It’s right by the lobby of the auditorium. This is a very isolated classroom. No other classrooms are nearby and we can’t see the staircases from that roon.)

We are sitting in class with the door closed, waiting. (The doors are supposed to be closed.)

It’s now 2:07 and we still haven’t heard the alarm go off. So, someone opens the blinds on the window and notices that people are evacuating.

We open the door and we could hear the alarm go off.

It was like 10 minutes later until we heard the alarm go off.

Gotta love that safety. We’d be burnt if the was an actual fire. 😶