room share

dan and phil are probably sharing a room

• dan won’t be recording in his bedroom, he’ll be recording in the living room
• they aren’t doing a house tour
• phil has a double bed with two pillows
• dan’s rapidash pokemon bead thing was in phil’s room

things i learned in s2e8:

  • ageha, like many of the starmyu characters, turned out not to be as much of a jerk as i thought he was and is actually a bit of a sweetheart, but unlike the other starmyu characters, it took him like 6+ extra episodes to do so (we’ll see how i feel about him later)
  • i still love nanjo koki
  • ugawa and nayuki are rIvALs ?? (maybe)
  • “Miracle Hoshitani” lives on
  • Nanjo’s voice when he says, “I think it’s pretty good luck that I’m down one more rival.” That’s it. That’s the whole bullet point.
  • Yuzuriha why don’t you pull back your bangs? what purpose do they serve?
  • Team Otori’s analysis of and confidence in Hoshitani (though i guess we knew that one, already)
  • Hachiya So is a sweetheart who wants his friends to be happy
  • Nanjo and Ren shared a room at the training camp confirmed (either that or they were hanging out after practice and drove out their actual roommates pffttt)
  • i need more Ageha in cute, casual outfits (the suspenders killed me tbh)
  • Nanjo mocking Ren’s “guilty” + Ren’s confused face afterwards
  • Ageha: “If I ever get along with you, that will be a miracle” *pouty face*
  • Nanjo: “That’s true. That would be a miracle for me, too.” *smirks*
  • the team akatsuki guy auditioning for alexis’ shadow apparently doesn’t exist
  • taiga is the only sane one out of the ancients
Cherish  [ J.T ]

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Request: 118 and 119 with Jason Todd please Also you’re an amazing writer!!! I love your blog so much


  • 118: “Are you mad at me?”
  • 119: “Stop ignoring me…”

From This Prompts List

Word Count: 1196

Warnings: ANGST and I kinda wrote Jay a little tiny bit out of character woops

Tagging: @speedypan @chuckennuggets1213 @alwaysinnarnia @just-a-girl-maybe

A/N: I had so much difficulty writing this up because lol this sucks Jason would never. Let me know if you want me to tag you in my works! Also, I really do appreciate feedback!


“Are you mad at me?”

“Of course I’m mad at you, Jason!” You sigh, slumping down onto the couch of the living room of your shared apartment, running a hand through your hair as you nervously avoid eye contact with your boyfriend. “I never see you anymore. If you’re not on patrol then you’re with her–you’re never home! Never here with me!”

“She’s only a friend, Y/N,” Jason frowns, softly taking a seat beside you with delicate movements. His large and calloused hand lands gently on your knee, fingers curving around the bend of your leg. “I promise.”

You don’t say anything, your eyes trained on the coffee table placed in front of the two of you. It had been longer than you’d liked to admit before you had snapped and yelled at him. In an almost childish move of anger and heartache you had decided to give your best shot at annoying the heck out of Jason by giving him what you hoped would be one of your most stubborn silent treatments.

Minutes pass as you sit in silence, your eyes unmoving from the table as you tried your hardest not to cave in. The man you loved sat beside you, patiently waiting for you to say anything that would reassure him of your love for him. But it didn’t come.

Your eyes water as you remember all the times you had fallen asleep alone. All the times you had woken up without the warmth of Jason’s body curled around yours like you had done so many times weeks before. You hardly remembered the last time you had kissed. You remember the sleepless nights, staying awake as you waited for Jason to come home only to fall asleep and wake up to a vacant apartment.

You remembered the moment Jason had introduced you to his friend. She was beautiful and you hadn’t failed to notice so. You remembered the way she looked at your boyfriend, her gaze longing and filled with almost as much love for him as yours. The girl was the sister of one of Jason’s closer allies and he had been tasked as help to make sure she stayed safe for the first few weeks of her new life in Gotham City. You remembered how you had happily welcomed the thought of Jason helping her settle down.

Your heart ached as you realised that it had almost been two weeks since she moved here. There was no need for Jason to be spending so much time with her. You could only think of one possible reason.

“Stop ignoring me…”

You run your palms over your face, blinking away tears that threatened to fall. Ignoring the pounding of your heart in your chest and the feeling that you were going to spill your insides out, you take a deep breath.
“Just friends?” You ask, your heart breaking as he nods with a blank expression. You almost wince at the lie.

Jason hated this. He knew it was only his fault that he had found himself in this situation. It wasn’t like he wanted to hurt you because he really didn’t. A gut wrenching feeling stirred in the pit of his stomach as he cursed at his luck. Of course, just as he broke off whatever had been happening between him and this girl, his relationship with you would come crumbling down on him. It was almost as if he could hear your heart snap.

It tore him apart to think of all the wasted hours that he had spent with her when he could have spent them with you instead. He was so caught up in her that he failed to realise just how much he missed you. Just how much he needed you in his arms.

Jason was too caught up in the idea of her beauty and charm that he had forgotten that he had the most beautiful and most charming person in his world waiting for him to come back home.

“That’s not what Artemis told me, Jason,” Your eyes finally meet his. He noticeably flinches under your gaze. Jason could see the pain and heartache he had put you through. “She told me that the two of you were pretty damn close.”

“Y/N, I need you to listen-”

“No. Jason, I wasted so much time waiting for you to come around. I wasted so much time so that I could give you a chance.” You let your tears fall, the wet substance tasting salty on your lips. “I can’t do this anymore, Jay. I’m tired–I’m so exhausted and I-and I tried so hard to keep moving forward with us but I can’t anymore.”

“Please, Y/N,” Jason’s hands move to take yours into his, his own eyes watering as the scalding words fall from your lips. He wasn’t going to give up. “I-I made a mistake. And dammit, I’m so sorry. I’m so so sorry, baby.”

“I thought about us, Jason. You–you obviously don’t love me anymore and she-she’s obviously got your heart the way that I once had it.” You let out a quiet sob as you watch him shake his head, tears staining his cheeks as he gazed at you with agonizing eyes. “She must have been able to give you so much more than I could.”

“No. No, don’t say that,” Jason runs a hand through his hair, his blood running cold with fear of the consequences of his mistakes. “I love you and I always will. How could–”

“Her hair is longer. Her eyes are prettier. Her teeth are straighter. Her skin is clearer. Her laugh is cuter. If I were you, I wouldn’t choose me either.”

Jason purses his lips as he pulls you into his chest, his tears falling onto your hair as he cried. He was sure you could hear the cracks forming in his heart, your ear pressed against the positioning of his heart. He scolds himself silently for letting you come to think like this. The amount of pain that had laced your voice was enough to make him want to curl up under the sheets of your shared bed with you held tightly in his arms until the both of you grow old.

“Y/N,” Jason almost hiccups. “You’re so much more than she’ll ever be to me. Yes, she was stunning. Yes, she was beautiful. But she could never compare to you. God, Y/N, I’m so sorry I didn’t realise sooner because dammit we were so perfect before I-before I fucked up so badly.”

He lets your tears fall onto his chest, your arms wrapping around him as you curled into him. Jason’s hands hold you tightly, his strong arms pulling you as close to him as possible. Jason was going make sure you never felt this way again. He wanted you to be the happiest you had ever been with him and this was finally the moment he had realised just how much he needed to cherish you. Jason wouldn’t ever let you fall asleep alone again and he would make sure that he was by your side every morning that you would wake.

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wait do Maddie and Kenzie share one room but then they have an extra room to film youtube videos?

No, I think they both have their own room in their LA house, Kenzie just likes to stay in Maddie’s room. I also know that she’s scared to sleep alone sometimes, so she sleeps in Maddie’s room most of the time and it seems like Maddie gave her one side of the room, awww the sisterly love ;) 

Dreaming (M)

Description:  Johnny and Ten share a room, which would be harmless if Johnny weren’t having wet dreams about Ten almost every night. Johnny’s frustration is growing rapidly and it doesn’t help that Ten’s a little tease.

A/N: There seriously needs to be more Johnten out there… including some other ships I wont name… Anyways, this has daddy kink and some spanking in it just sayin’. This is my oneshot from my aff account, i’m just sharing it on here. There’ll be a part two coming up soon too because this is short.

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The Bird With A Broken Wing

Music was Lance’s life, he always had a tendency to find songs that he believed matched with the people around him. He also chose songs with what he thought about them too. When Pidge became his friend she was no different, he had songs for her too.

It was about seven after dinner with Lance’s large family and Pidge had secluded herself in the closet of the room she shared with Ana, Lance’s older sister and while Pidge knew Ana was out on a date she wasn’t in the mood to go out in the room. Most people enjoyed large spaces Pidge wasn’t one of those people. She actually enjoyed small spaces, she felt in control with the environment around her and she herself. She knew someone walked in the room, something that wasn’t new as this house didn’t seem to have any privacy.

Knock knock

“Pidge? Let’s go outside, wanna talk about something?” Lance said outside the closet door waiting for an answer from the girl who needed to vent. The door handle jiggled then opened and she grabbed his hand as she was honestly sick of it, of everything.

Outside where no one was at the moment they both sat down. Pidge was kind of out of it. Lance had a rough idea of what Pidge has been through, and Pidge knew that but Lance never said anything about it. It was something that Lance couldn’t avoid with every person he met or saw, he knew things of a person’s past, present, and future. When Pidge started talking, it was like Lance was seeing the story through his own eyes and he thought that Pidge was the bird with with broken wing

It all happened so fast and she hated it.

“Katie I need you to go in the store, get whatever you want alright. Wait!” The woman said and reached for the back seat putting a small bag in her daughter’s backpack then handed it to her.

“Mom I don’t think I need my backpack.” The girl told her mother.

“Oh hush,” the woman said then kissed Katie on the forehead and gave her a long hug.

“Weird.” Katie thought but dismissed the idea her mother had been through a lot already.

She shouldn’t’ve have been so stupid. She let her guard down and didn’t notice anything. She knew something like that was gonna happen and she ignored it.

Katie had never felt so pitifully weak and so meekly small. As she heard tires screech and a dark green car floor it on the empty street. She didn’t even react she just stood there staring at the black, yellow striped road on a bright morning for a good two minutes that for the brunette was like two hours.

She felt a buzz in her sweater pocket after those two minutes. she had barely addressed the weight from it just now, when did it get there? Katie held back tears and tried to focus. It was a small device that could be mistaken as a phone. Buzzing from and alarm that read ‘go to the bathroom’. Katie hurriedly returned the chip bag from the shelf she was next to and rushed to the bathroom frantic for answers as it distracted her from having a breakdown. She locked herself in one of the stalls, ripped open the backpack and tearing open the bag and felt her heart drop.

It was a note on top of a plastic bag “Katie I’m sorry. They were catching up and I wouldn’t let them take you. Sweety, I need you to be strong. I’m so sorry Katie I wish I didn’t have to leave you, but the best thing that I can do is tell you where to go. Katie you need to find an old friend of mine you’ve never met them before but trust me with the words written on this note, this person has my utmost trust to find them. Go to a town called castle I made sure that it wasn’t too far from your reach, she’ll know who you are if you say the words I taught you and your brother when you were kids. Go and kick government ass my little pigeon.

Pistolera, she remembered. Katie and her brother had always asked her mother why the words was so important.

A memory then played in her mind as clear as day.

“Call it a responsibility, but if you’re wondering so much how about I tell you a story, but you have to promise you won’t forget it and won’t tell anyone.” the mother said. Matt and Katie had cheered enthusiastically and nodded their heads quickly.

They lied on their stomachs next to the dog, staring intently at their mom who shut the curtains and dimmed the lights of the room, then sat in front of her children. “La pistolera, the gun woman-”

She shoved the memory deep in her mind with stinging eyes and was on her way to find the woman who could help her get her family back, and Katie Holt was now known as Pidge Gunderson.

So here she was still hoping for the best, and embarrassing herself in front of her friend. Pidge wasn’t really one for hugs when she was in a state emotional turmoil and shame, so Lance didn’t hug her. Instead he held each of her hands, touched his forehead against hers looked at her in the eyes and gave her his classic grin.

“I didn’t see you cry so smile!” Is the message that Lance’s actions conveyed. Even though she knew he saw her cry Lance did it to help her and there Pidge was laughing as her tears went away. “Thank you.” she wanted to say though she had a feeling she didn’t need to.

From then on a silent promise was born and the bird with a broken wing was never going to be alone.


I think it was about high time for me to post this. Bird With A Broken Wing is an Owl City and thought it was pretty fitting for my au.

Mick has a pet now \O/

we used to tie a balloon to the kittens when they were tiny to keep an eye on them, why not a rat when Mick’s letting it get some exploring done on board


Favourite Criminal Minds scenes:
↳ 5x21 Exit Wounds

I’ve got four of the upstairs rooms available.


Older!Yuri Headcanons

- Yuri lets his hair grow to his waist because he looks fierce
- He’s actually into edgy fashion, and gets a few piercings which he likes to show off every way he can
- (Lilia makes him remove most of them when he competes)
- He looks fucking good in crop tops and he knows it
- He’s a secret literature nerd and Beka just loves how he falls asleep with a book in his hands and reading glasses perched on his nose
- (… And a fluffy cat in his lap, can’t forger his precious princess)
- He manages to befriend a giant of a hockey player who likes to jokingly flirt with him (and if Yuri goes with it just to see if he can make Beka jealous… well, that’s another story)
- (spoiler alert: of course he can)
- When Viktor and Yuuri finally retire they become his coaches
- And yes, Yuri’s finally grown up enough to admit that he likes them both, but he still likes to complain and rant to Beka about how disgustingly sweet they are together
- Still, when a new skater disrespects Yuuri in front of him, Yuri fucking flips because HOW DARE HE
- The poor kid never stood a chance
- Also, Yuri’s much more intimidating now than when he was 15
- Like, he’s almost as tall as Viktor and he’s got shouders to match
- (… and abs, and arms, and thighs… not that Otabek’s noticed SHUT UP)
- (he totally noticed)
- (in fact he notices everyday)
- Even before they officially get together, Yuri likes to cuddle with Otabek and has no concept of personal space when it comes to him
- He’s like an overly large kitten
- Beka adores him so freaking much and Yuri’s the only one who doesn’t notice
- (the other way around is also true and Yuri pines for him SO HARD)
- Aleksei, his hockey friend, ships them together so much
- Yuri has a love/hate relationship with makeup and mostly likes his skin makeup free, but he does indulge in eyeliner every now and then
- He likes how it makes his eyes look, especially after Mila teaches him how to achieve an amazingly subtle flick
- He only wears a full face of makeup for competitions, and even then he draws the line at lipstick
- He HATES having stuff on his lips; Viktor actually has to force him to wear lip balm
- The fancy stuff Viktor buys him is actually not so terrible, not that he’d ever admit it to his face
- He’s especially grateful when Otabek kisses him out of the blue one night at the rink
- It’s not Yuri’s first kiss but it still makes his world shatter at the edges
- Beka calls him “Yura” in a breathy voice and Yuri’s fucking gone
- Four years of sexual tension come crashing down on them, and they have trouble remembering they’re not in their apartment
- They do, in fact, share an apartment
- (Yuri was crazily happy when Otabek announced he was moving to  St. Petersburg)
- They’ve been living together for close to seven months when they finally get together
- It’s the morning after that fateful night when they realize that they’ve essentially been sharing a room for months, and Otabek’s stuff is already mostly mixed with Yuri’s
- Beka never quite stops being jealous of Aleksei
- (Actually, he does. But he loves how cute and cuddly Yuri is when he thinks he’s upset)
- Aleksei, the little shit that he is, figures this out early on and vows to never stop flirting with Yura


Part of J2′s Panel which Misha crashed at Jib8 and they were telling a story all together.

Context: Misha rented a house near the location of where they were shooting the finale. J2M all crashed there because they thought it was a four bedroom. It ended up being a two bedroom. Misha and Jared shared a room - Jared slept on the floor - and Jensen had one down the hall. Jensen said that Jared was snoring so loud that he woke Jensen up.

Now the fun bit. Starts at 1:40.


Jensen: I’m like ‘how is misha possibly sleeping in the same room’.

Jared: Oh he had been put to the test the night before.

*all laugh* *jared sort of faces himself away from the audience* *misha looks slightly awkward* *jensen bends over and laughs*

Jensen: He can sleep through anything.

Jared: No, he woke up for…

*audience and jared laughs* *misha has that awkward smile on his face*

Jensen: When you nudged him.

*jared is still wiping tears from before* *misha shaking his head* *jensen gives a little laugh*

Jared: They’re all like ‘what’s true, what’s not’.

*j2m laugh*

Jared: I wanna believe…no, so (as if to continue story)

*everyone and j2m laugh* *misha turns*

Misha: I wan…(as thought to repeat jared)

*all laughing again*

*jared continues story* *jensen looks down and shakes his head* *misha back to emotionless face again*

Make of that what you will but I have to say, Jared looked like he was having a lot of fun.


lovely complex reference where it’s the first time miyu and mura share a room and the implication that comes with it…?

[this is a scheduled post]

magic touch bond au
  • i keep thinking of a magical au where jack and bitty wake up
  • like after a party or something and they’re both in excruciating pain
  • and so all the guys are freaking out and they sort of piece together that jack and bitty are being affected by the same thing
  • so holster hauls a screaming bitty into jack’s room and dumps him on the bed next to jack and the moment they touch everything…stops
  • why yes, it’s our old friend, the Forced to Be Touching At All Times Trope

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