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Headcanons for if Clown prince and Captain Boomerang's son get yelled by an extremely pissed off Diablo's daughter? And how it may amuse Joker and Harls?

Harley get’s a kick out of it because she reminds her of herself in the squad days when she felt comfortable enough to pick their fathers apart and have fun with manipulating them.

Joker get’s jealous that someone else feels comfortable enough to yell at his son at all because that’s his job.

The clown prince and boomerangs son always wind up fighting trying to pin the blame on each other because last time one of them took the fall their eyebrows got burned off.

Boomerangs son is always too drunk to remember getting yelled at so the clown prince has to give him a recap of what not to do while he’s recovering from his hangover.

Joker assigns Frost to watch over the kids, his main job being waiting for the yelling to stop then going into the room with a fire extinguisher. 

between the app not working and my accidentally queuing things that were supposed to be relegated to drafts until proper spoiler warnings could be applied, my current attitude to my own Tumblr use can be best described as (walks into room on fire with pizza)

I appreciate ur patience 


-René Magritte:

  ·Les mémoires d'un saint (1960)
  ·La parade (1940)
  ·The Pleasure Principle (Portrait of Edward James) (1937)
  ·L’automate (1928/1929)
  ·La belle de la nuit. Magritte (1940) 

-Twin Peaks Season 3 (David Lynch & Mark Frost, 2017) & Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (David Lynch, 1992)

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My brother, inspired by the Marth pentagram post, made a pentagram out of glow-in-the-dark duct tape in hopes of summoning Camilla. Instead he got a 5-star Takumi. The irony of it. The Camilla pentagram summoned Takumi. He was attracted by all the Nohrian Scum

UPDATE: he finally got Camilla everyone

does anyone else remember that part in death note where light booby traps his desk to explode if tampered with so no one would find the book?

and how he said that it would just b passed off as being a normal reclusive teen

what the fuck


“No one has ever allowed me to forget my heritage. I am Dornish. It was meant as an insult. But they should have known better. In Dorne, women rule.”

*Frank Sinatra’s My Way blares dramatically in the background* Woops, instead of actually finishing up the next chapter of A Tale of Sand and Smoke I ended up finally finishing this picture. Rhaenys deserves the throne, even if it is horribly uncomfortable. Goodness so many references used for that throne. Never again.