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As a Pisces, you find that the only way to recharge yourself is by being alone in your own little space, weather that’s your art, your room full of books, your music… Your heart need an outlet because you feel so much but do little to vent it out. Lots of Pisces ends up imploding because they cannot contain all that they have even with the little places they can vent to.

The zodiac signs in Ravenclaw

Aries: loves riddles, decides to learn a new language at 3 AM

Taurus: has read every book in the library and wants to write their own ones in the future

Gemini: spends their spare time pressing the random button on wikipedia learning whatever definition comes by heart

Cancer: the one who doesn’t look like much but always gets the highest scores and no one knows how because they are doodling in their note book all day

Leo: good looks, clever brain, a room full of books - they’ve got it all and they know it

Virgo: incredible at arts and crafts, can build every ikea furniture WITHOUT the instructions

Libra: the angel sent from heaven who helps you when you don’t know how to solve things and never runs out of patience when you’re being especially dumb that day

Scorpio: still waters run deep; will stab you with their sarcasm when they’re bored

Sagittarius: takes their friends to museums and eats lunch at artsy french street cafés

Capricorn: never really talks much but is the biggest video game nerd

Aquarius: knows too much about outer space, is probably half an alien

Pisces: writes poems and composes songs, they don’t need you all they need is their phone and iTunes gift cards

The Netflix Series of Unfortunate Events is turning out to be awesome! Super stoked for season 2. Loving how VFD members are getting a lot more screen time too! And Lemony Snicket!! And UNCLE MONTY!!!


Did this (pretty intense) ink and watercolor illustration for a Series of Unfortunate Events tribute gallery! Reading the books, I always imagined that the Reptile Room would be the coolest place - full of dusty ol’ books, lush greenery, and, ya know, reptiles. Also what’s not to love about an infant/snake friendship?

I’m selling the original piece on my Etsy here!


last weekend I found the cosiest bookshop ever, it was gigantic and there was one room that was full of books and there was an armchair beside a fireplace and a typewriter where people could sit and relax!📖
at school I got voted for house prefect which is very exciting, and other than that I’m so happy that it’s autumn! I hope you are all having an amazing day🍂🍁☁️

I always like creeping on other people’s bookshelves. I have 12 shelves full of books in my room and I need to organize them all, but these are the books nearest my bed.

My friend was clearing out his room at home and stumbled upon his confirmation book. Full of confirmation money.

A small selection of my antique books ✨ 

I never began collecting them consciously, but somehow I find myself having innumerable volumes of poetry and stories and songs now.. old books, like old things, call to me. I love items that are worn by time and use; they have many stories to tell. I’ve always loved antiques and my room is full of them hehe. And books.. ah, full of thoughts and dreams now long gone, captured in fine print on thick paper, bound in cloth and leather. They’re so precious to me and there’s nothing like perusing a book from early 1900s on a cold November day. . 

These will be featured in an upcoming video. I am going to flex my creative muscles again and I am very much looking forward to bringing this small story to your screens 😊 . The man in the photograph is my very handsome great great great grandfather, who will also play a role ✨

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The Locked Door

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Hannibal x Reader

AN: I know Hannibal’s office isn’t in his house but for some reason that’s just where pictured it for this

The first day you accepted Hannibal’s offer of his spare bedroom you didn’t notice the door. Too distraught about having to flee your home in favour of Hannibal’s, hoping to keep safe long enough for the FBI to catch whoever was following you.

The second day you were a little curious but careful. Trying to ask questions without really asking them which, to Hannibal, became an amusing game as he tested who you were.

The third day was when you started to inspect the home, curiously considering rooms, always aware that you were being watched, almost assessed. At one point, you got yourself lost in the large house and found your way to a room so full of books you were sure it out shone the local library.

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things I associate with feminity: a sense of wariness, a box full of hairpins, pills, intuition, a room full of books, the smell of blood, balance and patience, cigarettes and perfumes, enduring, courage, silence and power

Lucas Sinclair...

Has a father who, though loves him, is pretty tough on him. Loves his friends more than anything, and the last thing he wants to see is one of them get hurt. Trusts so deeply. Values logic and strength. Laughs at Dustin’s jokes when no one else does, even if he doesn’t get them. Buys El badass camo jackets, pants, and bandanas every birthday. Loves music, can play piano (and is fantastic at it). Is constantly pressured by his father to join the military. Would rather work for NASA or teach science back home. Adores his mother. Likes chocolate chip cookies. Keeps his comics in pristine condition. Sings along to the radio no matter the song, because somehow he just knows the lyrics. Has killer dance movies and tries to teach his friends but fails epically. Gets good grades. Loves reading (and has a room full of books). Goes camping with his dad. Discovers the rough truth at 16: family is not everything and your father won’t support every dream. Is strong, resilient, and intelligent. Always has his best friends’ backs. 

(low-key for @dadharbour who wanted more lucas appreciation) 

and the moon is a mother to both of us

summary: Clarke Griffin’s just trying to make it through her first year of college without dying. Is that really too much to ask?
written for clexa week 2017 day 2: roommates
word count: 23,488
author’s note: this is it. the most important fic i will ever write. it combines buffy the vampire slayer and clexa, so where could you go wrong, honestly? the spell used late in the story is actually a combo of two spells from btvs - both taken directly from the show’s wiki.
a huuuuuuuuge thanks to my beta, @debnamcarryme, who read this monster just in time and gave really good suggestions for making it better. i would not be quite as excited to post this without your guidance. 

i really hope you guys enjoy.


“What was the room number?” Abby asks, shifting the laundry basket full of books so she can get a better grip on the floor lamp she’s carrying.

The lamp almost slips, though, and Clarke grabs it from her before looking down at the welcome packet she’d just picked up from her new RA. “117. Looks like I’m at the end of the hall.”

“Oh good, I can probably pull the van around, and then we won’t have to lug all of your stuff across campus. Not all of us have super strength, after all.”

“I told you I could carry the books,” Clarke says, ignoring the pointed comment and pushing past Abby to unlock the door.

Abby gives her daughter a silencing look before moving into the room.

“This is nice,” she says. “Cozy.”

Clarke lets the door fall closed and steps up behind her mom, taking in the place she’ll be living for the next year. The room isn’t nearly as cramped as she’d feared it would be, but it’d still only take her about 15 steps to walk from one side to the other. Three square windows on the opposite wall allow plenty of the rich, Virginia sunlight to filter inside. Under two of those three windows sits a bed, one already made up with simple, green sheets.

She glances over at the side of the room already claimed by her roommate and is surprised to see someone sitting there at the university-provided desk.

The girl has dark hair, half of it gathered into a sloppy bun to keep it out of her face as she leans over a notebook while the rest tumbles, wild and erratically curled, down her back. The music coming through her headphones is too loud, and she twirls the cord around her pointer finger absentmindedly. The thin, black tank she’s wearing shows off her well-muscled arms, and Clarke takes a second to study the peculiar tattoo spanning her right bicep.

Abby doesn’t notice Clarke’s preoccupation. She goes right for the window.

“You have a pretty nice view of campus,” she comments.

“I’m sure that won’t get old at all,” Clarke says, jerking her eyes away from the roommate and stepping further into the room. She dumps a duffle bag full of clothes and her bedding onto the bare mattress.

Abby shakes her head, heaving out that world-weary sigh that Clarke’s come to associate with the newfound and constant tension in their relationship.

“I’m going to get the car,” she says. “I’ll be back shortly. Why don’t you start getting settled?”

Again, Clarke hears only the subtext. Her mom doesn’t want her to come along because the only thing that’s been helping them lately is lots and lots of space.

Once Abby’s out of the room and Clarke’s swallowed the lump in her throat, she approaches the girl at the desk.

“Hi,” she says, holding out her hand. “I’m Clarke. Looks like we’re roomies.”

When the girl doesn’t answer, Clarke steps a little closer and waves her hand in front of her face. “Hello? Anybody in there?”

The girl jerks upright, making her chair tip back onto two legs for a moment, and rips her earbuds loose.

“Who are you?” she asks, her eyes narrowing as she looks Clarke up and down.

Clarke blinks, baffled by her snippy tone, and drops her hand to her side. “Clarke. Your roommate.”

The girl glances around the room in confusion and then lets out a sigh not unlike Abby’s. “Right. I forgot you’d show up eventually.”

“Eventually?” Clarke asks, her eyebrows coming together. “This is freshman move-in day.”

“Not for everyone,” she says and then sticks the buds back in her ears.

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