~ updated picture of my desk ~

 I am happy to report that I now live in a forrest of plant babies. I am officialy back at university so I’ve been spending lots of time here. 


the sun was shining today and I feel so happy :’) I started studying early in the morning, had a team meeting at work which was very nice, rode my bike home and enjoyed breathing some fresh air. I also made vegan hot choclate to have enough energy for my afternoon studying session :’) my next exam is in 9 days and I really hope it won’t be too difficult.. this semester has gone by so fast :D


Like if you want to work/study in here!

Tbh, when I looked at her room and then looked back at my room, ugh “I think I need to clean my room.”

I mean am I the only one?

(source: @marzena.marideko via Instagram)

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I really love my bed, it’s my safe haven 💛 I ordered new washi tape and I love it so much! I’ve always wanted to own cute vintage tape like this. Uni & work is really exhausting currently but I’m sure I’ll get through it. I also ordered a new laptop (spent way too much money) and I hope it will help me to get motivated again. I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend xx


All settled in my first apartment!! Managed to bring my creative vision to life with this space and very happy with how it turned out look I’m already gettin nakeyyyy ahhh 🌼✨🌿🌱