It’s 1 in the afternoon and I’m singing along “She must be a lezbian” #shemustbatfortheotherteam

Lonely girl

Ima Ima rap this for you …

Girl, girrl, gurrl, gurrrl,

I feel ya,

I hear ya,

And this goes out to ya …

You’re greener than the sky,

Bluer than the Westy Lake,

Heart’s made of dirty grey,

Feet hardened with white suburbian oppression

Rights suppressed by them tears

Told to shut up everyday

Shut up in the closet

Shut up in your wrangling mind

Shut up in your voiceless words

It’s okay though,

You’re still there to pick up their pieces,

Girl, girrl, gurrl, gurrrl

Your Prince is on his way,

Except she is an aristocrat. 

Just wanted to say, happy birthday bb.

I love and appreciate you.