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Holiday card for @milarca ft kylux of course ❤️❤️

This one was fun to make and to pick out the paper for. Hux is like sorta shiny and Kylo’s sleeves and cowl have a texture on them that I felt imitated the fabric of his actual clothes well (I spent way too much time sorting through paper at joanns hahaaa)

The Thing About Roommates

Fandom: Star Wars (Modern AU)

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader

As requested by anonymous: Poe and reader are roommates and if Poe ever has a date at home sometimes reader accidentally wanders through the room forgetting Poe has a date and is always interrupting. Poe’s dates never mind and reader really doesn’t mean to interrupt they just forget but ohhhh one day Poe has had enough so after his date went home he confronts reader like really closely confronts them

A/N: mentions and implications of sex.

Finding different girls in your kitchen almost every morning was no surprise to you. Your best friend, Poe “I can get any girl I want” Dameron, was such a playboy. There were often times where whenever you walked into the kitchen and see a new girl there, you’d just strike up a conversation with them. Talk about movies, the news, celebrities, whatever. It didn’t have to be awkward so you didn’t make it awkward.

Did you often wish that these girls were you? Yes and no. You didn’t want to be a conquest to Poe. You wanted him to care for and touch you with so much love. Like with the love you had for him…


The thing about Poe was that he often told you when he’d have a date over. He always reminded you…you just would often forget. That would usually get you into some sticky situations…

One time Poe was starting to go at it with his date. They were aggressively making out on the couch. You didn’t know this was happening when you walked into the living room. You stopped mid-step when you saw the girl rip her top off. You sure as hell didn’t want to see any more. So you cautiously began walking backwards and you were successful…until you bumped into a table thus causing a vase to fall over. 

The girl looked up and both of you met each other’s gaze with wide eyes, “Oh my God!” The girl grabbed for her shirt and covered herself. She leaped off of Poe’s lap, “I thought you said no one was home!”

“Yeah, I thought so too.”

You cautiously and shyly waved, “Uh, hi?”

“I-uh, think I’m gonna go, Poe. I’ll see you around.”

“No! Wait, Ashley! We could just-”

“It’s okay. Just call me.” ‘Ashley’ as you just learned her name, quickly put on her top and left your place. 

Poe groaned with frustration and stood glaring at you, “I told you I had a date!”

“I’m sorry! I forgot!”

“Whatever, Y/N.” Poe stalked to his room muttering about having to deal with situation by himself.

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People Will Say...

Summary: You’ve been living with your best friend Sam Wilson and his Star Wars-obsessed roommates, Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers, for a few months now and things are pretty great. However, when your friend from work points out that one of your roommates may have feelings for you, you begin to wonder if she’s right [Connected to the Friends Like Ours One Shot Collection].

Word Count: 1377

A/N: Okay…so this story is somewhat connected to Friends Like Ours. It has the same premise as that story/one shot collection (takes place in the real world, everyone has regular jobs, etc). However, this particular story will have multiple parts to it and will focus more on the “romantic” aspect of Friends Like Ours. If anything, this is an outlet for me to express my love for a certain patriotic punk. Also, you don’t have to read Friends Like Ours to understand what’s going on and this particular part consists of quotes from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Enjoy!

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Peering around the corner, you slowly step out shadows with Bucky following closely behind you. With weapons in hand, the both of you wait for your assailant to attack. Tiptoeing across the wooden floor, you search the living area for the wanted enemy as Bucky watches your six. On the ground, you see a brown robe that was tossed away.  Hmm…the rebel must be close. Looking back at your confidant, you nod your head as you two continue your journey throughout the confinement. Bucky raises his hand, stopping you as he walks forward into the dining area. He marches around, but shakes his head looking obviously confused. Where the hell is he?

You groan, turning off your lightsaber as Bucky saunters over to you. “Either Steve’s in a really good hiding place, or he ditched us,” Bucky lists out the options, clipping the lightsaber on his belt. “I’m guessing it’s the latter.”

“Shoot, I was really looking forward to this battle,” you sigh in disappointment, crossing your arms. “What do we do now?”

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first page of my Suxable comics. Please, enjoy it, I’m terrified!

Next week I’ll post the second page (I need time to finish it XD). 

pg 01 -> 
pg 02 ->
pg 03 ->

People Will Say...(Part Two)

Summary: You’ve been living with your best friend Sam Wilson and his Star Wars-obsessed roommates, Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers, for a few months now and things are pretty great. However, when your friend from work points out that one of your roommates may have feelings for you, you begin to wonder if she’s right [Connected to the Friends Like Ours One Shot Collection]

Word Count: 976

Part One 

A/N: Uh…enjoy?

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You and Steve are hanging out in your bedroom the next day after Natasha’s surprise visit at the loft. He’s sprawled across your bed while you’re at your desk, browsing on your laptop. You can’t ignore the ever-present grin on Steve’s face every time you look at him. Finally, you turn around and confront him about it. “Do you ever stop smiling?” you ask in curiosity.

Steve’s grin grows wider as he turns to his side to face you. “When I’m not around you,” he croons, winking at you.

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Logical Approach

Part 2 of A+ Secrets

Summary: Talking about gods and goddesses of love in Professor Winchester’s mythology class. What could possibly go wrong?

Word Count: 2658

Warnings: None

A+ Secrets Series Masterlist

“Hey, Y/N, can you get away for a few hours tomorrow night? A bunch of us are gonna watch Star Wars.” Your roommate, Jo, poked her head into the bathroom as you got ready for the day.

You thought about your work schedule and groaned. Your whole weekend was packed, but Star Wars was one of your favorites. “I can’t. Unless Bobby has a change of heart and closes early, I’m stuck ‘til closing.”

“C’mon! Can’t you get off early? I’ve already invited everyone, and everyone includes Dean.”

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Marvel Made a Woman-Led, Anti-Sexist Superhero Show. It’s Mostly About Men.

After obligatory flashbacks to 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger, from which ABC’s new period entertainment/marketing opportunity/sleep aid Agent Carter springs, Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) struts into the top secret offices of the Strategic Scientific Reserve in a royal-blue skirt suit with a bright-red hat cocked at a jaunty…

In which Slate drops the feminism ball so hard that it bounces up and smacks them straight in the face.

What sort of a feminist character would Peggy Carter be if she needed “respect” or “credit” from small-minded, misogynistic male coworkers? That’s like saying men gave women suffrage. Men gave women the right to vote. No, women freaking TOOK that shit and said THIS IS OURS.

Post-WWII was one of the biggest periods of regression in feminism ever. And to expect Peggy Carter to kick the door in and demand proper respect from a room full of men who most likely have hero complexes from being overseas and winning a war, while also most likely having warped notions of the female sex, is just about as unrealistic as romance novels with 18th century heroines who act like 21st century women and get away with it. 

What makes Agent Carter heroic is her ability to pick her battles. There’s no use arguing with children. There’s no use playing into their imbecility. And at one point she basically says as much. Yes, every single time, her coworkers walk away all smirkish and smarmy thinking they’ve gotten the upper hand…but the show makes a point of showing that Peggy still wins the day. And it doesn’t matter whether or not the misogynistic characters recognize she’s won.

What matters is that Peggy is able to keep up a balancing act in order to do her job. Because that’s the most important thing for her. Sure, she longs for a time when men and women are equal, a time when she’d be respected and taken seriously. But that time isn’t now. (Even in 2015, there’s a crap load of work to be done.) So instead of actively fighting and basically arguing with a brick wall, she sticks to her sharp wit and incredible skill, silently outsmarting them, and basically getting her job done

That, to me, is pure feminism. Doing what she has to do to get the job done. Dealing with insults and idiotic comments and assumptions and sexism…and doing her work with more efficiency than the men. Without begging for credit or respect. She’s a woman who’s WORKING. 

That is God damn feminism.

A woman who is WORKING, in spite of anti-woman/equality circumstances, in spite of being surrounded by men who try to cut her down at every turn. A woman who is taking her job by the horns and doing whatever needs to be done in order to make her mark on the world, whether some stuffshirt greasy-haired SSR captain acknowledges her or not.


Slate, I’m disappointed in you.


“Chris Evans/Steve Rogers + Sebastian Stan/Bucky Barnes + Coordinated Photoshoots a.k.a 5 AUs that could be born from these pt. 2 (pt. 1):

  1. "He just sits there and looks like some forlorn, old man that has been completely abandoned from life and I can’t help wondering what in the world happened to him.” ~ Spirits AU
  2. “Listen, pal, all I know is that I’ve rented a place with a beautiful rooftop and a magnificent view which I’m pretty damn sure I’m not willing to give up because you’ve got a stick up your ass.” ~ Accidental Roommates AU
  3. “Every war strips you bare, leaves you with horrendous memories and if I can redeem myself even a lil’ bit by helping a fellow soldier, then you’re getting back into that bed until that cold of yours is healed. ” ~ Veterans AU
  4. “You know, I’ve only ever seen you swim in that poor excuse of a chlorine copy . Don’t tell me you’re allergic towards salt water or something.” ~ Merman AU  
  5. “You’re not that bad of a guy as I originally thought. Or maybe that’s just the alcohol talking and soon enough I’ll start babbling about how amazingly talented you are, which is not true by the way.” ~ Rockstars AU

Dedicated to my Buckentine, fujoshizzle!!!

Suppressed Nerf double strike with two speed loads (one on each side) granted you’ll have to rip the suppressor off to reload but those first two rounds are silent. The paper stuffed in the hammer housing makes no sound. Better make them count but I’ve managed to take out half my roommates before being forced to retreat to hard cover due to being outgunned. Live and die on this day

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so since John Boyega quashed the rumor that Finn/Poe was gonna be a thing, I actually had a weird A:TLA or Guardians of the Galaxy moment where after everything is done and Kylo Ren gets his redemption and Rey brings peace and balance to the force and all that shit, I decided that it is important that they all get together and become Space Roommates.

Because, I mean. Finn would totally keep the ship clean and tidy up after everyone and Poe would do all the interior decorating and remember to send cards to everyone’s parents when the Space Holidays come around and Rey would do all the maintenance and fixing up and then Ben is stuck with the job of cooking cuz he’s that artsy roommate with no useful skill and he’s like so super bad at it and everyone makes fun of him for burning the spaghetti and he has his little tantrums and the others film them and upload them to Space Vine so it’s almost worth it that they don’t have a good meal for like a year.

But he gets better at it.

Also maybe they fight crime?

SoloJediStormPilot roommates. Is that a thing? can that be A Thing?

I want this to be A Thing.


(this is for the coowner application).

“JOSEPH SUGG! What did you do to my room?” I yell from upstairs as a large amount of laughter emerges from the hall. “I thought it needed a makeover” he laughs gesturing to the bubble wrap that was covering almost everything in my bedroom. I was roommates with Caspar and Joe,there was a never ending Prank War between the 3 of us. We were all Youtubers and best friends. Caspar was away in South Africa for a few days. It was just me and Joe.
I did have slight feelings for Joe, he always made me smile and he was hilarious!
I fear that Caspar knows my feelings
“you are so gonna pay for that!” I tease. Chasing him down the stairs.
We laugh as I tackle him onto the couch. Some how he ended on top. Our smiles fading into gazes of lust in each other’s eyes.
“Y/N. I need to tell you something,” He starts. My heart slowly sinks. He knows and he doesn’t like me. Uh.
“I think- I um, I think I have feelings for you” he admits rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.
“Sorry uhm, erm, uh that’s probably really weird” he continues. I was about to reply but a loud clearing off the throat cuts me off
“Uh, guys! No making out on the couch!” Caspar groans. Joe’s gaze shoots upwards a deep red shade creeping on his cheeks. I just lay there awkwardly smoothed on the couch. “Welcome home Casper, Oh thanks guys” he mocks.
A few seconds of awkward silence before Casper jumps on joes back squishing us.
“Human sandwich” he announces laughing at out struggles to get out.
“Get off me you blonde-spiky asshat!” I yell jokingly. He gasps dramatically, crawling off us. Joe helped me up and for once he was silent.

The day had passed slowly Caspar sparking all the conversations. Joe and I were spaced out. I had to tell him. What if it was a prank and he was joking?
I told Caspar everything. He was happy and for the rest of the night he was teasing me with winks and raise of the eyebrows. “I’m going to bed, night guys” Caspar says giving me a glance of ‘good luck’.
“Uh, Joe I need to talk to you about earlier” I start awkwardly. “Look I understand, I’m a nice guy but you don’t feel that way, I get it.” He replies looking at the ground a slight blush appearing.
“No. That’s not at all what I meant” I state rubbing my neck blushing as well.
“Erm, I - um. Ah” I stutter. “I like you too” I confess.
His head shooting up. “What?”
“I like you too” I repeat. He launches across the couch hugging me oblivious to the movie still playing out.
“Will you go out with me?” He asks his eyes full with lust. “Yes!” I answer as our lips collide. I felt a million emotions, Adrenaline being one of them. I feel my heart ignite.
” How cute, you finally admitted what I knew for months!” Caspar awes from the railing of the stairs.
“I’ll leave you guys alone now…” He mutters after seeing the glares we were throwing his way.
As he left we erupt with laughter. We zoned back to the movie. I feel exhilarating and amazing. I smile to myself, realising how happy Joe makes me. Joe snaked his hand around my waist. We cuddle and soon I fell asleep.