rooms i have slept in


we’re all wrong…

it’s not that now that Jungkook has his own room, Jimin visits his room often…

it’s now that Jungkook has his own room, he still goes to HopeMin’s room to sleep…

I’m good… I’m done…

Ah, happy birthday, our sunshine Hobi Hobi~ ♥

I Wish I Was You

A fic for @snowbaz-feda
Word Count: 4505
One day, Simon wakes up in Agatha’s body. That’s weird. But things get really messed up when he accidentally starts dating Baz. (And he might or might not have to deal with his feelings for his enemy. Things are going great.)


When I wake up, something seems different. I blink in confusion, looking at the ceiling. This is not how I usually wake up. It looks like I’m on the other side of the room. Have I slept in Baz bed? No way, he would never allow that. (I accidentally did one night in second year. I was so tired that night that I couldn’t even find the light switch on the first attempt. When Baz found me the next morning, he almost threw his math book at me. Never found out where he was that night.)
I frown, as I realize that my hair is a lot longer than I’m used to. How would it grow like that over night? Hesitant, I sit up and look carefully around the room. There are flowers on the windowsill. On the wall, there are posters of movies that I haven’t seen. On the chair, there are some rose colored clothes, neatly piled up. That’s when it dawns on me – this is Agatha’s room. I’ve been here before. (Not often. We rarely hang out without Penny, and Penny doesn’t like Agatha’s room. She says the smell makes her sick.)
How did I get here? Why can’t I remember anything about it? Agatha will kill me if she finds out that I slept here.

My gaze falls on the small mirror on the nightstand. But I don’t see there what I expect to see – my own reflection, probably a really confused look on my face. Instead, I see Agatha. Or rather, Agatha’s face. My first thought is that she’s been trapped in the mirror, but then I realize that I do see my reflection. Except that my face is a different one. Why the hell do I have Agatha’s face? And – as I now see – Agatha’s body? And why did it take me so long to figure that out? Baz would call me an idiot for not noticing it immediately.
I guess I’m less shocked about this than I should be. After years of living in the wizarding world, there’s not much that can still surprise me. I wonder if this is the Humdrum’s work. Or maybe it was Baz? Playing a prank on me? It probably was. That git. But if I’m Agatha now, where’s she? Did she wake up in my body?
I have to find Penny. We have to reverse this as quickly as possible, before people start talking to me, thinking I’m Agatha. I’m not good at pretending to be someone I’m not. I just have to stop myself from thinking about it until I can try to find a solution to this problem.

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Ambitious // Jack Maynard

There you go @dansdimpledance  :)
Request: Hi! I’d love an imagine with Mr. Jack Maynard! My idea includes, cuddles, kisses, grumpy me, whiny attention needing  Jack and just really fluffy lovey dovey stuff!

You sighed in exhaustion as you lent your head against the cold car window, Conor looking down at you worried.

“Y/N you sure that you’re okay? I mean I’ve already asked you several times now but that’s like the first time in weeks that I see you out of your room and without a book or some paper in your hands but even here you seem so stressed. I know Christmas shopping isn’t the most relaxing thing sometimes but we got all the presents we need and you seem way more stressed than the typical ‘Christmas-shopping-stressed’.”

He was right. It was way worse than this kind of “stressed” and the fact that your boyfriend Jack was gone for a few days because of YouTube meetings and other events didn’t make it better.

“I’m so sorry, Conor, I’m really stressed, my head feels like it would explode any second . Uni is so fucked up recently, especially around Christmas these bastards of professors literally try to press everything into your brain and I’m so afraid of failing any exams, they’re so important to be accepted to the finals in February.”

Conor’s worried look formed into a warm smile, “Hey love, don’t push yourself that hard, okay? First you’re like the smartest person I’ve ever met and you’ve been studying all day, just give yourself a break, I promise you, you will still pass all the exams. And second, Jack is going to be back in two days. I know I’m annoying but I’m doing my best”

You chuckled lightly, you loved the buttercreams like brothers. But right now you were alone with Conor because all of them YouTuber boys were somewhere around England, going to Christmas events and taking parts in important meetings. You really were not used to everything around you being so quiet.

You two got back to the Maynard-Pieters-Y/L/N household and Conor started hiding the Christmas presents you bought for the boys and your parents in his room while you went back to your room and started studying. Again.
Hours later you heard familiar voices coming from behind the room.

“She slept in while studying. We have to, I don’t  know, distract her from that stuff, she nearly can’t bear the stress.”

“Shit, I’ll look after her. This week away from here took the power out of me too.”

Wait, was that Jack? Footsteps came closer to your room and suddenly you were wide awake. The door opened quietly and carefully and your messy haired dork of boyfriend that you loved so much stood in the door frame, smiling widely as he noticed that you’re awake.

“Hey baby, surprise, I’m back early, some meetings got cancelled. I thought you were sleeping? How are you?”

“Well this beautiful sound of the to you belonging voice slowly shook me out of my sweet dreams.”, You teased in a raspy voice.

“Then I probably have to come into bed with you and give you many cuddles and kisses to bring you back to dreamland..”

And with that he threw his bag in some corner of the room, closed the door behind him and threw himself onto the bed. You laid on your backs, heads turned to keep eyecontact. Jack cupped your face in his left hand, came closer and pressed a long needed, passionate kiss to your lips. You didn’t hesitate and kissed back of course. You just realized how much you really missed him and as you pulled away from the kiss, he pulled you as close as possible, wrapped his arms around you and let you bury your head into his warm chest.

“I love you so much.” He said, kissing the top of your head carefully.

“I love you too Jack. So much.”

You woke up surprisingly early the next morning, untangled yourself from Jacks grip around you and got up. You let him sleep, he looked so peacefully and he definitely needed this long sleep now. As you got to the kitchen to grab something fast to eat you met an only in underwear dressed Josh.

“God how amazing it was to not see this every morning.” You joked.

“Yeah good morning to you too, sleeping beauty. How’s uni going?” He laughed and wiggled his butt laughing.

“Eww, don’t ask, it’s horribly exhausting at the moment so I’ll just grab an apple and be right there studying on the sofa if you need me.” You said annoyed, grabbed an apple from a bowl in the kitchen and went back to your sleeping boyfriend to get your uni stuff out of the room. You went over to your desk as quiet as you could, took the books and just as you turned around you heard a raspy morning voice that sent shivers down your spine say, “Stop right there, little lady” , You turned to look at him, a threatening look on his face so you waited and said nothing.

“Put those books away and bloody stop studying for a day, okay? Let’s just stay in bed.”

“But Jack…”

“No Buts. Don’t be grumpy and cuddle me, I missed you being by my side.” He pouted.

How could you say no? You laid the books back down and began walking out the room, “wait a sec.”

Jack was confused but grinned widely as you came back, carrying your favourite movies and some chocolate in your hands. Jack opened his laptop and you threw yourself onto the bed. He started the first film and held you in his arms, you had your head on his chest.

“Just imagine I had half of the ambition you have…” He chuckled.

“You sure have a lot ambition. I just have too much sometimes.” You smiled, kissing his jaw.

“Oh you think so?” He snapped sarcastically what he earned a playful slap for.
You looked deep into his ocean blue eyes and were surprised by Jack closing the gap between your lips, kissing you very needy and passionate, the movie long forgotten.  That made you smile against his lips before kissing back and moving your lips in perfect sync. You both pulled away and you laid your head back on his chest but looking up to his face while he drew comforting circles on your back with his fingertips. He looked at you admiring.

“How did I get so lucky?” He said dreaming.

“Well you’re just a lucky guy I must guess.” You whispered against his neck, brushing your lips over it lightly.

“Fuck off” Jack laughed, grabbing your hips and pulling you closer.

“I love you.” He whispered honestly while first kissing your forehead and your nose between the words and stopped right in front of your lips.

“I love you too.” You whispered and pecked his lips.

I’m so sorry that it’s so bad and short.. I hope you still like it though. ♥

More than This-Stiles Stilinski (/Theo Raeken) {Part 16}


[part 1- 15 / masterlist]

A/N: Part 16, a slight mess honestly. A mixture of angst and fluff and humor…i hope that you enjoy this! :) I also feel like this story is coming to an end…i don’t know when but it’ll happen.

*warnings* mentions of anxiety, mentions of death, alcohol, cursing..that’s it i think?

,,Look at me and tell me you never want to see me again.”

I don’t know why exactly now, but I started bawling like a baby. The fact that he had even thought that that was what I wanted. That I would never want to see him again. It was just so frustrating. I felt like he had absolutely no clue what was going on inside my head, like he just couldn’t figure out how I felt at all. To be fair, I couldn’t myself. The only thing I was sure of was that by no means, was that what I wanted.

Living in a world that Stiles Stilinski was not a part of? Impossible.

So I collapsed in his arms and for the second time that night, we just stood there, holding onto each other. He grabbed my waist so hard I felt as though he was going to crush it, but I didn’t mind. I gripped at his soaked shirt, trying to pull him closer. This time, no guilt was there. What we did, did not feel wrong. It was what we both needed in that moment. It was kind of messed up, we we’re sad and angry at each other and needed someone to comfort us but the only person who was able to give us the comfort we needed, was the person in front us. I felt like losing him, so I needed him to hold me. A light shade of pink, painted on my cheeks, when I felt him press a gentle kiss on the top of my head. He then whispered, his voice hoarse ,,I guess you don’t want that.”

I couldn’t help the tiny laugh that escaped my mouth, feeling a weight being lifted off my shoulders because in our fragile state, he was still able to make a joke. Remembering he must still be drunk, I loosened myself out of his hold.

,,We should probably go inside. You’re drunk, I’m exhausted, we’re soaking wet and it’s freezing cold.” I suggested, a small smile on my face to assure him I wasn’t pushing him away.

This situation was still so confusing, our moods seemed to constantly change, emotions shifting every minute. Maybe all it took was a night of sleep, so in the morning, we could make a rational decision. We were just too vulnerable right now.

Stiles nodded and lowered his gaze, then carefully took my hand before looking back up again, to see if I was okay with it. Instead of answering, I laced my fingers with his while we headed back inside.

When we opened the door, we were met with two curious pair of eyes, peaking out of the living room. Scott and Kira had already cleaned up the floor and when they saw us standing in the hallway, looking like we just took a fully clothed bath by the way, they both tensed up.

,,Are you guys…okay?” Kira asked hesitatingly, eyebrows raised.

I turned to look at Stiles, squeezing his hand briefly.

,,We’re going to be.”

Kira smiled at me and I smiled back, nodding as in I’ll tell you later.

Scott, who had disappeared upstairs came back with two fresh towels and handed them to us.

,,My mom just texted me that she isn’t coming home tonight, she’s staying at a friend’s house.”

,,Dude, she’s totally sleeping at Chris’” Stiles smirked, rubbing his hair with the white towel.

,,Yeah, I was aware of that, I just didn’t want to say it out loud, Dude.” Scott quickly snatched the towel away from Stiles and motioned for us to go upstairs.

,,Now go and get some clean clothes Stiles, but don’t you dare take my favorite shirt! Oh and (y/n), you can wear my clothes too. You can all sleep here tonight, I don’t want you and Kira to drive back home so late again.”

Kira tapped him on the shoulder. ,,And what do I sleep in? I didn’t bring pajamas, you said your mom would be home.”

Scott sighed. ,, I guess we’re all wearing my clothes tonight.”

Stiles and I laughed, which earned us surprised looks from our friends, but they soon joined us.

This moment, right here, that was gold. Me and my best friends all laughing together, being happy and content. It was something I almost forgot, something I missed and was glad to have back.

,,Well, I guess we should go to sleep. It has been a long night.” Kira suggested, Scott putting his arm around her shoulder and she cuddled into his side.

,,Yeah I’m sorry about that.” Stiles  said, rubbing the back of his neck.

,,Don’t worry about it. Go sober up in the guest bedroom. (y/n) can sleep in mine. At least the possibility that she’s going to throw up on my bed is smaller.”

Me and Stiles went up the stairs while the two lovebirds stayed in the living room, I was guessing they were going to sleep on the couch together.

We picked out some clothes out of Scott’s drawer, even though I felt slightly embarrassed wearing his clothes, especially in front of Stiles. It was also kind of weird since he was Kira’s boyfriend, but I knew it didn’t make her feel uncomfortable. I grabbed a big blue crew neck and some loose sweatpants, which Scott owned a ton of. I went to the bathroom to change while Stiles stayed in Scott’s room.

Quickly shimming out of the wet clothes, I almost tripped twice. When I had finally managed to put on fresh clothes I felt much better. I was already warming up. I hung the wet clothes on a rack next to the heater and looked in the mirror. Luckily I wasn’t wearing any makeup that could have smeared all over my face from the rain, because Kira dragged me out of bed and I had already removed it. But my hair was starting to curl since it was drying, so I still looked like a mess. A frizzy mess. I put my hair up in a loose bun, used the toilet and washed my hands. ( am I the only one who noticed that in fanfictions/imagines, the people NEVER have to use the toilet? Ever?)

Then I opened the bathroom door, got out, and headed straight to Scott’s room, assuming Stiles was already dressed.

Which of course, wasn’t the case.

Instead, he walked around the room, his wet hoodie stuck on his arms and face. He awkwardly tried to free himself, wiggling his arms. I tried my best not to laugh but when he stepped his foot at on edge of the bed and loudly cursed, I just couldn’t hold it in any longer.

He jumped when he heard my laugh and turned into the direction the sound was coming from. He couldn’t see me because his hoodie was blocking his vision.

,,Care to help me instead of just mocking me?” he said, his voice muffled by the fabric in front of his mouth.

,,Sorry, the sight was just too funny.” I giggled, already walking towards him to start the rescue mission.

I grabbed the sleeves and helped him pull of the hoodie, which turned out to be really hard because the wet fabric clung to his body. After a minute of pulling and tugging and wiggling, we were finally able to free him. For a moment we just looked at each other and laughed, but when the laughter died down, and my eyes turned downwards for a brief second I took a moment to fully realize that obviously he was shirtless and how close we were standing. Our gazes locked and my breath hitched.

Then he opened his mouth and murmured ,,How do you like this sight?” but not before noticing how my eyes flicked to his lips, which then turned into a wide grin.

Getting pulled out of whatever trance I was in, I slapped him across the chest.

,,Shut up, Idiot.” I said, trying my best to sound angry.

He just continued to laugh ,,I remember a similar situation to this. It ended up pretty interesting.”

Pictures and pieces flipped through my mind, memories of the time at the motel. My face flushed at the thought.

,,Put a shirt on Stilinski. I wanna go to bed.” I demanded, handing him the shirt he had previously picked out.

,,Am I invited?” he tilted his head and smirked. God he needs to stop doing this.

,,Yes actually.” I I let my hands glide up his chest until they rested on his shoulders. He looked surprised and swallowed hardly, his eyes focused on me.

With a swift motion, I turned him around, him now facing the door.

,,You’re invited to go sleep in the guest room. Alone.” I patted his shoulders and lightly pushed him forward, grinning proudly.

Stiles put on his shirt and turned around. ,,You’re a real fucking tease, princess.” He huffed, scratching the stubble on his jaw, something I found to be extremely attractive and was definitely a turn on, which I chose to ignore.

Crossing my arms in front of my chest, I responded ,,Deal with it.”

He just shook his head amused and then walked out of the room.

As he opened the door to the guest room, right across from Scott’s bedroom, I just watched him with a smile on my face, finally feeling it again.

Feeling that he is my best friend.

With that same smile on my face, I crawled into the bed, turned the lights off and slowly drifted off to sleep.


Horrific screaming woke me up. I instantly turned on the lights, my eyes squinted, not yet adjusted to the brightness. When I could see clearly, I looked at the clock that hung on the wall in Scott’s room. Five A.M., I must have barely slept.

Then again, a loud scream ,,MOM! NO!” it was coming from the guest room, the familiar voice of Stiles, crying out.

Oh no, a nightmare, I thought.

I was already used to this, Stiles has been in my life ever since I can remember.

The first time it happened was when he was about eleven, his mom had died a few weeks ago. My parents were away for the weekend on a business trip, so they asked John ( I know his name was confirmed to be Noah recently but idc) if I could spent the days at their house, since Stiles and I were not just best friends, but his father was a very good friend of my parents at the time already.

We had stayed up until nine, watched scary movies and ate tons of curly fries. I remember us both falling asleep on the floor in front of the TV, only to wake up in the middle of the night to Stiles sniffling beside me, tossing around. Waking him up and asking him what was wrong, I’ll never forget his young freckled face, so innocent but filled with sorrow. All he said was ,,I miss my mommy.”

Then, my younger-self took his tiny hand in mine and told him everything was going to be okay. Thinking back, it still broke my heart. It was his first nightmare, but definitely not his last. Anxiety and panic attacks soon followed. But whenever something like that occurred, I was always there to comfort him.

I got out of bed and tip toed silently into the guest bedroom. The sun was starting to rise, the room was dim, a soft orange tone. Stiles was tossing and turning, the sheets crumbled and tangled around his legs. Carefully, I slipped into the bed, lying next to him. A light amount of sweat was glistening on his forehead, stains of tears on his face. He kept pushing around with arms and legs. I pressed my hand on his cheek, turning his face to me.

,,Stiles. It’s okay.” I whispered, repeating it louder when he wasn’t reacting. Suddenly his eyes jerked open, so much fear in them. His whole body was shaking. When he first saw me, he flinched, but after realizing it was me, his facial expression softened, and he relaxed, still breathing heavily. ,,Hey, I’m here.” I gently caressed his face. “I..i..h-had..” he stuttered, his voice shaky. I just nodded ,,I know. But it’s okay now.” Slowly his breathing slowed down, and I could feel his fear disappear.

We just laid there and looked at each other while he was calming down. My eyes felt heavy and I was growing more tired.

,,(y/n)?” Stiles whispered, his index finger drawing little circles on my cheekbone.

,,Mhm.” I cooed, his gently touch lulling me to sleep.

,,Will you stay?”

I didn’t answer, instead I cuddled up to him, laying my head on his chest and putting my arm around his torso.

He got the message, placing a soft kiss on my hair, a habit he had picked up just today, and resting his head against mine.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms, the last thing I heard being Stile’s steady heartbeat.

[part 17 here]

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Second Family

* Philip Hamilton × Reader
* Modern
* 16: Come back to bed.
* 26: Did you enjoy yourself last night?
* Requested by anonymous
* Request: I was wondering if you could do 16 & 26 with Philip?

A/N: Here’s another! Sorry it took a while. I had stuff to do and a slightly busy weekend ahead but an easy week. But it could be a few days before I get another one done. But enjoy this one for now!

Word Count: 1,982


The day you were born, your father cried. Tears of both joy and sorrow. He now had a daughter but also, your mother passed away in labor. Your father was able to raise you well enough for only a few months. Then, you needed more attention and your father needed more work for more money.

“Why do I need to dress nice, dada?” A 4 year old you asked one morning as your dad picked out some matching clothes, something you were still struggling with.

“Well today I’m going to go and see if the neighbors would be willing to watch you while I work. They have 3 kids right now. A boy two years older than you, another little boy that’s two years younger than you, and a little girl that’s your age. I’m sure you’ll get along with them.” He said. Your father grabbed your hand and walked you across the street. It would be cheaper and you would get more affection and care than you would from a daycare.

He reached up and knocked on the door. The door was pulled open by a woman with long black hair and dressed in light blue. She had a small toddler balanced on her hip. “Oh hello.” She crouched, still holding the child. “You must be Y/N.” She said sweetly. You smiled and hid a bit more behind your father.

You and your dad sat on the couch with the kind woman. She talked with you both a bit. And some point, a little girl with curly hair ran through the room giggling. She was followed by a boy, only a few years older. He had curls and freckles. He flashed you a wide smile before following his sister.

After that day, you spent most days with Eliza Hamilton and her children. Philip was the oldest, followed by Angie who was the same age as you, and little Alexander Jr. Over time, Eliza and her husband had more kids and you grew up with them. Your dad and you were often over for family meals, the Hamiltons claiming it wasn’t the same without you there. You and Angie were best friends, she was the sister you never got.

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if it was: part six

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven

Summary: Part six of the soulmate/enemy-on-your-wrist au based off of this post. Penny is magic and fixes stuff.

Words: 1700

Warnings: none

hmmmmmmm. a lot of talking that needs to happen before we can move on to the fluff. i’m not sure about this part, i’m not sure i like it, but that’s okay i guess…..hopefully you guys will like it. let me know what you think :)

Fifth Year (again)


I watched Baz’s face twist into something strange and foreign, an expression pained and unguarded that I didn’t recognize, and then he was yelling hoarsely, calling me a bastard, and running and running away. My wrist still hung in the air with his name spelled out on it. I slowly lowered it.

My head spun. Why would he be mad? Mad that I might be his soulmate? Did he hate me so much that the very idea makes him furious? My head hurt and I felt dizzy all the sudden. Agatha was still standing there looking at me. Suddenly she turned, hair swinging around.

“Baz was right, you are a bastard.” Her shoes clicked as she hurried down the hall, shoulders hunched and arms hugged to her stomach. That hurt. Even if she wasn’t my girlfriend, Agatha was supposed to be my friend. But right now she was the least of my problems.

I sat down, head in my hands, and tried to sort everything out. It seemed no matter how I thought about it nothing made sense. Suddenly someone cleared their throat. I looked up. It was Penny and she looked mad. I hadn’t even heard her approach.

“What do you think you’re doing?” She demanded, hands on her hips.

“What- What do you mean?”

“Saying no to Agatha!”

“I’m sorry, but I just-”

“You have no idea what she’s going through! And you like her, you asked her out before. Why the hell would you say no, Simon?” I thought of Baz and I felt my face turn red.

“What is it? Why are you blushing?”

“S’nothing.” I mumbled, shrugging. Penny squatted to come face to face with me. I avoided her searching eyes.

“Simon. Tell me.”

“Fine.” I reluctantly flipped over my wrist and showed it to her. She didn’t blink.

“Yeah, it’s Baz’s name. I already know that he’s your enemy, why are you showing me that?” I shrunk away from her and shook my head.

“No what? No it’s not Baz’s name?” I shook my head again.

“I don’t want to play a guessing game, Simon. Just tell me.”

“No he’s not my enemy.” I mumbled.

“That’s ridiculous, what else would he be?” I blushed harder. She scrutinized my blushing face then her mouth dropped open.

“Oh. Oh!” She plopped to the ground next to me. “No way. Baz?” I nodded. She shook her head in disbelief. “Baz? Really?”

“I already told you, don’t make me say it again.” I was glad the halls were empty now. The after dinner traffic had cleared out so no one was here to witness our conversation (and my humiliation).

“Okay but…wow.”

“Yeah. I was trying to…trying to tell him but then he called me a bastard and ran away.”

Penny frowned, biting her lip. I couldn’t tell if she was upset about Baz being my soulmate. “Huh. That needs to change.”

“What do you mean?”

She smiled at me, nudging my shoulder. “Well I can’t have my best friend’s soulmate mad at him, can I?” I smiled sheepishly back at her. Penny’s the best.



I was alone in my room, staring at my reflection in the mirror. A well-proportioned face framed by long silky blond hair faced me, light brown eyes with long natural lashes beating into my own. The pouty lips were pursed in a frown. Was I not pretty enough for him? Could he tell that something was inherently wrong with me and changed his mind? Didn’t want to date a freak? That must be it. Why else would he say no?

I heard the door swing open but I didn’t turn around. I could see it was Penny reflected in the mirror.

“Hi Agatha. Are you alright?”

I huffed at my reflection. “No.”

She walked in and sat down. “It’s not what you think, Agatha. Simon didn’t say no for…well, for any reason you would think.”

“Really?” I turned and frowned at her. “Then why did he say no? Give me one reason that wouldn’t hurt my feelings.” To my surprise Penny’s eyes gleamed, and she struggled to stifle an excited grin.

“I really shouldn’t tell you but…I just can’t not tell anyone.” She was nearly bouncing in her seat. “Oh, come and sit down Agatha so I can tell you!” I went and sat next to her. I was curious what had her so excited.

“What is it?”

She leaned forward conspiratorially. “Simon and Baz are- Baz and Simon are- They’re-” she sputtered breathlessly, “They’re soulmates.” I blinked at her incredulously.


“They’re soulmates!”

“Yes, I heard you the first time, but what?” Penny grabbed my hands. “I know! All these years, we all thought they were enemies.”

“Yes.” Suddenly I laughed. “That’s ridiculous!” Penny laughed with me. “I know!”

That cheered me up, and we talked and laughed for a while before Penny had to go do homework, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

It seemed everyone had someone but me. Driven by a sudden determination not to feel sorry for myself, I opened my laptop and typed in the search engine:

‘don’t have a soulmate’

I clicked ‘enter’ and scrolled through the images. Lots of dramatic photos with depressing or inspirational quotes. I sighed as I scrolled past several hand-clasped couples lit by romantic sunsets. Then a word I didn’t recognize popped up.


Huh. I typed ‘define aromantic’ and searched.

I stared. And reread it. And stared some more. And reread it. Slowly a elated light feeling blossomed in my abdomen and spread through the rest of my body.

An aromantic is a person who experiences little or no romantic attraction to others. Where romantic people have an emotional need to be with another person in a romantic relationship, aromantics are often satisfied with friendships and other non-romantic relationships.

I brushed my fingers along the words, then laughed at the screen, tears welling up in my eyes. Aromantic. I’m aromantic. I’m not a freak. There are other people like me. I’m not alone. I’m not alone. I’m not alone.

I couldn’t stop smiling and crying. And for the first time in a very long time, I was okay. I was perfectly, utterly okay.



I lay on Niall’s bed, trying not to think and willing myself to not exist. It was the day after Simon had shoved his wrist in my face and I had spent the night in Niall’s room so I wouldn’t have to see him (not that I slept much). It was into the afternoon now and dusty sunlight streamed through the window onto the bed. I turned my head away from the light.

I never wanted to see him again. I wouldn’t be able to without being overwhelmed with humiliation. Even thinking about it made my hands shake and muscles tighten anxiously. I chuckled bitterly, what would my father think if he saw me now, rendered useless because my idiotic crush didn’t like me back. Absolutely pathetic.

Whatever. I had a right to be pathetic. I pulled the blanket up to my chin.

I had almost managed to drift off when there was a sharp knock on the door. Maybe they would go away if I stayed quiet. The person knocked again, insistently. I sighed and dragged myself heavily out of bed and to the door. I cracked it open. It was Bunce.

“Bunce. What are you doing here?” My voice cracked with exhaustion and I internally cringed. She lifted her chin, eyeing me curiously.

“I’m here about Simon.”

“Come to mock me too, have you?” You could hear the sleepless night in my voice.

“No. Baz let me in, I need to explain.” She tried to push in but I blocked her.

“What could you possibly have to explain?”

“Just let me in!” Bunce was scary when she insisted on something.

“Fine, fine.” I grumbled, conceding, and let her past. She promptly walked over and confidently plopped down on the bed. I glared at her but she only smiled.

“Okay, what is it?” I stayed standing. She scrutinized me intently.

“Do you like Simon?” I stared at her. Heat rose to my cheeks and my tongue felt thick, useless.

“Of course not. Why do you want to know?” I stammered, trying to keep my cool.

“Because Simon likes you.”

Was she mocking me too? I looked at her earnest, excited expression. It didn’t seem like it. She had to be joking, but it was a nice fantasy.

“No he doesn’t, don’t be ridiculous Bunce.”

“Yes he does,” she paused dramatically, “He thinks you’re his soulmate.” I stared at her some more, uncomprehendingly.

“That’s what he was trying to tell you earlier.” She said smugly.

No, it couldn’t be. Definitely not. I wouldn’t let myself get my hopes up, I refused to let myself be made a fool of any more than I already had. I was silent.

“You need to talk to Simon.” I nodded, still hesitant. She looked at me carefully, then grinned. “I think you do like Simon.”

“No…” I protested. But it sounded defensive and weak, even to me. Penny’s eyes sparkled.

“Okay, whatever you say.” She leaped to her feet and marched smartly to the door. “Good luck Baz!” She gave a little wave, then disappeared.

I took a deep breath, then another. I would talk to Simon. A little bubble of hope made my heart beat fast but I quickly shoved it down. I would talk to Simon, that’s it. Let him explain how it was all a misunderstanding, that he’d only meant that he couldn’t focus on a relationship when I was tormenting him all the time, and then I would smirk and make fun of him and everything would go back to normal.

I exhaled slowly, then brushed back my hair and quickly changed into fresh clothes that I knew highlighted my physique. I admired myself in the mirror, raising my chin and giving my best self-assured smirk. 

If I was going to thrust myself into a position of humiliation I might as well look hot doing it.


For my anon who requested this one-shot: you know who  you are.

The apartment was quiet; too quiet. It had been that way for days, and after sitting on almost every piece of furniture, after cleaning every room twice—some more than twice—Aria had to leave. She would stay with Spencer in the barn…just until she knew what was going on.

The two had done a decently good job at putting all thoughts of Ezra, Nicole, Colombia, and weddings into a distant realm of thought, hardly reachable and certainly not brought up on purpose. They were seated in Spencer’s living room, a plate of brownies between them, and each of their cell phones—black screens turned face down. They could go one night without thinking about A, or anybody else for that matter. Surely it was possible. Surely it was good for them.

Just as Spencer was about to suggest they put a movie in, there was a knock on the door, and as if she wasn’t on edge enough, Aria’s heart immediately sank to her stomach. She looked at Spencer in a panic, her doe eyes wide.

Spencer licked her lips and got up to answer the door. “If you don’t want me to let him in, I won’t,” she started, “but I can’t not answer the door.”

“What am I going to do? What am I supposed to say?”

“You don’t have to talk to him if you don’t want to…”

Aria could tell Spencer didn’t agree with the words that were coming out of her mouth. “But?”

“But I think you owe it to him…I think you owe it to yourself. You can’t avoid him forever, that’s not fair.”

“I’m not avoiding him. I didn’t know he was home.”

“Well, you know now.”

Spencer didn’t wait for a response before walking over to the door. She hesitated when she reached for the knob and chanced a quick glance behind her at Aria, who was still perched at the edge of the couch. The blanket she’d been curled up under was forgotten in a heap on the floor. She was so far at the edge of the couch, she looked like she might fall off. There was a coffee in her hands but the only purpose it served was being a hard object to cling to. Her hair piled and pinned on top of her head and Spencer’s pajama bottoms too long on her small legs.  Spencer thought Aria looked like she could be sick.

She pulled the door open before she could second-guess herself. The porch light cast a warm glow over his skin and she saw the unmistakable trace of tears under his eyes. She wasn’t sure what to say.

“Hi,” she said softly.

“Is she in there?”

His voice was deep. Cracked and broken.

“Ezra…” Spencer said, hesitating. She held the door slightly closed, letting her body shield Aria and the rest of the barn from view. “I don’t know if this is a good idea.”

“Spencer, I’d like to talk to my girlfriend,” he said. He looked tired.

The words set her back. “No,” she said, her lips tight. She lifted her head a bit, looking up so that she could avoid his eyes for a moment. “She’s not your girlfriend. She’s your fiancé.” The words were hard to say, because she knew that they hit both sets of listening ears in different ways.

“Listen, I had to go. She knows that. Spencer, I know I fucked up, I didn’t leave on the best of terms, I know that, but I need to talk to her. Please.”

His last word was desperate. Aria could hear the tears in his voice from across the room; she didn’t need to see the residue on his skin.

“Look…” Spencer hated running interference. “No one blames you for going. You did what you needed to do. Aria doesn’t blame you, I don’t blame you, honest. I’ll let her know you came by, that you’re home and—and that you’re safe, you can talk in the morning…”

“Spence?” Aria cut her off.

Spencer turned to face her small friend with a heavy heart. She’d padded over to the door, completely unheard.

“I’ll take it from here,” Aria said.

Spencer nodded, the battle they were fighting striking close to home in a certain way. Her voice was almost inaudible as she mumbled a soft, ‘okay’. Silence sat heavily between them as she willed herself to move from the doorway so that Aria and Ezra could speak. She let her body slide away from the door and as she passed Aria, she reached out and grabbed her hand. Standing there beside Aria, with her back to Ezra, she leaned down and whispered, “I’ll be right here if you need anything. Okay?”

Aria squeezed her hand and gave a slight, tight-lipped smile in return.

Once Spencer had gone back into the living room, Aria was able to make out every nuance of the man before her. He was changed somehow.

“Can I please talk to you?” he asked quietly.

“Of course,” Aria said. She stepped forward and walked outside, closing the door behind her so that they could have a shred of privacy.  She summoned all the courage and all the love she had in her heart as she spoke her next words. “How is she?”

Ezra cleared his throat. “She’s…she’s good. Adjusting as well as can be expected.”

“I’m sorry – that was probably a silly thing to ask, I’m sure she’s been through hell. I’m just…” she stopped her rambling short and reached one arm out from where it had been tucked at her chest and held his forearm. “Ezra, I’m so glad she’s alive, that they’ve found her, I’m just… I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry.”

Ezra nodded his head, though he was having a hard time looking her in the eye. They stood for at least a minute, just listening to the croaking and chirping of nature as they settled into each others presence. He took a breath, coming to a decision internally, before he spoke.

“Why aren’t you home?” he asked.

Aria was taken aback by the question. “I—“ she stammered, “Ella’s been redoing my room, you know that.” She removed her hand from his arm and tucked it back between her breast and her underarm. She swayed on the spot, picking up her bare feet and dusting the bottoms on her pant leg, unsure how to handle the awkwardness between them. “I guess I could have slept in Mike’s room or on the couch, but Spencer offered—“

“No,” he said. He looked at her long and hard before going on, his eyes soft, his lips slightly parted. He reached out and held her at arms length, taking every piece of her in. The air was nippy but not cold. Just crisp enough to keep him alert. “Why weren’t you home? I waited for three hours before it occurred to me that you might not be coming back.”

Now it was Aria’s turn to leave her mouth slightly parted. She didn’t know what to say. She took in the way his hair was mussed; at first she thought it was disheveled from the plane ride, but now she could tell it was from countless instances of his hand being run across his scalp, a nervous habit she adored.

“I didn’t think I should be there when you got back,” she said. It touched her that he was still referring to his apartment as her home as much as it was his. “I wasn’t sure if she’d come home with you or not…but I wanted to make sure she was comfortable if she did. I just didn’t think I should be there.”

“Nicole went home to be with her family.” He ran his arms up and down, from her shoulders to her elbows. “And I came home to be with mine.”

Aria’s eyes were welling up with tears and she was chewing on her lip without pause, as if sucking on the supple flesh would somehow qualm all the unease coursing through her.

“Aria.” Her name fell from his lips in desperation. He bent slightly at the knees, his hands still holding fast to her arms. “I shouldn’t have left you hanging like that,” he said.

“No, Ezra, please.” She was nearly choking on her words. “She needed you. You had much bigger things to worry about—I’m fine, I promise.“

“No.” His tone was direct, to the point. “She needed me, and I needed to be there, but you should have never stopped being my priority, and I’m sorry that I didn’t put you first.”

“Ezra, please don’t – she had every right to be in the forefront of your mind. You are allowed to be preoccupied by this.”

“That doesn’t excuse the way I left you.”

He gingerly brought her forward, one arm snaking around and holding the small of her back, the other coming up to cup her cheek. Her hair was falling away in some places, framing the soft curve of her face. He pushed a piece away from her eyes and ran his finger under another, unsticking it from her lips.

“Please tell me you know this didn’t change anything,” he breathed.

Aria’s breath caught in her chest. She felt her chin begin to quiver as more tears started to form in her eyes. She took in a shaky breath, trying to keep herself from crying.

“Oh, god,” he whispered. “Come here.” He pulled her to him and she crashed into his shoulder with the weight of days. Days of worry, days of crying, days of not knowing what her life would be like in the coming weeks. All that she had come to know, the life she’d been about to build, the life she’d been looking forward to…it had suddenly been put on hold and she had no idea if it would be picking up where it was left off. Ezra held her close, closing her petite frame entirely in his arms. He placed his lips at her temple and took in a ragged breath, reveling in the warm vanilla of her shampoo and the soft touch of her skin.

“Forgive me,” he said.

Aria leaned into him more, memorizing the feel of his body against hers. Her mind rushed back to the moment she dropped him off at the airport. The kiss they’d shared had been full, but of what she hadn’t been sure. Full of “I’m sorry” or “I’ll come back”? Full of “I love you”?

She knew now that it had meant all of those things. But in the days between that goodbye and this hello—if you could call either a goodbye or hello—she’d been uncertain that it had meant any of those things. She’d been uncertain that it meant anything at all.

Ezra pulled back and dipped a little so he could look her directly in the eye. He pushed all the stray hairs around her face back so that he had a clear view of her face and any expressing that passed over it.

“Forgive me,” he whispered again. He leaned in and cupped her face, and Aria was quick to meet him halfway. When their lips met, it was with all the forgiveness and all the love either of them could muster. She let her hands find the nape of his neck and she buried them there. He pulled her close at the waist and deepened the kiss when she didn’t immediately pull away. After a few seconds, which felt like minutes or hours even, Ezra drew back and caught her attention again, not letting her form any distance between their bodies. “Please come home with me.”

Aria nodded and let her body answer for her. She brought her lips up to delicately linger on his, tracing every curve with her tongue. Her breath was hot, but then again, so was his. As she cupped the side of his face, she felt a fire renew between them.

She didn’t need to go anywhere; she was already home.

#59: He's Your Brother's Best Friend | Part 3


Final part of this x

Preference 59: He’s your brother’s best friend

Preference 59: He’s Your Brother’s Best Friend | Part 2


Luke’s fingers rolled over each other in a nervous and bored habit, his eyes switching between looking at the screen and towards Y/B/N, though; it wasn’t much attention he was receiving back, Y/B/N’s tongue sticking out in concentration from the game in front of him and Luke. To be honest, Luke had been absent throughout the whole day. Since the night before where Y/B/N had told him that they would need a conversation about you, Luke had been nervous as balls and couldn’t think of anything else in his mind. He was scared, and in a fear of not getting any acceptation at all from your brother, for god sake he was your brother’s best mate, it was clearly somehow against the rules of the bro code, but Luke couldn’t contain himself! And that was the main reason why he was in such a fear, what if Y/B/N’s conclusions to everything would be a big ass red no printed in Luke’s forehead? Just by thinking at it made him cringe, his shoulders shaking lightly as he tried to shrug it off. ”You cold man?” Y/B/N asked, already reading out for a blanket to Luke, but he refused, his eyes widening when you walked past them in the living room al of the sudden, heading towards the bathroom. ”Oh, right yeah.” Y/B/N said all of the sudden, looking over at Luke. ”We had to talk about her.” He mumbled, pausing the game. ”Okay, don’t look so freaky I haven’t even started.” He almost chuckled when he noticed Luke’s state, Luke just nodding his head. ”I’m not gonna yell at you or confronting you or anything else. My only wish here is for you to not break my little sister’s heart. I’ve been thinking about this overnight, and at first I was mad, but after a little while, I cooled down. I thought about it and concluded that it would be ten times better to let her date someone I actually trust instead of some douche.  So I’m letting you ask her out, and we’ll see afterwards how it works out. Okay?” Luke broke into a smile, eyes wide with joy. ”Do you mind if I ask her now?” He asked, not expecting a no as he stood up from the couch. ”Do whatever you want man.” Y/B/N laughed as Luke tumbled towards the hallway. Yet he forgot about the fact that you were at the toilet so when he passed by the door, the two of you smashed into each other. Luke grabbed you by the arms to prevent you from falling, his whole body filling with panic. ”Will you go out with me?” He blurted, looking down at you with wide eyes, you doing the exact same with yours, raising your eyebrows as well. ”I mean, uhm- Well shit.” Luke smacked his hand against his forehead in stupidity, yet you could only giggle at him which made him look down at you stunned and confused. ”Come again Luke?” You requested, crossing your arms and cocking your head as you looked at him smirking. Luke’s mouth mixed between being shut and open, yet with no words coming out, making him look like a fish. ” uh.-” He stammered, looking down at you with wide eyes. ”Okay, don’t say anymore, my answer is yes.” Luke’s eyes turned wider now, ”You don’t even wanna hear what your brother said?” He asked curiously, but you only shook your head. ”Our walls are thin; I heard everything from the bathroom.” You giggled, lifting yourself up on your toes to give him a kiss on the cheek. ”How about you pick me up at 5 today?” A wink was send from you making Luke blush instantly while he nodded his head fast. ”Great, uh, yeah.” He smiled, nodding his head as he watched you back away into your room.


Calum opened his mouth in shock, ready to explain why in the world he was in your bed, and embracing you, or well, to be honest he had no idea how it had happened, of course he remember the part with watching films with you. But he barely got the chance to watch half of the movie done before he had fallen asleep next to you, and he had thought that you probably wouldn’t mind anyways. But of course he had forgotten about Y/B/N. ”Spare me for any explanations, I just have one question.” Y/B/N exclaimed, Calum shifting on the bed to sit up straighter. ”Are you naked?” ”What?” You exclaimed in confuse, sitting up as well. ”What the fuck, dude?” Calum looked just as confused as you, yet Y/B/N got a satisfied smile on his face. ”Good.” He smiled, the two of you starting to look at each other. ”Aren’t you mad at all? Wanting to yell in our faces?” You questioned, feeling Calum’s hand under the duvet rubbing over your bare thigh. ”No, why would I do that?” He laughed, walking forward and taking a seat on your bed by your feet. ”Because.. Isn’t that the normal brother attitude ritual? And especially since Calum is one of your best mates?” Y/B/N sent you a ridiculous smile with a mix of disbelief. ”You’ve been watching too many movies Y/N.” He laughed, yet Calum was just as confused as you, looking up at Y/B/N weirdly. ”Why?” ”Because, I mean look at the two of you. I know you both so well, I couldn’t get myself to be mad at this. I know that the both of you are totally fancying each other, yet not wanting to realize it yourself. Jesus Christ, if you guys hadn’t slept in her room the night before, I would’ve have set you up myself. I just want the two of you to be happy. And if that means that you guys have to be together, then it will be.” Both you and Calum’s cheeks were blushing now by the sudden announcement of you actually confessing liking each other, Calum running a hand through his hair. ”I just have one rule.” He suddenly said, looking more serious now. ”What?” You questioned, one eyebrow rising. ”I do not want any sex here. Those events will appear at Calum’s flat.” ”Y/B/N.” You exclaimed, grabbing a pillow from behind you and throwing it towards him. ”I’m serious, though.” Y/B/N chuckled half serious, looking down at you. ”Fine, okay?” You mumbled to his satisfaction again, him walking up from the bed and leaving the room. ”What the hell just happened in here?” Calum mumbled dazed, looking down at you confused. ”I have no idea to be honest.” Your hand came up to your eyes to scratch the sleep out of them, blinking a few times afterwards. ”That was just weird.” ”Yeah, but now I can finally do this.” He winked down at you before leaning his mouth towards yours, placing a rather soft kiss to your smaller shock. The kiss lasted longer than expected, turning more passionate by every fifth second. ”Wait.” You mumbled, moving away from him. ”What?” He mumbled, placing a kiss right beside the corner of your mouth. ”We promised that we wouldn’t have sex here.” You whispered making Calum crack out loud in laughter, his face leaning into your neck. ”I doubt he will hear anything.” Calum winked but you leaned away with your face from his waiting lips. ”Come on, just kiss me at least.” He pouted, watching you as you placed your head on your pillow. ”No. Cuddle me instead.” You requested and he looked down at you confused for a second before he gave you a warm smile, moving around so he was behind you before he pulled you into his chest. ”This is the best feeling ever.”


A plate and a glass of water was placed right next to Michael’s half sleeping form, his eyes blinking a few times before he opened them fully, confuse gazing his mind when he saw the plate and you sitting on the bed next to him. ”I brought you breakfast.” You announced as if it wasn’t clearly, Michael furrowing his eyebrows as he looked at the plate next to him with a piece of bread on it, his mind forgetful at first, but when the hangover and headache hit him, he remember everything clearly. But when he looked down at himself, his eyebrows furrowed again in more confuse, looking up at you. ”I swear I was wearing something differently last night.” He stated, you smiling, ”It’s Y/B/N’s. You had to borrow it since yours got dirty last night.” Michael’s eyes went wide and he wanted to sit up straight on your bed, his headache dunking in his head as he did. ”What uh- Happened?” He questioned, clearly confused and dazed. ”Well you felt a sleep. And everything went well, until the exact moment when the last guest left the house.” ”Oh no..” Michael instantly moaned, pushing the cold cloth that was already on his forehead closer to his head trying to prevent the headache that was causing him pain. ”Do I even wanna know?” He asked, making you let out a giggle. ”You puked literally everywhere. I had to give you one of my old school bags to throw up in before I almost carried you to the toilet. We stayed out there for probably 25 minutes until you almost looked like you could pass out. So Y/B/N cleaned up your mess when I dragged you back to my room. Just as soon you hit the pillow you were out like a light. I remember afterwards to take a puking bucket with me in case of any new accidents. But luckily enough for you, there was nothing left in your stomach, so you slept well.” Michael’s eyes went wide by your explanations, yet you couldn’t point out whether he was just shocked or had to puke again. ”You need the..” You mumbled fast before reaching down to your floor, taking up the bucket. ”No, no, I’m okay.” Michael reassured, not feeling any nausea in his body, just the repeating headache almost killing him. ”Oh.. Good.” You mumbled, placing the bucket back again on the floor, watching Michael as he sipped on his water and took a few bites of his bread. ”Thank you.” He suddenly said making you look up at him. ”For what? Helping you with puking?” You almost laughed making a smile come across his lips. ”Not just that. Just thank you for taking care of me and letting me sleep in here. I hope I haven’t scared you away already.” His hand glide on the duvet over to yours before his warm hand connected with yours, intertwining your fingers. A blush came across your lips by the sudden action, your mouth forming into a small ”o” As you looked down at your fingers. ”You haven’t, I assure.” You reassured, a smile breaking onto Michael’s lips by your words but was changed fast when his name was yelled. ”Michael you sick puking bastard, stop flirting with my sister and get the fuck out here, we have a party to clean up, it looks like a landfill.” Michael moaned instantly by the mention of his name, his head falling back to his neck. ”The worst part that comes along with parties.” He groaned before he let go of your fingers and stood up from the bed. He send you a wink before he turned around on his heels and headed out of the door. ”This won’t be my last meeting in here Y/N.”    


Your back was pressed against your chair as you looked out of the window in your room, your phone in your hand as you were snapchatting with some of your friends. Yes, you had said to Ashton and Y/B/N that you went to bed, but just as soon as you came into your room, you were too offended and angry to get the slightest sleep. You just wanted to be alone. But that failed completely when the sound of footsteps was aloud out on your hallway, the sound of your door cracking open. ”Y/N?” Ashton asked, your eyes instantly rolling by his sudden appearance. You just scrolled up the volume of your music just wanting him to leave and let you be alone, not wanting to deal with him. ”Are you trying to ignore me?” He exclaimed after trying to get your attention for a few seconds, but without any reaction from you, Ashton turned irritated. He noticed the music in your ears which made him roll his eyes by your immature action, marching towards you before pulling the both of them out, ”Hey, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” You exclaimed angrily, Ashton ignoring you this time by plugging the headphones out from your phone and swinging them over his shoulders. ”Hey give them back.” Your hands reached out to grab the headphones but Ashton moved so he was out of reach. ”What do you even want Ashton?” You almost pouted, not wanting him to be a tease at this point. ”I wanna talk.” ”I don’t wanna talk.” You said stubbornly before reaching out again, yet Ashton just moved away from you again as he took a seat on your carpet in front of you, crossing his legs. ”Listen, I know I offended you back in the kitchen.” ”Oh, really?” You stated, crossing your arms. ”Yes, and of course I regret it!” He said, mimicking you by crossing his arms as well. ”And I was stupid, it was a dickmove, like, how in the world could I point out that you’re younger and it would be disgusting, when I’m best friends with your fucking twin! My point is just that I’m really sorry Y/N.” His eyes tried to find yours but you avoided his, trying to find any spot in your room to focus on so you wouldn’t have to meet his eyes. ”Stop being so stubborn.” He ordered, moving his body so his knees were resting on the floor supporting his body. ”No.” You said, almost trying to prevent the giggle from your lips by the immature state you were currently in. It seemed so ridiculous that you could almost not laugh. Ashton looked up and down your body before a smirk came to his lips, your eyes going wide when you could feel what’s coming. Ashton’s hands sneaked up to your armpits before started to tickle, your laughter splitting out by the sudden action, Ashton’s giggle filling the room as he tickled you. ”Stop you shit.” You mumbled through giggles, Ashton shaking his head. ”Not until you say that you will go out with a dork like me.” He stated, you just shaking your head. ”Never!” You yelled, moving around on your chair as he continued his actions, tears ready to spill from your eyes. ”Okay, okay fine I will go out with you.” You admitted to make him stop, Ashton stopping his action. ”Really?” He asked stunned, not knowing whether you had said yes due to his tickling or just because you actually wanted. ”Yes, really.” You smiled, Ashton showing off an award-winning smile, placing a kiss to your cheek to your surprise. 

random head canons

After Bitty got his concussion–and was sent home and told to rest, I imagine Jack pulled Bitty’s deskchair over next to his bed and sat there watching him without blinking to make sure he didnt die. He tried to keep him awake so he didn’t lapse into a coma. *poke* “Bittle, wake up.” *poke* Bittle, you can’t fall asleep.” (Shitty’s trying to pull Jack out of the room and telling him they don’t do that now that they have CT scans.) Jack pokes Bitty. “Bittle, tell me more about Behanna,“ Bitty sits up like how dare u, “It’s Beyonce, you heathen.” Shitty and Ransom and Lardo drag Jack out of the room. Lardo tells Jack to stay out of Bitty’s room or she’ll put something gross in his bed.

Jack stalks around the house murdering a stressball and whisper shouts at people to tip toe and keep their voices down. Until the stressball pops. Shitty and Lardo throw him in the car and drive him to Duxbury and make him look at the ocean and then they buy him an ice cream and hug him.

I ran up the stairs and easily found Elvis’s bedroom. How different it was from his ordinary-looking quarters in Germany. I never imagined him living in such luxury–thick carpets, exquisite furnishings–but the room had a welcoming, lived-in feeling. And then my eyes fell on the king-size bed in the middle of the room. I immediately thought of how many women might have slept there…whose bodies he had embraced and fondled….and even worse, whose lips had passionately pressed his and driven him to ecstasy. I couldn’t think about it anymore. I walked over to the French doors, which overlooked the driveway, and saw Elvis’s guests exchanging good-nights as they got into their cars. Knowing he’d probably be coming up soon, I rushed into the large adjoining bathroom. Within ten minutes, I had jumped in and out of the bathtub, combed my hair, brushed my teeth, and dusted my entire body with some powder I’d found in the medicine cabinet. I put on my favorite blue pajamas and stood motionless before the door leading to the bedroom. This was the moment I had both longed for and feared. I sat down on a chair and remembered that when I’d been fourteen, Elvis had said that I was “too young.” Now that I was sixteen I tried to imagine just what this new Elvis, whom I hardly knew at all, might be expecting of me. About fifteen minutes later, I heard him as he opened the bedroom door, yelling down to his cousin, Billy Smith, who also worked for him: “Don’t let me sleep later than three tomorrow, Billy.” Then I heard him close the door, lock it, and call out, “Where are you, Baby?”
“I’m in the bathroom,” I shouted. “I’ll be just a few more minutes.”
“Don’t take too long. I want to see my girl.”
I still couldn’t move. He called again: “What are you doing in there, Cilla? No one takes this long to get ready for bed.” It was the moment of truth: Taking a deep breath, I opened the door and walked out. Elvis was lying on the bed, facing me. I walked slowly toward him, climbed into bed and lay down next to him. Our faces were only inches apart. It was an unexpected moment of tenderness that I was mesmerized looking into his eyes. We lay there for what seemed like a long time, staring at each other until our eyes filled with tears. Elvis softly touched my face. “God,” he whispered. “You don’t know how much I’ve missed you. You’ve been an inspiration to me. Don’t ask my why, but I haven’t been able to put you out of my mind since I left you in Germany. It’s been the one thing that’s kept me going.” I couldn’t hold back any longer: Tears streamed down my face. Elvis look me in his arms and held me close, but I couldn’t get close enough. If I could have gotten inside him, I would have. “It’s gonna be all right, Baby. I promise you. You’re here now and that’s all that matters. We’ll have a good time and not think about you going back.” As we lay in the dim light, he soon discovered that I was still as untouched as he’d left me two years before. Relived and pleased, he told me how much this meant to him. It was as if every feeling I had as a woman began to emerge, and I began kissing him passionately. I wanted him–I was ready to submit entirely to him. He returned my passion. Then, abruptly, he stopped. “Wait a minute, Baby,” he said, speaking softly. “This can get out of hand.” “Is there anything wrong?” I was fearful that I wasn’t pleasing him. He shook his head, kissed me again, then gently put my hand on him. I could feel for myself just how much he desired me, emotionally and physically. He pressed his body to mine and it felt wonderful. “Elvis, I want you.” He put his fingers to my lips and whispered, “Not yet, not now. We have a lot to look forward to. I’m not going to spoil you. I just want to keep you the the way you are for now. There’ll be a right time and place, and when the moment comes, I’ll know it.” Although confused, I wasn’t about to argue. He made it clear that this was what he wanted. He made it sound so romantic, and, in a strange way, it was something to look forward to–just as he had said. Later that night he told me that I had to stay with friends of his, George and Shirley Barris. Although I protested, Elvis said, “I don’t want to go back on my promise to your father. Besides, if he found out you were staying with me, he’d make you go right home.” It didn’t make any sense. but I got out of bed and Elvis had Joe drive me over to the Barrises’ house, where I would spend the night. Reluctantly. Later I found out through one of the wives whom I had befriended the reason for my spending that first night with George and Shirley. Apparently Anita had been sent back to Memphis the day before, and Elvis was taking precautions to avoid any awkward situations for himself that might have resulted from late-night phone calls.
—  Excerpt from Elvis and Me; Elvis and Priscilla’s first night together after a two-year interlude. 

You snuck into the boys’ room as they slept and whispered, “Fred. Fred, wake up. I have a favor to ask.”

He groggily sits up and nearly falls out of bed when he sees you, eyes wide.
“What’re you doing here?!” He yells in a whispered tone.

“I have to ask a favor.” You say with a smile, flicking on the light.

Fred gets to his feet and walks over to his brother, “George, wake up. (Y/N)’s here.”

Fred’s brother quickly wakes up at the sound of your name, “Why’s she here?” He asks, rubbing at his eyes.

“She says she’s got a favor to ask.” The two sit down on the edge of Fred’s bed and you begin to speak with their full attention, “I really need to borrow your father’s car and I know you guys can help me. Please don’t ask why because I can’t quite explain…” You trail off.

“Okay.” Says one boy, “What’s in it for us.” Asks the other.

Still, there are times I am bewildered by each mile I have traveled, each meal I have eaten, each person I have known, each room in which I have slept. As ordinary as it all appears, there are times when it is beyond my imagination.
—  Jhumpa Lahiri, Interpreter of Maladies

You were sitting in the living room forming a little circle with the others. Tony had gathered everyone he could find and demanded to play stupid games. ‘It’s friday evening and all of you stay at home, so we might as well do something fun’ was what he had said. So you all ended up having to play 'never have I erver’.

“Never have I ever slept with someone in this room.” Steve says.

You rise your glass and drink. All eyes are on you now and you can see the shocked expressions on their faces. No one had expected you of all people to drink at that. Only than do they realize the person sitting beside you, smirking. He gulps down his shot and waits.

“Can we continue now?” Loki says.

Break - Up Baby Part 16 -  Requested (Luke)

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Please read the other parts if you haven’t yet or reread them to be up to date again:

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You open your eyes, your room is brightly lit. The sun emits its morning light through the window, you forgot to close your curtains last night. You look beside you, the bed it empty. It’s only been a few days since you’ve reinvested in your relationship with Luke, but you already miss him when he’s not with you. Don’t, you tell yourself. (Y/N), don’t lose yourself too fast, too quick. You know Luke has changed and he would never leave you like that again, but that little mean voice won’t let you forget what happened. The little devil keeps reminding you how much it hurt and how much it will hurt if Luke would walk out of your live again. You shake your head to clear your mind off any thought and reach for your phone. You have a few missed calls and a couple of messages. You don’t need to read though them, you already know, you’re late. You jump out of bed, quickly brush your teeth and put on some joggers and a top. You don’t bother doing anything else but grab your phone and run out of the door. You run to the stairs, go down a floor and run to room 215. Completely out of breath you knock and wait for the door to open. “I’m sorry”, you say as soon as the door opens. “I know I’m late”

“It’s okay”, you follow Zoey in. “I started with the other two”, she points to a chair and you sit down.

“I’m late, I’m sorry”, you look around the room, apologizing. “I think I slept through my alarm”

“Don’t worry, we have time on our side”, Zoey smiles at you and starts prepping your skin. It only strikes you now that everybody is silent, which usually is not the case. The vibe in the room is off.

“So, only radio interviews this morning right?” you break the silence.

“Yes”, Milly answers you. “A couple just us and a couple with the boys”, you nod understanding. Everybody picks up what they were doing, but it all still feels off. You try to ignore it and focus on getting ready.


The door closes behind you. An uncomfortable silence hangs in the car. You want to ignore it, but you can’t any longer. “What’s going on?” you finally ask.

“Nothing”, Milly shrugs.

“Yeah, why do you ask. There’s nothing, absolutely nothing”

“God, you’re a bad liar, Sky!” the both of them share a look, before they look at you again.

“Okay, we might need to tell you something”, Milly starts off.

“Might?” you raise your eyebrow.

“How’s Luke?”

“Fine, I guess. You have to ask him. What’s this about?”

“How are the two of you?”

“Good, friendly”, you shrug. You’re a bit more than just friendly, but they don’t need to know that yet. “Are you gonna tell me already?”

“Have you noticed Luke mood lately?”

“Not really, didn’t really pay attention to it”

“Maybe you should”


“Yeah why Milly?” Skylar puts a little more pressure on Milly.

“Sky-lar?” Milly’s big eyes are looking at Skylar.

“Are you ever planning on telling it?”

“It’s not that easy. Do you want to tell her?”

“Fine”, Skylar growls and she turns to you. “Michael caught Luke with some random girl”, you bite your lip and look down at your hands. You do it to hide the truth and guild that’s probably showing on your face.

“See! That’s why I was going for the gentle approach”, Milly complains to Skylar. You realize they think you’re doing this because you’re really upset and probably fighting against the tears.

“It’s okay”, you quickly look up again and flash them a little smile.

“Are you sure?”

You nod yes. “Do we know who she is?”

“Not a clue”

“Na, Michael didn’t see her”, Skylar adds.

“Was that all of the story, or?”

Again a look is exchanged between Skylar and Milly. “Well”, Milly starts, she’s clearly going to be the one giving you the rest of the bad news. “Luke has been really happy since that occurrence”

“That’s a good thing tho”

“Yeah, but we all think something is going on”

“We all?” you question.

“Us, the boys, some people of the crew”, Milly tells you and Skylar nods.

“And what are y’all thoughts?” you sigh.

“Or he’s sleeping with lots of girls”, Milly pauses. “Or he’s seeing a girl”

“What do you think?”

“Does someone get that happy just by sleeping around? I think he’s dating someone”, Milly says softly. You nod to Milly and smile, letting her know it’s okay.

You then look to Skylar. “You?”

“I think he’s just banging a couple of sluts”, you can’t help but chuckles at her choice of words. “He can’t be seeing another girl when he still loves you”, you give her a smile and then turn to look out of the window. It’s so nice to hear that everybody sees that Luke is so happy. That you make him this happy. It was so nice having that little secret for a couple of days, but you now know it can’t last much longer. You feel bad lying to everybody, especially to your best friends.


You put Acer down and you want to close the door behind you, but a foot between the door prevents that. “Hey”, you let out and open it again.

“It’s only me”, Luke places his lips on the top of your head. “Can I come in?” you open the door even further and he walks in. Luke sits down with Acer and they start building a tower with the wooden blocks. You take this opportunity to disappear in the bathroom to get ready for bed. When you get back in the room, they’ve traded the blocks for a couple of cars. You plop down on your bed.

“It’s almost night night time”, Acer looks at you with a pout on his face. “Five more minutes”

“No”, he says.



“Yes mister, listen to your mommy. Five more minutes”, Luke ruffles his hand through Acer’s hair and gets up so he can come sit next to you.

“Thank you”, you cuddle into his side.

“Nothing to say thank you for”, Luke’s arm wraps around you and holds you close. “How was you day?

“The same as yours,” you laugh, “but it was fun. Only got a little bit awkward when that one guy started about us”

“Yeah, but we handled it good”

“Really good”, you look to Luke and press your lips to his. “The girls told me something”

“Gossip?” Luke’s eyes start to twinkle.

“It’s about you”

“What stupid thing have I done know?” he laughs.

“Everybody thinks you’re or shagging around or that you’re seeing someone”

“I am seeing someone”, he smiles.

“But they don’t think it’s me, they think it’s a random girl”

“Who is they?”

“Everybody. Literally everybody”

“Why do they think that?”

“Michael”, you let out the happy part cause you know he’ll make something big of that.

Luke sighs. “It is what it is”

His reaction surprises you. You thought he would be jumping only by the idea of telling everybody. “I think we need to tell it”


“Us. At least to the girls and boys”

“Why are you so sad”

“I’m not”, you force a smile.

“Please, I’m so excited to have it out in the open. But you’re not, why? Are you ashamed of me, don’t you want us to be together? What is it, please tell me (Y/N), cause I’m at my wits end”

You burry your face into his chest. “Scared”, you whisper. “I’m not sad, I’m scared”

“Off what?”

“Everything. Now it’s just between us, it’s real for us. But when everybody know it becomes real for the rest of the world too”, you feel the tears in your eyes, they’re ready to come out. “And when something happens, I can’t pretend it didn’t. I can’t pretend it doesn’t hurt, cause everybody knows differently”

Luke takes your chin in his fingers and lift your head up so your eyes meet his. “I will never hurt you, never again”

“I know, but still”

“We’ll do it at your pace, nobody needs to know yet, but please don’t be scared. I love you and your heart is safe with me”

“I love you too”, he moves closes until his lips meet yours.


“The two men were swallowed by the darkness of the narrow streets. Still conversing they arrived at the door of the hotel. Maximilien, absorbed by his thoughts and burning with somber fire, accompanied his disciple to his room. At this moment the distant sound of the tocsin entered the open window. Robespierre remained silent.

Phlegmatically, Saint Just stretched himself out on the bed.
“Excuse me,” he said. “The fatigue of the trip… .”

“The tocsin,” Robespierre murmured. “Can one think of sleeping on such a night?”

“Bah!” replied the young patriot. “Shall one mitigate the convulsions of a society which struggles between liberty and death? Do I find this weakness in you, Robespierre? Bah! I think I will rise and lead you home. No? It’s getting late. … ”

“Sleeping?” said Maximilien.

He studied the glowing clouds in the distance. Stretched out on the bed. Saint Just closed his eyes and smiled. At once consciousness surrendered; his head, like an archangel’s, fell backward on the pillow, and overcome with fatigue, he slept. During all the rest of the night he lay motionless. In the morning when he awoke he saw Robespierre standing before the open window, between the flowered curtains.

“Is that you? And what led you here so early?”

“Do you think that I have returned?” said Robespierre.

Nevertheless he seemed like a man who has been shaken out of a deep sleep and who is cold. He walked across the room and took up his hat.

“No,” he said. “I have not left the room. I have not slept. Au revoir, my friend. I hope your fellow-citizens will render justice to your patriotism. Return to us. We need men who are pure.”

“Yes,” replied Saint Just. “And farewell!””

–Henri Béraud, My Friend Robespierre