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For your Drabble game: yoonjinkook (bts), #33, fluff/smut, annddd idk any non-idol au?? Lol CONGRATS BTW <3 -Kaela

i’m sorry for the ridiculously long wait!! this is kind of a sequel to my other yoonjinkook fic (minty fresh) but you don’t really have to read that to understand this so.

prompt #33 “I’m not buying IKEA furniture again.” + yoonjinkook + pwp, smut, fluff + a/b/o au

☇ word count: 1,601

☇ warnings: a/b/o dynamics and mpreg

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☇ “tear me down (build me up)” | masterlist

Pregnant and all, Jeongguk should not be kneeling in the pups’ room trying to set up the cribs he got from IKEA earlier that day.

Really, he should have left this to Yoongi, but Jeongguk is too soft for that. Yoongi is busy sleeping in their bed, waiting for their alpha to come home to get dinner started. Jeongguk let the beta sleep for as long as he wanted, making sure that he’d been scented properly before Jeongguk had left the bed. Yoongi had been up all night in the studio that Seokjin had agreed to install in one of their spare rooms, but he hadn’t come out until Seokjin Ordered him to bed.

Now Jeongguk is checking the instructions again, screwdriver in hand as he looks upon the jumbled mess of wooden pieces before him.

He has absolutely no idea what he’s doing.

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Take up a false identity and immerse yourself into the Bloodborne academia experience. But…try to get along.


“ Its all up to him now…”

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every dan and phil collab ever: 1/

↳ “phil is not on fire

  • Me playing in an acoustically terrible room: have I always sounded this bad??? Is this real??? Have I only imagined six years of practicing??? Help???? Do I deserve to have this instrument?? Why is my tone so dry and flaky like the bald scalp of an old white man???
  • Me playing in an acoustically excellent room: FUCK YES nobody can stop me now!!1!1 I can play hot cross buns in here and I bet New York Phil would beg me to come be principal. Hear that tone. That smoothness. Smoother than a baby dolphin. I'm unstoppable nobody will notice any of my mistakes time to show off and intimidate the freshman

Legends of Tomorrow | 2.16

How many people are gonna point guns at me today?