Aftermath/Piper & (Open)

Piper was finally released from punishment after a harrowing few days. Her walk showed evidence of the pain she was in. The bruises couldn’t be seen under her clothes, but the soreness lingered. It was a rough few days and N really did a number on her. She was shaky and jumpy and on the verge of tears as she walked back to her room. A bench in her path caught her eye and she decided to sit for a few minutes before continuing to her room. When someone came nearby, she didn’t even bother to look up, afraid to make eye contact with anyone. She didn’t want to seem rude, so she greeted them simply. “Hi. Did you want to sit down?”

The first time that Toudou comes back spitting mad from local race during their second year, he throws himself dramatically onto one of the locker room benches and hisses, “I don’t believe that person won over the beautiful me” which degenerates into mutterings of “can’t even smile properly!” and “not even cute!” and a slightly crazed “that dumb spider” that everyone carefully ignores.

(It’s better than the times that he throws himself onto the floor in abject despair where they have to step around him. It happens.)

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arnnathebookcook I’ve worked out that I can fit four new bookshelves into the studio and still have room for my work bench, easel and reading chair! It’ll bring me up to six bookshelves, which should fit most of my books (okay that’s a flat-out lie, but it’s a good start) and I can pick them up next week after work. But I’m so hyped up from today I thought I’d just re-organise my library a little by pulling everything out, sorting through them, updating goodreads… Only I realised I have a house inspection on Tuesday and I doubt the landlord would be impressed to see a mountain of books stacked in the middle of the ‘living room’. So I currently have a desk full of books I can’t fit back into the existing shelves that I will have to do something about and have only scanned roughly half of my books. It’ll be fine. I’ll totally have it cleaned up by Tuesday.


So what’s the best thing that could happen to you when you’re at home in bed feeling like crap? A parcel from Seattle full of KELLY FROH comics (top photo)!

I began by reading ‘Debbie’s Story’, made in 2009 and the latest addition to my growing Kelly Froh mini-comics collection. Kelly Froh is an absolute genius storyteller and she draws people like no other. I especially love the way you learn things about people’s character through their hair and clothes. Buy this comic so you can see the drawing of Jim McDuggin in a paisley shirt…and to see Debbie and her mum in their office building cleaning job outfits. These drawings are just - awesome.

Next up was ‘The Former Room-mates of Gary Jones’, created in 2010. Portraits drawn by Kelly (including a portrait of herself) and text by Gary Jones, this comic is a must read for anyone that has lived with a few odd-bods in their time! I was particularly drawn to former room-mate HG, her blue eye shadow, hoop earrings, and skin coloured in the pink and yellow of fruit-salad-sweets.

Also in the magic envelope were copies of ‘Bloody Pussy: a feminist RAG’, which Kelly Froh has a story in called ‘Rape Fantasy. It is *brilliant* and I’ll take my copy along to some upcoming comics events so the London comic folk can see it too.  

‘The Midnight Casserole Collection’ is a 2015 collection of mini comics, pages from anthologies and some never published before stories. It starts with ‘The Spin Rack’, a story about how Kelly discovered alternative comics including those made by women. Reading this story, especially the two panels (see above) where she finds herself ‘relating to this within the core of my being’ feels a bit like reading a comic about myself. Comics changed my life and Kelly Froh’s comics are the comics I want, need to read. See what Kelly Froh had to say about anthologies in the introduction to this collection in one of the above photos. 

The first Kelly Froh offering I ever read was ‘The Greatest’, ‘a self-published, 20 page, full-color illustrated book of seniors I have known and their greatest personal trait or characteristic. It’s a funny book made with love.’ Check it out here:  

After reading ‘The Greatest’, I have slowly been acquiring everything I can get my hands on that Kelly Froh has created. So you can imagine how stoked I was when Kelly said she’d be up for contributing a page to my bad dreams and nightmares anthology A BIT OF UNDIGESTED POTATO. Kelly drew a frankly superb page about her worst fear - seeing Pennywise the Clown on the street. More info on the anthology can be found via Kelly’s website here:

Wanna find out more about Kelly Froh’s work? Of course you do! Links below…

…and buy Kelly’s comics here:

In between revamping the workshop I’ve also been finishing up the window seat bookcase job.
This is for the same client as the boot room bench that I recently posted.
Finished in Crown eggshell and topped off with European Oak (Osmo Polyx)
The left hand cabinet will form an entertainment hub with tv/data/audio cables aplenty.
I wasn’t entirety convinced by the colour that my client chose, but I think it’s all come together nicely now it’s been dressed.
Very happy with this one.
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Gym Pet Peeves

1. If you have a problem with the benches and where they are placed, fucking move them! Don’t stare at me while I am in the middle of my set so that when I am done I move my bench, YOU HAD PLENTY OF ROOM TO MOVE YOUR BENCH OVER TO THE OTHER FUCKING SIDE OF THE GYM, ASS HAT. 

2. If you’re one of those competitive girls, and you’re working out with your boyfriend, get it through your head that I am not trying to out lift you, I am not trying to make you look small, and I definitely not trying to steal your boyfriend. So hop off it with the stink eye and pay attention to your form. 

3. Above all else, when you are smelly (believe me I know that you know) and sweaty and all but the one treadmill I am on is free, don’t you dare take the ones that are beside me. You’re old and commenting on how much you are sweating is not a conversation starter. I am at the gym, not a meet and greet. GO AWAY. 

On Learning to be Vulnerable

I joke about my weight a lot.
I say things, like,
“If I sit up there, the whole thing will collapse,
and I don’t want to have to explain to the fire department
that we crashed through three levels of concrete
cause I sat on a table.”
And people laugh,
And I smile,
And people forget
That sometimes laughter
Can hide the tears.
I apologize for my size a lot.
I make excuses for giving myself extra room on the bench,
And I turn the focus away from myself when I go shopping with my friends.
I don’t want them to know that nothing in their favorite stores will fit me.
I don’t want them to know how much that hurts me.
I laugh it off when I work up the courage to try on one really loose shirt, and return from the dressing room, like,
“I just didn’t like the way it looked on me.”
I don’t want them to know that I walk by those same stores,
On weekday afternoons when everyone else is busy after school,
And I hope and pray for some date in the future when I can shop WITH my friends, and not just FOR them.
I have to force myself to stand in front of a mirror.
I never like what I see.
They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
But I cannot find the beauty in all my imperfections.
I am tired of seeing only jelly rolls, stretch marks, dark spots, pimples, dark circles and disproportions.
I am tired of watching myself cry with detached curiosity,
And wondering why my chest still aches when I try to tell myself I am beautiful.
I deserve better than to keep thinking these things about myself.
I hate that it makes sense to me that no one has ever liked me.
No summer flings or high school boyfriends for me,
And that sounds so shallow, and unnecessary,
But I can’t help but wonder if it’s because I don’t look like other girls.
And GOD, do I want to look like other girls.
I cannot keep hating myself this way.
How can I see the beauty in others if I cannot see it in myself?
I have not learned to fall in love with my own smile.
And honestly, I don’t know how.
I don’t want my self worth to be based on shallow validation from people around me
But I’m tired of feeling like the outsider even among friends,
And I want to be consumed by something else.
I don’t want my weight to be the only thing on my mind anymore.
I want to feel beautiful.
I want to feel normal.
God, what is normal?

Training 27th August 2015

Bench day.  The gym was a pool of testosterone today because it was unstaffed, but I scored the group fit room for my benching sets.  Afterwards I was practicing cleans (mostly just trying to master getting the bar higher) and two guys came in the room and pretty much did nothing productive.  They were clearly waiting for me to leave so they could use the room by themselves, and spent a good twenty minutes hanging from the frame in there and doing a couple of tricep dips.  Mostly they just made a lot of noise to try and make me uncomfortable enough to leave.  Finished my cleans regardless.

That was it for today.  I felt super weak once again, probably from the week off.

hedoniists asked:

"Nothing to say? What's wrong, did I finally fuck your brains out?" {Charlotte}

Charlotte whimpered quietly, sprawled out face first on the locker room bench, cum dripping out of her ass and down her thighs. She didn’t have an answer for him, so he might just be right. If she was lucky, maybe he’d get Paige or Becky to come and lick her clean…