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Mjolnir Pranks

you and steve prank the hangover people with mjolnir, this turned out to be a lot longer than i planned, but let me know if you want another part!

The shared living room of the Avengers was an absolute wreck, and the stench of something was intruding your nose before you even made it halfway down the hallway. Empty beer bottles were littered around the tables, not to mention all the clothes that were thrown over the couches. Sunlight was bouncing off of all the glass tables and bottles, making you squint as you turned to the kitchen where someone was already up and making food. It was one of the super soldiers, you could tell from the hoodie and stance at the coffee pot.

Once he turned around, Steve smiled at you and put his coffee to his lips before asking, “How ya feeling?” Of course he’d be the one to ask this, considering he could drink as much as he wanted at functions and never face the repercussions.

A sarcastic laugh escaped you, “Let’s just say I’m taking the day off from training, and I think everyone else is too by the looks of it.” You took another glance at the common room where the Avengers party occurred the previous night. Some events were flooding back to your mind, like the strip poker, body shots off of Thor, and even karaoke with Bucky. But there were some fuzzy spots that you were trying to ignore. “Can you help me with cleaning this shit? It smells like something died in here.” It was only 6AM, and you figured it would be better to clean now, then let everyone crawl their way to the couches. Steve nodded his head and set his coffee on the counter while he walked towards the mess with you.

There was a comfortable silence for a few minutes while you threw all the trash you could find into the bag you were holding, a few silent laughs were shared between the both of you over the contents of the trash you were finding. Then you noticed Steve staring at the coffee table, and you spoke up, “How come you didn’t just lift Mjolnir last night? I know you can.” He gently laughed, and then continued with throwing clothes into a laundry basket.

“How do you even know that? Besides, I didn’t want to hear Tony throw a fit about ‘how come Capsicle can lift it but not me’”? Steve shook his head, and continued to mumble under his breath general complaints about Tony’s attitude. It was true though, anything Cap could do made Tony feel like he had to be bigger, better, and faster.

Continuing to pick up empty wrappers that were stuck to the table, you explained, “I know because I am aware of your history, you’re more than worthy of picking it up.” You stopped, “Who the hell would just leave their dirty socks on the table? Probably Tony…” You trailed off once more, in fear that Steve was uncomfortable with the mighty hammer talk.

Steve plopped himself down on the couch, happy that it was now uncovered. He let out a breathy laugh, “I bet you could lift it if you tried, y/n,” He pointed, “Plus there’s a wrapper sticking out from underneath it.” The way he said it was almost a challenge, and you were never one to back down from challenges.

Sure everyone at the party last night dared you to, but that didn’t mean you were going to ruin Thor’s ego. But now that the only other person than Thor who could lift it dared you to, there was no way you were going to back down from the challenge. You stepped toward the end of the coffee table where Mjolnir was perched on top of magazines and trash. With your hand firmly wrapped around the handle, you gathered the courage to lift.

Mjolnir came up indeed, and your eyes widened at the hammer in your hand. For about 20 seconds fear ran through your body, until the hilarious thoughts began to race into your mind. Without even saying anything to Cap, you quickly shuffled over to the fridge and tied the handle of Mjolnir around the door handles, preventing anything from going in or out. Just the thought of all the hungover people expecting to get their snacks and gatorade, then being stopped by the magical hammer made you laugh as you wrapped the leather around the handles.

The two of you went about, and continued to clean in anticipation of the first victim making their way toward the kitchen. But when you saw the red hair poking out of a hoodie, your stomach dropped. Natasha was the last person in the compound you’d voluntarily prank since you knew how stern she was with getting to her food. So instead of saying anything, you got more into cleaning to avoid looking any type of suspicious. Natasha groaned when the sunlight finally hit her eyes, and she lightly padded over to the sink to fill a glass of water. Without even noticing the hammer, she then tried to pull the doors open.

“What the hell is going on with this fridge?” Natasha sounded more hostile than confused, until she stopped and tilted her head down to see Mjolnir placed around the handles. “Why the fuck is Thor’s hammer stuck on the fridge?” she practically screamed.

Being nearly doubled over in laughter, Steve tried to avoid looking at you so he wouldn’t join in on the laughing fit. Natasha was too busy trying to move Mjolnir to even notice the two of you laughing, though. So when she finally did give up, she stormed over to the both of you and asked if you knew who did it.

“Go ask Clint, he might know considering he was the only one still awake past 3AM.” Steve motioned over his shoulder, and Nat quickly went to go investigate. Doors could be heard slamming in the distance and you knew that there was going to be hell to pay.

While she went to figure out who was responsible for the nonsense, both you and Steve ran back to the fridge to move Mjolnir. You giggled as you lifted it and tried to decide the next hiding spot. Steve nodded his head toward the hallway, and you followed him before he pointed at the door handle for the bathroom. It was perfect since the handle was the type that had to be lifted up to open, so you quickly slipped the leather handle around the metal and scurried down the hall before anyone caught the both of you. So you plopped down onto the couch, legs propped onto Steve’s lap, and the both of you waited for the next round of chaos to ensue.

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Can you help? I'm slowly beginning to realize that a lot of odd, unexplained behaviors I've exhibited may indeed be signs of autism and now I'm very worried. I've always been extremely awkward towards strangers and in social situations. But extremely friendly to people I know well. I wasn't self aware at all when I was younger either, to the point I would do a lot ALOT of socially unacceptable things that I didn't realize weren't okay to do. I slip sometimes nowadays but am a lot more (pt1

Pt2) self aware. I tend to just act oddly. I can’t control my volume in any way. And when I try to speak quieter it comes out as incoherent mumbling. I tend to blab a lot as well and was consistently mocked for it. I was overly touchy as a kid until I became more self conscious. An example of an odd behavior I can’t really explain is when my brother and I were meant to share a room and when he went to be before me and shut the door, I stood in front of the door for a long time, panicked a bit –

Pt3) until I retreated to the living room to sleep. I had frozen up. No logic behind any of my actions. It’s not the first time it’s happened though. I have a hard time opening closed doors that lead to rooms with people in them no matter what. I stim, a lot. Constantly. Foot tapping, ear tugging, lip chewing, squeezing things. I love love love visual stuns. Mood swings are common. I tend to be extremely sensitive to certain things and end up crying or laughing for no reason. I also get caught–

Pt4) up in the silliest things. I get torn away from reality just because of one tiny thing. A butterfly, something on the other side of the room, anything. I’m also extremely selective about word choice. And certain things just set me off. Stupid things. When I was younger, (since I should’ve elaborated) I used to hug people, kick people in shins, sit under tables in class, hug people’s legs, etc. I mimicked people Tried to fit in. I was like a ridiculous little mime although I still copy ppl–

Pt5) I apologise if I sound ridiculous. After years of berating for aforementioned behaviours I’ve become so self conscious and just overly attentive with extremely high anxiety. At this point, I still have hard times talking to anyone. Being without a stim or something to grab in public. Being without someone to help me. On edge and tense. I don’t know if I’m looking into it too much. I’m sorry if I am, and if I’m wasting your time. I’m so sorry. I’m just… Nervous. And also curious? (End)

It’s me again, the anon who sent in that giant pt1-5? message. I just wanted to add that I keep discovering more things that are symptoms. Infodumping. Unrealised stims. Am I overreacting do you think? Am I just reading into this way too much or is it possible? I am 17 and my mom would never let me talk to a doctor about it, let alone a therapist or something. The Internet is all I have. I guess being diagnosed as autistic would help explain so much? Maybe that’s why I’m so crazy about this…

Hello!! You don’t need to be sorry at all. Thank you for trusting us to help you. Your concerns are completely valid and not at all a waste of time. It’s understandable and quite common to be nervous or even scared when someone first starts suspecting something like this. 

Personally, I think you’ve got a good amount of evidence to support your autism theory. If you want, you can look into an adult diagnosis once you’re away from your mother or have your own resources. For now, a self-diagnosis might benefit you for these reasons: self-validation and understanding, a way to explain yourself to others, gaining an online community of people like you, and access to resources that we share with each other.

-mod har

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Is it right for a taken man to be out and about with his phone dead sleeping at random places? im not married but in my 20's

You either trust your man or you don’t. If you trust him he could be sharing a room with the Swedish Bikini team and you would be fine. If you don’t trust him he could be sharing a room with the traveling nuns of St. Joseph’s Parish yo-yo champions and you will worry.

A relationship without trust is doomed. This said he could be more attentive to your concerns as a basic courtesy.

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❦ - Changing clothes facing away, showing off their back

Mabel shrugged off her jacket, entering their shared room and glancing over at Dipper. Her expression softened and she skipped over, throwing her arms around him. “Hi bro-bro. Getting ready for a hot date or did Rose get you all hot and sweaty in the woods?” She asked, obviously teasing him.

It took only a moment for her arms to fall away, fixing her sweater as her eyes roamed over his form.

“Can’t believe you did it.”

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How would Kouen react to his child telling him he thought his goatee was lame and his wife!s/o is in the background laughing and in tears

Omfg are we sure that kid is really Kouen’s? Lol

  • He looks shocked
  • His goatee was fabulous
  • How could his child say that?
  • He glares at his wife
  • Who is clutching her side and doubled over
  • She can’t breathe from laughing so hard and tears are running down her face
  • He’s very disgruntled and just walks away
  • She later has a talk with their child and tells them to not tell their father that his goatee looks lame to them again
  • He’s still grumpy when she comes into their shared room
  • She can’t help but giggle a little before crawling into bed next to him
  • She hugs him and presses little kisses against his neck
  • She makes sure to tell him that she loved how manly he looked with his goatee
  • It does cheer him up a little

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what hard drive do you use to store your bangtan photos and videos?

I have a 1TB toshiba and 2TB seagate!

hi linh I wanted to why people always say japan is vmin?

before bighit got the boys separate hotel rooms it seemed like the two of them almost always shared rooms :’) they both also shot those twitter videos on the streets and both said they’d want to travel together (jimin specifically saying he wants to go to japan or rather that they’ve talked about wanting to go)

October 24th excerpt:

All his meandering thoughts were cut off when he saw Dean burst out of their front entrance, shoving the block of wood that served them as a ‘door’ out of the way in a rush. Sam skid to a halt, then couldn’t stop from snickering at Dean’s disheveled appearance. Even the spike in his hair was crooked.

“Dude!” Dean hissed, just as aware of the humans sharing the room adjacent to them. “What the hell! Where’ve you–”

It really makes me so happy when I see that bangtan are earning well and are becoming so successful. Before they would fly economy, now they fly business class. They used to share hotel rooms but now they get double rooms all to themselves. Even the fact that Taehyung had the ability to spend $1100 on a Gucci sweater for Jimin and all the other expensive gifts the members have been gifting each other this year shows just how well they’re doing. 

Our boys have worked so unbelievably hard and to know that the world is finally seeing and recognising how talented and hardworking and passionate they are fills me with so much joy that there are no words to describe it. I feel like a proud mother watching her sons growing up into wonderful young men, like a best friend watching her parters in crime finding their way in life and fulfilling their dreams, a sister seeing her protectors finally recieving the love and joy they so greatly deserve.

They have recieved so many sponsorships and deals throughout the past year or so and they’re obviously making a lot of money - yet they remain just as humble and grounded as they always have been. The fame hasn’t gotten to their heads and they still work as hard, if not harder, than when they first debuted.

I truly love these boys with all of my heart and soul, and I wish for nothing else but for them to always be happy and loved. They are the same seven dorks that they were three years ago, and I couldn’t be prouder to say that I am, and always will be, a fan of BTS.