roomies for life are perfect for life


Happy birthday to my little sister today…she’s the most wonderful thing in my life and I can’t imagine what it would be without her.
She’s so beautiful inside and out…growing up I was always working, then when I was 17 (Alex was 11) I moved out, so we never really spent time together. Now the lil turd is my roomie and life is perfect :)

Hahahah I remember when we were little, Alex was 3 and I was 9…I ran in the bathroom and told her everyone except for her was a robot and she was the cutest toilet crier you’ve ever seen.
She said she was even afraid of our parents for a bit.

She was soooo shy…such a curly loser.
I remember I would roll her up in a sheet like a cocoon and leave her in the basement…it was hilarious then and now to hear her crying for help.

I used to sneak out of her window to go to parties and she was the cutest worrier, crying and making me promise I’d come back…
She threw a book at my eye once…fuck.

I used to want a little brother so badly …but I’m so happy that I got a sister. Now I have someone to share clothes with, go out with, stay in with, take care of, talk about fuckers with, pig out with- because literally no one can eat more or faster than me… Except Alex.

I love Alex’s face when she sees chocolate.

I love Alex more than anything in the whole fucking world :)

fletcher-dawson  asked:

Hello! Aquarius female here! I am your classic Aqua girl and have been in a relationship with a VERY strong Leo for almost two years. We clash often but also mesh perfectly together. How do you feel about Aqua/Leo relationships normally?

I live with a Leo, we’ve been roomies and bandmates for almost two years and have been friends longer than that, and I think I agree with you 100%. Like when it’s good it’s way too eerily perfect!!! But when it’s bad it’s like…oh my god….how can someone have SO MUCH DISREGARD FOR MY LIFE EXPERIENCE AND CLAIM TO CARE FOR ME???? Like I feel you.

It seems like when my roommate and I are clashing, the sentiment of the communication is always something along the lines of him wanting me to experience life the same way that he does, or wanting me to “prove” that my experience is the “correct” one, essentially I feel like he becomes obsessed with us agreeing, experiencing the same thing, etc, which frustrates me to NO END because my experience in this life since day one has told me that every single experience is different and what I have learned more and more and more through every adventure is that each person’s reality is equally valid, no matter how absurd or horrible or whatever it may seem to somebody else. But he’s so wrapped up in figuring out what’s “right” when I just flat don’t believe there is an objective “right” that exists.

Anyone feel me?