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Could you do headcannons for how the each of the Paladins kiss? Your blog gives me life dude

Awww thank you! This is adorable!


  • He loves every kind of kiss, but his favorites are long ones or super short ones. If he passes you in the hallway then he’ll give you a small peck on the lips before continuing with his day.
  • He’s going to want to kiss you every time he sees you, but don’t worry, he won’t force you to. It does make him super happy if you kiss him first though.
  • He loves Eskimo kisses, he gives you one every night before bed and after every sweet thing you say.


  • He almost never kisses you in public or at all so if he does, then it means something important.
  • When he does kiss you, it’s usually out of the blue and then he stutters out an explanation afterwards. It’s usually nothing more than a short kiss, but every once in a while it’s something longer.
  • He kisses you before and after every mission no matter what. You two could be arguing every day and he’s still going to search for you before he leaves so he can have his goodbye kiss.


  • He loooves kissing you hands. You two will be cuddling and he just takes your hand in his and kisses it.
  • His kisses aren’t long, but they aren’t short either. He’s probably the best kisser out of all of the paladins. He’s going to kiss you before anything important and it’s usually followed by an “I love you.”
  • He also likes peppering your face with kisses while you cuddle. He enjoys hearing you giggle when he does it and thinks that your smile is the most adorable thing.


  • Kisses from Pidge can be soooo rare. Sometimes you only get one. If she’s super tired then you might get 50, it depends on the day.
  • She kisses your cheek all the time. You can be sitting next to her while she does her work and she’ll sneak one in and act like nothing happened.
  • She barely ever gives you a kiss on the lips, if she does then you most have said something super romantic or maybe it’s an anniversary or something. Her kisses are always super sweet though and she always blushes afterwards.


  • He’s going to give you so many forehead kisses. If you’ve ever near him for anything longer than passing by then he’s going to give you one.
  • His kisses range from short and sweet to very passionate and you never know which one you’re going to get. Both are equally wonderful and never fail to make you smile.
  • Kisses before bed are a must, he can’t sleep without one. Even if you’re already asleep he’ll press a light kiss to you lips. He literally can’t go without it.
dorm tips!!

since everyone is moving into dorm, i thought i could share from my 3+ years of experience of sharing my living space with someone else:

  • okay you pups always keep some extra batteries and lightbulbs; you don’t want it to be 11pm and have no stores open anymore
  • put things on your walls, it’ll automatically make you feel more at home
  • change the locks on your drawers
  • always, always check with your roomate(s) if it’s okay to bring people over; even if it happens spontainously, sending a text when you’re on your way means the world
  • don’t ever, ever let cooked food out for longer than an hour; it just gets super gross and no one wants to deal with that
  • make sure to discuss with your roommate(s) the details regarding the quality of both of your lives: plan a cleaning/washing dishes schedule and stick to it
  • headphones will save your ass ~
  • ask your roommate(s) out from time to time; they’re probably as lost, homesick and new to this as you and it doesn’t hurt to just be… nice
  • have at least 4 cups and extra pillows (throw pillows are OK)!! you never know when you’ll spend lazy afternoons with your friends and you will want to make their stay as comfortable as possible
  • don’t keep your lamp open after 10-11pm. it’s common sense
  • extension cords are the bomb!! have one with you
  • don’t go anywhere without slippers; dorms are dirtier than you might think
  • sharing food is everything, we’re all hungry and broke students
  • don’t bottle things in, you’ll only turn bitter. if something bothers you, talk it out with the person.
  • dry shampoo is a must; it’ll save so much time when you’re in a hurry and don’t want your hair to look gross
  • keep in touch with the people you left behind; skype sessions with people you didn’t even realize you’ve missed are healing the soul
  • air freshener might seem like an unneded addition, but it’ll help so much in making the room feel more put together; especially if all you’ve done in the past days was study. related to that: open your windows
  • have an extra alarm clock! no matter how reliable your phone may be, at some point it will fail you
  • coupons? COUPONS!
  • folding is tricky and the only way to make it better is to practice. or, if you want to save space, you can just roll your clothes
  • it won’t be only about what you want anymore, but more about what you need; weigh carefully if you need another phonecase!!
  • if dorm is too loud, most buildings come with a study space that you can use almost anytime. really, go there
  • your college cafeteria might as well be your cheapest resource when it comes to a proper, warm meal, try to eat some soup at least once/month
  • bedding costs A LOT. okay, there’s nothing shameful in using some old ones, even if it features the most colorful cartoons
  • don’t borrow anything without asking. ever. 
  • everyone seems nice at the beggining; make sure you don’t plan your whole life around the roommate who might turn out to be an asshole

any more tips added are appreciated! send me in any question that you mgiht have or tell me about your dorm experience!!

Mixed Signals

based on this post here / this link

Voltron: Legendary Defenders

Word Count: ~6000


Hunk, Pidge and Shiro arrived at the diner together. Shiro’s sleek, black car emptied out his three friends who, upon walking in, gave him halfhearted smiles before sitting across from him in his booth. Hunk, broad shouldered and beaming nervously over the table top, ordered food for them all except for Lance, who’d insisted on not eating anything until his feelings were on the table; every last disgusting feeling.

“So, Lance,” began Shiro, “the texts you sent was kind of… uncharacteristic. Is everything okay?”

“Really?” Lance fidgeted in his seat. “I thought it sounded pretty casual.”

“Casual isn’t the correct term for it at all,” said Pidge, balancing one of Hunk’s french fries between thin fingers. “Anxious is a better word for it. Besides, you sent it to us individually and then went out of your way to message the group convo you made last night. Which, by the way, left out Keith.”

“I know it left out Keith,” groaned Lance. “That was the whole point.”

“Why would you do that exactly?”

“Because I’m desperate, guys. I don’t know what to do about this anymore. It’s haunting me and I need help.”

“You have a ghost?” guessed Hunk. The suggestion seemed to spook Hunk more than it did Lance. “Did it possess Keith?”

“No, buddy, not at all.” Lance sighed with his head in his hands. “I think… I hate Keith.”

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do you have any tips for living with a roomate or starting college for the first time? I'm moving into college tomorrow and I'm freaking out a little.

hello, love! i do have some tips from experience.

so you’re gonna be rooming with someone for the first time and it’s a pretty daunting situation. here are some tips, mostly from my experience, that could possibly help you out: 

  • be respectful of each other
    • you’re going to share space
    • that doesn’t mean “invade” their space, and same goes for them
  • respect each others’ things 
    • if you need to use/eat/etc. something of theirs, ask first
    • if they say “no,” they mean no and that’s that
  • set ground rules 
    • you can be as general or specific as possible
    • but have everything laid out ASAP
    • be open when discussing minor things that irritate you the first day, or say something the first time your roommate does it 
    • actually, i’ll make that its own point
  • try not to room with your best friend
    • i have seen so. many. friendships. ruined. 
    • it’s a whole other monster living with the one you like hanging out with
    • there could be things they do around the house that get on your nerves
    • just avoid this if you can 
  • be vocal with each other
    • don’t sweep things under the rug
    • if they do something that doesn’t sit right with you, tell them the FIRST time they do it
    • if you don’t say anything, they will never ever know 
    • better to be clear about things when you can so that it doesn’t escalate into a bigger situation than it needs to be
  • cleaning is everyone’s responsibility
    • do not be a pushover, but do not leave the cleaning to everyone else
    • basic rule: clean up after yourself
    • “your mom is not here to clean after you” is something everyone should remember
    • the biggest issue here: DISHES
  • compromise, compromise, compromise 
    • this saves roommate situations
    • you don’t want your relations to go sour at any point in time
    • you’re going to be spending a lot of the year with these people, so don’t let it get awkward or build tension 
    • if you can’t study with music and they’re blaring drizzy drake, ask if they can use earphones; if they ask you to do something to make them more comfortable, oblige 
    • i might even make a separate post about different situations/things to say to compromise later
  • keep a dry erase board/chalkboard/notepad around in the open
    • quick notes to your roomie(s) 
    • this can get passive-aggressive, but that’s just how some people are 
    • important reminders about trash days/billing cycles/etc. 
  • you’re going to have to just deal with some things 
    • some roommates are just going to be rude/inconsiderate/unresponsive 
    • sometimes you might not even compromise with them if they’re too stubborn 
    • just hold it out for the lease term 
    • if you really need to, see next bullet point
  • talk to your resident advisor (ra) if there are things out of your control
    • they are there to help you and handle escalations 
    • if something is wrong/off about your roommate(s), let them know about it
    • if something is bothering you and you can’t talk to your roommate(s) about it, talk to them 
    • if your roommate(s) damage property, let them know immediately so you aren’t the one that gets charged for the damages 
  • regarding significant others/intimate visitors 
    • seriously, get everyone’s permission before letting someone stay the night with you
    • this is a huge deal, even if you don’t think it would be 
  • don’t judge them
    • this would only create a rift, even on the first day
    • try to understand them 
    • they would only feel alienated if you make fun of them/give them weird looks 
    • try to be friends
  • have conversations/hang out with them 
    • talk over meals, watch tv with them, go to the grocery store together, etc. 
    • get to know each other if you can 
    • invite them out to things 
    • if you can’t and they’re unapproachable, try just talking over text. they might just be shy

i’m sure there are so many more things i could add, but these are ones i deem pretty important. good luck!!


@caravaggion​ tagged me in the Witchsona Moodboard !! my first moodboard… im a noob compared to Rebecca and Fatima tbh but this was lots of fun !

i tag @babbity-boo @green-finch @melbournejesusbike @purefake @chocoooooooo idk who else to tag EVERYONE CAN DO THIS IF THEY WANT

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Your art is good. Do you have an art degree and how long have you been drawing things? Oh, and why did you get interested in UT (I'm new here)

((I’m studying to get my BFA in animation presently, I’ve been drawing my whole life, got into ut because my roomate majors in video game design and knows about everything the second it comes out