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In love with my desk set up.

If you need/want any advice or tips always here:) talk to me if ya want I love talking to people online!!

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How to make you keep motivated to study :
1. Put your table near the window. so, you can feel the fresh air and no need to use lamp when you study in the morning
2. Just put important things in your table! note it! so youre not bothered
3. Put carpet on the floor. Because, sometimes we feel tires to sit in the chair but we still want to study, so a carpet will help you to relax your body while you keep study
4. Give some motivation quotes or picture in your room, so you can keep motivated!
5. Keep your room tidy and clean so you can feel comfortable there
I hope some tips can help you!😊
Ps : Those picture i took from pinterest💙

freespiritwings-deactivated2016  asked:

I have an all white bedroom. Now I want to cover my ceiling with some white fabric and place some plants in to my room to afford a bohemian look Do you have any ideas? :)

Hi :) 

There are so many ways to hang up the fabric, you just need some hooks and white string once you’ve decided on the design you’re going for. Check this link for some tips. Here are some pictures for inspiration:

As for the plants, try IKEA they have great cheap ones. Maybe try something like below? (Just make sure to look after them well so bugs don’t come!)

Hope that helped! xo 

I just re-did my study area in my dorm room, I am not usually a colorful person but i like my study place to be inspiring and fun. And yes I have a coffee maker on my desk, when you are a much of a coffee addict as me you gotta have it close by if you need it. 

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for covering lots of empty wall space? I already have a tapestry up but there is just one huge wall with nothing on it and Id like to put something there. Thanks :)

Hi, you can put up some pictures in a variety of ways, use the pictures below for some inspiration:

1. Instructions here. 


3. Gallery wall. Instructions here. 

Other ideas could be to do/buy a mural on your wall. Here. 

Install some shelves on your walls and put some cute accessories on them. 

Hope that helped! xo