room full of water

Ever since Dean and Cas finally started sharing a bed in their own motel room, Sam can’t seem to get them out of bed in the morning. They take forever. Sam has found them day after day, snuggled up against each other, Dean asleep while Cas holds him.

“Shh,” Cas always says. “Let him sleep.”

Sam has watched how Dean stirs at Cas’ whisper, then buries himself even further in the angel’s neck, sighing and gripping Cas even tighter. Refusing to get up and start his day.

And if Sam let them, they would stay there until nightfall.

So Sam decides at some point that it keeps them on schedule- and amuses the hell out of him- if he simply bursts into their room and throws a motel ice bucket full of freezing water over them. Dean shouts, on his feet before Sam can even get a good laugh in. It almost earned Sam a black eye once, but not having to wait around for them is worth it.

Dean never learns his lesson, never gets up earlier. He just stays sprawled out on top of Cas, mouth open and snoring slightly, until the ice cold water wakes him up. Cas never seems to really mind, and Sam doesn’t much care either as long as Dean’s ready to go when he is.

And then one day, Sam bursts in with his wake up call, only to stumble on Cas and Dean definitely not asleep. Sam gets an eyeful of skin and the sound of one loud moan before he’s backing out of the room, eyes shut and brain trying to erase everything he just witnessed.

Sam’s waiting at the car, leaning against the hood and trying not to vomit, when they finally come out an hour later. He has a speech waiting, is ready to give them hell for their bad timing and his own bad planning, is ready to tell Dean that he needs to bleach his eyeballs now.

Instead, he watches as Cas shyly smiles up at Dean, as Dean hooks a finger in Cas’ belt loop and pulls him close, whispers something that makes them both laugh softly. He sees the ease in Dean’s shoulders, shoulders that no longer carry the weight of the world. And Sam stays quiet.

He never bursts into their room again. Instead, he just buys the loudest alarm clock he can find and hopes for the best.


skateboards and snapbacks ➣ skater!percy and semi-girly!annabeth

inspired by @bananannabeth and her amazing fic

Tonight I am like a lost child.
Searching for comfort.
A refuge.
I grabbed my blanket and pulled it behind me as I wandered drowsily downstairs.
Careless of the objects being knocked down along the way.
I stood outside my parents room with sore eyes full of water.
Sensing my presence;
They made space for me to lay with them.
“What’s the matter, are you ill?”
No baba. I am much worse.

I’m going to desperately hold onto the idea that Anna had a hard time saying she loved Hewlett because she knew it would possibly put him back into danger and/or feel tainted by the fact that she revealed she’s a spy. I am going to hold onto this desperately because I know given the chance, s o m e o n e (TURN WRITERS) is going to try and pass this off as “Anna has always loved Abe”.

I am not here for that nonsense. You do not decide to elope to Scotland, or confess treason in a literal room FULL of redcoats just for some soggy cabbage water brat who treats you less than the hand he jerks with. Turn writers, let this be the chance to have them prove their love in the field. That Anna and Hewlett can start to mend their relationship through more encounters where it is clear that their love is mutual and always has been.

Between the emotional and physical pain both of these characters have endured for each other, their affections can not just be “quit”.

Birthday Burlesque

The curtain lifts revealing the silhouette of a sultry siren. The lulling seductive glow emitting from the stage intensifies her omnipresence long before her audience is conscious of the enthrallment cast upon them.  The tantalizing contours of her body cause the audience’s senses to pause, their lungs full from extracting the scented air from the room, their mouths watering from fantasizing about devouring her forbidden fruit, the bellowing sounds of hearts beating erratically and the tingling sensation felt in every warm seat as they indulge in her forbidden enchantment…


🐬🐬 Melody looked there the glass wall as the rook kept filling with water. She gasped and held held in her breath as she started to beat on the glass. She had been taken in the middle of the night by the pirates. After she had refused to marry the captain so he would become king they locked her in that glass room and filled it full of water. Melody was slowly running out of air. She wanted blade or anyone to come and help her. She wasn’t weak by any means but getting weaker from the lack of air she was. Melody took in a gasp of water before closing her mouth and holding her throat. She knew how to make this stop. She would have to marry the captain. The only way she would do that was if it came to blade or her parents life and…her parents where not alive any longer…” The princess gave one more hard hit on the glass before she started to black out and her eyes started to close. The young girl slowly started to fall to the floor of the tank like room holding onto the small hope that blade or Dean would come and save her. 🐬🐬 

Eat Less

Eating Less
Load yourself with water. Keep your stomach totally full of water at all times! There is less room for food… obviously!
Become a vegetarian! Meat is fat and disgusting!
Fat free chocolate milk is good for sweet cravings.
Set yourself some rules! If you’re a true Ana, you won’t have any problem following them. Ana Boys are strong!!
Diet pills, they may be dangerous, but you’re not dieting to be healthy. Being thin is more important than anything!
When you get the urge to snack, clean something, and use lots of chemicals. The smell will curb your appetite
Chew sugar-free gum. It will make you more hungry at first, but later you’ll get nausea.
Don’t ever eat out!
Don’t eat anything you don’t know the nutritional values of!
Tea helps to calm a hungry belly. It soothes and fills you up.
Chew your food untill it dissolves
Drink sparkling water or Crystal Clear, it fills you up more!

funny story

when I was very little, probably between 3 and 5, we were on a road trip to see my grandpa. while we were out, I ended up needing to pee, but the women’s restroom had a line out the door… so my mom took us to the (empty) men’s room. all the toilets were full of blue water. i spent the next several years of my life thinking that boys peed blue, having no concept of toilet bowl cleaner, and thinking that someone hadn’t flushed

through the window

Sollux and Eridan, despite what most people might think, are actually incredibly fond of each other. Eridan, not wanting to risk his father suspecting that he might be in a relationship with the boy next door, continues to act cruel to him at school, their only affectionate moments when they sneak into each other’s rooms at night through the window to fall asleep in each others’ arms. After awhile though, that’s not enough.

Word Count: 4149

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  • 5sos: pranks hey violet by putting cookies on their instruments
  • hey violet: pranks 5sos by 1. put cups full of water on the floor of their dressing room and 2. they fill 5sos dressing room with hella lots of balloons. all in the same night
  • me: 5sos step your game up wtf