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Ellie and Becky Downie are always there to support each other through the bad times and have their eye on being in GB’s gymnastic team at Rio 2016

in case you need more reasons to love these two

“As Becky battled with a decision over whether to quit her sport, her sister had a plan to cheer her up in the form of a tiny fluffy ginger kitten named Rio “to encourage her to carry on gymnastics”, says Ellie.”

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Fake dating Minty AU

I hope you like it!

What Have You Got To Lose?

It was eight o’clock on a Sunday night and Monty was pacing back and forth across the living room of apartment he shared with his best friend Jasper who was looking at him in exasperation.

“Monty just sit down, I’m sure your parents won’t mind you going alone, it’s just an anniversary party”

“Its not just an anniversary party Jas! Its twenty years of them being married! They were younger than I am now when they started dating, so now they’re hounding on me about being alone my whole life, I need a date.”

“You’re only eighteen, I’m sure you’re making a bigger deal out this than it actually is, your parents are super cool Monty”

“Yeah, super cool parents who want their only son to be in a relationship by their twentieth wedding anniversary. Which is in two weeks Jasper! Two weeks!”

Hearing the front door bang shut, Monty turned to face his other roommate Wells who asked “He still stressing out about the anniversary?” to Jasper who nodded and rolled his eyes.

“What do you think? He’s wearing a hole in the carpet, get him to stop please, he’s driving me insane”

Monty scoffed, “driving you insane? Please. Just because you have the perfect relationship doesn’t mean the rest of us have the luxury to not have to worry about taking a date to a family function!”

“What if you take someone as a fake date? You know, just for the night and then afterwards everything’s back to normal?”

Monty look at Wells incredulously and seriously considered getting new roommates. “Who on earth would I take? The only person in our group who’s single is-”

Monty broke off and felt himself blushing with Wells in the background eyeing him with a knowing look. The only other single person in their group was Nathan Miller who was coincidentally Monty’s closet friend after Jasper, Clarke and Harper and whom Monty has had the biggest crush on for nearly two years.

“Oh no no Wells, I see what you’re doing and I’m not doing it. As if Nate would ever say yes to this, besides, just because he doesn’t care that I’m gay doesn’t mean he’d feel comfortable pretending to actually date me!”

“You do realise he’s bi?” Wells pointed out, “How on earth did you not know that? Everyone knows that, besides, I’m not trying to do anything, c’mon, we all know how you feel about Miller, just give it a shot, you’ve got nothing to lose”

“Yeah, nothing except my pride”

“Nate please, it’s only for a night, and I know it’d be weird for you pretending to fake date me but I just want my parents to be happy and-”

Monty was cut off as Miller shook his head and readjusted his beanie. “It’s not that Mont, its just,” he hesitated as he came and sat down on his bed next to Monty with a beer for both of them, “do we have to wear a suit?”

Murphy, Millers childhood friend and roommate snorted loudly from the kitchen, “Imagine Miller in a monkey suit, aah, the end of times has come”

“Fuck you Murphy, I’d look great in a suit, that doesn’t mean I’m wearing one though!” he quickly aimed the last comment to Monty in case he got any ideas.

“Wait.” Monty was cautious. “Does this mean you’ll fake date me to the anniversary?”

“Yeah, why not, what are friends for right?”

Monty tackled Miller into a hug, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Feeling Miller’s body move from chuckling made Monty feel a bit lightheaded. “You have no idea how much this means to me, no idea,” he said as he reluctantly pulled away from the other boy. “And no, no suits, just maybe nice jeans and a button up shirt. But Nate?”

“Yeah?” Miller answered looking over at him.

“No beanie”


Fast forward to two weeks later and Miller and Monty were standing outside Monty’s parents house nervously giving each other the once over seal of approval before going inside.

Miller had taken Monty’s suggestion of style options to heart, wearing a navy blue button up that was tight in all the right places, no beanie and black skinny jeans that had nearly given Monty a heart attack.

“Okay, we’re good, I’m good, you’re good, and we’re good okay Nate”

“Mont, you’re rambling, we’re fine, and besides, your parents love me anyway from when I came over in high school”

Monty let out the air that had been trapped in his lungs, “Yeah, yeah you’re right, and it’s not like you’re going to be alone, I mean, Harper is bringing Monroe, and Jasper and Maya are coming so you’re going to know people”

“Monty, I’m just going to stick to you like glue, got that?”

Monty stared wide eyed at Miller and nodded, grabbed his hand taking time to notice that it fit perfectly in his and dragged him through the door.

No sooner had they stepped through, they hear their names being called by multiple people. Looking around the crowd of real adults, they see their friends over by the food table sampling every snack that was there.

“Hey Miller, what are you doing here?” Monroe asked in confusion while Monty stiffened.

Putting his arm around Monty’s waist and drawing him into his side Miller smiled and replied “Monty and I are dating? Didn’t you know?”

“Oh that’s wonderful!”

Turning around quickly they hadn’t noticed Monty’s parents come up behind them.

“Mum! Dad!” Monty exclaimed, and rushing forward to hug them. “I’m sorry we didn’t come see you first, they were calling us over and we had to see them and we didn’t think”

Monty’s mum smiled, “that’s quite alright, now, if I remember correctly, you must be Nathan?”

Miller looked at Monty who’s cheeks had gone faintly red and grabbed his hand, loving the way it felt in his and replied, “Uh, yes Mrs. Green, I used to come over-”

“Over for tutoring yes, we remember, he always used to talk about you too you know, you were his first crush, he would always go on and on about ‘Nate did this’, ‘Nate said that’, it was all very sweet. It looks like it all paid off now sweetheart” Monty’s mum replied patting Monty on the cheek lovingly where he had gone so red Miller was worried he was going to explode.

As his parents walked away, Monty turned to Miller feeling very conscience of the fact that Miller had yet to take his hand away.

“Nate, I am so sorry, the last thing I wanted was to make you uncomfortable and I get it if you want to leave, let me just-”

Just then, Monty’s ramblings were cut off by the warmth and pressure of Millers lips on his until just they pulled away leaving Monty holding Millers hand while looking at him in shock.

Miller smiled sheepishly and scratched the back of his head, “You weren’t the only one with a crush. I uh, I really like you Mont and I was thinking that maybe instead of being a fake date this can a first date instead?”

Monty caught Jaspers eye from across the room who proceeded to give him a thumbs up and grinned.

“Fake date to first date hmm?” Monty asked while wrapping his arms around Millers neck. “What have we got to lose?”

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AU where The Les Amis are actually the lost boys from Peter Pan


Enjolras does everything he can to supply the lost boys with anything they need and that includes items to help them fend off Captain Hook.

•Combeferre is Ruffio (because he took over when Peter left in the movie Pan and was basically a second leader)

•they all built these badass tree houses. Enjolras’ room is on the tallest tree so he can get a good view. Combeferre lives in the same room with him. Courf and Marius share a room near the middle of one of the trees and have a made a tire swing that they like to hang off of for fun. Joly and Bossuet have a room at the base of a tree and have made a small home out of broken pots and leaves for their fairy friend Chetta. She’s basically a lost boy by now since she doesn’t actually know how to get back home, but she’s great friends with her roommates. Grantaire has made a home under the base of Joly and Bossuet’s room. He basically dug a very deep foxhole with their help and covered the “walls” of his home with leaves. Joly has told him multiple times how unsanitary it is, but he doesn’t care. Fueilly has a room right under Enjolras’ and Bahorel didn’t care much to make himself a home. He lives in the branches of the trees. Everyone else after them who showed up either followed Grantaire’s lead and made fox holes or roomed with the others

•they hold drills to bud a barricade around their camp in case of any unwanted pirates show up.

•COSETTE (besides Ep who is just seen as another one of the guys since she came along with Gav and a few of his friends) IS THE FIRST EVER LOST GIRL. EVERYONE TREETS HER THE SAME EXCEPT MARIUS WHO SWEARS SHES SOME KIND OF MYSTERIOUS CREATURE

am I the only one who thinks that when Dan and phil were talking about how they had to put up the divider between the bathroom and the bedroom so that they could go to the bathroom, they were kinda confirming that they shared a room and therefore shared a bed??????

Us Time || St. Berry

Ever since Jesse had mentioned about taking a night out for themselves, that was all Rachel could think about. She was more then ready to take some time and spend it with Jesse. When she wasn’t working, she was rehearsing or going to school. Even though she spent most of her day with Jesse, she felt like it had been awhile since they had done something like this. It was strange how you could miss someone even when you were with them all the time. Either way, Rachel was just excited for the night. 

After they had finished their final show for the evening, Rachel hurried off to the dressing room that she shared with Jesse. Rachel was changing back into her street clothes and fixing her hair and makeup in the mirror in the dressing room that they shared together. After making sure she was all ready, she slipped on her coat and grabbed her bags. “Are you ready babe?” she asked Jesse as she slipped her bag over her shoulder. 


Voltage game - 「ルームシェア素顔のカレ」

“The life as an art student, which you have been longing for, is…”

“to share an apartment with 6 guys!?”

“You spend the best of your youth with them." 


“I wonder…since when did you become the only one I think about…”

“When you are not here with me,”

“I can’t fall asleep”


Room Share - Sugao no Kare - for GREE
August Event『世界で一番愛しいキス~代官山の××すぎるカレ~』
Daisuke Route (Happy End)


Room Share - Sugao no Kare - for GREE
August Event『世界で一番愛しいキス~代官山の××すぎるカレ~』
Chihiro Route (Happy End)


Room Share - Sugao no Kare - for GREE
August Event『世界で一番愛しいキス~代官山の××すぎるカレ~』
Souichi Route (Happy End)