These comics are seeming less and less… I don’t even know. It started out with just twisted faces (including but not limited to dagger eyes, exploding grenade eyes, creepy smiles while making a cutting motion across the throat, and pure red radiating rage eyes), then apparently a cat was killed, then a heavy implication of animals ripping eachother apart in a fight to the death, now nothing but references that most older kids wouldnt even get. The last one was nothing but:

a guy dressed in stereotyped tribal gear reaching out and yelling KALIMA! (Indiana Jones),

a disfigured pony playing a pipe organ dressed like the Phantom of the Opera,

two twins in a hallway staring blankly (done to imitate The Shining)

and even a demented clown thing (made to match Pennywise from Stephen King’s IT)

and probably some other stuff that I didnt catch

I’m doubting how appropriate they are for the target audience anymore.

roomnumber203 replied to your post: so yesterday my mom came home with a few bottles…

Is your reaction due to her making a candidate winning into a party, or the fact that it’s Romney?

Romney and the fact my mother always does this shit when it’s election time and she suspects we don’t want to vote republican even if we weren’t even legal age to vote.

She argued with my little brothers (12 years old!!!) because one of them was starting to feel differently than just blindly accepting the candidate she wanted, did the champagne thing to obviously antagonize me because from what she’s seen I’ve been anti-romney on my facebook, and just today said I better vote Romney and do I “even know all the issues here let me reference you a website” and I was suspicious it was a pro-romney website so I sort of ignored her while she read off stuff.

My mom once used water-removable car paint to paint “I love the G.O.P!” all over my sister’s car (she’s democrat).

My mom is a little bit insane about politics.

roomnumber203 replied to your post:i’ve got star trek PJs and civ 5 is this the real…

pssst you should add me on steam, we could play that OwO also, do you have the expansion?

how are we not friends on Steam? what even is with that you’d think i’d have asked you about that by now

i’m still working through my first game, like beginners level where they explain everything to you very slowly, and i only started playing last night. i’m not ready to play with ppl yet >-<

i don’t know if i have the expansion. i think i do? maybe?? my friend bought it on Steam and gifted it to me for christmas ‘cause i wanted to try it… he got me the gold edition, so if that means it’s got the expansion then yes.