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Random reflection

From one sugar baby to another. I’m sure you will understand what about to say.. If not this sugar lifestyle has me twisted and its sucking me under.

1. I cannnnnnnnot be asked to interact with anyone (minus friends and family) if the aren’t a SD of my or POT. In any setting if the aren’t from the sugar world I cba, I’m out. There might be a small glimmer of interest but it gets boring quick and I loose interest.

2A. When out and about you always spot a POT or men you think would have a SB.

2B. You catch the eye of a older man and realise that this could be a POT… Saying that I have never acted on it. Just is funny how you notice older guys considering/ checking you out a lot more from being part of the sugar word

3. The hunt is real. For some reason I can not settle. I’m always on the prowl for another SD. Not sure why. It’s not for more money or because my sugar daddies aren’t good (they can always be replaced though… Not my whale).
I like the excitement so I think that’s it…

4. You become accustomed to luxury. Which isn’t a bad thing at the start but when your actually trying to save you sugar money it’s a problem. The food you become familiar with in 5* Michelin starred restaurants, the privilege and comfort of chauffeur driven cars, endless room service, quality designer clothes and accessories, fine wines. Everything after that seems so dull. So your resist and loathe everything you can afford or once used to enjoy.

Anyway. I think that I’m I’ve been sucked in more than I would have thought I would have been. Starting to pick up some terrible SB traits. So I’m going to slow down.

I respect myself enough to cool it down. Not only do I love my own life but I live a whole other life and have to play girlfriend to more than one SD which is draining. So I need to limit myself before I go crazy. It also makes me not want to be in a actual relationship just because I find being around men at the moment so taxing. Agree and complimenting, hanging on every word, being interested in everything they say. Taking calls all the time dressing up all the time getting my hair, nails, skin, everything done all the time. It’s crazy to think that even pampering is a chore. I sit in the nail salon ask for the same classic design, nude sosphicaticated colour. They have my three colours ready when I walk through the door, I’m such a regular they bring me my favourite tea and everyone else sits there without anything. One hand gets attended to and the other responds to one of the SD’s. :/

Don’t get me wrong I am grateful for the SD’s I have as I worked bloody hard to get them and to keep them. But I also respect my sanity…

Know your limits girls, I’m going to slow it down a bit so I don’t get burnt out from being part of this lifestyle. You should be enjoying it all the time, not just some of the time

*rant over*

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