NurseyWeek Prompt #1 - Silence/Mistake. Um, kind of. Got a bit off track.          ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Dex tromps into the Haus, slamming the door shut and tossing his bag haphazardly on the floor, kicking it out of the way as he passes. He’s scowling, which, frankly, isn’t that unusual, but his expression has an edge of something that tugs at Derek. Dex doesn’t even spare him a glance as he flops down at the other end of the couch with an exasperated growl, tipping his head back and squeezing his eyes shut. Silence fills the space between them for a moment.

“So, how was your day?” Derek asks.

“Fuck off.”

“Yeah, mine was good, too.”

“Fuck. Off.”

Derek scans the defeated slope of Dex’s body as it’s sprawled over the couch, frowning to himself. Huh. He drops the fake cheer from his voice and puts his notebook down on the end table behind him.

“Dex, hey. What happened?” he asks, voice softer now, quiet even in the relative silence of the Haus mid-day. Dex cracks one amber eye open and gives him a look, squinting semi-suspiciously at him. Derek waits him out, tilting his head and trying to look open for conversation.

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pt1 | pt2 | pt3 | pt4 | pt5 | + | (completed)

pairing: jungkook x reader / yoongi x reader

genre: angst, smut / idol au 

word count : 6,651

description: It started out simple, but when your feelings start to grow for the idol who isn’t allowed to date, things get complicated.

note: I can’t believe I’m posting the last part to this. I never expected for this story to be liked by so many of you guys, and I just wanted to say thank you for all the kind words I’ve gotten because of it. No matter which way it goes, I hope you all enjoy!

One Year Later

You’re digging through the back of your closet when you feel a pair of arms encircle your waist from behind. You already know it’s him, so you immediately turn around, and throw your hands up to lock them behind the back of his neck. You lift up, and touch your lips softly against his own as his hands start to travel underneath the material of your shirt. You love that he can still manage to make you feel goosebumps with his touch after all of this time. The tips of his fingers start to travel around the curve of your side until they rest at the waistband of your tights, he’s playfully popping the material against your skin. He tries to dip his fingers further down, but you grab his wrist to stop him. He gives you a sad puppy dog expression at your actions.

“No, we have somewhere to be remember?”

You remind him of the previous engagement that the two of you had planned a little while back.

“Of course I remember, I just wanted to make you feel good before we left.” He says as he, starts to pepper kisses along the side of your neck.

Your heart rate increases, and you feel a wave of desire crash through your body. It had been a few days since the two of you had gotten to be intimate because his schedule was so hectic lately. It takes everything in you to hold back the want to drag him back towards the bed so you could satisfy both of your needs. But you have to be stern with yourself, and find the will to push back.

“We’ll have plenty of time afterwards for… all of that.”

He gives you a look of defeat, and simply places a soft peck on your lips, giving you a smile before heading to the living room to wait for you. A deep sigh escapes your mouth once he’s out of sight, as you try to push away the feeling of desire bubbling inside of your stomach.

You turn back to the closet, and continue to rummage through it, as you ponder all of the time and memories that have passed since back then.

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After Camp Campbell: Prompt

Basketball never was one of Max’s favorite sports. All the running was tiring and he was always too short to make a basket without help, but here he was now, as his first middle school basketball game.

“Max, hurry up! The game is about to start!” The coach called, causing Max to roll his eyes up to the heavens and then back down.

He didn’t want to be here. As a matter of fact, he’d rather be back at Camp Campbell with Gwen and David, and all of his friends. At least there he could swear at the people who were pissing him off.

But his parents didn’t want to bother with him still. So they signed him up for the first school club that had an opening and dropped him off by himself once again. They didn’t care to go to these stupid games just like how they didn’t care to go to see his camp or anywhere else they sent him.

‘I miss camp.“

"But summers over, Max.” He told himself as he pulled his jersey on. You can go back in 9 months.“

With a finale sigh, he slammed his locker door shut. Then opened it and slammed it again, and again, and again. Anything to let off some steam before he started this stupid game, playing with stupid people, while their stupid parents watched.

"Hey, Max?” That teammate (Max thought his name might be Joe, or Tim, something like that.) narrowly avoided Max’s misplaced rage, as a final locker slam was enough to drive most of it from him.

“What do you want, dork?” Max snapped, shuffling over to the locker-rooms bench to retie his shoes.

“T-there’s some weird guy in the bleachers looking for you- I think he might be your dad?” The boy explained.

“My dad? He’s at work tonight.” A thin eyebrow shot up in confusion.

“Skinny guy? Brown hair?” No way. It couldn’t be. “He kinda has a high pitched voice when people hit him?”

“Holy shit, that’s David!” Max exclaimed, pulling himself off of the bench and running as fast as he could out of the room.

He ran passed his couch, his stupid teammates, and right across the gym floor to find his team bleachers. He was going so fast, he didn’t realize he hadn’t finished tying his shoes-


Embarrassment and pain shot through his elbows and knees as he hit the floor, but he tried to brush it off long enough to look up and scan the crowd for David, but his hopes fell when he couldn’t pick the man out of the crowd.

“Must’ve been some other Max'a dad…” He concluded, wanting nothing more but to sink into the floor at that moment.

“Guess so, buddy!” A voice came from above him, lifting him off of the ground.

Max whipped around and looked up to find David himself standing over him. He looked a little strange out of his camp uniform, without camp behind him, but the rest of him had the same familiar comfort.

“David!? What are you doing here!? This place is almost an hour from cam-” Max started, but stopped when he spotted yet another familiar face over by the popcorn stand. “Gwen is here too!?”

“We don’t stay at camp all winter, Max.” David laughed. “Gwen and I live in the city when camp is out of season-”

“But what are you two doing here!?” The younger male exclaimed, his eyes widening.

“Isn’t it obvious? We came to watch your game! And we’re planning to come to all of them if we can get a schedule-” The man was stopped by a little pair of arms nearly crushing his windpipe for a second.

“Thanks, David.”

henlo it is me your local transboy with some trans headcanons for ya!!

(this is part one btw!!)


  • neil was born with a name that closely resembled his father’s so the first thing he does when he begins transitioning is change it to so he would finally have something of his own
  • it almost felt liberating
  • he told mary after a botched attempt at trying to get him to dress in his new school’s girl uniform which ended in tears and a thrown away skirt
  • mary only smiled tiredly and held up a pair of their sharpest scissors so she could cut his hair
  • from there, she tries to find binders that have been donated, but when she can’t, neil gets sports bras from the nearest department store instead

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anonymous asked:

hello hello, i am in desperate need of kyouhaba fic recs and i'm pretty sure i've read all the ones in all the other recs as well as the ones in the first five pages on ao3 when you sort by kudos, so if you could help me out i would be very much obliged

Yo anon! Such a daunting task you’ve requested, lmao. I actually had to think about whether or not to indulge this since 1) I have no idea if you’re serious, tbh, 2) I’m not sure if I’ll be able to link you fics that haven’t already been recommended somewhere else, 3) I have no idea which stories you’ve already read, 4) Like I said, this seems very daunting because there are LOTS of brilliant Kyouhaba fics out there. If I get really serious with this, by the time I’m done the list will look pretty overwhelming, lol.

That said, the request wouldn’t leave my mind and since I have free time now, I guess I’ll do it. I’ll go all the way too and treat this as an extensive Kyouhaba rec list for others (HQ/Kyouhaba beginners especially) who might want it, so take note of that if you see stories you’ve already read.

Btw, I’ll just do a shortcut when it comes to authors with multiple Kyouhaba stories and take you to their main AO3 page instead of linking each of their stories. Believe me, these authors are brilliant and there’s no use sifting through their Kyouhaba stories to see what’s good and what’s not. They’re ALL amazing. 

Btw, I used AO3′s tag filter to take you to their Kyouhaba stories only since that’s what you asked for (and what this blog is for).

* Works by darkmagicalgirl 

* Works by knightswatch

* Works by kiyala

* Works by shions_heart

* Works by snoqualmie

* Works by surveycorpsjean

* Works by squidmemesinc

* Works by HoneyBeeez

* Works by ArcticLights

* Works by CheetahLeopard2

* Works by Dogsocks

* Works by InkCaviness

* Works by shukagari

* Works by crossbelladonna

* Works by fortyfiveangrycats

* Works by herekittie

* Works by Maiokoe

* Works by SecretMaker

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Undeniable Heat  Chapter 3: Separate

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1400 Words

Chapter Summary: Settling into your apartment, hoping to run into your new neighbor. But he just flew to Austin.

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

That first night you hadn’t payed too much attention to your new home. After the drive up to Vancouver, and the meeting at the office, you had wanted nothing more than to crash and sleep for a couple of hours. Especially after you had literally run into Jensen Ackles, the man who had kept you awake the night before, and a guy you would be in close contact with every day.

He was even more handsome up close than in his pictures. You had been shell shocked at first, especially with his hand on your arm. You shook your head, frustrated at yourself, knowing you had probably been incredibly stupid in front of him. It wasn’t the best way to meet, and you hadn’t even introduced yourself.

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wyla: i—i don’t know. it’s—it’s nothing personal, trevor, i just don’t… date.
trevor: we don’t have to date. we can skip straight to marriage, if you want.
wyla: trevor..
trevor: kidding, i’m kidding! i get it. someone hurt you?
wyla: …
trevor: look. i’m sorry if i freaked you out, it’s just—i mean, you know how gorgeous you are—i just… i tend to not have a filter, like mox said before. but i promise i’ll tone it down, okay? i just—i at least want the chance at being your friend. 
wyla: .. you do?
trevor: of course i do. is there room on that bench for me?
wyla: there might be.

I can't be friends (Liam Dunbar/Theo Raeken)

“Y/n you’re not serious about this you know Liam will freak if he finds out besides we already determined that Theo can’t be trusted.” Scott yelled trying to stop me.

“Okay Scott first of all Liam doesn’t control me, and second Stiles decided that. Stiles thinks that everyone has some sort of deviant plan against us.” I said turning around and putting my hands on my hips.

“So you don’t think Theo is a bad guy?” Scott asked looking at my face.

“Do you honestly? All I’m saying is what if he really is just a lone wolf looking for a pack. You of all people Scott should acknowledge that. Besides Scott i"m just going to talk to him where’s the harm in that?”

I didn’t wait for him to reply as I walked into the gym where I knew Theo Raeken often spent his days after school. I walked in the gym to see Theo doing a pull up. He turned his head as if he was sensing my presence. Wow I didn’t realize how attractive Theo was until I saw his back muscles clenching as he pulled himself up and lowered himself down.

“You just gonna stare or come say hi?” He asked smirking as he got his water bottle taking a swig of it.

“Uh hey Theo.” I said awkwardly, trying to keep my eyes off his incredible body.

“Well what can I do for you beautiful?” He asked putting on his jacket and getting his belongings walking into the locker room.

“I uh just came to talk. How is Beacon Hills treating you?” I asked rubbing the back of my neck nervously and following him into the locker room.

“You mean besides the fact that all your friends think i’m a bad guy?”

“Well aren’t you? Wait uh that isn’t what I meant Theo I just uh well they say stuff.” I rambled trying to avert his gaze.

Theo started to walk closer to me with a smirk on his face. As he took a step forward I took one back. Finally my back hit one of the lockers.

“I make you nervous don’t I? Let me guess you think i’m a bad guy too but you weren’t really sure so you had to come see for yourself. Well i’m here now you have my full attention y/n tell me what you think now!” Theo said his voice gradually getting louder as he went on.

I gulped really loudly seeing how little space there was between us.

“Maybe i’m not the bad guy y/n maybe i’m exactly the type of guy you need.” Theo said putting his arms up trapping you between him and the locker.

I could feel my heartbeat increasing.

“Theo you’re not a bad guy so please don’t do this.” I said looking into his brown eyes.

“Do what, exactly what you want me to do?”

Theo brought one arm down putting his hand on my cheek. I was nervous not really knowing what was about to happen. Suddenly Theo was ripped off of me and there stood an angry Liam.

“Ooh this should be fun.” Theo taunted at Liam.

“Y/n leave.” Liam growled showing his golden eyes and sharp fangs.

I couldn’t leave though it seems as if my feet were cemented to the floor. Theo showed his eyes and fangs now as well. Liam lunged towards Theo but Theo was stronger. He picked Liam up and threw him into a locker making an obvious dent. Liam roared getting back up.

“Ah come one Liam I know you can do better than that.” Theo said.

Theo had never planned on doing anything with me, he was just taunting Liam. Theo wanted this reaction because Stiles was right, he was the bad guy. He wanted Liam to lose control, to bring out his killer instincts. I wasn’t about to let this happen.

“Liam!” I screamed from against the locker.

Liam stopped fighting Theo and looked over at me. Theo looked back at me smirking before leaving quickly. Liam watched him leave before turning back into himself. He sat down on the locker room bench putting his head in his hands.

“Liam are you okay?” I asked cautiously sitting down next to him.

“Y/n I don’t know what happened. I just saw him and I lost control.” Liam said bringing his hands down but not looking up from the floor.

“Theo wanted that reaction from you. He was using me to taunt you Liam. He knows how close of friends we are and he was using that to his advantage.”

“I can’t be friends, not anymore.” Liam said still looking at the ground.

“Ww-what?” I stuttered confused.

“I can’t be friends because I want to be so much more than that.” Liam said looking at me.


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Boyfriend Yeolie - coffee date in the park

- you order a hazelnut latte

- he gives you a sassy look as he dramatically sips his americano

- king of never stepping on a sidewalk crack

- “I care about my mom, okay??”

- pouts when you try so hard to hold back your laughter

- stops to pet every dog

- literally. every. one. 

- “I want a picture.”

- ah, yeolie, okay.

- “okay here’s my phone make sure that the dog is smiling.”

- (-__- )

- sitting on a park bench together

- lots of room on the bench because you’re sitting so close together

- his fingers are nervously drumming on his thigh because he wants to hold hands but he’s too shy

- you grab his hand and hold it tightly

- oh boy his cheeks are so pink and his smile is so dorky what a cutie pie

The Stray

Originally posted by thedreamyworldd

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

Content/Warning: Fluff, hint of angst, an adorable dog

Words: 966

A/N: Yay, request time! This was another one from an anon, requesting 1, 11, and 18 with an ending where they keep the dog. I hope you guys enjoy, and I should have another fic out later this evening.

You had somehow managed to convince Sherlock to take a break from his current case, with the excuse that perhaps the open air would help his brain function, leaving the two of you walking down the busy London roads. It was a windy, overcast day, and the two of you had your coats wrapped around your forms. “Want to visit Lestrade?” You asked.

“No,” Sherlock said instantly. “That would just slow down my brain function.”

“Okay then,” You said with a shrug, eyes wandering aimlessly around your surroundings. They settled on what looked like a young dog huddled under a bench, who looked skinny and cold. “Sherlock, look!”

He glanced towards where you pointed. “A dog.”

“Let’s go see it!” You said, about to bound over when he grabbed your arm.

“Y/N,” Sherlock said, “We’re not stealing that dog.

“It’s not stealing if the dog is a stray, Sherlock,” You said with a roll of your eyes. “The poor thing looks like it hasn’t had a decent meal in weeks.”

Shaking out of his grip, you made your way over to the stray, who skittered back nervously. You sat on the opposite end of the bench, talking gently to it, and eventually it ventured towards you, close enough to gingerly sniff your fingers. Of course, Sherlock decided this was the perfect time to intervene, causing it to scamper back again. “Sherlock!” You exclaimed in frustration. “You scared it!”

He gave a somewhat annoyed sigh. “How is this my fault?

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Requiem- Jack x reader

Reader gender: not mentioned
Warnings: none (not even swearing are you proud of me)
A/n: I’ve got my groove back so updates should hopefully be more frequent. You might want to give Requiem a listen while the song plays in the story
Requested by anon: Can I get a jack/reader story where the reader is like, playing an instrument (piano maybe?) And Jack is mesmerized?
Word count: 1062

You angrily shoved your finger through your hair, frustrated after finding absolutely nothing in the past hour you had been researching. Dean was out after receiving a call from Missouri and Sam was in a nearby room, training with Jack. You had been given the exciting task of finding out more about Jack. However, everything you found was either irrelevant or something you already knew.
You slammed your laptop closed and left the room, hoping to find somewhere to relax. You paced around the bunker, grabbing a beer from the kitchen before traveling deeper into the house. You finally reached the back of the bunker and came to a stop in front of a door that you had long forgotten about.
You pushed it open, the hinges creaking as you did. You looked in at the sheet covering the grand piano you used to know so well. It had probably been a year since you last used it, things had just been so stressful recently. You had put it in the back so that you wouldn’t bother the boys with your playing. Knowing Sam and Jack wouldn’t hear you, you pulled the sheet off, blew off some dust and sat down at the keys. 

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Circumstance (Part 6)

Thank you everyone for waiting! Big revelations this chapter!!!

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Circumstance Masterlist

Rowaelin Daughter x Feysand Son

Rhys and Azriel winnow the two Archeron sisters and Ember into a room the princess had never seen before. Glancing quickly out the window, it is clear that they are in the House of Wind. Ember has been in a bad mood ever since she received the letter, but as she takes a cursory glance around the large gallery, she can feel her anger being overcome with awe and curiosity.  The High Lord and his spymaster quickly depart, leaving the three ladies to wander and explore.

“So what exactly had you wanted to see in here?” Nesta’s bored tone interrupts Ember from her wondrous inspection of the piece closest to her. She turns to find the eldest sister staring at her with a mockingly raised eyebrow. Ember straightens at the challenge.

“Many of Cadewyn’s pieces hang in his room and I desired to view more of his work. They truly are extraordinary, don’t you think?” She replies, forcing Nesta to match her level of tolerance if she doesn’t want to look more like an ass.

Nesta huffs. “Yes, of course they are.” She crosses her arms, glancing between her sister and the princess as if debating something. “Well, I have some emissary business to attend to. Elain should be able to show you around. Don’t wreck anything.”

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Prompt - after being bitten by Scott you struggle to handle your first few full moon until Peter finds you calming your wolf side
Warnings ~ none maybe swearing
Pairing ~ Peter Hale x reader
Story ~
It was the wrong place at the wrong time, the roof of the hospital you watched as a man without a mouth tried to kill your class mate Scott McCall. Scott saw you hiding he tried to save you from the crazed man, making a large mistake your tried to run to the fire escape, after being knocked over the ledge, Scott grabbed your hand but the killer behind him was making it hard for him to pull you up. Scott left go of you but bit your hand holding you in his teeth screaming in pain and fear you shut your eyes. Soon another pair of hands grabbed you lifting you to safety. Scott and stiles didn’t leave you all night or the rest of the week. Lydia and Malia both became friends without a reason making you worried.

Scott had told you was going to become a werewolf, you laughed in his face, but you couldn’t deny something was off with you, your temper was getting worse and shorter. The night of the full moon came and every time you looked one of Scott’s friends was stirring at you. In English stiles sat and tried telling you that you had to do as Scott said or someone like Alison’s dad would come and kill you. In advance biology Lydia sat next to you trying to convince you to listen to them. They all done your head in, you left school early that day but was still followed this time by Malia, she apologised and asked if you wanted to hang out you said yes but was still weary as she was one of Scott’s friends.
You went with Malia to Lydia’s where inside Scott, Kira, stiles liam and Lydia waited once inside you quickly worked out it was a set up. After Lydia handed you a drink and they cycled around you. You had some of the drink smelling it first. They spend the best part of 20 minutes explaining the different supernatural creatures of beacon hills, and how all but stiles was once taken over by a demon.

“you expect me to believe that half of my classmates are monsters and now I’m about to become one” you said laughing at how crazy it sounded. Suddenly half of their eyes changed, Scott’s went red, Kira was orange Liam yellow and Malia went blue. “I don’t know what tricks your using but this isn’t real” you said turning round to leave. Stiles and Liam stood blocking the door. jumping out the window you felt your body changing. running in the woods you didn’t know what was going on but you had this urge to hurt and attack like never before. You body started to hurt, your mouth opened as you screamed in pain from where sharp fangs grew. Your nails turned to claws in panic you ran deeper into the woods. you see a man walking, about to pounce on him he looks at you with glowing red eyes making you freeze. Scott and the rest of the pack caught up and grabbed you. in a mist of grows and roars they overpowered you tying you to a tree using the metal chains you had seen then you first walked into Lydia’s with Malia. the rest of the night you stood there your yellow eyes stirring into the red ones of the stranger, feeling an unknown connection with him, while the pack tired to explain to you what was happening to you.

over the next few weeks you begun to believe them when you something in school would get you mad your new friends was there to stop anything bad happening. Liam was with you after a verbal argument with another student “if something or someone to keep you grounded ” you couldn’t think of anyone that close your family wasn’t close and you had never loved anyone. you could feel your eyes change and your claws was digging into the locker room bench. the only place Liam could think to take y/n before someone saw. Liam’s eyes glowed golden trying to warm you to calm down. it was his eyes that reminded you of the red ones you saw that first full moon, quickly calming you down. After hearing stories of how Scott almost killed stiles and how Liam struggled with his first few moons started to worry you. Scott told you that this time you would they was going to take you to real help at the Hales.

they took you a room and tied you up this time willingly, Derek was just like Stiles said grumpy but was also nice. they all was outside the door you could hear there whispers but could feel the wolf starting to fight its way out. they must of knew too because Scott and Derek came in in wolf form. when they looked at you all your fetchers had changed swinging your arm down hard you broke out of your first chain. Scott and Derek both trying to talk you down but their words was useless you wanted to kill them both and couldn’t understand why.

peter was upstairs and heard the fighting. coming down to watch his nephew get beaten by the new wolf was amusing at first. but when y/n knocked out both Scott and Derek he needed to step in. flicking out his claws and glowing his eyes he roared at her, grabbing her attention. y/n froze on the spot growling unsure, the was something about him that that made you unsure what to do, peter walked over slow turning his head studying you, your reaction to him. risking the chance he held out his arm touching your shoulder. the touch sent a buzz though your body, you felt your body relax into the feeling from him.  "what’s happening?“ you ask confused but the sudden change. peter didn’t answer your question, "just focus on my voice and face you’ll calm down y/n” and just like a solder you followed his ordered turning back human. you and peter sat down “I can still feel it the power though my body” you tell him. “yes your always going to feel that on a full moon you just need to control it” he tells you, for the next 2 hours you both talk finding a connection with the older wolf.

peter left to get a drink for you both. in his absences you could feel the wolf fighting its way thought. hoping he would quickly return to help again. the feeling was getting stronger as Scott came round “y/n” he said low, turning your head your heart quickened your eyes glowed. Scott could see you turning again but could see the panic in your eyes too “I don’t want to hurt you again” you say worrying you cant fight the urge. a growl comes from up stairs making you and Scott to look “y/n listen to my voice” peter says knowing you would hear. Scott looks at your eyes had gone back to there normal colour. “he’s your anchor?” Scott said in surprise and confusion. shrugging your shoulders “I don’t know” you said still not understanding it all or how someone you only met 4 weeks ago was an anchor from what Liam had told you an anchor was someone to do with love and an emotional bond. leaving you confused in your own thoughts you hadn’t notice peter come back in or Derek get up.

“ I don’t know how you did it? she’s strong” Derek said to peter. looking up you see Derek still in his wolf form, stood behind and with a clawed hand on peter. something in you snapped you pouched on Derek almost taking peter with you. you growled, flashing your eyes holding him by the throat tightly. Scott was screaming at you but you wasn’t listening grabbing tighter with each second choking Derek. Scott tried flashing his alpha eyes at you “y/n stop” he roared loudly but you only answered with a r roar of your own. peter watched as you defied Scott in his alpha form. He’s not her alpha how?, why? he thought, something in the back of peters head knew the answer. he felt it the night he saw her in the woods. wanting to test a theory. in the loudness of the growls from Derek, y/n and Scott he spoke in a low tone, his normal voice “y/n stop let Derek up.” You head his voice loud and clear over everything, the others only heard it because of there super enhanced hearing. You instantly stopped, releasing the wolf beneath you, standing next to a smirking peter.

you see both Scott and Derek look worried and unsure “what was that?” Scott asked “I wish I knew” you say not meaning anyone to hear. peter was smirking he knew he was right. Derek looked like between you and peter. you could see light in his eyes as he worked out what was going on.  "Scott I thought you told me you had bitten her?“ he says not taking his eyes from you. it felt like he didn’t trust you anymore, thought you had attacked him twice. "I did it was to save her from falling off the hospital roof” Scott says. Derek’s gaze went from you to peter, his expression was wary of his uncle “how?” he asked peter coldly. you felt lost it was like everyone knew what and also wasn’t being spoken about. “Derek I don’t know, all I know is I felt a change seeing her that night and literally just worked it out when she didn’t back down to Scott” he answered with full honesty.
you knew they was talking about you but didn’t understand what exactly they was saying “right what is really going on? can some please tell me what the hell your talking about” you scream making them all jump. peter put his arm around you “well sweetheart it looks like I’m your anchor and your alpha” he smiles at you flashing his alpha eyes for a second. Scott was speechless and Derek gave a small smile at you both as peter walked you out promising he would teach, train and teat you like family because you now was.

Having A Field Day + A CS One Shot

A/N: Here’s a smutty little continuation of ‘Physically Fit’ and ‘Extracurricular Activities’ because as a teacher, I hate Field Day and PE Teacher!Killian seemed like a good way to cheer myself up after managing the mayhem! Happy summer, everyone!

Rated: M - this is seriously straight filth
Word Count: 3K

The texture of the wood door at her back wasn’t completely unlike the several other smooth surfaces Emma had found herself pressed up against over the course of the past few very heated months. Sure, it was a bit colder and the drag of the sanded oak against her bare shoulders was sending shivers down her spine, but it was honestly a shock that it had taken her this long to make such a sensory discovery.

How they’d avoided the dim lighting and slightly dusty space inside the school storage shed was truly something she couldn’t provide an answer for, especially because there were very few locations they’d skipped since the first time she let his firm hips push her into oblivious ecstasy.

Killian’s hands felt rugged on her sides as they slid downward, his thumbs pressing firmly on her hipbones until she moaned that sound of warning he seemed to enjoy so much. It crossed her mind briefly as he sent a trail of kisses down her neck that maybe he loved her and not just the noises she made when they found themselves in close circumstances like their current ones. It was a thought she had tested a few times before - once when he spent two hours grading essays for her after she’d fallen victim to some plague obtained from her students and then again when he’d asked her to dance with him during their repeat chaperoning duo at the winter formal. Of course, that sweet and almost tender request came right before he pulled her back into a nearby well known locker room where he really made her shiver.

Yeah, January temperatures had nothing on Killian Jones and his ability to chill every inch of her body. The scorching numbers as they currently neared the end of May, on the other hand, seemed to have them both in quite the unprofessional bind.

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“I don’t understand.” Veronica sighed, dropping her head to the cafeteria table and throwing her hands in the air.

Archie laughed at the distressed, raven haired beauty and her thrill for all things dramatic,
“What don’t you understand Ronnie?” he asked with a smirk, dropping his arm around her shoulders and squeezing softly.

“That!” She lifted her head, pointing her finger accusingly towards her blonde best friend and the beanie wearing boy she had grown quite fond of.

“You don’t understand Jughead and Betty?” Archie asked with an eyebrow raise
“I mean I get Jughead, he’s all about the mystery, but Betty’s your best friend, shouldn’t you kind of understand her by know?” He added teasingly.

Kevin arrived at the table just in time to interject
“I think she means the two of them. Together, but not together. They’re so clearly in love, I don’t see what they’re waiting for.” He popped a grape in his mouth as Veronica nodded enthusiastically

“Yes! Exactly, I’ve asked Betty about her relationship with jughead and she always says "oh we’re just friends.” But look at the two of them, friends don’t look at each other like that!“ It was obvious Veronica was getting riled up so when Cheryl blossom dropped her purse on the metal table she stared at the scene with curious eyes
"What’s the deal, oh, are we talking about bughead again?” The redhead said simply, glancing over at the pair who was making their way to their friends.

“Bughead?” Archie asked.

“Betty and jughead.” Kevin answered nonchalantly.

“Betty and jughead what?” The boy in question asked as he scooted down the bench, leaving room for Betty who settled beside him, thighs touching as he lazily threw his arm around her shoulders.

“We were just talking about odd couples.” Cheryl said mischievously, shooting a look to Veronica who instantly understood where this was going.

“Odd couples?” Betty asked, arching a perfect brow and shooting a look at Kevin who just shrugged

“Yeah” Veronica nodded , keeping her face faux uninterested “ we were just talking about couples that would never work out, too odd, you and jughead were top of the list” she finished, lazily stabbing a fork into her salad, keeping her eyes glued to Betty’s reaction “right Archie?” Veronica shot him a warning glare and watched as it all connected in his eyes.

“Oh for sure, you guys could never be a real couple. You’re way too incompatible.” Archie shrugged apologetically. It was quiet for a few seconds when suddenly Jugheads deep voice broke the silence.

“That’s bullshit.” He said a bit aggressively, causing Betty to look up in surprise “it doesn’t matter that we’re opposites. Me and Betty would be a great couple, we’d be able to make it work. We’d probably be the best pair this school had ever seen, you don’t know what your talking about.” The dark haired boy trailed off, his cheeks pink with embarrassment.

Cheryl looked across at Veronica and raised a brow
“Well, I highly doubt that, Betty could never handle you. All that moodiness? She’s used to everything going a specific way, you would just mess up that aesthetic.”

Betty gasped slightly at the untrue words coming from the head cheerleaders mouth, it was her turn to speak up

“That’s not true! I could definitely handle Jughead. He isn’t moody, he just has actual feelings and emotions, something every other boy in Riverdale is too afraid to show. And I don’t care about my "aesthetic” me and Jughead would make a great couple.“ She huffed angrily grabbing a piece of watermelon and stuffing it into her mouth as Jughead stared shocked down at her.

"Okay then, why aren’t you? A couple I mean.” Kevin broke the silence and asked the question on everyone’s mind.

As soon as Betty opened her mouth to answer Jughead spoke

“I don’t know.” He said, eyes staring intensely at the beautiful girl next door beside him.

Betty took a sharp breathe and nodded
“I don’t know either” she whispered

Cupping a hand to her cheek, Jughead smiled goofily at her as Betty giggled and closed her eyes for a second

“Dinner at pops after school?” He asked quietly

Betty nodded happily
“Strawberry milkshakes and Jane eyre?” She asked hopefully.

Jughead nodded and chuckled, low and genuine
“Anything for you Juliet.”

Veronica squeezed Archie’s hand and a collective sigh was heard around the table followed by a symphony of