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Apparently building models is easier if you can actually see what the hell you’re doing

Get yourself some roommates who have Star Wars discourse screaming matches on a regular basis. Yes I sometimes join in.

The Thing About Roommates

Fandom: Star Wars (Modern AU)

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader

As requested by anonymous: Poe and reader are roommates and if Poe ever has a date at home sometimes reader accidentally wanders through the room forgetting Poe has a date and is always interrupting. Poe’s dates never mind and reader really doesn’t mean to interrupt they just forget but ohhhh one day Poe has had enough so after his date went home he confronts reader like really closely confronts them

A/N: mentions and implications of sex.

Finding different girls in your kitchen almost every morning was no surprise to you. Your best friend, Poe “I can get any girl I want” Dameron, was such a playboy. There were often times where whenever you walked into the kitchen and see a new girl there, you’d just strike up a conversation with them. Talk about movies, the news, celebrities, whatever. It didn’t have to be awkward so you didn’t make it awkward.

Did you often wish that these girls were you? Yes and no. You didn’t want to be a conquest to Poe. You wanted him to care for and touch you with so much love. Like with the love you had for him…


The thing about Poe was that he often told you when he’d have a date over. He always reminded you…you just would often forget. That would usually get you into some sticky situations…

One time Poe was starting to go at it with his date. They were aggressively making out on the couch. You didn’t know this was happening when you walked into the living room. You stopped mid-step when you saw the girl rip her top off. You sure as hell didn’t want to see any more. So you cautiously began walking backwards and you were successful…until you bumped into a table thus causing a vase to fall over. 

The girl looked up and both of you met each other’s gaze with wide eyes, “Oh my God!” The girl grabbed for her shirt and covered herself. She leaped off of Poe’s lap, “I thought you said no one was home!”

“Yeah, I thought so too.”

You cautiously and shyly waved, “Uh, hi?”

“I-uh, think I’m gonna go, Poe. I’ll see you around.”

“No! Wait, Ashley! We could just-”

“It’s okay. Just call me.” ‘Ashley’ as you just learned her name, quickly put on her top and left your place. 

Poe groaned with frustration and stood glaring at you, “I told you I had a date!”

“I’m sorry! I forgot!”

“Whatever, Y/N.” Poe stalked to his room muttering about having to deal with situation by himself.

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Y'all I’m rewatching s12 and seeing the beginning again, it’s like…I’m really seeing how all-over-the-place the season was. Maybe it’s just me, but I had completely forgotten about the whole “Rick Springfield playing Lucifer” storyline.
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Another fanfiction (one-shot) about Thrawn and Eli Vanto

Summary: At the Academy Thrawn and Eli Vanto share a room and Thrawn is learning to understand his new companion’s behaviour.

And what would be a better time to do that than late at night.

Basically, Eli decides to sleep in his uniform and Thrawn does not approve.

Soo.. with me it’s either all fanfictions in short time or nothing in a year xD


I had this dark!Ahsoka AU, but she isn’t really a dark jedi/sith.

This takes place during the time that she was accused of betraying the jedi order and she flees. For the most part, things are the same, except Ventress doesn’t help her but turns her in for the bounty. Ahsoka believes that she’s to be sent back to the jedi temple, but unbeknownst to her (and ventress), the person who set out the bounty wasn’t a part of the Republic but a Separatists agent. Ahsoka is then taken to Dooku, tortured for information, when that doesn’t work she’s taken to Sidious, tortured and experimented on until her mind is wiped and all her connections to the force are dark. She is literally a weapon for the Separtists now, with nothing but dark energy protruding from her body. She’s extremely dangerous, can manifest all different types of deadly force attacks  (this included a very lethal form of Force lightening that Sidious used her as a prototype for).

However, she ends up retrieving her memories and getting her mind back. So she escapes Separatist custody. After that Ahsoka kind of lays low. She’s questioned this war and truly no longer wants a part in it. She gets a job and finds a roommate. After a while though she becomes a vigilante of sorts, still utilizing that dark force energy that she refuses to get extracted from her body.

People Will Say...(End)

Summary: You’ve been living with your best friend Sam Wilson and his Star Wars-obsessed roommates, Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers, for a few months now and things are pretty great. However, when your friend from work points out that one of your roommates may have feelings for you, you begin to wonder if she’s right [Connected to the Friends Like Ours One Shot Collection]

Word Count: 1198

Part One - Part Two

A/N: While this is the end of the series, the outcome of this will continue on in ‘Friends Like Ours.’ I actually have something planned out that will refer back to this series so keep a lookout for that! 

Originally posted by rogerses

You look at Steve in horror as he talks to Natasha on Sam’s phone, sporting his signature smile. “No, he’s not here at the moment, but he’ll be back shortly. He just went to get the mail,” Steve tells her on the phone, his gaze drifting over to you. “Does this call have to do with (Y/N)?” he asks in curiosity, laughing at Natasha’s response. “Well…she’s right her gaping at me so that’s why I was wondering,” he winks your way and you scowl, causing him to laugh once more. “You wanna talk to her? No? Okay, I’ll just let Sam know you called,” Steve assures. “Bye, Natasha.”

“Thank God,” you mumble under your breath as Steve hangs up the phone and grins.

“What was that all about?”

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All’s Fair (pt 3)

Originally posted by yeshelloyehet

Member: Exo Baekhyun

Type: Fluff/Slight Smut/Future Smut

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10

You gasped as his fingers creeped under your shirt, swirling little patterns into your skin. You dropped the toast that was in your hand, letting it fall onto the floor as he chewed silently. He swallowed as he looked up at you, his fingers digging into his hips as he asked, “Do you like me or something?” 

“What?” you scoffed, turning your head to look away from him, hoping that your expression wasn’t revealing your embarassment. The question startled you, and you weren’t exactly sure how to respond.

Since your little game began, you’d considered it all…well a game. It hadn’t been very long at all since it had stared, and you thought back to the little things you’d done to him over the past two days before looking down at yourself, straddling his lap as he held tightly onto your hips. 

What the hell was going on? 

“I…we’re just messing around right? I mean, this is a game…” you stuttered, and your felt Baekhyun’s grip loosen, his eyes lowering as he blinked a few times.

“A game?” he questioned, raising his eyebrows again. “You realize that you’re sitting on my lap wearing no pants. You…you were grinding on me.”

“I’m aware.”

He stared up at you, an incredulous look on his face before he broke into his signature boyish grin, his hands falling off your hips and moving to cross over his chest as he looked up at you. 

“So are we going to keep playing?” he asked, and you could feel the challenge in his voice as he continued, “Because if we do I guarantee you’ll just end up wanting me.” 

You scoffed again, flicking his forehead. His expression changed into an adorable pout as you responded, “I don’t like you okay? I just like winning.” You shifted, getting off Baekhun’s lap and pulling down your shirt slightly, feeling a bit more self-conscious about your visible underwear. He only snorted, leaning back in his chair.

“So wanna keep playing?” 

You watched his mischevious eyes, not sure if this was just some trap or if he actually wanted to keep this long-term nervous game going. You wrinkled your nose, turning on your heel and walking back into the kitchen to clean up the pans you’d used to make breakfast, not willing to give him the satisfaction of an answer. 

“Yah, at least pick up your toast!” he bickered, but you ignored him, moving your pan to the sink to begin scrubbing. You heard his chair move behind you as he stood up, but you kept your eyes down. 

Suddenly two arms moved around yours, one carrying the plate to set next to the sink and the other moving to touch your arm, running down it to reach yoru soapy hands. You jumped slightly, and his other hand moved to join his first hand which was still holding yours. You’d stopped scrubbing; you bit your lip as you felt his warm body behind you and watched the muscles in his arm ripple as his fingers intertwined with yours. 

“What are you doing?” you asked, your voice breathy as his chest pressed up against your back. You shivered as his thumbs rubbed the backs of your hands, and you felt his breath against your ear before he whispered. 

“If you don’t want to play anymore does that mean I win?”

Your breath caught in your thoat as he left you, the warmth of his body suddenly disappearing as he left the kitchen, still laughing at your surprised expression. 

You huffed, turning off the tap and going back to your room, glad that Baekhyun’s door across from yours was closed. You flopped onto your bed, groaning as your mind replayed Baekhyun’s laughter over and over again.

You didn’t really like him did you? I mean you’d only lived together for a few months, and although your relationship was much closer than before, you weren’t sure if these feelings were romantic or not. 

In the past six months, even you had to have noticed Baekhyun’s lingering touches. His hand that stayed on your shoulder for just a moment too long, his arms that brushed up against yours when he walked through the kitchen even though there was enough room for the both of you…what was that? Your mind suddenly remembered the one intimate moment you’d ever had with your roommate before the war began, and you closed your eyes, picturing the time around a month ago. 

“But I didn’t even get to see him before he-” you choked, your tears falling fast as you clutched your cell phone to your ear as your mom consoled you.

“Sweetie, I know. He was getting old, you know it happens. Come on, it’s okay…sweetie?” your mom seemed to run out of things to say to you as you cried over the phone, curled up on your bed. “Sweetie I have to go, I’m so sorry…I promise it’s gonna be okay,” she reassured, and you sniffled.

“Bye mom,” you replied, sniffling again as you dropped your phone next to you on the bed curling up in your blankets again. As you cried silently, you were faintly aware of your door creaking open and a nervous Baekhyun shuffling in. You shut your eyes, wiping your tears as you hid your face in your pillow. 

You heard the squeak of your bed as your roommate climbed onto the mattress, positioning himself so he was lying on his back next to you. He started to babble as he always did when times seemed stressful, and you were almost thankful that he was here to keep your mind off of your trauma. 

“I don’t know what happened but I mean bad things always happen right? I’m not trying to make your problem seem small that’s not what I mean it’s just I’ve never seen you cry and I don’t really know what to do right now and do you want a hug because I can give you a hug and-”

You wiggled in your spot, turning around to move your teary face in the space between his neck and his shoulder. He stopped talking and you heard his sharp intake of breath as you snuggled closer to him, letting his warmth envelope you. 

“So you do need a hug,” he muttered, his voice suddenly lower and deeper than before. He shifted so he was on his side now, your face burried in his chest and his arm wrapped around your shoulders as he held you. 

You stayed like that for a while until your breathing evened out and your tears began to dry. You sniffled, realizing that your hands had been bunched up in the front of Baekhyun’s shirt. You felt your cheeks get hot as you noticed how close you two were, and your hands unclenched, releasing his shirt which was probably all wrinkled now. 

Your hands were flat on his chest now, and you could feel his heartbeat through his shirt and you held back a gasp, wondering if he was as nervous as you were right then. You looked up, cracking an eye open to look at your roommate whose arms were still wrapped around you. He was watching you, his cheeks tinged and his lips slightly parted, his grip slightly loosening as he stuttered, “You-you’re okay now? I mean like if you’re not you can always talk to me and if you need we can stay like this I don’t mind unless you find it uncomfortable-”

You let out a stifled giggle, making him stop whatever he was saying as you immediately covered your mouth. You couldn’t help it; he was so cute when he rambled like this all nervous and you just had to laugh. He broke into a smile as you covered your mouth, shaking his head slightly. 

“No it’s okay,” he chuckled, grabbing your hand to pull off your smiling mouth. “Don’t hide it. I’m glad you’re happy now.” 

You swallowed, suddenly feeling that twinge of saddness again. He saw the change in your expression and pressed closer to you so you could feel his breath on your face. His lips were only an inch away from you, and you couldn’t help but think about how soft they looked. 

“Sorry,” you muttered, looking down again at his chest, feeling your eyes burn again. “I just didn’t know that he was going to die…I would’ve visited him…he was such a nice cat and I just didn’t realize-”

“Wait huh?” he exclaimed. You looked up to see Baekhyun’s mouth open, an absolutely priceless expression on his face. “You…your cat died? Is that why you’ve been crying? Because of your cat?”

You nodded silently watching your roommate groan. Your eyebrows furrowed as you replied, “Hey he was really important to me okay? What are you trying to say, that I’m overreacting? That he was just a cat?”

He shook his head, clicking his tongue at you once as he explained himself, “I don’t know I’ve just never seen someone cry this hard over a pet. I’m not saying they’re not important but yeah I’m sorry. Really I- yah where are you going?” 

You’d pulled out of his grasp, a scowl on your face as he sat up on your bed, his eyes wide. There was no way you could be comforted by this man. How could he not take this seriously?

You bit your lip, shaking your head at the memory. There was no way you liked Baekhyun. Anyone who didn’t take your cat’s death seriously wasn’t worth liking. 

You groaned, sitting up in your bed and running your fingers through your hair. You scrolled through your social media on your phone for a while, trying to keep busy and not think about Baekhyun’s words from earlier. 

If you don’t want to play anymore does that mean I win?

As rational as you thought you were, the idea of losing this…game to Baekhyun irritated you. You groaned, getting off your bed and leaving your room. Baekhyun was sitting on the couch in the living room, flipping through channels to find something to watch. 

His head turned to your as you walked in, his eyes trailing down your body. You looked, down, suddenly remembering your lack of pants. You groaned inwardly, but didn’t feel like giving him the satisfaction of going back in out of embarassment. As he tunred back to the screen, you flopped down on the couch next to him, pulling your knees up and hugging them to your chest as you watched him flip through channels.

“We have Netflix, why don’t we marathon something?” you asked nonchalantly as the channels stopped flipping landing on some random family movie you’d never heard of. 

He only hummed, staying on the family movie. You turned to him, ready to grab the remote when you saw the look on his face. His eyes were dark and blown wide, focused on you. Followed his eyes to where he was watching, seeing that your shirt was riding up on the side, giving him a perfect view of your panties stretched around your hips, barely covering you. He stared, his lips parting slightly and you raised an eyebrow, shifting.

“Yah…do you like me or something?” you smirked, and his eyes flashed up to yours. You weren’t sure what came over you in that moment but you moved closer to him, your hand landing on his knee and running up to his thigh as he sank down further into the couch, leaning into your touch, his lashes fluttering. 

Suddenly you found yourself on your back with your wrists pinned down against the couch armrest. Your legs were parted, one falling off the couch as Baekhyun rested between them, leaning over you. You looked down and let out a small gasp as you saw your shirt which had ridden up above your belly button, leaving your stomach and underwear completely exposed.

Why didn’t you just go wear pants when you had the chance?

You felt your face heat up as you stared at Baekhyun above you. He was watching your face intently, the usual boyish mischief gone from his eyes and replaced with something different. You shivered as his hands tightened against your wrists before he raised his eyebrows questioningly. 

“So,” he murmured, rubbing your wrists with his thumbs gently as his eyes bore into yours. “You do want to play…Okay then.” 

You swallowed hard as his face came closer to yours until you could feel the heat from his body as it hovered over you and his breath on your face. Suddenly his eyes smiled as a grin broke out on his face, the same boyish grin he’d always had. Your heart stopped at the sudden change, and you bit your lip as he spoke again, his voice playful.

“Let’s play.”

All’s Fair Mini Masterlist

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People Will Say...

Summary: You’ve been living with your best friend Sam Wilson and his Star Wars-obsessed roommates, Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers, for a few months now and things are pretty great. However, when your friend from work points out that one of your roommates may have feelings for you, you begin to wonder if she’s right [Connected to the Friends Like Ours One Shot Collection].

Word Count: 1377

A/N: Okay…so this story is somewhat connected to Friends Like Ours. It has the same premise as that story/one shot collection (takes place in the real world, everyone has regular jobs, etc). However, this particular story will have multiple parts to it and will focus more on the “romantic” aspect of Friends Like Ours. If anything, this is an outlet for me to express my love for a certain patriotic punk. Also, you don’t have to read Friends Like Ours to understand what’s going on and this particular part consists of quotes from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Enjoy!

Originally posted by insaneontheboeshane

Peering around the corner, you slowly step out shadows with Bucky following closely behind you. With weapons in hand, the both of you wait for your assailant to attack. Tiptoeing across the wooden floor, you search the living area for the wanted enemy as Bucky watches your six. On the ground, you see a brown robe that was tossed away.  Hmm…the rebel must be close. Looking back at your confidant, you nod your head as you two continue your journey throughout the confinement. Bucky raises his hand, stopping you as he walks forward into the dining area. He marches around, but shakes his head looking obviously confused. Where the hell is he?

You groan, turning off your lightsaber as Bucky saunters over to you. “Either Steve’s in a really good hiding place, or he ditched us,” Bucky lists out the options, clipping the lightsaber on his belt. “I’m guessing it’s the latter.”

“Shoot, I was really looking forward to this battle,” you sigh in disappointment, crossing your arms. “What do we do now?”

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People Will Say...(Part Two)

Summary: You’ve been living with your best friend Sam Wilson and his Star Wars-obsessed roommates, Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers, for a few months now and things are pretty great. However, when your friend from work points out that one of your roommates may have feelings for you, you begin to wonder if she’s right [Connected to the Friends Like Ours One Shot Collection]

Word Count: 976

Part One 

A/N: Uh…enjoy?

Originally posted by dailyteamcap

You and Steve are hanging out in your bedroom the next day after Natasha’s surprise visit at the loft. He’s sprawled across your bed while you’re at your desk, browsing on your laptop. You can’t ignore the ever-present grin on Steve’s face every time you look at him. Finally, you turn around and confront him about it. “Do you ever stop smiling?” you ask in curiosity.

Steve’s grin grows wider as he turns to his side to face you. “When I’m not around you,” he croons, winking at you.

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