roomie has to work


the tablet decided it would work a little bit

and since the roomie has been playing SO much Persona AND the boyfriend wants to cosplay it…..i drew some Persona 5 boys

not the best, not detailed cuz im lazy and it was mainly to keep myself occupied

this is my first time drawing persona…other than the teddie doodle i did for my roomie ages ago >>’


in case you needed any more proof that english is a goddamn nightmare of a language
  • me: what's the word I'm looking for? ...oh yeah, appropriate
  • roomie: or is it appropriate? are those spelt the same?
  • me: omg wait are they
  • me: *googles*
  • me: they totally are. it says it can mean either "suitable or proper in the circumstances" or "take (something) for one's own use, typically without the owner's permission"
  • roomie: you could say "appropriating isn't appropriate"
  • me: FRICK
  • roomie: it works on so many levels