Bedroom 01

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Orange Walls by Woohoo-Juice-Simoleons |Four random TS4 Walls|

White Walls by Pralinesims |Simple Walls|

★ Floor by Pralinesims |Mirror Wood Floors|


★ Bed by Ung999 |Bedroom Cedar|

★ Orange Chairs by Peacemaker_Ic |NOX Dining Set|

★ Desk Chair by Punisa |JANNE Study|


★ End Table, Shelves and Side Table by Veranka |IKEA Lack Set|

★ Desk by EA


★ Bookshelves by EA

★ Dresser by Jomsims |Attraction Bedroom|


★ Laptop by MioSims (recolored by Viikiita) |MacBook Recolor Set 1 - 20|


★ Table Lamp by LindseyxSims |200+ Followers Gift Part 2|

★ Floor Lamp by Exotic Elements (converted by Honeysims) |LIGHTS!|

★ Wall Lamp by EA


★ PS3 Games, Pokemon Decals & Toys, Playstation Magazines and Manga by DominationKid |Otaku Paradise|

★ Sheets by WildlyMiniatureSandwich (recolored by Fallenstar1119 |Colorful Bedding|

★ Pillows by UnobservantSims (links are down)

★ Chair Pillow Animal by Viviansims |Cute Pillows|

★ Chair Pillow Orange & White Stripes by MangoSims (converted for s4 by MTQ) |1000 Followers Gift|

★ Blanket by Jonesi (recolored by SetQuarterTilePlacementOn, converted for s4 by MTQ) |27 Recolors of Jonesi’s Blankets|

★ Curtain by BuffSumm |Bedroom Tulton|

★ Rug by JappyTobe |Just Rugs|

★ Paintings by Sorbetsims |10 Huge Patterned Posters|


The Langham, Hong Kong Emerges In Glamorous Style After A $30 Million Redo

The Langham, Hong Kong always had the location, on the Kowloon side in Tsim Sha Tsui between Canton Road and Victoria Harbour. But after a $30 million renovation that polished up 230 of its rooms and suites along with the ground floor salons, restaurants and bars, it now has a chic, elegant style very much in sync with this style-obsessed city. Read more.