OPM Headcanon:

Saitama brings home a Roomba to clean the house because he’s too lazy and Genos gets upset that he’s making a robot do work against it’s will, as it “has the cognitive function to detect objects, people, and it’s environment, sensei!” But rather than argue or explain that it’s just a vacuum cleaner, Saitama makes it their new family pet instead. Genos leaves lint balls on the kitchen floor for it’s “breakfast” and every day Saitama goes along with the charade. 

Voice Newtype No.53 Shimazaki Nobunaga (parts)

countdown to zakki’s birthday (Dec.6): 2 D A Y S

Have you invited friends over to your house before?

I don’t usually have friends over all the time, but since I’ve purchased a Roomba to clean the house, I want to invite them more often. To allow Roomba kun to move around nicely, it has made me clean up work related documents or books I’ve read already and other things that I’ve left around the place (laugh). Every morning, when I turn on Roomba kun, I think, “You work hard on cleaning and I’ll work hard at work too!” as I leave. It’s become like my pet. (*literally dying from the cuteness*)

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