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Can you write a story where Shamy take a shower together? Thanks!

This is a bonus chapter of TSC but it fit the prompt so why not😉
Warning this is for the sin closet fandom and is 🔥🔥🔥

They check into their hotel room and Amy giggles when Sheldon gives the name of “Mr and Mrs. Cooper to the front desk. Amy keeps giggling as they make their way to the Elevator.

“What’s so funny?” He asks her curiously as they get on the elevator.

“Not funny I guess. I just like the way Mr. and Mrs. Cooper sounds.” Then she stops laughing and turns serious.” We won’t be that for very long will we?”

“When we go to Caltech it would be best if you retained your maiden name.” Sheldon agrees. Then Amy looks really sad. Like she might start crying. “Hey.” He says stepping hp to her and placing his hand on her cheek. “It will just be for a little while. Sometime in the future when things are more settled you can change your name.” Amy looks up at him and gives him a weak smile.

“I guess that’s true.” Amy agrees and he bends down to kiss her.

“Besides, you’ll always be Mrs.Cooper to me.” He tells her and she kisses him until the elevator comes to a stop at their floor. Amy doesn’t want to back away from him and contemplates hitting the door close button. “Come on let’s go.” He says backing away and grabbing their small shared luggage bag.

They find their room and open the door. It is a nice room with a large bed right in the middle. Amy had half expected it to be twin beds with her mother reserving the room. Suddenly she feels very shy. They have done it before, but tonight it is expected. Tonight everyone is expecting them to have sex and that knowledge is a bit disturbing to her. Even ner mother knows what was going to happen tonight and from the looks of the generous room she reserved she approved. What were they supposed to do now? Where they just supposed to start right away?

“What should we do now?” Sheldon asks mirroring her thoughts, sounded just as overwhelmed as she was.

“We can start by getting changed. You are still in your suit and I’m still in my dress. This dress is just a loaner. Meemaw would kill me if anything happened to it.”

“Sounds like a good place to start.” He agrees taking off his jacket. Amy starts taking off her dress but realizes she can’t find the start of the zipper. She struggles for a moment before giving up and calling to Sheldon who is down to his undershirt.

“Sheldon can you help me?” She asks walking over to him and turning around. With nimble fingers he finds the top of the hidden zipper and pulls it down. Amy carefully pulls the sleeve down and steps out of the dress.

“What is this?” He asks eying Amy in the slinky satin slip. Amy blushes, this was not your grandmother’s slip. It was more risque than anything her mother ever wore under her dresses. With a plunging lace neckline and a high slit that showed off quite a bit of thigh.

“My something blue. Another gift from your family. I know it’s kind of…”

“Sexy.” Sheldon supplied helpfully. Placing his hands on her hips and leaning in for a kiss. Amy presses her body against his. The feeling of her smooth satin gliding against the soft cotton of his shirt gives her goosebumps. Amy rubs against him making him pull her in closer. His hands travel everywhere on her body. When he goes to run a hand through her hair his hand gets stuck.

“Ow ow ow.” Amy complains and he moves his hand.

“Sorry, Your hair is not normally so sticky.” He says by way of apology.

“Well normally Missy has not emptied a can of hairspray into it.” Amy says a bit defensively. A little angry at the ruined moment.

“Let’s take a shower.” He says walking away heading to the bathroom.

Amy follows him her nerves jangling again for no reason. Again this they have done before Amy thinks a little disappointed. Wishing they had saved something for the wedding night. She watches as Sheldon starts the shower up and finishes undressing. He walks over to her and lifts the end of her slip up.

“Can’t take a shower wearing this.” He says pulling it off and over her head.

They step into the shower together. Amy directly under the shower head. Letting the warm water wash out Missy’s hair creation. Sheldon grabs a little bottle of shampoo provided by the hotel and pours some into his hands. Then he rubs it into her hair massaging her scalp. It feels so good Amy is practically purring as he continues shampooing her hair standing behind her. When he is done he grabs a bar of soap and starts washing her body. She can feel his warm slick chest pressed into her back as the bar glides over her skin leaving a sudsy trail. He is being surprisingly coy. Brushing past her breasts but not staying long. Pausing between her legs briefly before bending down and finishing her whole leg. The process his leaving her feel achy with longing for him. When he is done she turns him around under the shower head so she can have her fun with him. Amy takes shampoo and makes him lean down so she can wash his hair. Then she takes the soap and begins to wash him too. Pressing her breasts into his back as she glides the bar across his chest. Down his belly, pressing her nails lightly into the trail of hair that leads downwards. Amy takes her time going slowly feeling his body tense against her as she takes him into her hand.

“That’s enough of that.” He says suddenly shutting off the shower and moving away from her.

Amy feels lost and confused as he hops out of the shower and hands her one of the robes that was hanging in the bathroom. He also hands her a towel and she dries her hair with it. Stepping out shower feeling achy, tired and disappointed. Amy follows him out to bedroom with a million questions in her head. She starts to go for the bag where she packed some pajamas but he stops her. Grabbing her tightly and kissing her deeply. Tilting her head back and moaning into her mouth as his tongue flicks her lips apart. Humming deep in his throat as he walks her to the bed and gently pushes her onto it. Never breaking the kiss as they climb up the bed and he opens her robe pushing it off her shoulders. Then moving down her body planting soft kisses in her collarbones, the tips of her breasts and then down her belly. Stopping at the apex of her thighs. This …Amy thinks with excitement, is a first.

“You know things have distinct flavors and smells to me?” He asks idly as he pushes her legs opens and starts to gently rub her in small circles. It feels so good Amy can barely gather her wits to respond.

“Yes.” She answers.

“Amy you have the most intoxicating scent to me. It makes me lose my senses when I am with you. Your flavor? It is exquisite like nothing I have ever tasted before. I can’t wait to taste all of you.” He says before moving his mouth where his fingers had been.

His words alone had been enough to take her breath away. The feeling of his mouth on her was mind numbing. Amy can hear herself making noises that she can’t stop. A soft mewling that barely expresses the pleasure she is feeling as his mouth surrounds her and his tongue swirls around the bundle of nerves. She can feel herself quickening and when she reaches her orgasm it crashes around her harder than it ever has before. She is calling out his name and screaming as he moves up her body again.

“Oh my. That was something else.” She sighs kissing his mouth.

“I have wanted to do that for a while.” He tells her as she pushes the robe he is wearing off him. “You do taste very good.”

“You can do that anytime.” Amy tells him as she runs her hands down his back. “Do you want me to return the favor ?” She asks and he shakes his head no.

“Right now I just want you.” He tells her as he glides between her legs.

He moves inside her in a swift movement filling her completely. They move together slowly at first. His mouth connects with her neck. Amy tosses her head back to give him better access. Her still wet hair tangling in tbe pillows. He props himself up on his elbows and stares down at her. Loving the way she looks when she is in the throes of passion. Loving that he is the one doing this to her and that he will be the only one to ever do it. Any his his and he has claimed her fully and completely.

“You can go harder, I don’t mind.” Amy whispers in his ear as she sits up and wraps her arms around his neck. Sheldon thrusts in her deeper making her cry out and wrap her arms around his neck harder clinging to him.

“Like that?” he asks doing it again this time she matches his thrust. The intensity making them both call out.

“Yes!” She calls out grinding her hips against him. They continue on testing out each others limits. The intensity of their lovemaking surprising both of them. It feels new and exciting as their bodies work together. They come together and collapsed on the bed exhausted.

“That was…” Sheldon starts.

“I know…” Amy agrees. “Not having to worry about someone hearing was…freeing…”

“So was knowing we were allowed to do it” He agrees grabbing her hand. Amy curls on his bare chest listening to his heart thumping in his chest.

“What will it be like in college?” Amy asks looking up into his face. “We will have roommates then.”

“It might not be that intense, but we can make it work. Maybe I could devise a schedule for us to be together.” He muses.

“Make your room mate sign a nondisclosure agreement.” Amy jokes resting her head back in his chest.

“You jest, but I think you are onto something.” Sheldon says mulling over what she just said.

“All I know is that we are doing that again. “ Amy tells him.

“Keep talking about contracts and you won’t have long to wait.” He teases her.

“You could have your roommate sign an agreement that outlines everything you expect from him. Give him guidelines to follow to make you feel more comfortable. I know you are worried about having to share a room.” Amy says knowing he would like the idea.

“What you do to me woman.” He says reverently as he pulls her on top of him.