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5 things in my bag-
Hand sanitizer
Hair Brush

Things in my room-
My bed
Oil diffuser
A picture of my dad

Things I’ve always wanted to do-
Study as many languages as I can
Help build wells for poor villages in Tanzania so they can have water
Take my dad and my stepmom to Oktoberfest in Germany
Take my mom to see a Broadway show
Go to a Super Junior concert

What I’m into-
Volunteering in my youth group
Eating food

What’s on my to-do list-
Clean the house for tomorrow
Get my replacement phone tomorrow and get all my fucking memes back
Drive with my dad on Sunday
Try not to shoot myself

What might not you know about me?-
1. I’m allergic to cats
2. I love penguins
3. I have an addiction to cinnamon
4. Snickerdoodles are my favorite cookie
5. I couldn’t even pin down my sexuality even if $1,000 was on the line


kyo_official twitter 2016.04.06

【京 最新グッズ情報】
ルームディフューザー「elisabeth addict」。2015年8月開催の個展『我葬』の空間演出の一つとして京監修の”香り”が産まれ、それが待望のグッズとして発売決定。オリジナルの巾着付です!(S)
【New goods from Kyo】
Room diffuser “elisabeth addict”. Fragrance that was introduced during the exhibition “Gasou” in August of 2015 was born under Kyo’s supervision; this long-awaited item is finally added to the goods list. It comes with an original bag! (S)