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I made 2 pies AND a Real Supper for me and the roomies today! I didnt do anything else i wanted to get done but i got to chill and play d&d w/ my roomies and its been at least a month since ive cooked for myself or eaten anything but food leftover from work/cereal so i felt accomplished lol also eastern delayed opening tomorrow so i dont have to go into work until noon! That means i can power through some episodes of sailor moon before i fall asleep and end my day like a true nerd lmao i hope i can make this Mood last through work tomorrow 🙂


Landed a new job~ gotta have a first day of work shoot :D ( thanks for draggin’ yourself out of bed, Carlisle *heart*)

Thanks all for hanging in there while I blow off posting this past month or so! The roomie and I have moved into a new apartment (if you could tell by the new living room..I doubt it) and it’s been a while bunch of stuffs going on. Really nice place; I’m sure the super cute backyard will show up soon!

I’m really geeked that this job is fine with me wearing whatever makes me happy to the office. I think most of us transfolk get pretty worried about that when searching for work… but I was upfront with it and they cleared me for dresses, skirts, etc. right away!! I’m lucky that it’s a rather liberal company, and that I’m not scared to be open about my needs as a transperson. I think if you have to hide your identity at work, it’s probably not somewhere you really want to stay for long. /-/ I am aware though that it’s often a trade-off between mental health and paying the bills. Messed up world. Messed up world. /-/ In 2015 any organization that isn’t with it is simply childish. No, no, children are usually pretty down with trans stuff (unless they’ve been taught to hate by their folks), so insert a different, embarrassing adjective above.

Anyway! Much love to my new and old followers; I’m not going to promise to post more often, because I usually fail too- but I do promise that I’ll answer any and all asks as usual, so write in, ya know, if you want to :3 Any tips on how to dress cute femme business casual when pencil skirts, erm, don’t work?

Ten Things You’ve Always Wanted to Ask About Budget Traveling But was Afraid to

A post on budget traveling that should get you to book that plane ticket – NOW!

1. Travel light…so you don’t have to pay the baggage allowance fee! As much as possible, don’t check-in anything. Save that 500 bucks on a food trip where it’s worth it! It’s more convenient to bring a backpack or a small trolley when you travel anyway. Plus, you won’t waste time waiting for your bag to show up at the baggage carousel. Only bring the essentials. Some people tend to bring huge and heavy towels when really, a small one will do. Some hostels even have towels for rent; some even provide it for free…if you’re lucky.

2. Sleep at dorm-type accommodations. I’m pretty sure you’ve read this in every backpacking website, but you’ve never actually tried it because ADMIT IT, you’re scared. I’m not gonna lie, there really are pretty badly-maintained guesthouses. To make sure you book the right hostel, check out the reviews on the internet (ie,

BONUS TRICK! If you’re gutsy enough, you can book a cheap budget airline that’ll reach your destination at a late hour so you can spend the night at the airport. However, you need to be 100% mentally and physically prepared for that!

3. Learn the secret of seat sales. They can be tricky. Observe. Anticipate. Grab!

4. Research, research, research. There are so many activities you can do for free. For those that require a little cash, spend yours wisely. Plan your itinerary only with activities you want to do. Skip the museums if you’re not fond of going in them; don’t pay for a view on the 60th floor of a building if you’re afraid of heights (at the same time though, it’s nice to try something scary and challenging when you’re backpacking). Bottom line: prioritize.

5. Read travel guides in advance. Read about the place’s history so you don’t have to hire tourist guides who will probably ask for money in exchange of their services. You can get so many ideas from travel books too, although I’ve never actually bought one myself. I usually just spend days reading them at Fully Booked before I fly because—it’s free! (Refer to photo above :p) And what’s even better is that so many websites nowadays are dedicated to traveling that it has become easier to get information on eany city you want to visit.

6. Resist the urge to take taxis. Opt for cheaper modes of transportation when going to farther places—sleeper trains, overnight buses, etc. I know people easily get stressed out over getting lost, and will settle for a taxi, hoping it’ll take them to the place they want to go to. Taxis don’t come cheap, regardless of where you are in the world, and that’s why you should…

7. Invest on a map. This is one of the most important things in budget traveling, especially for you backpacker-wannabes who are bad with directions. Make sure you know how to read one though. If not, insert “Invest Time on Learning How to Read a Map” before this part. It really helps.

8. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Walking saves a lot of money, I tell you. Don’t wear four-inch heels if you plan sightseeing on foot—common sense, right? I’m not saying you can’t be fashionable while backpacking but if you can’t stand not wearing short skirts and stilettos on a trip then this article isn’t for you.

9. Get friendly with the locals and fellow backpackers. If you get friendly with them and if, with luck, they become amicable as well, you may just get yourself free meals/passes/etc! IT WORKS EVERY SINGLE TIME. Make friends, especially when you’re traveling solo. Some fees are much cheaper when you share it with someone. It’s actually quite easy to spot lonely travelwhores like me.

10. Don’t forget to bring your guts. Without it, you can’t use anything enumerated in this post.


The Lonely Travelwhore,



The city I live in booted my car for unpaid parking tickets.  Right now, if I don’t pay $200 by 3/21 at 12PM they will impound my car.

I’m going to be meeting with a judge in a hour to see what I can do. 

Reason why unpaid?  Because I didn’t have a resident sticker, my roomie didn’t give me one until nearly a month later after I moved.  It was simply an accident, I got ticketed but I didn’t have any cash to pay as my money goes to rent and food. 

So I need money fast

All portraits for now so I can shell them out quickly.  This is a quantity run for me.

Rough sketch: $10 - With color $15

Line with color $25 - Full paint $50

Quick paint $30

Send me a message here on tumblr, my email, or Discord/Skype. 

I will update if my due date changes.  If you can’t commission me, that’s okay.  Just do me a solid and reblog this. 


HEY YO. my roomie and best pal deandraws made this AWESOME print for me a few months back, and we both decided to make merch for it easily accessible to you guys! Right now, the site is running a limited time offer for free shipping on select items* and trust me when I say you wanna hop on this. all proceeds go to helping us afford food for our apartment! Here’s the link to the mug with free shipping shown above, and here’s the link to free shipping on the other things!

even if you can’t purchase anything, please spread the word! it’d mean a lot to the both of us!

*Promotion expires September 13, 2015 at Midnight Pacific Time. *Free Shipping offer excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases, Wall Clocks and Rugs.

Hello it’s me again!

Still tight on money, and looking to make a bit extra for a fun trip for the roomies and I at the end of the month. 

I’ve only gotten one commission so far, but I have two I am waiting for details on. I can do about five commissions, so that leaves the same three slots. :P

Still doing headshots, but I am sending everyone both the clean and rough versions, since I do the linework regardless. 

We will work payments out depending on what makes you most comfortable. If you’d rather pay first and get the money out, that’s cool (I will not deposit in my bank until you have your picture, for my own peace of mind.) or you can pay when the picture is finished. 

I don’t do fanart of canon characters for money, unless it’s the protagonist of a novel you, or someone you know, is writing, or something similar. Fan ocs are cool though. I don’t do furry, yet, but I will do anything humanoid, as long as you have preferences.

Think about the type of personality your character has as well, and let me know! Tell me about them, about their story. That gives me things to work with for expressions, and even angles. Also I love hearing about ocs. >_>

Once you pay, the picture is yours to do what you want with it. Just please give me credit so if anyone likes the picture they can get one too. :) But you can color it, resize it, crop it, etc to your heart’s content. 

If you’re interested, please email me at and we can work things out. 

Thank  you for signal boosting! 


Hi guys! We’re officially introducing a new section of the blog called, “Roomie of the Month” where we invite guest contributors to share their expertise on fashion, travel, food, photography, and more – things we aren’t necessarily majoring in, which means better content for our readers. :)

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