room in room


I really love my bed, it’s my save haven 💛 I ordered new washi tape and I love it so much! I’ve always wanted to own cute vintage tape like this. Uni & work is really exhausting currently but I’m sure I’ll get through it. I also ordered a new laptop (spent way too much money) and I hope it will help me to get motivated again. I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend xx


18/100 days of productivity,  my motivation streak hasn’t ended yes, yaaay

today i started on my visual branding for my diploma, studied for my test in communication design tomorrow and organized some of my stuff. may the streak continue! 

(do any of you have some advice for my poor plant next to my dresser? i’m losing him :( )

(my studygram: helenatriestostudy)


surprisingly romantic🌸💕

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate that Voltron could have made Matt the stereotypical older brother who gets angry at Pidge for getting herself in danger, and tells her off or tries to stop her, or even gets angry at Allura and the rest of the Voltron Team for “letting” her do something this dangerous, causing a rift between the two as soon as he comes back

Instead he turned up and immediately went, “You’re a pilot of Voltron????? Fuckin SWEET. Everyone? Hey, everyone? LOOK AT MY LITTLE SISTER SHE’S BASICALLY THE MOST AWESOME PERSON IN THE GALAXY. Go kick the Galra’s asses, dude.”