my roomate emailed me and she’s cute i looked her up on facebook but literally every pic i see is her with a cow. bottle feeding it or holding it. i feel like im in a bad sitcom where city girl meets the girl who talks to cows and they have to learn lessons from each other in college

Profiling the Pen: deadlybingo

Today we’re talking with @deadlybingo who writes fun and angsty Olicity fanfic under the same name at AO3. If you’re wondering how Oliver and Felicity are doing this summer after their breakup, check out her take in Totally Platonic Roomates

What is your writing process like?

Step 1: Obsess over an idea at a time that it’s impossible for me to actually write (while driving, showering, exercising, working, etc).

Step 2: Sit down to write and quickly bust out the parts that I’ve planned in detail, leaving giant holes for connections that weren’t planned yet.

Step 3: Rewrite those completed parts 5-6 times, still ignoring the giant gaps in plot.

Step 4: Walk away and tell myself I’ll take my time and go back to it ‘when I’m ready.’

Step 5: Go back 15 minutes later (because I’m stubborn as heck) to fill in the missing parts.  

Step 6 (optional): Harass an honest friend to read it over for me and tell me where it’s weak/slow/confusing.

Step 7: Revise for forever.

Step 8: Post the fic and immediately try to sign offline so I can pretend I don’t care about the notes/reviews (then find my phone to go online and see if anyone is reading).

How much/how fast can you write when you’re really in the zone?

It depends on what you mean by ‘write.’  Sometimes I can draft almost 2,000 words in an hour if I’ve already thought the plot/emotions I’m aiming for through. Other days writing 2-3,000 words can take me hours if I’m not in the right mindset.  But no matter how long it took me to write, I always spend significantly longer on revisions (sometimes going so far as to print out the first draft then retype it with major changes). Few of my paragraphs are not adjusted by the time I publish something.

Do you have any rituals or stimuli (music, libations) you need to do or queue up before you start writing?

I wish I had solid rituals that got me into the “writing zone.” I generally prefer to sit and draft on my bed and then move to my desk, back porch, or couch for revisions (or vise versa). Also, I always have to mute the TV or music to help myself focus. If I leave them on I tend to have my attention pulled away constantly and never get into a comfortable writing flow (For example, I tried listening to Hamilton while I answered these questions and took a 10+ minute dance break while blasting to “Wait for It” on a loop).

What are your five favorite fanfic tropes?

I’m usually a fan of the “oh no! We only have one bed,” “slow burns,” “fake dating/marriage” and “enemies to lovers” tropes.  My current favorite is probably “best friends being in denial about loving each other but there’s a whole lot of pining going on” trope.

What is the greatest challenge you have in writing, the hurdle you are constantly jumping to get the words on the page?

Motivation is a huge issue for me, especially when I actually have time to write (like this summer). I struggle to focus on one idea despite having dozens of ideas/prompts/partial drafts in a google doc folder.  Another challenge is just thinking that I’m not capable of writing as well as I want to. When I don’t think a fic is flowing or I don’t think I’ll get the emotional reactions that I’m aiming for, I tend to stall myself and focus on self-doubt rather than what’s going well.

Are the things you want to write different from the things you want to read?

Sometimes.  I often have or read ideas that I adore but I just don’t want to be the person who actually writes it. It might be that it’s a style I’m less comfortable with (for example, I don’t do non-canon based AU’s so I hope other writers will pick those ideas up when I see a good one).  Or I may hesitate to write a type of fic because I’m just not in the ‘right’ mood. But honestly, most of the time that I’d prefer someone else write it, it’s just because I want to be surprised by the direction the idea is taken in and that can’t happen if I’m the one writing!

Do you have a favorite story you’ve written?

The work I’m most excited about right now is my Totally Platonic Roommates one-shot series (though it’s not going as quickly as I planned due to my above complaints about lack of motivation).

Why is it your favorite?

For one, the whole friends being in complete denial about loving each other trope.  It allows me to insert tons of pining and plenty of strong emotions for both Oliver and Felicity (positive and negative) but it also leaves plenty of room for fluff and humor.  I’m really hoping for some good unresolved romantic/sexual tension in 5A so I’m using this series to get my hopes up even further!

Who are your fanfiction inspirations?

There are so many talented writers in our fandom that there’s no way I can do justice to enough of them but I’ll try to focus on a few who I adore right now.

First of all, @yespleasehawkeye is fantastic (despite her occasionally ripping my heart out in her fics).  Sammy is creative and unafraid to shock readers- which always makes for interesting reads!

I also adore @pimsiepim’s writing style in general and her fics always pull me completely in (her babysitting chronicles make me grin like a fool when I read them in public).  

Of course I have to mention @dust2dust34 and @so-caffeinated both as a team and separately.  Their dedication to writing and the imagery they create through their words is inspirational (and sometimes intimidating, but I swear I’m getting over that!).

And last but not least, @theshipsfirstmate.  I admire her amazing descriptions in fics. I’ve gone back into some of her stories just trying to pull apart what makes some lines so perfect.

Why Olicity?

So I tried to watch Arrow when it first premiered but was turned off by Oliver’s fake playboy persona and and a few other complaints.  But after spending some time in a particularly stressful fandom, I figured I’d give Arrow a try again because I loved the Olicity gif-sets that were all over my dash.  I figured ‘hey, nothing can be as stressful as my old shows! I’ll watch Arrow and just casually have fun shipping the guy who never wears a shirt a shirt with the girl in glasses!’  I was so naive…

But, back to the question at hand, I think I love Olicity so fricking much because I adore the separate characters as themselves while also appreciating them them as a couple.

Oliver’s development throughout the series is a big pull for me. His growth hasn’t been a linear climb but rather he’s gone through more realistic peaks of when he’s doing well (think Ivy Town) and valleys of self-doubt and guilt (think a majority of season 3 or some of post Olicity break up).  He has a depth to his character that Stephen Amell has been very careful to develop and that makes him fascinating to watch and cheer on.

Felicity also quickly became a very important character to me.  She is not only a character I can look up to for her intelligence, bravery, and strength, but also someone I can identify with for the more relatable challenges she faces (whether it’s her tendency to hide pain through humor or a fear to ‘lose’ herself).

But I also love Oliver and Felicity as a pair. They help each other, rather than push each other, to be the best versions of themselves. They make one another stronger, braver, and encourage one another to always question if there is a better path.  And I love that you can see them being both best friends and a couple. 

What do you think is ignored or overlooked in this fandom that, in your opinion, should be addressed and stat?

I try to avoid negativity in the fandom because I know it can easily bleed into my life offline, but sometimes ignoring it is difficult.  And even though I’m not positive how this could be addressed, I have noticed that fans have a tendency to perseverate on what that didn’t go ‘our way’ in episodes, interviews, etc, rather than focusing on what we enjoyed or liked. This negative focus is often difficult to avoid (and occasionally justified) but I get concerned when it becomes the core of our behavior and the beginning of every conversation on my dash.  It’s also especially dangerous when people begin taking this anger out on and blaming each other or other people, rather than just complaining to their friends about it.

In the end, I think strong emotions and some drama are par for the course in fandom. When you’re in a group of people that were all brought together by a passion for a show and its characters, some are bound to have clashing opinions and become defensive.  I just think it’s important that we strive to keep in mind that fandom should be a community and we need to remember that there are actual people who on the other sides of those icons and they always deserve respect.

What is it about pining characters that you especially enjoy? Do you prefer pining heroines or heroes or doesn’t it matter?

Ah! I love so much of it! For one, I enjoy that it’s so relatable. Whether it stems from a place of logic, fear, or just flat out stubborn denial, we all talk ourselves out of so many things in life. So I love seeing that play out in fanfics between 2 of my favorite characters. Pining also provides a lot of potential for genuine heart wrenching feelings, humor, insightful conversations, UST/URT, etc. And the pining is 100% best when they’re both pining for one another and have varying degrees of awareness or suspicion about each other’s feelings. It honestly turns me into a happy ball of goo.

I’ve heard a lot of other writers talk about how a lack of confidence or bad interaction with readers can be debilitating.  What would you recommend other writers do to avoid the pitfall of self-doubt?

If anyone finds out the magical answer to this one, please let me know?  

Most of the time, all I can do is take a break from writing.  If I force myself to write when I’m feeling discouraged for whatever reason (a challenging fic, bad review, etc), I won’t produce anything close to my best work. Then I’ll just get even more frustrated with myself and my ability and end up resenting whatever I’m working on (or writing in general). Instead, I have to wait until I’m excited to write something so I’ll focus on the story rather than perseverating on what’s not progressing perfectly or worrying about my own ability. To help speed this along I occasionally will also go back to some of my favorite fics I’ve written to remind myself “Hey, I did this once.  I can do it again, maybe even better.  I just need time.”

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anonymous asked:

im out but holy shit i just came out to the girls who will be my college roommates via giving them my instagram and they havent said anything and its making me super nervous like i dont know if theyre holding their tongues and it willl be a problem when we start living together or if they are ok with it im so freaked and its dumb

Ah I understand your stress.

Of course, you want this year to go smoothly and your roomates to be nice & friendly with you. Them not reacting to this info might not mean that they’re thinking ill of you.

You sent them your instagram, you didn’t tell them directly ‘I’m a lesbian’ ? Then I don’t think it asked for a reaction, and them not reacting might be a mark of tact and discretion on their part.

Either way, if it doesn’t go well in the fall (which I hope doesn’t happen !) you could still ask someone in charge to make you switch rooms with LGBT-friendly ppl !! 

All the support,

- S

A Furvilla story

A Red Panda, fur wet from being outside the dome, opens the door to her apartment and walks in, stepping midstep. She sees her roomate, a white bunny, in nothing but his boxers, sleeping on the couch.

“Why aren’t you in your bed?” she asks, finally shutting the door behind her.

“It’s too far away. Could you maybe not be so fucking loud?”

She ignores his rudeness, far too used to it, and goes to the kitchen. “Do you want something while I’m in hear?” she calls out, opening the fridge and grabbing a soda.

“I want you to shut the fuck up!” the bunny snaps back.

She comes back to the living room, sipping her soda. She eyes the coffee table, covered in text books and anatomy charts.

“You know you’re gonna get your ass sued for that attitude on her first day of being a doctor, right?”

“Nicole, I swear to the gods!” the bunny shouts, blindly throwing a pillow in the Red Pandas direction. It misses her completely.

“You know Nexus, I think we should make a bet.” Nicole says with a smirk.

Nexus opens an eye, looking at her in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“I bet you can’t go a whole day without being an ass.”

Nexus rolled his eyes. “Easy, I just wont leave the apartment.”

“Which is why we’re going to throw a party!” Nicole exclaims, tail twitching in excitement.

“Fuck no. I’m awful at parties.”


“You hate people. We both hate people.” Nexus squinted at Nicole. “Why would you want to throw a party?”

Nicole took another drink of her soda before looking at Nexus with a smug expression. “So I can get the master bedroom, of course.”

“And what, exactly, is in it for me?”

“If you win, I’m gonna cook for you. For a week.”

Nexus’s eyes widened. Nicole was a decent cook and he loved her food. But she rarely had the spoons for it, and he just plain couldn’t cook at all, so they tended to stick to fast food and microwave meals. If he could get through a party full of people, and be nice, he would get a whole week of food that didn’t make him feel like shit.

“Deal.” he said, not having to think about it for long. He then turned on his side, facing the back of the couch, and pointedly closed his eyes, signaling they were done talking.

Nicole smirked and made her way to the bathroom to find a towel and dry herself off from a day of exploring.

this submitter sent us a quick snap of his roomates panty drwer hey not fair he gets to play whenever he wants too!! No matter super raid submission!!! raid on!

sir-muse  asked:

Y a donde vas a ir a parar? A la casa de otro familiar? Sorry tantas preguntas íntimas pero soy preocupona. Es que te imagino por ahí solita y... no se

Tengo una amiga o dos que saben de todo mi problema, se ofrecieron para roomates, tengo algo guardado por ahí c: así que normal, hasta que algo se me ocurra puedo sobrevivir si salgo de verdad n.n

Hormones (M)

Member: Jeon Jungkook

Genre: Smut, Roomate!au 

Warnings: Nsfw, Mature content, Masturbation 

 Words count: 2.1k

A guy has his needs, especially Jungkook with his hormones. 

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

The cold water dropped onto your skin, it felt like ghost kisses. You were in the shower after the exhausting classes and your friends have invited you out. Your roommate Jungkook, haven’t came back from his class yet. You have messaged him that you’ll be going out, but he rarely reply to messages. 

You rinsed the shampoo out of your hear, humming songs that were in your head. You swung your hips to the rhythm inside your mind and stepped out of the shower, drying your hair with the towel. 


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So I’ve been pretty ashamed of my third-bedroom-turned-study-turned-spare-room-turned-brother’s-room. It’s been in a pretty bad state of neglect ever since I moved in and installed the desk. My brother began visiting often and normally I’d have him on the sofa in the living room, but being a teenager he tends to sleep in very late, and the rest of us in the flat want to use the living room throughout the day. So we agreed to buy an air mattress and turned the study into a temporary bedroom.

Last week he came over to stay at mine for the summer, and he brought a lot of stuff with him that he couldn’t keep where he was before, including several guitars and a big suitcase. He’s gone off to stay for a week with some friends, and normally I’d make him clean up his own things but I have friends coming over tomorrow, so I spent a good three hours in bed this morning psyching myself up to finally tackle the study. When he gets back I’ll give him a good lecture about keeping the space clean and uncluttered, since it’s also where the cat’s litter box is and she needs access to it at all times.

This was completed with two 20/10s and I’m hella proud of myself for not draining in the process!

i think i’ve told people this before but

au where harry and louis are neighbors and harry is roomates with niall and liam and louis is roomates with zayn and as a gift gemma gives harry an orchid in a pot and harry loves it and he spends so much time and effort on it waiting for it to bloom

but it doesn’t so after like a few months he gives up and puts it by the trash

except louis finds it and is like ‘eyy the pot is cute we can use it to stash weed’ so he brings it back to his and zayn’s flat and then they end up leaving the pot around there somewhere and sometimes they water it when they can be bothered and under the weed fumes it starts to bloom into this beautiful orchid and they’re like ‘wtf whatever now we have a flower’ so they put it near the windowsill

and one day harry is doing something and he looks out the window and he sees his pot with his orchid and there is a flower and now he wants his pot back


Daniel Budak str8. Budak satu course college aku dlu dkt langkawi. Str8 tp open minded. Slalu juga chat dia ni. Actually dia roomate aku dlu dkt hostel. Klau dah roomate msti la pernah on kan hehehe. Teringat lg time aku mabuk abis smpai tkleh bangun. Dia ankat aku bawa balik hotel budget dkt pantai chenang. Time tu cuti aku sewa hotel sbb nak mabuk. Kalau balik hostel tkut kantoi dgn warden so. Bermalam la satu hari dkt hotel. Dia layan aku baik gak. Ganas2 manje. Konek bole tahan jugak. Huhu. Pengalam dkt kolej dlu tkleh lupa. Still chat dgn dia lg until now