room with a moose

I just remembered when i came home drunk af one day and convinced my best friend while in a room full of people that he didnt exist. 

Drunk Moose is chaotic neutral. 

I went and saw Chappie this weekend! Beautiful story, can’t deny that. It’s definitely worth more trips to the theatre, and this little lady will be back soon enough! :D

But before I go, I couldn’t not acknowledge how perfect this connection was. Apologies for the photo; I just finished inking this morning and I’m away from home. Copics <3

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And what a house it is. Huge neon arrows and signs hang from trees in the driveway. It wasn’t Christmas, but a fully lit tree was the centrepiece of her living room (it was there year-round). A giant moose head with a fez hung above the fireplace; snow globes depicting macabre murder scenes decorated the shelves and, outside in the garden, next to a life-size Leia stepping out of a British telephone box, was the back end of a lion attached to the wall, its raised tail revealing giant cat balls.
Super!AU Headcanons


So when me and Gabby first thought of the super au, we also had a lot of dumb headcanons. here are a few highlights

  • Satch is talking about how he can’t carry much that’s super heavy with his telekinesis and Paul goes “you’ve gotta do some mental curls ups!” And he just gets slapped by his own hand and he’s like “yeah I probably deserved that”
  • Imagine Jeff coordinating some kind of animal-related gift for Ian and the entire plan was based off of jeff’s control over the animals but it stops working and suddenly there’s a bunch of wild animals in Ian’s dorm 
  • “I’m sorry, everything was going to plan then the moose decided to be a jerk-” “you put a MOOSE in my room???" 
  • Jimmy points out that Wallid can multiple like Naruto. He then decides to Naruto run everywhere for like a week. 
  • Wallid makes everyone ”“super hero costumes”“ and PBG’s is straight up just a sonic costume. He sacrifices it to Lord Sonic. 
  • "Pbg’s real power is the ability to summon salt” damn past me way to throw shade 
  • Shane sketches Hana. Fuck, now there’s two Hana’s. Fuck. Fuck. Goddamn it. Not again.
  • Asagao also has these “power training classes”, in which students develop their powers. First years mainly focus on controlling it, while the upper levels then expand upon what you can do. On Hana’s first day, during power training class, Ms. Shizuka has her stand at the front of the class and show everyone her power. She stands there a few seconds in panic, before looking up to see Mai looking at her expectantly. She focuses what she barely knows and goes invisible then reappears and takes her seat. But, when she first met Mai and she commented on Hana’s pink hair, she started to fade away uncontrollably 
  • “Dude, stop using your power, that’s cheating.” “It’s not my fault that I have super speed and you got control over animals!” “Do you want me to get my hamsters to mess you up?" 
  • Jon, about Jacques: "he’s my twin! We have to get him!” “Son he’s a bird” “I mean I pretty much am so I don’t see the problem here" 
  • PBG makes a bet with Jeff to see if his powers work on Jon. It works a little bit. Jon is not amused.
  • Ian: go fuck yourself  Wallid: nah, it’s not as great as it seems

feel free to add your own