room shared

things we learned from dan’s july 25th liveshow:

- dan’s bedroom is fucking huge

- whereas phil’s bedroom is an actual closet

- phil’s white stand up mirror has magically made its way into “dan’s” bedroom

- dan’s hardwood floors match the hardwood floors in phil’s centipede picture on twitter which means it was taken in dan’s bedroom and phil described it as “his room”

- houseplants overall just make for a really terrible excuse for why you don’t want to share the details of your bedroom

- dan and phil are sleeping in the same bedroom

- uh

- they’re sharing a room

- dan and phil are two men who sleep together in a giant moon themed bedroom

- this isn’t even tea

- it’s a fact

it’s just so great to see people’s lack of reaction to this whole thing like we totally know dnp are sharing a room and yet no one is really freaking the fuck out about it. sure we’re excited but it’s nowhere near as bad as it would’ve been a few years ago simply bc like,,,,,,we already knew? like. it’s just. not a question anymore. it’s just a fact. fucking bless.

d&p share “dan’s room”

so, they share ‘dan’s room’, and here’s why:

- the floor phil caught the bug on is the floor in dan’s room. phil claims it was his room but newsflash: they share a room

“what if the bug ran into dan’s room”

im not even kidding I had someone try and argue this on twitter. but are you honestly trying to tell me that a centipede managed to make it’s way out of phil’s room, up a staircase, and into dan’s room without phil catching it? no matter how bad phil may be at catching bugs, I’m sure he would have caught it by then

“how do we know that’s dan’s floor”

well, the floor in phil’s room is white, and no, that’s not a rug. plus, the floor in lounge/office is a different color. while yes, dan’s mirror pics were most likely taken in his room, that’s when there was a lot of natural light, meaning it was during the day. dan stated that the lights in his room were different from every other one in the house, they give off a yellow/orangish glow. that is what makes his floor appear this color, and his room is the ONLY one in the apartment like that. 

- phil’s shoes on dan’s shoe rack

“but what if he just left them in there”

‘yeah because I store my shoes in my friends room and enjoy having to go upstairs every time I want to wear them.’ it’s simply illogical

- phil’s mirror in dan’s room

“but what if he just gave dan his mirror” 

for no reason? show me the new and better mirror phil got in his room, or any mirror at all, wait, there isnt one

- phils room is a closet

“but we havent seen all of it”

not technically, but, we’ve seen enough to be able to accurately estimate the size of it, which just so happens to be 1/10th the size of dans room. there’s no way that phil would have the tiniest room, while dan has the huge master bedroom

id also like to add that this is obviously why we havent gotten a single sleepless night video from the new apartment. because if phil did, he would’t be able to do anything except lay in bed, or else he’d expose them

any questions?? want to argue anonymously??

ask ask ask ask ask ask ask ask ask 

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remember when dan either purposefully or accidentally showed that phil's mirror is in his room and they share a bedroom

i’m….pretty sure it was deliberate? like. he was deliberately dropping hints about them moving, and i’m thinking that’s what’s happening now as well. he knows what he’s doing…..

It’s just crazy to me how much the Phandom has changed in 2 years. One second we’re crying because of “Phil Trash #1” the next we’re just casually watching Dan and Phil confirm they do in fact share a room. I’m proud of us.

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I keep seeing things bout phan having the same room and centipedes and moons and I've been offline for like a week I'm so confused pls help

phil posted this pic saying he found a centipede on the floor that scuttled under his bed:

Except the fact that Phil’s bedroom has carpet, which can be seen in some videos as his. Now today, Dan had his liveshow where he was showing his moon themed room and he showed the floor, which is the same wooden floor. so obv they share a room there is no arguing just acceptance at this point

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what happened in dans live show please help im excited but so confused rn

OKAY so i wasn’t there for the entire thing but i was there for a majority so i’m just gonna talk about what i heard! :)

ok so when i got to the stream he was really in depth talking about emo culture and how he was a failed emo when he was 13-14 and got bullied for it and about how when he was 16-17 he listened to the emo trinity. about the emo trinity he was talking abt how they’re not exactly Emo but pop punk yanno .. or just pop even. also he was showing us his room and phils white framed body mirror (which was in phils room in the old london apt) mysteriously appeared there and also the floor matched the centipede tweet that phil tweeted and how it was under His bed but the thing is that phils room floor is white carpet and everyone is suspicious now that dnp are dating now and share a room (who am i kidding we were already suspicious but like . this is more proof) and he was talking about how he didn’t want to do a room tour because there was a lack of houseplants or something idk it’s dumb but i’m convinced that him and phil share a room n stuff :(

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So I have like,, this one non au headcanon that even tho yoongles and Jin share a room and Tae and nams share a room, somehow yoongi and Tae will end up in the same bed every night, whether it's in jin and yoongles room or Tae and nams. And they just cuddle and are soft boyfriends and it's just so domestically cute (Nam and Jin lowkey find it adorable too shhhhhh)

Okay but this fits so well with my head canon that Yoongi has to play with someone’s hair in order to peacefully fall asleep. Like we all know Taehyung needs to cling onto something or someone while he sleeps, Yoongi is a bit more quiet about his little habit of needing hair between his fingers to be comfortable. The elder will use any excuse to get Taehyung in his bed. 

“Taehyung i have a new song you wanna hear it?” 

“Yah brat, let’s watch a movie no one else likes horror ones.” 

“Hey it’s cold let’s use body heat so our energy bill is not as expensive.” 

Taehyung sees right through the excuses his boyfriend gives but still agrees and wraps his arms around Yoongi’s body while he waits for the sure movement of Yoongi’s fingers twirling strands of his hair. Of course, it’s doesn’t take long at all before Yoongi is sighing out sleepily and his fingers run through Taehyung’s hair as his eyes shut. Taehyung cant help but giggle as he leans over to kiss Yoongi’s cheek gently. 

“Goodnight cutie hyung.” 

Yoongi pinches him playfully. 

“Goodnight brat.” 

(namjoon and jin are in the hallway screaming over how cute they are salkgahl)

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Wait I'm confused (and relatively new to the Phan side of the fandom) how do we know (or suspect I guess?) that they're sharing a room?? Is the suspicion mainly from the live shows bc I don't really watch them 😬

there’s a lot of stuff but the most recent one is that dan did his liveshow in his room today and phil’s mirror (the one that used to be in the corner of his room in the old flat) is now in dan’s room

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Text Meme! #1 & 19 from Hijikata to Sannan about Itou. Original Verse. Thanks ^^

A Funny Text  and a Bad Idea Text from Hijikata to Sannan about Itou.
Edo Period.  (Ahhhh… sounds like fun…)

NOTE:  For context or to request a text/letter please see Imp’s Text Meme link on my home page. Most of the previous text/letters are linked there as well.


Just got out of another meeting with Kondou-san and Itou-hime.

Oops sorry my thumb slipped - still getting used to these d*mn gadgets.

His Highness is complaining that his brother Princess Miki - oops did it again - doesn’t have a nice enough room.  He is particularly **fascinated** by the fact that Yukimura isn’t sharing a room.

I know we’re moving to hongwanji [corrected to:] hung won gee - f*ck who programmed the autocorrect on these f*cking things! - HONGWANJI you stupid phone - temple in two weeks but that may not be soon enough.

Could you cook up something that will make that lilac-wearing [Ed.’s Note: likely deleted to avoid dry comments about pots calling kettles purple] sleazy-eyed perfume-sniffer worry more about his stomach than room assignments for a few days?  The fantasy of him puking his delicate guts out into a bucket kept me from actually strangling him during the last fifteen minutes of our “discussion”.

Thanks.  Don’t forget to double-delete this message after you get it.  I don’t trust Souji not to take my suggestion literally.


PS  Yes I assume he has a way to read all our messages.

PPS Although if he *did* go ahead and make Itou “indisposed” then it would be the first time he’s followed one of my suggestions willingly in a while.

PPPS  He really p*sses me off. [Ed.’s Note:  the identity of which “he” may be deliberately unclear.]

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Just saw a video on youtube of a women saying she doesnt want to shower next to a swinging dick. And someone shouted "stay home then." Ah yes, i forgot thats where women belong if they want respect and consideration. It's always US that have to change. If a women doesn't want to get catcalled on her way to the store it's HER who is told to avoid dressing a certain way. If a woman doesn't want to share shower rooms with a penis, it's HER who has to stay home. So sick of this shit.

Same shit, different day. It’s just like when we say we don’t want to be scared to walk home at night, and MRAs go ‘well don’t go out at night then!’


Imagine Sam hearing you singing in the shower

You had joined with the Winchesters a few months ago and had been travelling alongside them, hunting everything that goes bump in the night. Normally when you’d arrive at a motel, you’d pay for a room and the boys would pay for their own, but there had been a shortage in rooms due to a convention in town. You’d all decided to just share a room and agreed that you and Sam would share a bed. 

The hunt had been rough with more vamps than you’d all expected. You all pileld into the implala covered in blood and snook into the motel as quietly as possibly. Dean entered the bathroom first and quickly cleaned himself. He left shortly after to go get some food from an all night diner, he’d seen down the road. After some slight bickering, you and Sam agreed that he’d go in the shower first as you took longer. 

Sam left the bathroom and sat on the bed as you walked into the bathroom with your towel and clothes. Sam sat on the edge of your shared bed, surfing the net for any other cases until he got distracted by loud singing coming from the bathroom. The song was one Dean had played on repeat during the car ride from the rest back to the motel. He couldn’t help but smile at hearing your voice, even if it was between the walls. 

A good ten minutes later, you appeared from the steamy bathroom, eyes closed and singing at the top of your lungs - completely forgetting you were sharing a room. Your eyes remained closed until you heard a deep chuckle from the bed. Your eyes widened in shock and you could feel yourself heat up instantly. 

“Didn’t know you liked singing Y/N!” Sam teased, a smirk prominent on his lips. You couldn’t help but laugh and tried to push the younger Winchester but squeled as your wrists were grabbed and pulled into a large chest. The two of you rolled of each other and lay on the bed in bursts of laughter. 

After a while you both just lay on the bedstaring at each other , with remains of a smile on both of your faes