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HC That Anx's room is in the basement/attic because he's A) Angsty Teen or B) Because he feels like a monster like him doesn't deserve an actual room like the others

Oh dang, I uh wasn’t prepared for such a sudden drop

Rewatching episode 2 and thinking I’m an idiot for not realising Yurio had a thing for Yuri from the start. 

I mean, one of the very first things he asks Yuri is, “well, if you haven’t been working on your program then WHAT HAVE YOU TWO BEEN DOING??!!!!”

Despite ostensibly being there to claim Victor for himself, his body language is never possessive of Victor at all – but it is frequently possessive of Yuri. I mean look at what he does here in the rink, in the image above, while he’s yelling at Victor that he has to come home to help him with his program: he’s not wrapping himself around Victor or anything, but is rather trying to block off Victor’s access to Yuri. 

 And if I’m not mistaken, Yurio never does move up to the storage room in the attic, while he’s staying in Japan. He’d rather sleep in the closet off Victor’s bedroom where he can cockblock him better. 

He actually says to Yuri, to justify why he insists on staying at the inn, “No way I’m letting you have Victor to yourself all the time”. 

I find it hilarious how blatantly obvious it is to Yurio (even though he’s only 15) that a big part of the reason why Victor is in Japan is to get it on with Yuri, while Yuri himself is so oblivious.

(Yes I know I’ve talked about this several times before but it’s so subtle and fascinating)

“Acting is like a Halloween mask that you put on.”

- River Phoenix

On this day, October 31st 1993, 23 years ago, River Phoenix left us.