Heatwave - Matt/Lux

I originally wrote this for the Saints in the Sun week but never posted it because I’m a self conscious dink :D

“Noooo, don’t touch me. I’m sweaty enough as it is.” Matt made a lazy attempt to bat Lux’s hands away, too drained by the heat to put effort into the gesture.

It wasn’t the hottest Steelport summer by a long shot -not even in the top five- but the hacker didn’t care; the ducted cooling was busted, the repairman was still an hour away, and as far as Matt was concerned all contact was off limits until the living room temperature no longer resembled the seventh circle of hell.

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devinmars asked:

Hey there! I've just recently got my first snake, a champagne ball python. She's about a year old and has been on live her entire life. I've waited 8 days since I got her to attempt feeding her a frozen rat pup, which I tried last night, thawed and warmed. She seemed very uninterested and wouldn't eat it. Ive seen a few methods of transitioning them to frozen, do you have one you personally think is best?

Hello! Thanks for coming to my page :) I wish i could say there was a “best” way to get your ball python to take f/t, but it really just comes down to whichever way works. All of my ball pythons are on f/t but none of them will take them the same way! So here’s a list of techniques you can try. Remember, if a snake is off feed, you should only offer a prey item once a week.
1st step, thaw to room temperature. The best way is to take the prey out of the freezer in thr morning and leave it in the fridge all day. Ball pythons are nocturnal, so you may get a better feeding response by feeding at night.
Then do one of the following (not all together). Some snakes will require you to leave the prey item alone and others will require a zombie dance.

-Transition the snake from live, to prekilled, and then to frozen/thawed.
-Try room temperature prey.
-Leave the prey in the cool hide over night.
-Scent the prey with dirty rat substrate or, substrate frm mice or african soft furred rats.
-Heat prey under a heat lamp or in a ziplock bag placed in hot water.
-In the same room as the snakes, blow dry the prey item to heat it up further and to scent the room.
- Dip the prey into chicken broth.
- Dip the prey’s head in really hot water.
-Place prey into a ziplock bag, place the bag in really hot water.
-Cut a small slit in the prey to scent the enclosure.
-Brain the prey. Do this by taking a sharp needle and poking 2-3 holes in the prey’s skull.
-Try different species: mice, rats, or ASF (note: ball pythons sometimes fixate on prey, meaning they will only take one type of prey and refuse the rest)
 let me know if you need any clarification on any of the points :)

How To Care For Your Cat During The Cold Months
It might not be very evident to you, but your cat can become uncomfortable when there are sudden changes in the weather and the room temperature. Too much heat can dehydrate animals while a very low temperature will also affect them. For your cat, you have to make sure that they are well-cared for during the winter months. The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that your pet has a comfortable cat bed. This can greatly help the cat maintain its normal body temperature. Also, do not take for granted its diet and nutrition, hygiene, and hydration.

Implanted flexible transistors change shape inside the body to provide future medical treatment

Researchers from The University of Texas at Dallas and the University of Tokyo have created electronic devices that become soft when implanted inside the body and can deploy to grip 3-D objects, such as large tissues, nerves and blood vessels.

These biologically adaptive, flexible transistors might one day help doctors learn more about what is happening inside the body, and stimulate the body for treatments.


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