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so i dont know if this opinion is valid or w/e but like, i feel like tumblr really dismisses the fact that anne boleyn ordered for mary to be abused. she was only seventeen when anne became queen, and was beaten and sworn at by the others at hatfield on orders from anne. i just think anne isn't as lovely as people make her out to be, and although i find her v interesting, i just think she is romanticized and made out to be some sort of angel? it seems as though the abuse mary got affected her.

i agree and acknowledge that the abuse mary endured at hatfield affected her; but i’m not certain it was at anne boleyn’s behest. i haven’t been able to find any primary sources that attest to that. from what i’ve read, what seems more likely is that it was at the behest of henry viii.

understandably, at first glance it seems logical that lady shelton, given that she was anne boleyn’s paternal aunt, may have been acting at her command. however, i find this less likely given that the two didn’t seem to like each other very much. if anne truly did encourage madge shelton (the lady anne boleyn-shelton’s daughter) to be the mistress of henry viii, as is speculated, her mother may not have taken too kindly to that! later, shelton is one of the ladies that attends on anne in the tower of london, and it was reported that anne said it was “a great unkindness in the king to set such about me as i have never loved” (the cited source for this is cavendish, and other than wikipedia i’ve been unable to find a more direct quote)

when henry visited the household of hatfield in january 1534, mary was ordered to stay in her chamber. thomas cromwell and the captain of the guard instead went to mary to urge her to renounce her title; which she refused. she asked to see him again; and was denied. instead she went out to the terrace at the top of the house as he prepared to leave. he bowed and touched his cap in response. however, he didn’t see her again for over two and a half years and it’s important to remember that he is the one that made that decision; not anne.

it was henry that ordered mary to serve elizabeth at hatfield as a punishment for refusing to publicly accept the acts of appeal and succession. it was henry who deprived mary of her personal staff, henry who denied mary permission to attend the funeral of katherine of aragon and refused to let her have a few objects of value from her mother.

lady shelton was, in fact, ordered to deliver this message to mary by henry viii, according to chapuys:

“The King, for his pains, told him he was not loyal to him, and that all he said was in behalf of the Princess’s desire to go to her mother; but he would take good care not to send her thither, for, the Queen being so haughty in spirit, she might, by favor of the Princess, raise a number of men, and make war, as boldly as did queen Elizabeth (Isabella) her mother. There was no thought of the King seeing the said Princess or sending her a word of consolation. On the contrary, word was sent by her gouvernante that he had no worse enemy in the world than her, and that she was the cause of mischief to the greater number of Christian princes, and the King declared publicly that her conduct was calculated to encourage conspiracy against him.

according to chapuys, anne even wrote to lady shelton herself asking to cease any ill treatment that might have occurred (or basically, at least not to push her further) and relates a copy of anne boleyn’s words:

Mrs. Shelton, my pleasure is that you do not further move the lady Mary to be towards the King’s Grace otherwise than it pleases herself. What I have done has been more for charity than for anything the King or I care what road she takes, or whether she will change her purpose, for if I have a son, as I hope shortly, I know what will happen to her; and therefore, considering the Word of God, to do good to one’s enemy, I wished to warn her before hand, because I have daily experience that the King’s wisdom is such as not to esteem her repentance of her rudeness and unnatural obstinacy when she has no choice. 

By the law of God and of the King, she ought clearly to acknowledge her error and evil conscience if her blind affection had not so blinded her eyes that she will see nothing but what pleases herself. Mrs. Shelton, I beg you not to think to do me any pleasure by turning her from any of her wilful courses, because she could not do me [good] or evil; and do your duty about her according to the King’s command, as I am assured you do.

the only source i’ve been able to find that’s said mary’s placement in hatfield at all was anne’s choice is alison weir’s the lady in the tower, saying anne ‘vindictively insisted she wait on her’…unfortunately, like a lot of weir’s nonfiction work, it provides no citation or source for this passage.

what makes me think that the mistreatment stemmed from henry is that it didn’t lessen after the execution of anne boleyn, but in fact worsened

“On 15th June 1536, King Henry VIII sent members of his council, led by Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk, to visit Mary at Hunsdon. The aim of the visit was to persuade Mary into accepting her father as supreme head of the Church in England, and acknowledging that she was not the legitimate heir to the throne. However, their idea of persuasion amounted to bullying. Eustace Chapuys, the imperial ambassador, recorded the visit of the council members in a letter to Emperor Charles V:

‘To induce her to obey his commands and accede to his wishes, the King sent to her a deputation composed of the duke of Norfolk, the earl of Sussex (Robert Radcliffe), the bishop of Chester (Roland Lee), and several others, whom she literally confounded by her very wise and prudent answers to their intimation. Upon which, finding that they could not persuade her, one of them said that since she was such an unnatural daughter as to disobey completely the King’s injunctions, he could hardly believe (said the interlocutor) that she was the King’s own bastard daughter. Were she his or any other man’s daughter, he would beat her to death, or strike her head against the wall until he made it as soft as a boiled apple; in short that she was a traitress, and would be punished as such. Many other threats of the same sort did the said deputies utter on the occasion, assisted in their task by the Princess’ governess, who happens to be the same as before, having then and there received orders not to allow the Princess to speak a word to any one, and to watch over her so that she should never be left alone by night or day.’”


the opinion is certainly valid, mine can mainly be summed up here. 

it’s rumored that instructions were given to lady shelton to ‘box mary’s ears’ if she refused to obey, and chapuys accredited the words to anne. but otherwise; i’ve read nothing to confirm it. 

because i’m aware of ives’ potential for bias (he greatly admires anne boleyn), i even looked for opinions from historians that seem to dislike her. g.w. bernard, who theorizes that anne was actually guilty of adultery, still says:

“all these accounts of humiliations and pressures that Mary was subjected to are readily believable, but whether Anne’s part in the them was quite as independent and as decisive as Chapuys suggested is open to some doubt: Henry may have been as responsible as Anne, perhaps more so.

i certainly don’t think anne is a saint; i know she had a lot of flaws. and it’s okay to find find her interesting but not necessarily like her– there are plenty of figures i, personally find interesting without necessarily liking…

anyways! i am curious about the sources from which you read mary ‘was beaten and sworn at by the others at hatfield on orders from anne’. if you’d like to come off anon, i swear i don’t bite– and i’d be interested to read them if you’re interested in sharing!  ❤️

Come Closer

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❝ The proposal had reached the walls of Queen Imanie’s castle, the letter of approval had reached yours. All that was left was to waste away the days until your fiance reached your door, spent in a constant state of excitement and flushed cheeks. But little did you know that this royal servant, now your fiance, would not only settle in your bedroom chambers with a heart belonging to someone else - but also bring annihilation to your kingdom. ❞

Queen!Reader x Sehun

Word count: 2,3K

Sweaty palms, excited grin made it’s rushed way down the grand stairs of the royal hall. The clicks of your delicate, heeled shoes against hard stone followed you as you skipped down ever marble step, down onto the vast, pale-stoned floor. Sweaty palms became aware of their inconvenience in the situation and let themselves be dragged over the soft cloth of the queen’s long, relaxed dress, effectively losing the disgusting moisture.

The sounds of wagons upon wagons arriving at the front of the royal castle, the chatter and the welcomes from your staff to the newly-arrived met your ears as you stepped out. What met your senses next - was the ethereal sight of your fiance, whom you had actually never spoken to before. His hair was dark, relaxed over his forehead and his brown eyes met yours with hidden mysteries, dreams, opinions, and interests.

You were to marry this man, and never before had the idea of a wedding sounded so fantastic to you before. You could only imagine his gratefulness; the opportunity he was given; from royal servant to Prince. He smiled shyly at you, reserved, and bowed his head slightly before taking the hand of one of your servant, moving out of the wagon and jumping down the small steps leading to the sturdy ground. Once the servants present noticed your own presence, they fell to the ground, leaving you and Sehun the only one standing.

As Sehun made his reluctant way across the palace yard over to you, you thanked Queen Imanie’s invite to tea only a few weeks ago, you thanked her for having this beautiful, mysteries boy as a servant, you thanked her for her approval when you asked for his hand in marriage - you thanked the heavens for bending to your very will.

“Sehun,” You spoke his name softly, fluency due to practice. “I’m thrilled to have you here as my fiance.”

Said man looked thrown off guard but smiled a shy smile again nonetheless. “I’m honored, Queen Y/N.”

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Dorm Room Desk Calendar

Okay, so I was watching Hulu’s show Resident Advisors, and saw these screencaps of Sam’s room:

I quickly fell in love, and felt an overwhelming need to create my own version. My version doesn’t have nearly as much stuff on it yet, as my semester hasn’t started yet (I’ll try to post more pictures as the semester goes on so you can see a more realistic example the hyperbolized version above of a student with 7 jobs).

First, you’ll want to gather some supplies.

You’ll need

  • A desk pad calendar - Mine is Staples brand and 22" wide, but the one pictured from Resident Advisors is At-A-Glance, and 24" wide.
  • A roll of cork - You’ll need to make sure it’s wide enough to fit the calendar you’ve picked. The roll I got is 24" wide, and 96" long, then cut into 4 pieces. If your roll is 48" long, grab a second one.
  • Sticky notes in whatever colors you want.
  • Colored pens to coordinate with your stickies.
  • Push pins
  • Planner or calendar, or wherever you keep your important dates.
  • Push pins
  • Command strips or whatever you would like to use to hang your pieces of cork. My university has a policy against push pins in the walls, so if yours does as well, plan accordingly.

First, cut your roll of cork down to size. Most rolls are thin, and break apart easily, so be careful. I should have measured mine out more carefully, but I just sort of eyeballed it using my calendar.

Next, figure out your color system.

(Disclaimer: I promise the Mat Sci and Thermo stickies are different colors) I used the same system that I have in my planner. In addition to my sticky notes, I also use a red pen to fill in my shifts at the desk.

Now you can start filling in dates. So far I just have my training days, a few desk shifts, the start of classes, and the semester holidays up.

Now attach your Command Strips to your pieces of corks, and hang them wherever you desire. I chose directly above my desk.

Using push pins, I hung the calendar sheets up, and secured the larger sticky notes. If you’re in college or renting, just push the pin in far enough to break through the cork, but not far enough to break the surface of the wall.

As you can see, my pieces are cut a little uneven. Also, since the cork came in a roll, it’s puckering a bit around the top and bottom edges. I plan on going through and putting a bit of poster putty where it’s rolling.

I lined my stickies up along the bottom of the piece like Sam did in Resident Advisors. And that’s it, now you’re done!


Varian ships Chelle and Varric together, and seeing as Chelle’s story DIDN’T end with a wedding, he is doing what any other shipping fan would do: Making it happen. By any means necessary.

Thank you @coffeependulum for the monster you have created from this.

P.S. Drawing like a child means drawing with my left hand.

Past VS Present (Part 1)

Prompt: Imagine being best friends with Loki, but this wasn’t always the case, since you’d grown up with Anakin Skywalker. And when Anakin needs your help one day,it starts a wave of events.

Word Count: 1214

Warnings: language (later in series), emergency..?

Notes: This takes place like right before Thor 1 and after-ish Reveng of the Sith (without Anakin turning) Thanks a million to my beta @like-a-bag-of-potatoes I couldn’t have finished this without you. and @queendivaofthedark you were amazing, thank you so much!

Crossover of Thor (Loki) and Star Wars

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Reading in the courtyard on a warm mid-afternoon, you had stopped taking notice of the words on the pages of your book. Your mind had taken flight. Something in the passage you just read reminded you of your past life. Your time as a Jedi…it seemed so long ago now, you seemed like an  entirely different person now, but then again, you suppose you were. You were free, you were different. You were one of the top warriors for King Odin of Asgard.

Life as a Jedi was wonderful, being that your master and best friend were the best of the Jedi, but eventually, you wanted more out of life. The restrictions and the politics of the Jedi became too much and so you left. Three long years ago you left the Jedi order and sought out a new life. You weren’t sure where you’d find one, but you had hope. That’s when you heard King Odin had put out across the realms and galaxies and planets that he was looking for a splendid warrior. You set out for Asgard and after several rounds of eliminating the weakest warriors, your turn came. Surprising both yourself and Odin, you won against each opponent and earned a spot among the Princes and their warrior friends.

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Okay if you're still doing that Kaider thing, "I never knew you were ticklish!" (Extra points if cinder is the ticklish one) THANK YOU

Kai leaned into Cinder and she smiled. It was one of those rare times when Torin let them go through various paperwork together. Usually he would complain that when Kai was near Cinder, he could never focus on anything other than her for more than five seconds. She would laugh and promise that they’d get something done before he came back from visiting his husband.

She was regretting it now. Torin was right. It had become extremely hard to focus on trade documents when Kai’s arm was touching hers, and his hair was brushing against her collarbone. She bit the inside of her cheek and strained her eyes on the words frequent aberrations. If she had nothing to show for the evening, Konn-dahren would never let her work alone with Kai again.

Cinder glanced over at Kai’s work. He was too busy staring at her lips to notice.

She shivered. “Kai, we have to get something done.”

He quirked up a half smile. “I know, Cinder. I’m just appreciating your beauty.”

She huffed even though her insiders knotted at his words. “I’m being serious.”

He leaned away from her, but the amused expression was still tattooed across his features, “So am I. I believe it’s called diplomatic grace.”

“Sure it’s not diplomatic flirting?”

He laughed, “You aren’t supposed to know about that.”

She bit down a grin. Kai was just so easy to get lost in. “Work,” She commanded, tapping his document signed by Prime Minister Kamin. He sighed and let his gaze drift to his papers.

They’d almost gone five whole minutes. The timer in her brain told her so.

That was until Kai wove his arm around Cinder and pulled her close. He sighed into her and pouted, “It would be easier for me to focus if you weren’t so distracting.”

She snorted. “You’re worse than Thorne when it comes to self-control.”

He grinned. “I’m better than Thorne at everything else, though.”

She rolled her eyes, “Does it matter?”

He shifted next to her. He started rubbing his hands up and down her side. It would’ve been nice, it would have, if she weren’t…

A laugh abruptly escaped her lips. She covered it quickly with a cough, praying to the stars that he didn’t notice.

“Oh, no,” Kai said, obviously noticing. His eyes held something playful—hopeful. “What was that?”

“Nothing,” She muttered. He eyed her suspiciously before going out on a limb, by full blown tickling her.

The laughter fell out in waves, uncontrollable on Cinder’s behalf. She couldn’t stop. Kai was grinning so large now, he was actually happy about this—“I never knew you were ticklish! How long have we been together? Oh, good stars, Cinder.”  

“S—Stop,” She argued, batting his hands away. She couldn’t remember a time when she’d laughed this hard before. “It’s not something I—I like to—Stars, Kai, stop.”

The tickling ceased, but Kai’s laughter did not. “Your laugh is so contagious. I feel so drugged.”

She crossed her arms defensively. “You can never do that again.”

He looked wicked in the pale light of the Advisor room. His grin was reaching every corner of his face. His eyes held the ecstasy he was feeling. “For that laugh? Cinder, you’ll be lucky if I ever stop tickling you.” And he tickled her again. She scrambled against him, laughing until her sides hurt. “Like a drug,” He muttered between his own laughter.

He stopped when he knew it became too much for her of course. He was Kai, he wasn’t a jerk. Her laughter resumed for a while after he stopped. He could listen to it forever. “Why didn’t you tell me that sooner? Being ticklish is a very important piece of information.”

“It is not. If you ever want to keep a relationship with me, that is.”

He reached out for her, but she pulled away. He rolled his eyes, “I’ll stop tickling you.”

She finally gave up and curled against him.

They spent the last hour of their alone time talking about other useless traits they had. Kai could juggle. Cinder could rap the entire national anthem of the American Republic. Kai could cook the best spicy noodles in all of New Beijing. Cinder was ticklish.

Torin walked in to find them huddled together, paperwork completely abandoned.

“Teenagers,” he muttered.

Kai and Cinder broke into another fit of laughter.


im SUCH kaider trash OH MY GOD 

My last breath

Hey everyone!! I found a prompt on Tumblr that I loved and i just couldn’t resist!!! So I messaged the person who wrote it and she told me to go ahead and write to my hearts content so I did!!!

Sorry that it’s so short but there should be more coming shortly!!!

As always, enjoy and maybe leave me a comment or two???

Chapter one:

Nestled in the foothills of a vast mountain range is a series of five kingdoms that vary in size. In one of the largest and wealthiest of these kingdoms is the one ruled by Gabriel Agreste. King Agreste is greedy and selfish, constantly looking for the next way to increase his coffers. In his latest attempt, the greedy king invited the eldest princess from each of the five surrounding nations to a week long celebration. At the end of which, Adrien will choose a bride and the two kingdoms will merge.

Unbeknownst to the eighteen year old and to his father’s delight, the invitations were received well and promptly returned.

All except one.

In the royal palace of one of the smallest kingdoms the eldest princess, Marinette Dupain-Cheng did not feel the same happiness as the other girls when she opened her invitation. In fact, Marinette crumpled the piece of parchment into a ball, tossed it in the direction of her advisor and stormed out of the room.

The flustered advisor hurried after her, calling out for her as he closed the distance. “Princess Marinette please. You are being quite ridiculous. King Agreste specifically asked for the eldest princess from each kingdom. you have a dut–”

He was abruptly cut off when a pink slipper came hurtling in his direction. “Do not tell me about my duty. You know as well as I do that Adrian will choose the spoilt brat Chloe Bourgoise.”

The advisor started to speak again but he stopped when he saw Marinette’s steely glare. She was about to tell him exactly what she thought he could do with her so called ‘duty’ when her mother breezed down the hallway.

Seeing the tornado her daugher was causing, Sabine thought that it would be best if she stepped in now rather than later. “Thank you James, that will be all for now.” she said in dismissal, walking around to stand in front of her daughter.

Sabine didn’t give Mari time to argue, shoving her into the throne room and closing the heavy oak doors behind her as gently as she could.

“What’s this I hear about an invitation to go to the Agreste kingdom?” Sabine said, resting her hands on her hips and looking Marinette straight in the eye.

Marinette groaned and let her head fall back. If her mother had found out then she really had no choice. She would be making the two day trip to the Agreste kingdom.

No arguments.

Sure enough, Sabine didn’t waste any time. “You must go darling, if only to make our house known.”

Mari sighed and nodded quickly, causing her midnight colored hair to bounce with the movement. The seventeen year old knew that it was pointless to try and find a reason not to go.

Sabine smiled and wrapped her daughter in a tight hug. “Chin up Mari my dear, you never know, the prince could choose you!”

Mari rolled her eyes but smiled at her mother’s words. She supposed that although her chances were slim, slim is better than no chance at all and besides, it would be an excuse see prince Adrien and that made her heart pound just thinking about it.

Sabine pulled out of the hug and held her daughter at arms length. “Now, what outfits shall you wear to the celebrations? There’s bound to be a party every night and you need to shine brighter than any star if you want to get prince Adrien’s attention.”

Before she could answer, Sabine turned pulling Marinette with her and the two walked out of the throne room, toward Marinette’s.


I think (for balance’s sake, since the advisers have different approaches) it would
have been better if Josephine was the one who was traditional about Mages.
Since she’s a noble and it wouldn’t have been good for the Inquisition reputation
if they were Pro-Mage or Anti-Templar. Also she wouldn’t have know what really
went on in the Circles to have a real solid opinion, like Cullen and Leliana do.
Cullen could have been the one who understood how both sides had problems
and point out the cons AND pros of being Pro-Mage or Anti-Mage and vice a versa with the Templars. I think it would have shown he was changed from how he was in 2. Also would have been nice if he was sympathetic to Samson’s addiction especially since unlike Cullen, Samson didn’t have anybody to help him in Kirkwall nor a job to keep his mind off of things.
(Addiction and withdrawal are horrible and no one is “evil” for failing to be clean) 

The Stirrings of Trouble

(I am not the best story teller but I have lore going on. For once I would like to put it down in writing).

Solaris paced back and forth in his throne room. Queeny, his advisor, watched him annoyed at the constant click of claws on marble. “He will be here any moment my lord. You must be patient”.

 Solaris looked at her with disdain. “He was to be here an hour ago!” he yelled at her. “No one keeps me waiting”.

 At that moment the large doors to the throne room opened. A pearlcatcher adorned in scarlet Sylvan attire approached Solairs with a nervous Imperial behind her. “My lord I present to you Seina, the brewmaster. As you requested”

 Seina approached Solaris with worry in his eyes. Not knowing what to do he bowed awkwardly before the Skydance. “You summoned me my Lord?”

 Solaris paused and studied Seina with that disdain still fresh in his eyes. “Seina. I am told by my advisor here that you know your way around a cauldron. Is this true?”.“I have been told I am good my Lord yes”, Seina stuttered. “But what would you, the Seelie court king, want with me?”. Solaris grinned eerily at the Imperial. “Oh just a very important task”. Then he snapped his claw.

 Guards rushed in the throne room surrounding Seina. Confused and scared, Seina froze. The guards grabbed him and threw on what seemed like simple black bracelets. But Seina could smell the magic radiating from them and struggled to get away. He was outnumbered and soon the black bracelets where on him. Once they were secured, the guards let go of Seina and retreated.

 “What are these?!” cried Seina. “Oh my dear boy,” said Solaris in a cheerful tone “these magical gifts are to keep you safe during your time here”. “My time here? I am not of your court Solaris. You have no right to keep me here!”. Seina rushed toward the throne room door.

 Pain. All Seina could feel was pain. He writhed and screamed as pain coursed through his body. Then as soon as it started, the pain stopped. As Seina laid on the marble floor gasping for air, Solaris casually walked toward him. He lowered his head down to where Seina lied. “You now belong to me. You will do what I say, when I say it. Do you understand?”. Seina looked at him with true fear in his eyes and slowly nodded yes. “Good. I am glad we are on the same page now”.

 Solaris walked towards his throne still talking to the hurt Imperial. “Seina I want you to craft many objects for me. Special objects.Ones that will Imprison the High Court so I may take my rightful place as High King. Queeny here will give you the plans, kindly provided by Forsaela, Queen of the Svartalfar, and explain to you what is to be done.” Seina rose slowly, in disbelief at what he was hearing. “You will not be alone in this endeavor,”Solaris continued,”I have some powerful mages who will be assisting you.” Solaris then turned and looked sternly at Seina. “Be warned boy. If you step out of line once or try any funny business, you are dead. I do not give second chances to traitors. Do you understand?”. Seina looked down at the black bracelets then back up at Solaris. He hung his head down in defeat. “Yes my lord, I understand.”

 “Good. Now Queeny will now escort you to your new home and sort all the detail with you. Go!”. Queeny appeared beside Seina. She bowed and lead Seina out of the throne room.

 Solaris then rang a tiny golden bell. From behind a large tapestry a door opened and a young female spiral emerged. With her head down she approached the throne and bowed. “You summoned me my lord?”. “Suilibh. Have you seen anything? Does the High Court suspect my plans?”. Suilibh raised her head to look at Solaris. Then her eyes glazed over and turned white. “No my lord. They will believe that Seina decided to travel to see the world and not question his letter. No one will look for him or try to find him”. Her eyes turned back to their light green color.

 Solaris began to laugh and giggle. “Perfect! Just perfect. Everything begins now! Go away Suilibh. I am done with you for now.”. She bowed and returned back through the door behind the tapestry as Solaris continued to laugh like a madman.


  • [Inquisition advisors help you find out more about a crush]
  • Josephine: We have the Grey Warden treaties. Let me use them to leverage the goodwill owed to the Wardens and obtain this person's iPhone. Their Instagram will tell us much.
  • Leliana: It is an easy matter to construct a secret path across the Frostbacks and install cameras at discrete locations throughout their house. I have just the agent in mind.
  • Cullen: [Not participating in this mission]

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Being a revolutionary was a lot easier than being pregnant. Both felt like fighting in a war she’d only dream of winning. Iko laughed when she’d tried to explain that pregnancy was a lot like being a Queen. Cinder just crossed her arms over her protruding stomach and rolled her eyes. “I’m being serious,” She urged. “It doesn’t help that it actually feels like there is an entire moon in my stomach.”

Iko laughed until Cinder had no other option but to join in.

Despite the hardships that came along when carrying a child, she felt happier than she’d been in ages. She felt lighter even with the large bump. She felt calmer knowing that soon, she and Kai would be the parents of a healthy and beautiful princess. Speaking of Kai …

He was definitely happier than he’d ever been all his life. When she’d gathered enough courage to finally tell him, he actually lifted her up into the air and spun her around. Like they were in some sort of cliché movie. Cinder laughed and he cried. “I can’t believe it,” He said. “I mean I can. I was definitely there when it happened. But,” He choked out a laugh, “Stars. A father. I’m going to be a father.”

She grinned. “Were you there when it happened? I don’t think I noticed.”

He dipped his eyes and stepped closer to her. Shivers traipsed down her spine and he smirked. “Maybe I’m going to have to remind you.”

Oh, yes. Kai was definitely loving the pregnancy.

They were together now, sitting in the Advisor room and talking to Konn-dahren. They’d just announced the big news to the Commonwealth and broadcasted it to play all over Luna. Torin smiled at the couple, something Cinder had never seen him do before—she’d always found him scowling at their debaucheries—and said, “I don’t think I’ve ever been more happy for you.” He turned to address Kai only, thoughtful crinkles forming around his eyes. “Your father would’ve been ecstatic.”

Kai smiled at him graciously and Cinder reached for his hand, entwining their fingers together. They both honestly couldn’t be happier. It stayed like this for mostly all of the pregnancy. All of the Rampion Crew stopped by to visit and make their remarks on the couple. A merry time it was indeed.

And then Cinder went into labor.


She gripped the fabric of his shirt and pulled him close. It would’ve seemed intimate if her eyes weren’t screaming murder. “I swear to the stars, Kai. If I don’t get this baby out of me in the next five minutes I’m going to murder everyone in this room.”

He laughed and pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Nurse? Could you maybe hurry up with the sedation?” She pushed him away and groaned in pain. He bit down on his lip. He was trying to keep the mood light for her sake, but his nerves were buzzing. Constant thoughts of worry flooded his mind.

“I’m going to kill everyone. No, I’m going to kill mys—” Her words dissolved into a screech. She clutched her stomach in obvious agony. “Stars above, this is painful! Sex should come with a warning label. That’s right,” She glared at Kai. “I am blaming all of this on yo—stars and spaceships!”

He couldn’t decide on laughing or being concerned.

“You are one ridiculously angry pregnant woman,” Thorne said walking into the hospital room. “Cress and I could hear you yelling from outside the hospital.”

Oh, great! The Captain’s here,” Cinder spit out sarcastically, shifting her position on the uncomfortable bed. “Guards, arrest the idiot and put me out of my misery. And maybe I could perhaps give birth in the process?”

Her old partner in crime laughed and laid a hand on Kai’s shoulder. “I think I dodged a bullet when she went after you and not me.”

The Emperor rolled his eyes and shoved Thorne’s hand off of his shoulder. “I think she dodged a bullet, too.”

Cress poked her head through the doorway and frowned. “Thorne’s not that bad.” She flashed a grin at her husband. “I mean, he’s bad. But he’s not that bad.”

They were silenced by another shriek from Cinder.

Boy, would I really love to be giving birth right about now!”


It didn’t take as long as she thought it would. A couple of excruciatingly painful waiting hours and a few difficult pushes later, and her daughter was being placed into her arms and she was laughing at the relief of it all. Kai was standing beside her and grinning from ear-to-ear. He’d placed kisses all along her face and neck when it was over, telling her how strong she was and how happy he was that she was his wife. It hardly took as long as she thought it would. It felt ever shorter now that it was done.

And now there was a Princess Peony in the picture.

She was crying now, but both parents could tell that she would grow to be gorgeous and fair. They’d named her after Cinder’s stepsister, a lifelong friend whom she still kept very close to her heart. Iko was a bundle of joy after she’d heard of the name choice. “She’s perfect,” She gushed to Cinder after she saw the child. “Peony would be so happy if she were here right now.”

And Cinder knew that to be true, too.

Kai leaned over and kissed the forehead of their baby girl. Cinder smiled and kissed his cheek as he did so. “We’re going to be amazing parents,” He whispered to her. Then, to their daughter he said, “Hi, Peony. I’m your father, but you can call me dad. This beautiful lady right here? That’s your mother.”

“Hi,” Cinder said lamely. “I promise I look a lot better with my hair in a ponytail.”


Outside of their hospital door, Thorne burst into a fit of laughter and whispered to Cress, “I can’t be the only one imagining Kai saying all these dad jokes, can I? ‘Hi, hungry, I’m dad.’ Aces, maybe Cinder and Kai really are meant for each other. Maybe we all dodged a bullet.”

I’ll See You Again

Huzzah for #ElucienWeek! While I wrote this I realized it would be fun to create an AU in which I split the story into three parts, perhaps even more. But truth be told, I really had no clue what I was doing. In the spirit of Halloween being upon us, here’s an Elucien fic where Elain is a necromancer and Lucien is still a Prince of Autumn.  This is a heavily AU story, where the Archerson sisters don’t speak often and Elain is very OOC…at least, this is who I believe she has the potential to become in book three! Enjoy :)

Part I
The Necromancer

There was something estranged in the way she moved, like the tree limbs of a swaying willow became her march to conquer a foreign kingdom. Her spine, straight as the river she’d been born in, was at odds with her freckled arms that swung to and fro as her soft russet hair fell around her thin elbows. Strapped beneath her right breast was an old dagger that appeared more likely to have once been hedging sheers, and cresting her narrow hip was a satchel far too heavy to seem so easily carried by such a waif. 

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Prompt: during his travels/mission Sasuke hears that Sakura has temporarily moved to Suna for an extended mission. He hears rumors that Sakura and Gaara have gotten intimately close. He goes to investigate....

The Rock

Sasuke stares through the window of the Kazekage’s meeting room as he sees both Gaara and Sakura talking at a table. Sasuke grunts as it has been well over an hour and they were still conversing inside. With another stare, he rubs his fingers over the large rock in his hand as he tosses it in the air and plays with the rock.

He watches as Gaara begins to move and gets up from his seat to hover over Sakura’s shoulder to look at something… or perhaps, maybe doing something else. Sasuke’s mind snaps as he gets angry at what something else could possibly mean. With a raised hand, he brings his arm back over his head as he hurls the rock through the window. 

The window breaks as the rock flies in and lands on top of the table, a few feet from Gaara and Sakura’s position. The two glance at the rock in surprise as they both turn their head towards the broken window but the perpetrator was gone.

The door suddenly opens and Gaara sees his first advisor at the doorway. “Gaara-sama. A visitor is here to see you.”

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“do you believe the things Trump says, and are there things he could say that in your opinion would disqualify him from the presidency?” I reject the premise of the question. If you're basing your vote on "he says mean things," you're acting like a child, and you don't deserve to vote. I don't care for Trump personally, but it doesn't matter. His policies are better than Clinton's.

I disagree. I do think that voters overweigh ‘likability’ when they’re considering candidates, but the issue with Trump isn’t unlikability - it’s that I can’t imagine him at a negotiating table or in a room with his top advisors making an important complicated decision or working with Congress to get his legislative priorities through. When he says that random private citizens who disagree with him are disgusting scammers or loses his temper in the middle of the night and goes off on long, thin-skinned rants about his enemies - when he promises to support whoever the voters choose and then goes back on his world - when he darkly hints that it’d be interesting if the election were to be settled by vigilante violence - that absolutely affects my assessment of how he will govern. 

Which policies a president will pursue are less than half of the picture. The rest of it is how effectively they will pursue those policies, how they will handle crisis and emergencies, and how they will react to other parties in our democratic system pushing different policies. Even if I agreed with all of Trump’s platform, I would consider him disqualified by his inability to negotiate or keep a cool head or react sensibly under pressure, and I would consider him disqualified by his inability to retain or listen to his advisors, his vindictiveness and tendency to lash out, and his habit of publicly and proudly lying about everything to a degree that I think no nation would trust his word on a treaty or international agreement. 


I few weeks back I talked about this idea for a jasico fic and despite my better judgement I actually wrote quite a bit about it. It also falls into the weeklypjoprompts so now I’m completely enabled to post it.

Nico left Jason’s things beside the bed as he settled down. He was turning to go to his own cot when a cold hand grabbed his wrist.

“Nico? Could you— stay?”

He felt his heart jump. “You want me to…?”

“Can we? Like when we were kids?”

Nico blinked, trying to erase the image of how the moonlight had traced Jason’s figure in the windowsill, how the heavy and embroidered coat fell over his shoulders. “Yes, yes of course”

He removed his jacket, his shoes and lay beside him, tugging at the covers. Thanks to the light filtering from the window he could see Jason’s eyes, the slight tremble of his lips.

“Are you okay?”

“Ye–Yes, it’s just—”, he shook his head and Nico noticed a glint around his ear. “It’s feel surreal, I mean— I guess I was starting to lose hope”

“I’m so sorry, I should have reached you long ago”

Jason smiled, his eyebrows twisted. “It’s not your fault, Nico. I don’t think I will have enough lifetimes to thank you, really”

He felt his chest constricting. “You don’t have to. Even if Bianca hadn’t asked me I wouldn’t have stayed still until we found you”

The lines on his forehead disappeared somewhat. “Thank you”

They fell silent, Nico trying not to be too obvious about his constant glances to his face. He had been dumbstruck when he saw him before during the day and having him so close made him notice more details, more clues of whatever had happened during his capture. His face and arms where more tanned, the contrast with his blond hair even more apparent. His locks were almost white, like the reflection of the sun in the sand. He was contemplating how long it was when he looked at his ears again. Gold and zaffre.

“Are you wearing earrings?”

Jason immediately covered his ear with his hand. “Yes, they– they were persistent into convincing me to adopt some traditions”

Nico wondered if he was blushing, he was gonna miss how easy it was to tell when Jason had paler cheeks.

“It’s okay, they– they look nice”, they looked foreign on Jason, at least for their standard, but the gold and lapis lazuli complimented his eyes, Nico wouldn’t dispute that.

“Thanks”, Jason glanced down and he could see his eyelashes, silver in the moonlight. Nico swallowed, his throat feeling like sandpaper.

He looked different, an apparition from another world, his beauty completely exposed. Celebrated, polished, like a crown jewel. Jason hadn’t been like that at court, he had a different kind of grace, a subtle whisper of beauty that you could sometimes see a glimpse of in the way his arms moved, how his lips curved in a genuine smile.

Nico wasn’t prepared for it. Even though his limbs had tightened in rage when he saw him being forced to parade his talents, seen only as an entertainment, he had been speechless, in awe of how much he had transformed into something out of a fairy tale. He pressed his lips into a harsh line. Didn’t that make him the same as the patrons, as the man that had bought him?


He looked up, finding uncertain sky blue eyes. “… yes?”

Jason worried his lips. “How is Thalia?”

“Thalia is well. She’s obsessed in finding you and she’s trying get her hands on the most amount of national affairs she can”, Nico smiled. “She’s just as sharp and as stubborn as when you last saw her, and Reyna has been helping her”

The lost prince blinked and finally his features smoothed out, smile soft and tender on his face. Nico felt his heart jump to his throat.

“That’s great, I’m glad”, Jason’s eyes followed the lines of his face and Nico thanked that he had inherited the calm mask of his father. “How are your sisters? Is Hazel still painting?”

“They’re fine, Hazel has already filled at least half a wing of the palace with her work. She’s visiting the East to learn new techniques”, he smiled, unable to keep his adoration from leaking into his words. “Bianca is trying to convince Father that she’s perfectly capable of ruling without having to marry”

Jason chuckled. “That sounds like Bianca”, he pressed his cheek to the pillow. “Thalia is probably going to do the same”

“I think she was the one who encouraged it”

He rolled his eyes. “Of course”

They remained silent for a few heartbeats, their exchange so domestic and familiar they finally seemed to be able to see past the traces of time. Jason scooted closer, his hair falling a bit over his eyes.

“I’m so glad it was you who found me, Nico”, he parted his lips, took a breath. “It was so unreal I started panicking about how I would explain myself if someone actually came to take me back, how would they react when they saw me”

Nico searched for his hand and gripped it tightly. “You did what you needed to survive”, his words were solid and fervent and they made Jason inhale sharply. “You kept your integrity during this whole thing, you were smart about it. You are still you, Jason”

Jason felt like someone had finally opened the cage that was his chest and had to squeeze his eyes shut. “Thank you, Nico”

He gulped, overwhelmed by how Jason was trying to keep it all in. “Plus, it’s not something you hadn’t done before, right? You always sang for the Queen and the court”

He chuckled, a bit broken. “Yes. Yes, I guess so”

“Did they– did they try to–”, but he caught himself, cursing his curiosity. Jason opened his eyes but looked at their joined hands, tracing lazy circles over his skin.

“Never”, and there was only certainty and honesty in his tone and Nico felt like he could breathe again. “He knew who I was from the very beginning, he was perfectly civil, sharp but always polite. He made sure I was comfortable and dissuaded anyone who could have any other motives besides hearing me sing”

Jason shook his head, frowning. “He was always a step ahead of me, I tried to search for any kind of chink in the armor but I couldn’t find anything. He was careful to control with whom I interacted and how much information I received”, he pressed his lips into a tight line. “I couldn’t get out on my own”

“Hey”, he tugged him closer, forcing him to meet his gaze. “You are not weak, or less brilliant because you couldn’t solve this on your own, okay? You kept yourself together”, he licked his lips, and tried for softer. “You were very brave”

Jason’s eyes searched his face, his eyebrows still knitted together and when he found no lie his shoulders relaxed, suddenly pliable under Nico’s hands.

“Thank you”

He clenched down the impulse to hug him tight. “Come one, let’s go to sleep. We have a long journey tomorrow”   

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Dearest Yvad-- Being apart brings me no pleasure at all, just as I expected. I'm afraid I have not become fonder in your absence, but more needful. As soon as you return to Skyhold I expect to see you straight away-- just seeing, yes--then you may do whatever it is that you must in that war room. Once your advisors are done with you, I will be in your room. See you in two days, Dorian Pavus

Two days later…

“I missed you, Amatus… but don’t you have any duties to attend to?”

“Fuck the duties.. Take me to the quarters…”